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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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Life on the campsite

Campsite of Castellane Life on the campsite
Situation of the campsite

​The campsite is it far from downtown Castellane?
Camping International is 2km from the city center or 5 minutes by car.

Are there stores in Castellane?
Aside from the supermarket of the camping, there is also an hypermarket and many shops in the city center. During your getaway, stores offering clothing, and various miscellaneous items, food and drinks, or souvenirs that will respond to your request.

Are there a river near your campsite?
We are fortunate to have the Lac de Castillon 5km from the site.

And fishing area?
You can also fish in Lake Castillon.


Significant time in the campsite:

Camping: 31 March to 1 October.
Hourly input and output camping: 7h to 23h.
Pool: from 10h to 19h.
Supermarket: 7am to 12h and 16h to 19h in High Season, 8am to 10am and 17h to 19h in Low Season.
Restaurant in July and August 7h - 23h normally without interruption.
Reception: 8h - 20h in July-August and the month April June and September: 8 am-12:30 13:30 19h.
Office Tourism - all year: Monday to Saturday from 9am to 12pm and from 14h to 18h (and Sundays from 10h to 13h in May, June, September), in July and August: Monday to Sunday from 9am to 19.30.
Walking: from 9am (approximately 3 hours).
Washing Machine Access: day and night

Driving inside the campsite

​Are your pathways asphalted?
Yes on 90% of all the inside tracks of the campsite. This aspect guarantees a maximized comfort, without much noise or dust or gully.

I manage perfect driving skills. May I drive a speed of 50 km/hour inside the campsite?
Absolutely not since our maximum speed limit is fixed at 10 km/h, the equivalent of first gear on a gearbox-car. Remember children roam freely on the campsite, the one crossing without notice before a speeding car could be yours.

Parking Lot

​I come with two vehicles. Does one have to stay outside my pitch? 
Not necessarily since the pitches can exceed 100 m². There is anyway plenty of space on the inside the gate parking lot opposite the reception and on the night parking lot just outside the entrance gate.

Do I enter with a badge or special card?
No such practice of badge at our campsite. Just the night gate closes at 11 p.m. to re-open at 7 a.m.

My car is of great value, can I enter at night to protect it?
No since the gate closes at 11 p.m. and you park on the night parking lot, which has no overly bad record of car breaking of car theft.


​Can I wash at any water outlet on any camping pitch?
No since there is specific tap for carwash next to the Blue Station for camper-vans. That usage is free of charge.


​Are the dustbins far away from our pitches?
They are just outside the campsite. So you won't be inconvenienced by smells or noise.

Does the garbage space offers sorting per type of garbage?
It separates with glass in green containers, paper in blue, plastic in yellow. We also offer a point for thrown-out bread separate, destined to local farm animals like sheep and goats. Two compost baskets are on offer in the campsite to throw away in a clean green way the leftover of food and meals.

TV Room

​How can I watch TV on a public screen?
Two free options at Camping International of Castellane : either the public large TV room seating 50 to 60 or the restaurant which shows the major sports events during non-musical nights.

Pets at the Campsite

​Are dogs allowed on your campsite?
Yes, they are, as long as you show their vaccination record upon your arrival and take a sleeping basket with you. They must always be kept on the lead and if necessary wear a muzzle. Please think to take little « doggy bags » with you.

Do we have to pay an extra charge for our dog?
There is an extra charge of 2 € / dog / day and only 2 dogs / mobile-home or pitch are allowed.

My dog belongs to the category of “attack dog”. I have control over him. Can I bring him along?
No, undser no circumstance.

Laundry at the Campsite

How can I wash my clothes? 
You can buy tokens for our washing- and drying machines at the reception desk. It costs 5 € for 7 kilos of laundry and 1 € for a 15-minute drying coin.

Are the two launderettes on site accessible day and night?
Yes, just first buy the coins and necessary powder beforehand. Powder is sold at reception at 0.5€ per dose.

Can I use any powder I wish?
No because washing powder destined to hand wash shall not do. They will foam in excess. The right powder is any powder for regular machine-wash.

How long does a washing cycle last?
About 50 minutes or less if they choose a colder water cycle.


​How can I make a call when I'll be on your campsite?
Of course, you can use your own mobile phone ( all three French networks Orange, SFR and Bouygues work quite well). Otherwise, there is one France Telecom pay phone on the campsite, with prepaid phone cards from various vendors like France Telecom Orange or Kertel, on sale in town at the post office.

Free phone calls to landlines UK and Europe

​How can I call for free landlines all over Europe?
Just go to our two public phone booths. By dialing 00044 for UK landlines, you can just dial for FREE.

I use a tablet or smartphone working through wifi. Can I make use of your wifi?
Perfectly so, and that all over the campsite. Just type in your ID and password supplied on the prepaid cards sold at reception OR go online with your credit card during free minutes to pay with your credit card the same time units you buy at reception. Rates for wifi connection are as follows:

  • Between 3 € to 8 € for 30 up to 120 minutes, usable in many slices of time as you wish.
  • Unlimited access, between 8€ for 24 hours up to 33€ for 14 days and nights of unlimited access.

Internet Terminals

​How can I keep in touch with my family and friends without my own computer?
We have two Internet terminals on the campsite, just in front of the reception desk where you can buy an Internet card at reception.

Prices are between 3 € to 8 € for 30 to 120 minutes.
Of course, you can use your time on the Internet in one go or at different times. You can there enjoy the outlets for memory-card and USB sticks.

