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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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Climbing in the Verdon Gorge

Climbing in the Verdon Gorge Activities
Climbing in the Verdon Gorge

For lovers of climbing in limestone rocks, one cannot dream better in Europe than the Gorges du Verdon. The largest measured to the peaks of the Gorge cliffs, making the site famous and taken. The practice grows, schools are created and a particular jargon comes complete the picture. Difficult for newcomers of all remember or understand.
The Grand Canyon of the Verdon was conquered very late by the climbers. In the 1960s, many mountains such as Mont Blanc were considered to be the ultimate mountain climber’s challenge. The climbers, them, came in the Verdon Circa 1968, and climbed the now famous tracks from 'the request' and 'rabid '.
Finally, ten years will be enough for climbers to reveal to the world the exceptional routes that the cliffs of the Verdon offered. A large reinforcement of material, they located beautiful cracks and arming their courage to try to master these often so-called pathways 'impenetrable '. 'Estemporanée', 'Ula' routes and others so are emerging.
Then, after these rocks limestone, some have the idea and the desire to open more channels, more impressive and freer on the wet rocks... the practice of free climbing is in market, and airway with incongruous names ("discipline and punish" for example, names that sometimes represent the State of mind of the pioneers) are discovered and "upgraded" for the greatest pleasure of adventurers.
The Grand Canyon of the Verdon is not climbing like this. Isolated, sometimes without belt or rope-climbing, the site is certainly magical but dangerous. For some years now, providers offering courses in climbing or outputs on the cliffs of the Verdon (according to the levels of each) settled in the region, in order to secure a little more practice.
Today, over 2000 channels are open on the cliffs of the Verdon and it is creates new each year or almost.
Take the time to ask about their names, sounding in our ears as the title of a novel, a horror film or a Provençal sounding name: Pichnibul, “Massacre à la tronçonneuse”, “Crime passionnel”, “Escalès” or “Dingomaniaque”.

An activity that becomes famous...
The Gorges du Verdon were the "one" of some magazines and the stars of the films made in the region. Note the "carnets de L'Aventure", by J.P. Janssen and L. Knight, and 'Life at your fingertips' and 'vertical Opéra' of P. Edlinger.

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