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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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Video of residential mobile home

All about residential mobile homes in 1 minute. For an overview of web pages dedicated to residential mobile homes, watch this video.Some pictures comes from our establishment, where residents already enjoy full of the joys of campsite.For more information, navigate between different pages in the category "Purchase a Mobile Home" or send us an e-mail!

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Hike : Colle Brayal - Verdon

This walk takes you into one of the four hamlets of Castellane Colle Brayal. After a steep climb, we crossed some of the laces Colle Brayal, and end up with an approach to Verdon. Allow about 3 hours for 8km. This ride is open to all public and to children from 5 years. We take breaks regularly, which allows everyone to follow. Planning sneakers and water. The path, in the sense in which we take it, is not marked. Later down the hamlet, you will follow the signs hiking "Castellane". Typically the path is free of automobile traffic, apart from a few smaller portions. From the campsite reception we cross the Route Napoleon - RN 85 to advance us in the woods. We walk along a small stream, then pass a bridge before reaching a broad track. The road narrows and becomes rockier. It rises slightly, it should be careful where you put your feet. Walking in single file is required. The so-called "difficult" part comes: a steep ascent that stretches for about twenty minutes. At the top, we are Brayal...

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Purchase mobile home residential used

The second-hand market allows the tightest budgets to afford a mobile home, certainly less recent, but offering absolutely correct equipment for most. One can also choose the opportunity because you want to get the enjoyment of a specific location already occupied. Lifespan of a mobile home? Operators of campsites have used to say that a mobile home does not last more than ten years. However, it is estimated that the structure of a mobile home has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Well-maintained, some mobile homes are more than 20, even 30 years. Indeed, if the aesthetics of mobile homes has evolved since the 1990s with the emergence of the roof double slope and the generalization of the siding vinyl, the construction itself has not fundamentally changed.However, after 10 years, natural wear and tear of furniture, floors and curtains makes the mobile home a little dilapidated and fashionable especially more.In any case, it is better to buy models that are not too dated as can be aluminum,...

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Little stories of the Verdon

​The oppidum of Buffe-Arnaud at Saint-Martin-de-Brômes At the end of the 2nd iron age, OM hinterland is dominated by the celto-ligurians of the Salyenne confederation tribes. During this period, there is the proliferation of fortified habitats known from the beginning of the iron age (at the beginning of the age oppidums). This abundance is likely due to the general climate of disorders, including against the sentence with which populations have sometimes strained trade relations. In 124 BC after several military expeditions to the call, the Romans decide to put an end to the problem Salyens and seize their heavy main before finally settling in Provence. It was probably during this campaign that the oppidum of Buffe - Arnaud is destroyed. Located at the confluence of the Verdon and the Colostre, on the territory of the tribe of the QEII, Buffe-Arnaud site is occupied from the 6th s. BC, and then, after a phase of abandonment, is reoccupied at the end of the 3rd s. BC During this second...

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Development of the Verdon gorges and epilogue

​The development of the grand canyon by the Touring Club of France The Touring Club de France which still almost did nothing on the site of the gorges du Verdon, decided, towards the end of the year 1927, to implement a large-scale tourist action. The reasons for the delay in the development of the site, nearly ten years after the end of the war, are poorly known. The remoteness of the region of the main road and rail, the inadequacy of resources that could offer to the tourists villages bordering in decline, still without running water and electricity, had perhaps previously so discouraged the weakness of arrangements from the powerful Parisian organization. As local or even regional initiatives despite Provencal excursionists visits, despite the gradual increase of tourists traveling by car, they were cruelly lacking, contributing to maintain the site of the Gorge in a lethargic. A long note of Martel's book, La France ignored, made the point on the tourist development of the grand...

