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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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Campsite of Castellane Accommodation
Accomodation and Lodges – Chalets and Mobile-homes

Two major differences.

First difference : the age of our chalets date back to 2009 and 2012, rather new ; they are all of the same model known as “Atlantis” of Gitotel French make and built on site. The make of the mobile-homes is older and more diversified, with a majority of IRM Supermercure. Size is basically the same in mobile-homes 8x4 meters plus terrace of 6 x 2,5 meters.

Second difference : overall area of chalet if 40 m², that is 8x5 meters including the covered terrace within the chalet. Mobile-homes have the terrace attached just separate from the living unit of the mobile-home.

Splitting on inside space is as follows : for both chalets and mobile-homes two bedrooms with one with double bed for parents and one for children
Inside a chalet, the parent bed is larger at 200 x 140 centimeters whereas the parents’ bed in mobile-home is 190x140 centimeters.
For children’s bedroom, chalets offer three separate beds, one of them bunk at size of 200 x 80 centimeters. In mobile-homes the children’s beds are just two units at size of 190x80 centimeters.
The living-room is always equipped with a sofa-bed, foldable and ready for one adult or two children to sleep in.

Arrangement in the Cottages and Mobile Homes

What is the arrangement of rooms in a mobile home?
The mobile home has three bedrooms, besides the bathroom and toilet, which are separated. In addition to the 15m ² terrace, you will find the kitchen / dining room (15m ²), and two separate bedrooms, one with a double bed (140cm x 190cm) and the other two beds of a person (80cm x 190 cm) .

What is the arrangement of rooms in a cottage?
The cottage also has three rooms, besides bathroom and toilet, also separated. 8m ² terrace overlooking the garden of 16m ². The living room / kitchen of 20m ² is fully equipped and sofa bed sleeps two. You will also find two separate bedrooms, one with a double bed, the other containing a three single beds (bunk beds) 80cm x 200cm.


​I just spent a week in one of your mobile homes. What accessories and equipment I will find when I arrive?
You will find all the necessary equipment for a pleasant stay with us. In this way blankets and pillows are provided, bed linen if you request and pay a surcharge, and a cot at the request also (surcharge).
Crockery and cutlery are adapted to the number of people, also you can find a saucepan, a frying pan, a large fridge / freezer and ceramic hob, and microwave, coffee maker, and TV.


​Do I have to take blankets or pillows with me?
No, blankets and pillows are supplied.

Do I have to take sheets, pillowcases and towels with me?
Yes, they are not supplied.

If I don't want to take sheets with me, can I rent them?

Yes, they are sold over the counter at the reception with a synthetic quality, washable maximum 4 times and charged 5 euro per person. These sheets are taken away by you afterwards.

The Kitchen

​Are there propane gas or electrical burners in the kitchen? 
Yes, there are cooking facilities in all our mobile-homes.

Is there a fridge in the kitchen?
Yes, there is a fridge in each mobile-home.

Is the kitchen supplied with glasses, crockery and so on?
Yes, for 4 to 5 persons.

Is the kitchen supplied with electrical appliances?
No except for microwave ovens present everywhere. The deluxe chalets of Gitotel Atlantis (of 2009) do have electrical coffee machines, the rest have a filter-cone to pour hot water by hand.

Is the kitchen supplied with a microwave oven?
Yes, for all our models of accommodation

Rooms and bedding

Do you have any mobile homes or chalets three rooms?
There are not, as often in campgrounds.

What is the size of the beds?
In mobile homes, intend 190cm long.
For width, double beds are 120 or 140cm wide and singles between 70 and 80cm wide.
Finally, in the luxury chalets, the beds are 200cm long.

Can we move the beds kids rooms?
It is almost always possible in a mobile home. Cabin, some beds can be screwed to the wall.

The single beds can they be stacked?
It is impossible in a mobile home. For the third child bed in the bedroom of the cottage there yes.


​How can we watch television?
Usually not supplied.

A public TV room is open to all residents, with main French channels.
Only the new (2009) chalets de luxe from Gitotel Atlantis (of 2009) include a TV set of their own with satellite channels including some in English.

Pets at the Campsite

​Are dogs allowed on your campsite?
Yes, they are, as long as you show their vaccination record upon your arrival and take a sleeping basket with you. They must always be kept on the lead and if necessary wear a muzzle. Please think to take little « doggy bags » with you.

Do we have to pay an extra charge for our dog?
There is an extra charge of 2 € / dog/ day and only 2 dogs / mobile-home or pitch are allowed.

My dog belongs to the category I or II known as attack-dogs (Staffordshire, pit-bulls etc). I control him at all times, may I bring him along ?
Under no circumstance do we allow those dogs.

Extra Person

​How many people can sleep in a mobile-home?
If you rent a big mobile-home (28m2), 4 to 5 persons are included in the rate. A sixth or even  7th person may stay, but you'll need to pay a 10€  charge / person / day for any extra person.

Is an extra tent on the pitch of the accommodation allowed for hosting children or friends?
Yes within the limitation of not exceeding the allowed total of 7 persons on your booking. There is no extra charge for the tent per se.

I had told on booking that we shall be 2 persons. We will show up with 5, is that OK?
Yes as long that you do not exceed the limit of 7 persons.


​During the low season, how can I heat my accommodation ?
Thanks to an electrical eater supplied by the campsite.

Do we have to pay an extra charge for heating (or water or gas) ?
No, our rates include all charges, even local tax is already accounted for.

Early Arrival or Departure

​May I arrive earlier than agreed (from noon onwards in July and August and from 2 p.m. during the low season) ?
No, because we can't be certain that you can settle in immediately. And it would not be pleasant for you to have to wait.

May I leave earlier than the official time (10 a.m.) ?
Yes, in July and August, every Saturday, you can leave from 7 a.m. onwards. Otherwise from 8 a.m. Please be so kind to make an appointment for the final check one or two days before departure.

Late Arrival or Departure

​May I arrive later, for example on Monday instead of Saturday?
Yes of course, but don't forget to tell us your exact day of arrival. The Camping International may rent your mobile-home 24 hours after your planned arrival date, since only 30% has been paid for.

Till what time may I arrive at the campsite?
Till 8 p.m. in July and August; otherwise till 7 p.m. If you know you will be late, please give us a call, and we will do our best to find a solution. If you don't warn us, your arrival may get quite complicated.

Do I have to make an appointment as regards my departure?
Yes, since one of our staff has to check your mobile-home.


​Do I have to pay a deposit on arrival?
Yes, we will ask for a 100 € deposit which you can pay for by a credit-card (we will only note down your credit-card number) or cash. After the final check of your mobile-home just before your departure, you'll get your deposit back. Just make certain that you leave your mobile-home in good condition (clean and tidy). If, on arrival, something is wrong (untidy, damaged), please tell us immediately, otherwise we may hold you responsible for it.

When I arrive and find my lodging not in perfect order or condition, should I clean it or fix it myself?
No because the previous tenant had to deliver a perfect place checked by our staff. It is our role to assure you that confort and it is our duty to correct a rare mistake from our staff. In case you file no complaint, we assume you found the lodging in good condition and expect the same upon your departure.

Technical problems

​I observe a technical problem (hot water, toilet, water drain, door, gas). Should I myself find the remedy?

Absolutely not since our staff is ready day and night and does its best to keep all in perfect working order. Please come up at reception to indicate what the problem is and when we can show up for fixing it in regular on-distubruing hours for you.

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