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Rafting in Castellane

You often ask ourselves questions about rafting, popular sport in Castellane and in the Alpes de Haute-Provence. Many providers offer rafting on the mythical Verdon or other more quiet rivers. Everyone can find and choose the route according to its desires. What kind of white water rafting excursion providers offer?Journeys are varied and diverse, to enable everyone to explore beautiful places on different rivers. If the Verdon is the most popular, other water course offer also unique landscapes and unforgettable memories. When should I book? The sooner the better! There are many providers in Castellane and Alpes de Haute-Provence... everything just because it is a very popular attraction. Long-term visitors and tourists have only one thing in mind: get off the Verdon rafting. This activity is increasingly governed by the release of water from the dam of Castillon. Cannot therefore go rafting every day, which further limits the number of places. We advise you to book well in advance, and...

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Traditions in the Verdon

​The markets of Provence Weekly appointment of inhabitants and visitors, the market is a time friendly and unavoidable. Under the colorful stalls tarps, the products are varied and also coloured: shades Brown and green olives to the multiple varieties of dried fruits, red and green vegetables, white goat, fresh, dry cheese, peppery or flavoured with honey golden yellow tea. Summer, more question to cross this day there places by car: Provencal fabrics, earthenware and boxwood merchants have invaded the sidewalks. And it is a joyful animation made noise, it is hails, perfumes and heat. Taste the abomasum, the feet-packages (ancestral recipe that passes for the nec plus ultra of Provencal cuisine...), wild boar sausage, the fougasse to spatter, oil, olives, oil (because the oil can taste) and if it is winter, look for truffles. Some producers offer markets. We must ask and from behind the stage were you released a carton or a basket full of these still covered wonders of Earth. The choosing...

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Special Offers

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Description of the contract site

Insofar as the mobil-homes can be installed that in campsites or in some residential parks leisure, owners of mobil-homes are forced to rent a space in one of these establishments to install their accommodation. The main consequence of this legal situation is that the owners of mobile homes are placed in a situation of dependence on the owners of slots, which can help to create abuses (high rents and unbalanced contractual clauses). Fortunately the Committee on unfair terms, the consumer law and jurisprudence allowed owners of mobile homes to better defend themselves against the abuses of a few unscrupulous operators but minority in the profession. Furthermore, a proposed new law will allow the tenant to location to be better informed at the time of the conclusion of his contract. The legal regime of the location contract Subject to no specific rules, lease of mobil-home in a campground or residential Park location leisure falls under the common law of hire, provided for in articles...

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Castellane, origins and descendants

The milestones group From the vicinity of Taulanne on the ancient road from Castellane to Digne.In antiquity and in particular to the Gallo two important routes put in communication the coast and the Southern Alps through the Haute Provence.One of Fréjus in Sisteron by Riez; the other starting from Cagnes and Castellane and worthy joined the previous in the Valley of the Bléone somewhat before the chapel of Saint-Christol near Malijai.It is important to note that, between Castellane and worthy this way had a totally different path from the current 85 R.N., except for a short distance near Taulanne.In its broad lines here are his career: Castellane - col bequeathed, in almost direct ascent (Taulanne or more exactly the chapelle Saint-Pierre) the hamlet of the Maureliere then Senez by left bank of the Asse.This route through the left bank is very likely to Barrême where the River had to be crossed at Ford.Barrême in Digne is the old road still well known by backcountry, Chaudon crossing...

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Castellane, some famous people

​A strange story Scipio Brun de Castellane last Lord of Caille and Rougon The Protestant tradition is firmly established in this family since Balthazard Brun de Castellane who brought the first pastor from 1558. Also, when promise the persecution which precede the Revocation of the edict of Nantes, Scipio Brun de Castellane, Lord of Caille and Rougon, prepares to an exile in Switzerland. He lives in Manosque, in the family of his wife Judith Legouche. Her many children were born, and this is where his wife died shortly after the birth of a son who shall live (March 1679). We know from Barbery "Ephemeral Lord of Caille" book that the family group that takes the painful path of exile includes, with the head of Scipio family, his son Isaac (the only one of all the male children who survived), two daughters, his mother, sister, Ms. de Lignon and son, sister-in-law Mlle de Saint Etienne, and tutor of Isaac.Many acts passed to Rougon in October 1684 prove that Scipio takes many provisions:...

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​The Valley Museum The Valley Museum occupies three spaces, distributed high Ubaye Serre -Ponçon , home testimonials, different but complementary , that was the life of a valley in the Southern Alps . That of St. Paul reconstructs the rhythms and activities of yesteryear thanks to models created by the last blacksmith Valley , Albert Manuel . Villa in La Pine Forest , Barcelonnette is Mexican epic is traced . Finally, at Pontis is presented , the school of the Republic of Jules Ferry: its clear objectives, simple and effective methods , the dedication of its teachers formed of men who learned simply to read, write and count against a backdrop of benches and stoves and impregnated with the scent of violet ink.Ecomuseums Champsaur Country with a strong identity , Champsaur showcases its heritage : the Col Bayard , dairy Laye explains in a room is served a delicious meal of cheese, a variety of antique utensils related to the collection of milk and its transformation...