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Les Alpes de Haute-Provence (04)

​The Ubaye The heroic Valley Long cut off from the world and trapped in his high collars, the Ubaye Valley belongs to these lands that force fate. That of "Mexicans", both in crossing the Rubicon, pushed up South America to fortune; one of the last inhabitants of the Barge and Malajasset clinging to the highest hamlets of Europe; the austere garrisons that have been eyeing on the borders of Piedmont. Today, the Valley is open, but the mountains in the middle of which flows the River are still there.You return this heroic echo.Location and access The ubaye Valley is the northernmost Department of Provence against Italy (region of Piedmont) and on the edge of the Mercantour national park the annexed part of the Valley.Of Marseille A51 to worthy by D900, then by the D908 Barcelonnette. Grenoble direction Gap and the col Bayard by the D900 to Barcelonnette.Landscapes Tormented and threaded by glacial erosion the Ubaye Valley offers a double face: austere in its remotest lined with larches,...

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Verdon Canyon by the bottom

The discovery of the grand canyon by the bottom Édouard-Alfred Martel enthusiast If one analyzes the circumstances that surrounded the expedition led by Édouard - Alfred Martel in the gorges du Verdon, observed that the eminent speleologist has not been called by the organizations regional tourism that we have seen the first manifestations, nor even national, as the TCF or the Alpine Club. This sporting feat, the first, which he was so proud, Martel made the relationship detailed in multiple publications ranging on a decade. He was able to accomplish it with a mission that the Department of Agriculture had entrusted to him in the spring of 1905. Directorate of hydraulics and agricultural improvements of this Ministry asked him to make a study, especially hygienic order, on the waters of the source of Fontaine-l ' Evêque. Martel had all the skills for carrying it out. Complex personality, this former lawyer of the region Paris, from a family of good bourgeoisie whose ancient roots came...

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Discovery of the Gorges du Verdon

​First appearance of the Gorges du Verdon in texts If we question the first printed texts describing the Haute-Provence, we note that there is no mention the gorges du Verdon site before the end of the 17th century. Michel Darluc, physician and Professor of botany at Aix, in his natural history of Provence, published in 1782, was the first to give a brief description. After the paragraph on Moustiers, he wrote: "the Verdon River is far from a half-mile; It runs through a narrow gorge between heaven steep mountains, from where it flows into the Plains by Aiguines and rooms. "It adds a little further:"rugged mountains through which the water flows appear to have been divided in two, as if it had cut them perpendicularly to open a way to the river. "The image of a cut, to characterize these deep gorges, will often appear in the second half of the 19th century. In these few lines, Darluc does not exceed the strict limits of a morphological description. In a time where you were however already...

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​The Verdon A river in France could be told by the character of its banks, the name of the fish that inhabit it and the history of the villages she decorates, provided that it is not the Verdon. This 175km long river so quickly from one extreme to the other, raises so much passion and poetry, breaks, use and assailed of such masses of rocks, protects so rare life and hide if fragile secrets that it is impossible to portray it in a few lines. How to describe it without the passion of the people who love him and who make share, and otherwise that quoting them? How to feel the freshness that a pocket of air, miraculously saved by the uncertain depths of the canyon, reserve you at the bend of a trail? E so much life excitement of diversity, of imposing fragility and eternal contrast? Here the contrast of the quiet horizontality of the trays on the impressive verticality of the gorges of the greenness tender leaves and water on the colourful explosion of fall, the summer furnace on the relentless...



​Annot Castellane : 32km.The village of Annot is surrounded by boulders sweet names Dent du Diable, le Chambre du Roi ou le Chameau des Lumières, and at 680 m above sea level. Some houses are sometimes built against its rocks.Chief town of canton, Annot is a picturesque market town dominated by an impressive sandstone Cliff where huge blocks broke. Annot was formerly located on the Hill of Vers-la-Ville, where still stands the chapel of Notre-Dame. It ignores the reasons for the transfer of the city on the plateau overlooking the Valley between the 11th century and the 13th century. During the troubled period of the 14th century, Annot began to surround themselves with a belt of fortifications still clearly visible with its large ogival doors. The ramparts were punctuated with crenellated towers whose main apse at the parish church. The town is served by the Train des Pignes, before passing through Entrevaux.•    The old townWalking through its streets, one can observe...

