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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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Campsite of Castellane Hikes
Hiking Program of Camping International

​Does Camping International at Castellane offers a full program of hiking during all opening seasons?
Not so because the attendance is not even. For the low attendance months of April, May or September, the pace of hiking groups can be once a week, whereas during July and August it is minimum twice or even three times per week.

Are the organized hikes for all ages and all physical conditions?
Yes if you can take into account a normal health condition and paths covered at a normal walking speed within three hours or a maximum or three and a half hours. However, if you are weak from lungs or back or legs or feeling dizzy from fresh mountain air and summer heat, you shall be wise enough to judge by yourself and abstain.
The long hikes of The Verdon Gorge along the GR4 known as Martel Path are not on our list of activities. You shall organize them separately from our organization.

Do those organized walks by the campsite cost the client anything?
Yes they are charged a minimal fee of 3€ per head with a corresponding souvenir gift from us, in the form of a labelled item such as a campsite cap, or a campsite tshirt, or freesbee or colour-pen or backpack.

Restrictions to our hikes from campsite

​Are those hikes always with an escort from campsite?
Yes with usually a staff member speaking English and French. He knows his way but does not constitute a professional from health and first aid in case of physical or medical trouble.

May children take part without their parents?
No and this for obvious reasons of safety and health.

Young children can participate?
Yes, our walks are suitable for all audiences, enabling guests to enjoy family outings. This ensures the presence of young, your child may even make friends.

Can the fragile participants expect help from the escorting staff?
No because of the status of limited medical expertise of that staff.

Are pets allowed?
Yes, they can accompany you.

Should we take the car to these markets?

No, all our walks depart from the campsite reception.

The path is easy?
The trails are rocky, trait typical of the region. Please have at least tennis walking.

Hike : Notre-Dame du Roc

Camping offers hiking, walks around Castellane, including the famous Roc de Castellane.
Allow about 3 hours for this walk of about 9km, accessible even to younger (5 years). A steep rocky path awaits you, but no need to rush. Each advance at their own pace, and the last will have plenty of time to take breaks on the various points of view of course. Do not forget your tennis / sneakers, and water.

From reception at 9am, we take a small path to bypass the RN85 - Route Napoleon and enjoy the cool glades.
After a few pedestrian crossings, the trail begins. Through the typical vegetation of Provence (savory, thyme and lavender), we move to a first impressive view. You can watch the Robion the Destourbes the Cadières Brandis, the mountain of Cheiron and the neck of Lèques.
A little rough and stony ascent awaits you some for a period of about fifteen minutes. After some turns, we arrive on the north face of Roc de Castellane. We reach the Way of the Cross (1868) to get to the chapel, the goal of the day. A little break in the first balcony is necessary, at least to see the canal du Verdon, the riverbed and have details of the lake Chaudanne which is just behind a mountain. Arrived at the chapel, another break to allow everyone time to visit the chapel, to photograph the landscape that stretches before us, or to identify the orientation table. We descend by the ruins of the ancient village of Castellane Petra Castellana (stone castle). This trail, known around the Serre, is dotted with typical southern Provencal plants. Following this path, we will find the emerald river that flows under the old bridge of the Rock, an ancient Roman road now traveled by pedestrians.
After a few detours in the backstreets of Castellane, between the old drawbridge and the noble church of St. Victor, we go back quietly to the camp site.

Hike : Malouan - Brayal

This walk is for the family and shorter than the others. We offer 1h30, with a west facing Notre-Dame du Roc and village.
This trail is described as wild. Indeed, recently discovered, the path is not always well marked and are sometimes driven into the woods or along fences almost abandoned. But the view is worth a visit. Remember to pack sneakers and water. This walk is open to children from 5 years.

On leaving the camp, we follow the road to the campground Napoleon -RN85 the Provencal. After a left fork, the adventure begins as we have to cross the river and climb the edges. A few yards away, at the corner of a field abandoned, we enter the fresh and green undergrowth, covered with boxwood and other plants of the Southern Alps.

We climb a hillside to lead to a forest track. At the top of the track, in a large field, the landscape is breathtaking. On your right the Cadières Brandis, and left the Roc de Castellane and the Notre-Dame du Roc watching over the village below.

