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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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Campsite of Castellane Activities
Ages and obligations for activities

Which are the obligations to take part in Rafting?
To be at least 8 years old and to know to swim.

Which are the obligations to take part in the canyoning?
To be old at least 14 years and to know to swim.

Which are the obligations to take part in the parapente out of tandem?
Just to know how to run (for the departure).

Which are the obligations to take part in the hang glider?
To be old at least 16 years and to know to run (for the departure).

From which age can one practise the accrobranche?
Three courses accomodate the children as of 5 years. No limit in the measurement of a reasonable age of health and a flexibility minimum.

Paragliding near near Castellane in tje Gorges of Verdon

​What capacity is required for tandem in paragliding?
Aerogliss Club nearby, at St Andre les Alpes (21 kms from Castellane) take in clients to fly in tandem paragliding at any age. Even handicapped persons can fly in tandems. Flights vary from morning to evening between 20 to 45 minutes and corresponding price of 70 to 120€.

Rafting, hydrospeed, Cano-raft near Castellane

​What capacity is required for white water sports?
It requires obviously to know how to swim rather well. Many aquatic sports, like rafting, accept children starting 8 years old.

Are white water sports open in all seasons and every day?
No because those water sports depend on level of water and weather conditions (watch out for storms in August).

Do all those water activities take place at Castellane?
On rafting does start from the town or Castellane. Our partner Aboard Rafting can inform from its office in downtown Castellane, between post office and church. Other than rafting, the individual activities of hydrospeed, aquarando, cano-raft or airboat start from adjacent points on the Verdon River or other smaller streams like Jabron. A map shall be provided to guide you to those starting points.

Nautical bases in Castellane and Verdon Gorge

What can I find as water activities in Castellane?
​Lake Castillon is the perfect place to spend the day with family or friends. Located at 5km from the campsite, a base of nautical leisure, the Sirocco, welcomes you and offers the rental of paddle boats with or without slides, canoes of 3 to 4 seats, a 3-seat kayaks and the stand-up paddles.
These pedalos or paddle boats are popular because they allow to discover the Lake Castillon without too much difficulty. Children will also enjoy the slide that please a lot.
Kayaking requires a little more coordination with your partner but once it is running, you can double the paddle boats.
The paddle or stand up paddle is to evolve standing on a plank in propelling themselves using an oar, paddle in English. This rental is possible to the Sirocco.
To try sailing, catamaran or water skiing, you will need to go as far as Saint-Julien-du-Verdon, where a large nautical base. It offers exclusive services on the Lake such as navigation on the Lake (optimists, rascals, sailboards) or water skiing, in addition to regular services such as paddle boat.

Can I
play these sports in the Gorges du Verdon?
If one day, you decide to go to the shores of the Lake Sainte-Croix, you'll probably rent Paddle boats or canoes that have the possibility to enter in the Verdon Gorge. The Lake is located a little more than an hour west of Castellane.
Many providers offer tours in canoes, paddle boats, kayaks, or electric boats. You will have the opportunity to pass under the bridge of the Galetas, and to enter into the famous Verdon Gorge to swim a little bit.

Canoeing-kayaking in Castellane

We can say that the Verdon Gorge are impressive and therefore an ideal place for the practice of ca-noeing. Here in Castellane, you will find many providers offering this activity, including Aboard Rafting, our partner. Offers of excursions are many and varied. Some providers will offer to a few turns on the beautiful Lake Castillon, others, descents faster and sports in the Verdon Gorges or the nearby gorges.
Water has sculpted various panoramas in all the Department of the Alpes de Haute-Provence. Sports people, water lover or just as a visitor, you can choose the activity and the landscape that suits you.
Kayaking can be practiced alone, or with friends or family. Courses are more or less long, sometimes lasting all day which allows to picnic in the middle of fantastic scenery.
Single-seat or two-seat canoes are generally available.
So, you can decide to take the single paddle, and go according to your desires, via currents, rapids or the calm waters of lakes. If you have opted for the two-seat option, you can expect a few surpris-es! You wield the paddle by coordinating with your teammate to avoid diving a little too early in the water. If you fall, don't panic, just back and go again!