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Discover Artuby

Near Castellane, there is another Valley, and other gorges of the Verdon. Thus the Artuby, Verdon and Jabron mingle, intertwine, separate or meet again and make unique and beautiful walks and hikes. Thus, on this page we will see different trails that can perform in the Artuby Valley.•    The Marten-Châteauvieux•    Comps-sur-Artuby•    Brenon•    Le Bourguet•    La Bastide•    Marten•    TriganceThe Artuby: Marten-Châteauvieux This circuit between Châteauvieux and marten, alternates passages in undergrowth and portions along the streams of the Frayieres and Font Freye. It will allow you to discover these villages by the ancient paths, access at Châteauvieux down, fields, and Marten from the top, by Hill (many points of view). By extending the market until the bridge of Madame (or bridge of the greenhouse), you will discover Brouis Hill, facing a beautiful work of art...

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Start at Annot

​Annot Cited climatic and resort, the charming town of Annot conceals beautiful remnants of the past including a Roman road leading from Gallo-Roman remains of Argenton riez la Romaine. Ideal base for hikes in all its forms, it gave its name to a type of geological landscape 'the Annot sandstone' and the water that filters through these rocks is classified in the first category of drinking water. The Vairy as the coulomb attract trout fishermen, while hunters shoot wild boar, chamois, and small game to hair or feathers. The chestnut forests found in sandstone soil substrate that suits them, their chestnuts and fungi that grow in their foliage have more reputation to do.Aurent Lost at the bottom of the ravine of serious plane, Aurent, is more accessible only on foot. The proposed route has a delicate passage on a narrow path overlooking a 100 m deep ravine. It must be undertaken only by experienced hikers and undaunted by Vertigo.However it is possible to go up to this passage and make...

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Le Vaucluse (84)

​Luberon The land of fire For who knows how to take his time, the Luberon conceals a thousand secrets. Almost 140,000 ha, this country, rugged cliffs, combes secret and covered by splendid forests welcomes an exceptional flora and fauna. You can even go back in time to discover 30 million years old fossils!Location and access Between the Rhone Valley and the Alps, the Luberon is a small chain of limestone mountain, oriented East-West, like most Provencal massifs. Straddling the departments of the Vaucluse and the Alpes de Haute Provence, the Luberon stretches Manosque in the East to Cavaillon to the West and of the Calavon Valley North of the Durance South. It culminates at 1,125 m altitude, atop Mourre Nègre.The Luberon is skirted North - West by N100 d'Avignon in Forcalquier, and on the South by the D973 from the exit of the A 7 in South Avignon until Mirabeau, along the Valley of the Durance. Take the N96 from Sisteron or Aix-en-Provence. From Marseille, A7 or A55 until Pennes-Mirabeau...

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Around the Verdon

The Verdon is more than a river. It is a country, a region, which would require more than one book to speak properly. And this region is in the heart of Provence, greater still, surrounded by part and another of the Mediterranean, the Southern Alps and the Rhône. This page will be dedicated to some towns and villages in the Southern Alps, that you need to explore to actually find out. Adventure coming in the Gorges du Verdon, you won't miss your visit a little further away.Regional and national parks Mercantour and the Luberon What rich nature! Then remain first in the nature.Geographically already, the Haute-Provence cash among rare beauties. The Canyon of the Verdon digs its remarkable gorges over twenty-one kilometres between Rougon and Aiguines. Route La Corniche Sublime will discover its wonders of wild nature and impressive to-peaks. On foot, it takes a whole day to surveying and marvel at the Martel trail along, baptized by the name of the first "Explorer" the canyon in 1905. Since...

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Annot and Entrevaux

​The country of Annot and Entrevaux The "Annot and Entrevaux country" is a valley of pleasant transitions that borrows even from the Alpes-Maritimes a piece of the Var River, just out of the spectacular parade of Da. Luis. Annot, at the edge of the "Grandes Alpes", and Entrevaux, at the entrance of the nice country, plain nor mountain, adorn their rich built heritage the heart of this country, seat of the interpenetration of different moods. The mystery white and fresh the due and the gorges looks misleading tranquillity of the shores of the Var, while the last melezins of the mountains of the Grand Coyer monitor the old chestnut of the Vallon de Coulomp. Here, blocks escaped from the exceptional Cliff sandstone overlooking Annot protect the "cabanoun" enjardines, where villages perch to escape the finite jellies torrential floods and winter... The due seem Tonner natural doors: the most imposing, upstream of the village of Rouaine, remind the proximity of the gorges du Verdon, followed,...