Again, we walk the woods before returning to the remains of a castellanaise life. Nature takes its course on the wheels of a small tractor, and while we begin the descent, you can admire the Roc, before moving into a pine forest. After a rocky descent, we pass a river walk along a stream and a final undergrowth before returning to campsite.

Hike : Colle Brayal - Verdon

This walk takes you into one of the four hamlets of Castellane Colle Brayal. After a steep climb, we crossed some of the laces Colle Brayal, and end up with an approach to Verdon. Allow about 3 hours for 8km.

This ride is open to all public and to children from 5 years. We take breaks regularly, which allows everyone to follow. Planning sneakers and water. The path, in the sense in which we take it, is not marked. Later down the hamlet, you will follow the signs hiking "Castellane". Typically the path is free of automobile traffic, apart from a few smaller portions.

From the campsite reception we cross the Route Napoleon - RN 85 to advance us in the woods. We walk along a small stream, then pass a bridge before reaching a broad track.

The road narrows and becomes rockier. It rises slightly, it should be careful where you put your feet. Walking in single file is required. The so-called "difficult" part comes: a steep ascent that stretches for about twenty minutes. At the top, we are Brayal Colle. We take a moment to view the Cadières Brandis and the Robion. Then we begin the descent, between the villas of the hamlet, from a small chapel, a campground up the road. Salty waterfall Moulin de la Salaou already attracts attention. Having tasted the water and took some pictures, we cross the road following the sign indicating hiking "Castellane". At the end of the street, the Verdon appears. We make another break before leaving. The walk goes through the woods, along a river before returning to the bifurcation of you took in the way. Another 20 minutes and you're at the campsite.

Hike : le Cheiron

This hike is very nice and easy. Children 5 years old can participate. It takes you above the campsite, to the hamlet of La Palud, then through the mountain of Cheiron. Allow 3 hours for this hike of about 9km. Remember to take your sneakers and water. The road is a little rocky but bearable and somewhat slippery. We meet almost no cars. The path is not marked on the first part of the course. The second part is by the path leading to Lake Castillon.
From the campsite reception, we start on the right to reach the hamlet of La Palud. Spent a large barn, we are the first grassy plateau overlooking the valley. At the far south of Our Lady of the Rock as distinguished from the other mountains. The Destourbes the Robion but also Cadières Brandis are visible from the field. We then take a track and coupons through an old field of lavender (some plans still exist).
The track is
lined with boulders quite original and Mediterranean plants such as lavender and thyme. On the other side of the mountain, we come to the route de la Baume - Blaron, perpendicular to the road to Lac de Castillon (route de Saint-André-les-Alpes). By car from Castillon Lake is just minutes from the campsite. On foot, you will have 3 hours to make the round trip.
We cross the county from Lake Castillon to take a hiking trail. The track is just down to the roundabout the Casino. We leave quietly towards the campsite.

Hike : La Moutière

This very short hike (about 1 hour) suitable for children of all ages, and of course the whole family. The trail is hilly but the gradients are quite low. It's an easy ride. It will take us near a pond for grow trout then in a forest that skirts the map of La Palud, a hamlet of Castellane. Remember to take your sneakers and a little water.
From the campsite reception, we go directly to the right towards the plane of the Palud. Some villas and fields further, we turn left and follow the "Moutière" panel. We are rapidly reaching the pond rearing of trout. After a few weeks, these fish will be returned to the Verdon.
The trail is not marked, however, you can follow a craft markup made ​​yellow ribbons hanging in the trees. A small rocky rise later, here we are in an oak forest, stones and many green moss. The forest is then placed in a small narrow path that winds through the hills. One last climb and we find a forest track and then a plateau from where the views are spectacular on the Roc de Castellane, the Destourbes the Cadières Brandis and Robion. We leave quietly through the hamlet of La Palud, before returning to camp.