Tourist Information over the region of Castellane, Verdon Gorge and the Alps of upper Provence

​I haven't got any time to make inquiries about your area. Can you help me?
Yes of course, our receptionists will be able to provide information about hikes, museums, lakes and any other thing you may like to know. We have many guides, books, a local map of the Verdon Gorges and their surroundings. The newspaper-shop in Castellane (« Bar-Tabac ») also sells specific hiking maps.

Daily Affairs

​How can I receive my mail?
Just ask your correspondents to write your first name and surname on the envelope with the address of the campsite: Camping International / RN85 – 04120 CASTELLANE.

Baby equipment

What baby equipment are available?
Be ease, you do not need to bring much, we provide the high chair (5 € per stay), the baby bath (5 €), cot (umbrella) on the basis of 5 euros per stay. The same bed if small will automatically move into living spaces because the rooms are too small.


​Can we find barbecue in mobile homes ?
No, but it is possible to rent a mobile table - grill, gas for 10 € per night . Simply ask at reception .

Should we pay a deposit ?
Given the value of the loan , we will ask for a deposit to secure the status of the table grill . It will make it clean and in perfect condition .

Can we find barbecue in the cottages ?
Yes, all cabins are equipped with a mobile table - grill, gas . There is no extra charge .

Grills charcoal are tolerated?
Sometimes in low season, but know that the prefect was prohibited because of fire hazards .

Special recipe for us?
Plancha table grill allows for many recipes quickly and easily. Why not start with tomatoes Provencal ?
To satisfy the taste buds of four, you will need 8 tomatoes, 1 bunch parsley , 4 garlic cloves , 4 tablespoons olive oil, salt and pepper. Allow 10 minutes for preparation and another 10 minutes to cook everything.
Oil the griddle and preheat it made ​​( you will find instructions at the reception or in your car ) . Peel the garlic cloves. Wash the parsley. Chop everything and mix .
Then cut the tomatoes in half and place them cut side on the griddle .
After 5 minutes flip them , add the parsley , pepper and salt and let them roast another 5 short minutes .
A drizzle of olive oil will complement your dish.

Upset with my neighbourly relations

​My neighbour is not respectful of his neighbours and upsets me because of his disorderly conduct with noise of his dog management. Do I address the issue directly to him?
That depends on the neighbour’s wits and capacity for self-correction. In doubt you may and should address the issue to our staff at reception for the campsite management to ask that neighbor to behave himself.

Games room (in front of the reception)

Can children go whenever they want to the games room?
No, the games room closes at midnight.

Can children  go alone?
Of course, it just depends of  their sociability. In case of non respect of others or equipment, the campsite manager can call them to order and ask them to leave if necessary. They will return under parental authority.

Bicyle rental

If I want to rent a mountain bike, how's it going?
Camping International Castellane offers exclusive, for some years now, the bike hire on site at the supermarket. Tina Mangin, manager of the shop, offers a wide range of bikes, brand new, to suit all ages and all walks. ATVs Recreation ATV Hikes, VTC comfort are available, as well as many accessories like helmets, baby chairs, or gloves.
Reservation with deposit is possible. Count 5 € half day if you go before noon, and € 9 if you prefer to enjoy until 19h.


​How and where do I have access to a doctor or a medical facility?
For light health issues, the best is to go to or call the local doctors of Castellane some 2 kms away. For warning, the hospital of Castellane is no overly equipped super modern full size medical hospital, as you would expect from a large city centre. Any heavy medical intervention shall take place in a large city some 50 kms away, like Digne or Grasse.

Where is the nearest pharmacy?
t Castellane 2 kms away.

Where is the nearest nurse?
A nurse resides at Castellane some 2 kms away and can come over to the campsite upon request and with an appointment.

Is there a vet?
Yes, in Castellane 2km from camping.

Transport towards Castellane and the Verdon Gorge in Provence

​How do I reach your campsite?
The best is to come in your own private car (or rental car from a landing spot like Nice airport or Nice train station or Marseilles train station or Marseilles airport, both a 2-hour drive from Castellane). The only major road going through is the north-south axis of the Route Napoleon RD4085 on modern maps. Its northern points are Grenoble, Gap and Digne-les-Bains. Its southern points are Nice or Cannes and Grasse. Our GPS coordinates are:

  • N 43.85903
  • E 6.4981
Are there public transport to your campsite at Castellane?
Not very convenient in all cases. A daily bus service (once a day) crosses north south to and from Nice and Grenoble via Castellane main square, leaving you with 2 kms to walk or taxi to reach our campsite. A small train travels from Digne to Nice four times via St Andre les Alps some 21 kms from our campsite. Check out internet site

Is local bike-riding possible?
Just be ready for riding along tough slopes and muscular condition ought to be perfect. Camping International at Castellane does puts on offer a bike rental for 12€ per day on various models: man, woman, child, city or moutainbike, directly at our shop within the campsite.

Weather of Alps of Upper Provence

​Are you hot during daytime in the sunshine?
Not really hot, like under the sunshine of the French coast of the French Riviera nearby. First evenings and nights are cool in all seasons. One shall always sleep at Castellane with a minimal amount of blankets or duvets. Daytime sunshine is very tolerable because our temperature is cooled by surrounding high mountains. Alps peaks around the campsite are all over 1,600 meters (an altitude of plus 4,500 feet). The campsite itself reaches an altitude of 750 meters (equal to 2,250 feet high).

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