Taulanne and Senez

​Taulanne Leaving Castellane by road from Digne, it rises quickly in switchbacks up the neck of the Lèques. Here you will discover a remarkable panorama of the city crushed by rock, the mountains that enclose Verdon and the Lake Castillon.Cadières de BrandisA superb tour offers from the col de Lèques until the Cadières de Brandis. Take the forest track that leads to the left of the hotel - restaurant. It takes drive 3/4 h, climb through the forest before reaching up to the crest of the Bernaiche glue, where we finally discover the Cadières. Two hiking trails lead from the hamlet of Villars-Brandis or that of Chasteuil.Senez Tiny village on the left bank of the Asse crosses a picturesque bridge in dos d ' âne, Sandra worth a stop for its Cathedral, witness to his role as county seat of bishopric of the life in the 18th century.The CathedralAccording to ancient sources, it was built from 1176 and dedicated in 1246. The building, which had to suffer the wars of Religion, was taken...

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Bas Verdon by bike

​The Verdon An acute whistle rips the dawn...Under the first rays of the Sun, three Bishoprics are a reddish adornment.A second Marmot whistling, amplified by the echo again breaks the morning silence. As if by enchantment, noises until then felted, are more distinct.In the meadow of Sestriere, quickly flooded with Provençal light, my story begins. After a few seeps, I decided to leave the high invigorating valleys of the Alps to irrigate the Provence.Along the way, swelled by many tributaries, I become Emerald. Cascade cascading, I crossed the dams erected by men to mellowing me and operate my strength.Light and stone me for this trip to the long course. Since the dawn of time, men are fierce polishing, cutting, to tame this material developed at high heat under Mediterranean climate.The stone is, here, work of art to discover into the remotest sites, then carved marquee in religious buildings or carved into beautiful device for the stately homes and manor houses. The rough, the stone...

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Short history of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, about 1 hour by car from Castellane.General introduction Door downstream of the Grand Canyon, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie has the label "Villages and cities of character". Built amphitheatrically at an altitude of 634 metres, composed of two distinct districts separated by the Abel torrent, the village is famous for two reasons: its earthenware and its five-pointed star attached to a string of 227 metres in length between the high rocks overlooking the village.Perched above the Gorges du Verdon Moustiers-Sainte-Marie commune takes its name from the former monestarium founded by the monks of Lérins island and Bishop Maximus of Riez who in 432, had chosen to install a community. However, it appears that the site was already occupied 12000 years before the Christian era.As every religious community of this type, that of Moustiers sparked the attraction of neighbouring populations which eventually give birth to a town more important. Mie century residents...

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Discover Castellane trails

​Lakes and mountains of the Verdon Castellane At the top of a picturesque rock, its 180 m in height, dominates Castellane and its surroundings, the chapel of our Lady of the rock receives throughout the year the passage of pilgrims. After the way of the cross for access to the Chapel, you can continue your walk by the Rock Tour, crossing the ruins of Petra Castellana and joining the Verdon and the rock bridge, or win the village by former epierrees agricultural parcels on the tour of the greenhouse. Overlooking the Verdon at about 1545 m, the cliffs of the Brandis Cadieres mark the landscape. Brandis and the Brandis Cadieres are hikes that offer outstanding views of this geological curiosity, the surrounding peaks, old roads, guests have access to the hamlets isolated Brandis and Villars-Brandis. The mountain of Robion (1660 m) is one of the highest peaks of the town of Castellane. In circling the mountain, you will take a nice path overlooking the Verdon, before moving on to the hamlets...