Hike : Maison Forestière

This hike is one of the most difficult that we offer. The course is longer, the two steep climbs, and the return is on a gravel path. However, you can bring your children if they like walking. Also, it's a pretty good workout if you want to make more difficult steps in the Gorges du Verdon for example. 3:30 therefore intend to ten kilometers, think of sneakers, water and possibly a cap. The path back is marked, as is the trail that leads to Lake Castillon (walking). This walk takes us to a ruin of a forest house, located at 1030m altitude.
From the campsite reception, we went to the roundabout Casino. The first problem involved here. The climb is on a paved road and is not slippery. However, it is quite steep. We make a first break near the house of Escoulaou. We leave quietly on the road, then on a piece of track. After a few meters turn left to cross a dry river bed and start to climb the mountain.
We operate across the Provençal scents of pine, wild lavender or thyme. The hilly road made ​​some laces and through the forest. At the intersection, a short climb to the right will lead us directly to the forest house. From above, you can see Notre Dame du Roc (which is 911m above sea level) chapel, Robion the Destourbes and Verdon valley below. After a break, we go down to the last bifurcation. Starting right, we'll go down quietly mountain, a wide forest track. The road is rocky but with no real difficulty. The descent take about 1 hour, before falling on your steps to the Casino.

Hike : sentier du pêcheur

We recommend this tour 3h hikers wishing to explore the Verdon family. If there is a slightly difficult path, because of the high altitude, it nevertheless allows us to approach the Gorges du Verdon without seven in the Sentier Martel or White dizzying trail Imbut.

Pretty shady, this hike will be an opportunity to swim in the emerald torrent. Other excursions cruising the Gorges du Verdon do not always offer that option.

The trail starts on a slightly rocky descent. Soon the cliffs Issioule are in sight. After crossing a valley, the path splits in two. Most tourists take immediate right, but a small return on the left will not disappoint. Indeed, you arrive at the Ford of Mairestre where peace Verdon at your feet.

Return to the fork (about twenty minutes), and go right this time, the path along and overlooking the Verdon few kilometers. Many canoes and pedal boats are competing for the waters of the Verdon. The recovery is performed in the Provencal garrigue, then two choices available to you: For more tired, you can go by road (right), with a beautiful view of a waterfall, and for those who would complete the trail fishermen, it will turn right into the forest track. The car park is about 40 minutes.

Hike : Le Rancoumas

This hiking trail around 3:30 provides a different approach to the Verdon gorges and torrent. Well marked path that will take you near the Verdon, with shadow over much of the course. You'll have time to admire the cliffs Escalès, the parade of Balsams Feres and the corridor Samson, not to mention the deck of Tusset. Kids can do it without real difficulty.
From the inn of Point Sublime, you should follow the red and white markings of the GR4 GR49 and then continue on the GR49. You will pass through some oak forests before reaching the bridge Tusset dating back more than two millennia. After about ten minutes, leave the GR49 to get to the lookout Rancoumas. Watch the old hamlet of Encastel below the path.
Follow the shaded forest track, take the water to the source and start quietly back to Point Sublime.

Hike : le Bastidon

For this hike count between 5 and 6 hours of walking, to enjoy the beautiful scenery that awaits you. Departure is at Palud-sur-Verdon. The route forms a loop which allows you to find your car on arrival. During the trek, you will traverse the Verdon Gorges and ravines ... spend some impressive.
The beginning of the hike is on the road and on the track. The path is well marked (GR therefore marked with red and white). You may encounter hooked on rock climbing on the wall of the massive Gradeloup. Down the Ravine Mainmorte, take time to admire the view of the Verdon.
You must then rise slowly across the mountain, with long passages on the cliffs. Dangerous sections are secured with steel cables. The path then goes quietly to the campground at the Roar, go enjoy the view of Lookout Mairestre.

Hike : L'Imbut

This hike is one of the most difficult of the Gorges du Verdon. Many passages are airy, narrow and very slippery but are equipped with steel cables. Allow about 4 hours for 9km.
From the car park of the Cavaliers. Follow the path marked out in red and white (GR), which sinks to the bottom of the gorge. After thirty minutes, the Verdon is before you.
If you go a little further, you will come across the bridge of the Estellié, which can be crossed to reach the Verdon trail Martel (7am walk, 14km).
Continue on the path of Imbut (left). The hike along the Verdon, passed under the caves carved into the cliffs and some rocks that you have to go down with metal cables.
You arrive at the passage of the Styx, the landscape is impressive. The smooth rocks, emerald green water ... Attention to the passage above the Verdon, go slowly.
At the intersection, continue on the path of Imbut (the trail will Vidal for the return), which takes you into the Verdon. You're in front Imbut (or funnel Provençal). After a few photos, retrace your steps and take the path Vidal will raise you very quickly. Do not look down if you are prone to vertigo. After a few cables and stony passages, you find land and can admire the Verdon more quietly.

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