No experience is necessary for these activities, but you must know how to swim. A minimum age is required as service providers.
Professional guides will tell you how to do before departure and will accompany you along your adven-ture in their personal canoes. You will be provided in rescue vests, as well as waterproof barrels for the descent in the rapids.
The practice on the calm waters of lakes, you will leave alone but reassured after the small briefing of monitors.
Professionals reserves the right to cancel the outputs depending on the weather.
To avoid disappointment, remember to book in advance.

Rafting in Castellane

You often ask ourselves questions about rafting, popular sport in Castellane and in the Alpes de Haute-Provence.
Many providers offer rafting on the mythical Verdon or other more quiet rivers. Everyone can find and choose the route according to its desires.

What kind of white water rafting excursion providers offer?
Journeys are varied and diverse, to enable everyone to explore beautiful places on different rivers. If the Verdon is the most popular, other water course offer also unique landscapes and unforgettable memories.

When should I book?
The sooner the better! There are many providers in Castellane and Alpes de Haute-Provence... everything just because it is a very popular attraction. Long-term visitors and tourists have only one thing in mind: get off the Verdon rafting. This activity is increasingly governed by the release of water from the dam of Castillon. Cannot therefore go rafting every day, which further limits the number of places.
We advise you to book well in advance, and call in low season to check for availability.
To book simply register directly with providers who often have a shop in the city, or via their website.

At the campsite, our partner Aboard Rafting moves every Sunday morning in high season and is also present every evening from 19 h to 20 h at La Ferme restaurant of the campsite.

What should I bring?
All equipment is provided. No need to charge you. Take your swimsuit, a towel, and dry clothes in your car, for example, and take care to not bring anything of value (watches, earrings, portable, electric appliances...). Essential objects may be deposited in a sealed barrel (key of car etc.)

What happens in case of cancellation?
Some providers will ask you a deposit which will be non-refundable in case of cancellation. If you tell enough in advance or that incident out of your desire occurs, you will be refunded (except deposit).

From what age can we go rafting?
Everything depends on your thirst for adventure and your swimming skills. Indeed, it is essential to know how to swim. Some routes take children from 8 years, other 12 years. Check with your provider to avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointments.
Guides, present on the boat, will assess the level of difficulty of the course.

What are the levels of difficulty?
In general the rivers are classified from 1 (very easy) to 6 (almost impossible). In the Verdon, this difficulty is assessed at 2 and 3. There are a few obstacles, difficult passages, the whirlpool or a little fast eddies. Nevertheless you will be always in safety thanks to the professional guide on the boat and, in the event of unexpected fall, your life jacket.

Therefore, it is dangerous to go rafting?
Despite these minor difficulties, the courses are adapted to an audience without knowledge of the rafting, and secured by the presence of professional guides who know very well the river.
It is important to remember that their priority is your safety.

Do I need a rafting experience?

In any way! Everyone is accepted, regardless of its level.

What is the best time to go rafting in the Gorges du Verdon?

Of course, the summer period is the best, which explains why she is popular. The dam releases are regular (generally Tuesdays and Fridays). In the spring, the release of water is regularly on the week.

Mountain bike in Castellane

Is there a bike path near Castellane?
No, so be careful when you take the road especially with your children.

Is it easy to bike to Castellane?
The road is relatively flat to go to Castellane, but once the city pass, ascents and descents are more difficult.

Can we go hiking to biking near here?
There is a little more than a dozen mountain biking to between Castellane and Saint-André-les-Alpes, from easiest to most difficult.

Where can we rent mountain bikes?
The mini camping offers mountain bike rentals by the day or half day, with volume discounts.