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Les Bouches du Rhône (13)

​The Camargue: Freedom ponds With its 85 000 ha appearing to hesitate between sea and land, the Camargue, it of course is the country of the herds, but also the Kingdom of birds. To discover, feel drive you on small paths, away from roads and tourists. Between arthurbiyo, marshes and lagoons, it provides a face much richer that we don't want to believe it.Geographical situation Hinge between the region Paca and Languedoc-Roussillon, Camargue zone is bounded to the North by Arles, in the South by the Mediterranean Sea, to the East by the Grand Rhone and its mouth and on the West by the Petit Rhone which flows into the sea at the Saintes. To the West of the arm of the Petit Rhône, is the Petite Camargue gardoise stretching between Gilles and AIGUES-MORTES.Landscapes Homogeneous in appearance, Camargue is divided in three distinct zones in the North of the delta of the Rhône and along its dual trace, there is a growing area..To the West of the Petit Rhône and Salins-de-Giraud, are saline...

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Verdon Gorge, be different !

Once again, a text which deals with the Gorges du Verdon. Yes, you can say it. But you can also tell you that if there is only one Verdon, each tourist, each naturalist, each hiker, each person has a different interpretation. The Verdon is not only a river, it is an invitation to travel, discover, and the imagination of everyone. Who are its inhabitants? Why did choose this region rather than another? How could the Verdon create gorges? When? So many questions, varied, which, if all or almost have the same answer, none has the same interpretation. In this article, the authors tell us the Verdon that they see in their words. When you discover the Gorges du Verdon on your turn, you will understand that thousand words are not enough to describe fully the Verdon and finally, find yours.The Earth opened The Provence is light or austere. Strong, warm, multiple and elusive when believed obvious.In his collection of images, this land of complicity and challenges, that it would tend to reduce well...

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Essential sites of Verdon Gorge

​The canyon of Verdon "Nothing more romantic than the mixture of these rocks and these abysses, these green waters and those purple shadows, similar to the Homeric Sea Sky and this wind that speaks with the voice of the gods died..." Jean Giono From the first vision of the Verdon, one is surprised by its color from a deep, surprising Green by his variations. Nature has enriched its waters of a large quantity of fluorine that acts on microalgae and causes this unusual colour whose intensity increases with depth. This gift of nature earned him his name. The Verdon takes its source at 2150 m above sea level in the mountains of Sestrière, near the col d'Allos. He is captured by the hydro-electric dams at Castillon and Chaudanne then he rushes inside the fantastic gorges, that he has dug into Jurassic limestones, taking advantage of the pre-existing cracks. The most spectacular part of its course lies between Castellane and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, where he ruled the plans of Canjuers offering...

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From Serre to Entravaux by GTPA

The Grande Traversée des Préalpes (GTPA) connects Serre to Entrevaux. This route was born of success that knows the great crossing of the Alps (GR ° 5) which connects the Lake to the Mediterranean. From village to village, the great crossing of the Alps is an invitation to discover the splendid country of average mountain yet little affected by tourism.•    From Sisteron to Saint-Geniez 3 h 30To see in Sisteron: Sisteron was the seat of a bishopric until 1790. See the Cathedral Notre-Dame - Apple trees (in pomoerium, «walls» of the city) from the 13th century, with its high dome and the Citadel. Five rounds remain of the walls of the 14th century. Local market Wednesday and Saturday morning.Outside GR > Ge 6 and the GTPA route are common to the col de Mounis. The 653D GR is common with the GTPA to Saint-Geniez.-From the place of General de Gaulle, head towards the Cathedral of Apple trees and follow the signposting to visit the old town which leads along the Durance.Outside...

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Thorame-Basse and Thorame-Haute

​Thorame-Basse After having crossed the Robines pass and left Saint-André, it goes back the course of the Issole on a pretty wooded course dominated by the mountain of Maurel. The Valley collected in the middle of the larch trees and black pines widens suddenly arriving in La Bâtie, one of the hamlets of Thorame-Basse. It offers wide suitable for sheep farming pasture in a region that has long been one of the meccas of transhumance. In may or October, you can still see to sweep across roads, large herds of sheep.Chapel Saint-Thomas(Keys to the village.) After La Batie appears, dominated by the massif of the Cheval-Blanc (2323 m), a small chapel dedicated to saint Thomas including the apse apse retains fine frescoes from the 12th century. A wall separates them today from the choir.The villageAt the entrance of Thorame-Basse, the only stately home of the high Verdon still expects an exemplary restoration; It is a modest House of 1577 (the header indicated us) enlarged at the beginning...

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Trilogy and traditions of Provence

The Provençal trilogy Under this generic term, the trilogy Provence, I wanted to present three specific phenomena of Provence, which are olive trees, lavender and Rabasse, best-known of the foodies as the truffle. These products are worthy representatives of the customs, folklore, the richness of the heritage Provençal and Mediterranean.They are the keepers of customs and value an art of living, a way of thinking. The trilogy Provence symbolizes in what it represents, a country, a people, a region, a man. The olive tree, lavender and truffle are symbols of the eternal Provence.The olive tree The olive tree is a precious of the Oleaceae family, meaning wood tree, which produces oil. Cultivated for millennia now in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, its mere presence allows to set a climate zone of average altitude called "the Region of the olive tree. Countries of the olive tree belong for the vast majority to the Mediterranean, and the France, has 13 departments producers of olives...

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Castellane, origins and descendants

The milestones group From the vicinity of Taulanne on the ancient road from Castellane to Digne.In antiquity and in particular to the Gallo two important routes put in communication the coast and the Southern Alps through the Haute Provence.One of Fréjus in Sisteron by Riez; the other starting from Cagnes and Castellane and worthy joined the previous in the Valley of the Bléone somewhat before the chapel of Saint-Christol near Malijai.It is important to note that, between Castellane and worthy this way had a totally different path from the current 85 R.N., except for a short distance near Taulanne.In its broad lines here are his career: Castellane - col bequeathed, in almost direct ascent (Taulanne or more exactly the chapelle Saint-Pierre) the hamlet of the Maureliere then Senez by left bank of the Asse.This route through the left bank is very likely to Barrême where the River had to be crossed at Ford.Barrême in Digne is the old road still well known by backcountry, Chaudon crossing...

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Villages around the Gorges du Verdon

​The riverain villages of the gorges When August 14, 1905, Camus, Audibert father and son Audibert regained their village of Rougon, their impressions on the adventure they came to live had to be different. Happy to have pocketed a tidy sum for price of their fatigues, they had probably not unlike the leader of the expedition that had just ended, the belief that they have accomplished a great feat. Most of the sites encountered on their journey in the bed of the Verdon, Pigeons, balms-manage, balm high balm of Mann, and many others, they already knew them. They were, of long date, listed, named, visited by the peasants of Rougon, La Palud, of Aiguines, for generations. It was their ancestral territory of picking, fishing, course of goat herds. The enthusiasm expressed by this Parisian gentleman, this slightly haughty scientist, discover landscapes that they were not watching them, even to force the too know, caused no doubt their smirk. The Rougonais quickly returned to their daily toil...

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The beginning of tourism in the Verdon

​The beginnings of tourism Tourism in the Verdon gorges began to grow, and timidly, as in the early years of the 20th century. The resorts of the Cote d'Azur, Menton, Nice, Cannes and Hyères were frequented by tourists for several decades, but the provencal hinterland, Grasse except, much appreciated retreat, remained unknown to idle travellers. The mountains of Haute-Provence, the highest of which are hardly the 3,000 meters, no interest climbers seeking difficult races in the cliffs and glaciers of the high peaks. They went in the Swiss Alps in the Valley of Chamonix or in the Oisans mountains places already very visited by racing fans, but also by simple hikers looking for fresh air.They began to stay in the upper Valley of the Verdon, especially to Colmars and Beauvezer in the last years of the 19th century. The editor of the Baedeker Guide of 1906 writes about Colmars: "It is recently a holiday resort of the southern," allos: 'small residence of summer of the southern', and Annot:...