Climbing in the Verdon Gorge

For lovers of climbing in limestone rocks, one cannot dream better in Europe than the Gorges du Verdon. The largest measured to the peaks of the Gorge cliffs, making the site famous and taken. The practice grows, schools are created and a particular jargon comes complete the picture. Difficult for newcomers of all remember or understand.
The Grand Canyon of the Verdon was conquered very late by the climbers. In the 1960s, many mountains such as Mont Blanc were considered to be the ultimate mountain climber’s challenge. The climbers, them, came in the Verdon Circa 1968, and climbed the now famous tracks from 'the request' and 'rabid '.
Finally, ten years will be enough for climbers to reveal to the world the exceptional routes that the cliffs of the Verdon offered. A large reinforcement of material, they located beautiful cracks and arming their courage to try to master these often so-called pathways 'impenetrable '. 'Estemporanée', 'Ula' routes and others so are emerging.
Then, after these rocks limestone, some have the idea and the desire to open more channels, more impressive and freer on the wet rocks... the practice of free climbing is in market, and airway with incongruous names ("discipline and punish" for example, names that sometimes represent the State of mind of the pioneers) are discovered and "upgraded" for the greatest pleasure of adventurers.
The Grand Canyon of the Verdon is not climbing like this. Isolated, sometimes without belt or rope-climbing, the site is certainly magical but dangerous. For some years now, providers offering courses in climbing or outputs on the cliffs of the Verdon (according to the levels of each) settled in the region, in order to secure a little more practice.
Today, over 2000 channels are open on the cliffs of the Verdon and it is creates new each year or almost.
Take the time to ask about their names, sounding in our ears as the title of a novel, a horror film or a Provençal sounding name: Pichnibul, “Massacre à la tronçonneuse”, “Crime passionnel”, “Escalès” or “Dingomaniaque”.

An activity that becomes famous...
The Gorges du Verdon were the "one" of some magazines and the stars of the films made in the region. Note the "carnets de L'Aventure", by J.P. Janssen and L. Knight, and 'Life at your fingertips' and 'vertical Opéra' of P. Edlinger.

Longer Hike GR4 down the Martel Path deep in Verdon Gorge

Walking and Hiking Level for Martel Path in the Gorge.

Are all tourists fit to undertake the long hike of Martel Path down the Verdon Gorge?
Definitely not. The Martel Path covers the GR4 (French acronym for Long Hiking Path) throughout the Verdon Gorge and it is quite well-known worldwide. You shall cover the 14 kms and 6-7 hours of abrupt staircases, dark tunnels and steep slopes on rocky ground. Not only your foot ought to be stable and sure of itself, but also your physical endurance ought to be good to stand the course of the full day under the sun. Any person with poor health or carrying a dog along should definitely stay out of the Martel Path.

How do I organize my round trip from Camping International at Castellane?
The classical way is to reach the end point (from hiking) at Point Sublime in your private car. From there, catch either a scheduled taxi or the shuttle bus operating only during July and August and on week-ends and holidays of low season to reach the other endpoint of Chalet de la Maline. From there hike your way back to your car at Point Sublime. The shuttle back of high season can also be caught from its starting point at Castellane main square at 7.45 a.m.

What do I need to bring along?
Given the length 6-7 hours, plenty of water, pick nick, cap or hat for the sun, flashlight for the tunnels and good walking shoes.

Where can I find a map of the hike?
The supermarket and the campsite reception offering you a map of the trail White -Martel , as well as four other walks at the bottom of the Gorges du Verdon.

Where can I have a picnic ?
If you want space , freshness for your drinks (thanks to the torrent in the area) , accessibility and visibility , nothing better for lunch the beach Mescla break.
( respect for the place and nature, do not give up no waste behind you).

Can we swim in the Verdon ?

Swimming in the Verdon is not recommended . There are regular releases of water from dams and Castillon Chaudanne upstream . The water can rise very quickly and trap the reckless hiker . Throughout the hike , signs remind warning.
For flow and potential water releases to come, you can join the EDF answering the Castillon dam :

What are the risks for my car if I let the Point Sublime ?
As in all areas of very tourist park , it is advised to park in the parking lot and avoid isolated parking due to potential robbers cars. Do not leave valuables tempt thieves .

Can I pick plants for hiking?
To preserve protected and / or unfortunately, endangered species, is prohibited practice , as for all the hiking trails .
You will have the opportunity to meet a rich flora ( lilies, carnations, rosehips , mushrooms, strawberries, raspberries etc. . ) , A good reason to let it develop in peace.

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