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From Grasse to Pont-Saint-Esprit by GR4

​Discover the Haute Provence Between Grasse and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie the GR 4 crosses the Prealps of Grasse, southern border of the Grandes Alpes. These are high plateaus calcareous or plans, oriented East-West, whose altitude exceeds 1 000 m (Caussols plan). Some rivers (the Wolf, the Estéron...) were cut transversely mountains, forming a due picturesque and wild gorges of which the most famous are those of the Verdon.GR 4 leads to the entrance of the Grand Canyon, which on 21 km, offers the spectacle of a gigantic flaw in towering walls, site without rival in Europe. At the end of the Gorge, the route addresses the Valensole or Riez, plateau formed by huge layers of gravels accumulated by the Durance. The landscape is richer, the plateau is covered with magnificent lavandins, almond and wheat crops.Then GR ° 4 leaves the plateau to descend into the Valley of the Durance and achieve, on the other side, the town of Manosque. Manosque in Cereste, GR ° iterates through a pleasant land...

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Tourist road circuits in Verdon Gorge Part 1

​The doors of the Verdon It is high time, now, to discover these impressive gorges and enjoy a journey of wonder in the heart of the pastoral Symphony in emerald green, high place of World Tourism: the Verdon.To discover the Gorge there is no route "à la carte". Alone, three cities give access to the circuit: these are Castellane (to the northeast), Moustiers Sainte-Marie (North-West) and Aiguines (to the South). These three cities are seen is awarded the title of "Gates of Verdon". Both sides opposed fiercely from side to side, overlooking the chasm gaping, and roads that allow a nearly comprehensive sites, for a journey loop of 130 kilometers. Between the doors East and West of the Gorge, only two structures facilitate the passage of one bank on the other, either a distance of 45 km:•    in the pre-Canyon, Pont de Soleils - to the Pas du Galetas, at the outlet of the Lake of Ste - Croix,•    the Pont de Galetas (still referred to as the new bridge...

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Tourist road circuits in Verdon Gorge Part 3

​The Corniche Sublime It is from Aiguines opens the path of the Corniche Sublime (D 71), on the left bank, who will join Comps-sur-Artuby, distant approximately 38 kilometres. This route overlooking the Grand Canyon, was directed by stages between 1934 and 1950. This is the more air and the highest road course in the Gorges du Verdon, which runs along the chasm gaping until the balconies of the Mescla. Before committing totally to this journey, should make a stop at the chapelle St-Pierre. From the point of view, an orientation table ranging the villages and towns of the region to the Mediterranean is erect, eyes focus to Infinity if the Mistral was willing to play its role in deporting otherwise clouds. It has no more beautiful observation point to admire the Lake of Ste-Croix and the villages carefully posed on its banks.The road then rises and vegetation changes. There are plant species where the boxwood, wild lavender, thyme and conifers dominate in a typically Mediterranean garrigue....

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Castellane from Antiquity to the Middle Ages

​During the prehistory The story is complex, his footprints are superimposed and disturb us. Here a monument rises from ten centuries while ten successive buildings have next to him during this same time. Others reveal the outline of a style, the trademark of another, the traces in their stones of a different origin. Hybrid, they tell us. Walk in these centuries starting from the furthest to closer today. Walk really, since the origin of Castellane is at the outlet of the gorges of the Verdon where, in its cliffs, traces of prehistoric dwellings. These cliffs, due to their configuration, are natural shelters, but it is certain that over the centuries and tribal developments, many sites outside the Gorge had to be occupied. Examples include for example a burial cave in La Palud-sur-Verdon (Neolithic), a dolmen damaged in the village of la Baume, and in caves, multiple objects dating from the bronze age (1800-1900 BC). Since the dawn of time, the mass of the volume of the terrain changed...

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Adventurer feedback : Verdon Gorge, a natural monument

"You do a step and that is freedom, You do two steps and it is equal, You make three steps and the world has changed... »Jean LOUKAS.Editor's note Nearly a quarter of century of adventures and discoveries in the Gorges du Verdon led the author to share his knowledge and his encountersvisitors that we are, in love with this beautiful nature.Anecdotes, sometimes surprising stories, his hiking books, original research we are offered so that we, novices or laymen of the Verdon, we discover, and in turn, love the Verdon. Loving this magic territory the understanding in its past, in its present, but also in its destiny.We now have the hands reference work missed us to complete our 'Verdonnien' knowledge, to resume a dear definition to its author.Let us be guided by this modern-day adventurer and let us appreciate the words told one by one by this self-taught fascinated by the great work of nature. It is through the trails that the author initially approached the Verdon. It is on the trail of...

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Pioulet-Berbène, Pré-Chauvin-Bandis, Le Breis, Robion

​Hiking trails: •    Pioulet-Berbene: the rules of Rougon to Chasteuil, top of the Pioulet•    Pre-Chauvin-Brandis: De Chasteuil Villars-Brandis and Castellane, Summit of Pre-chauvin, Les Cadieres of Brandis, the Cadieres of Brandis by Villars-Brandis, circuit of the Brandis Cadieres by col des Lèques, Summit of Pre-chauvin from the pass of Lèques, oratory Saint-Pierre, Summit of Pre-chauvin from Taulanne, Summit of Pre-chauvin since the Asse of Blieux plan•    Breis: Breis, the glue of Breis Circuit Circuit, point Sublime to Saint-Maimes, Summit of Breis      The Robion: Robion Circuit, Summit Robion, Chapel of St. Trophime circuit Font FréyièrePioulet-Berbene The natural unit of Pioulet-Berbene is limited to the Northeast, since Blieux, by bass, Chasteuil glue and the gorges du Verdon to the Carajuan Clues; to the South by Rougon and C.D. 17 until the Fabrés; and to the Northwest by the Plan de Chanier...

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Beynes Mountain, Vibres Mountain, Mourre de Chanier-Chiran

Hiking trails: Beynes mountain: Mountain of Beynes since Preynes, chapel Saint-Étienne Moutain of Vibres :  The coulet Calasse by Meer by Blieux by the Chahal track by the Montmuye ridge from Riou of Ourgeas, Summit of la MelleChanier-Chiran mourre: gondola, the Mourre de Chanier since Périer, Observatory mount Chiran, Observatory mount Chiran crossing ridges, since Blieux, l'Hauteur, Touchard circuit, Mourre de Chanier since BlieuxMountain of Beynes The natural unit of the Montagne de Beynes is limited to the West and North, to the East by the river ASSE and the Asse of Blieux since Estoublon passing by Châteauredon, Mézel, Chaudon-Norante; to the South by the track of the Mussel, the former village of hair (in ruins), Pas de L'Escale and the river of the Estoublaisse until Estoublon.Beynes mountain (1, 600 M) (J2) Since Preynes.All difficulties: P3, passages T1 (average hikers).Time: meaning of the description: 2 h, reverse: 1½ hours elevation gain: climb: 704 m.Mileage: 2,900...

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Living authentic Route Napoleon, Saint-Vallier to Barrême

Chapter 9: March 2, 1815 in the afternoon from Saint-Vallier at Escragnolles Reached Saint-Vallier approximately sixteen hours, Napoleon could not afford as a short stop, because it was the way to go to achieve the goal for the night: Séranon.Therefore, before Seventeen hours, a satisfactory combination having been obtained, that it began running.At Saint-Vallier, are easily the former "Route of the Alps". Having borrowed the N 85, we immediately leave the to take the small road that is committed on the left, opposite the Grand Pré. A Panel also tells us that we are on the right track. It is an old Roman road joining Digne (Diwakar), Vence (Ventuis) via Castellane (Salinae) and Sandra (San itium).This road is tarred over three kilometres, but this handicap will not stop us to go on foot because having passed the chapel Sainte-Luce, left on our right, we good above the ruins of tumuli and ancient prehistoric camps.Here the rock is Queen and if the place is called "Caillassou", this is...

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