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Castellane, arts and traditions

​The turbulent history of the Roc Bridge The "Roc Bridge" is located at tightening of Castellane basin, at the foot of the cliff of Roc that dominates the right bank of the Verdon of 180 meters.It is a book of a single arch, donkey on a vault's stones, in regular hanger, a 36-metre opening lost abutments. Its width is 3.90 m (path de 3 m.). Its point of support on the right bank is strengthened by two arcs of discharge.The distant origin of this bridge is poorly known. Its creation probably dates from the century of Augustus, during Roman peace, towards the year 15 BC. It allowed to Via Ventiana to cross the Verdon for journeying to the Destourbes hubac, climb toward the fence, go to Seranon then between quail and Andon, join Vence by Gréolières. Roc Bridge was therefore a contemporary of another Roman bridge, said pont Julien, engulfed forever in the Lake of Castillon. In 812, Roc Bridge is badly damaged perhaps by an expedition of the Saracens from the Xinet (unless it has been simply...

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Policies, Boniface V and VI elements

Two major policies face to face: the count Raimond Bérenger V and V Boniface de CastellaneAlbert Blancas-Baudinars married the daughter of Pons Justas, Lord of AignuinesAccording an arbitral award, Boniface III was killed in 1195 by Augier Spada, coseigneur of Riez. Determined to avenge the murder of his father, Boniface IV said le Roux, would have given its share of jurisdiction over Puimoisson Blacas of AUPs, husband of his sister Laure, so it helps exercise the death penalty; in 1202 the clause was not filled, Hugues Raimond, Bishop of Riez, would have quashed the donation. But the Charter which would have related causes and circumstances of the arbitral award remains questionable because only found. Whatever it is, in the year 1195, Boniface IV, said le Roux, and his wife Hon. increase the funds of the Templars du Ruou sacrificing new land on the seigneury of Villecroze, then in 1205, in presence including Boniface of Robion, allowing them to graze their flocks on the range of the...

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Taxes, debt and economic ruin

Hunger despite new clearing The testament of the Lord of La Palud, Elzéar de Demandolx (3 October 1635) gives an idea of the crops grown at that time in the region. It left in effect to Marquise de Villeneuve, his wife, in addition to the usufruct of the garden, the orchard, the vineyard Meyreste, the oven from the Castle, the Dovecote Tower, the stables with straw and needed hay for livestock, also a pension of 20 charges of "wheat Anona", 2 loads of oats, 1 load of barley, 1 load of nuts1 setier of almonds, 1 of beans and lentils 1 emine. The General conditions of agriculture evolve shortly. The plough, spade, sickle remain the usual tools. Grain and sheep still provide farmers the main part of their resources, before the almond, Plum, grape and apiaries. If the breeding of donkeys and mules is limited to transport needs, the flocks of sheep are still numerous and important. They provide the lamb meat, cheese, wool and almost only fertilizers. Swine raising is abundant clans some villages....

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Pending the abolition of the privileges of the lords of Verdon

​Marquis Pierre-Louis de Demandolx-La Palud, first consul of Aix and Attorney of the country (1787-1788) It is in Aix that the marquis Pierre-Louis de Demandolx, Lord of La Palud and Meyreste, married Anne-Thérèse-Adélaïde de Gueidan (January 24, 1745). She was ten years older than him, but also a dowry of 20,000 books. Daughter of Gaspard de Gueidan and Angélique de Simiane, Coste, it descends from a family enriched in trading. Advisor to the King, Président à mortier in the Parliament of Aix, Gaspard, father of Adelaide de Gueidan, including acquired the lordship of Castellet-Mousteiret (1720), and thirty years later, that of Lucille; These two Lordships are erected to a marquisate under the name of Gueidan (April 22, 1752).Pierre-Louis de Demandolx pays tribute to La Palud and Meyreste in 1757 and 1778. Meanwhile, Adelaide died in La Palud (1766) at the age of (it years.) It will be the last member of the family to be buried in the stately Tomb. They had three children, including...

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The administration and the public service of the Verdon

The administration of the communityThe Lord in the 18th century In Aix, capital policy, as in Marseille, economic capital of Provence, a whole opulent society leads a life of splendour, in mansions we still admire. The new aristocracy of trading has expanded its field of action to the Americas (from 1719) and up to the Indian Ocean by road from Cape Town (since 1769). The nobility has seen decline its political prerogatives. After deletion for nearly a century, its general assemblies were restored only in 1700, but require authorization and held in the presence of the intendant. In fact, as at Versailles, it changed its character: the traditional Provençal Knight has given way to the aristocrat socialite, ceremonial and domesticated by the power, all the more intransigent on its privileges and its distinctions that with the proliferation of sales of securities, its "order" is is swollen and devalued noble quality.A turning point for the nobility Number of seigneurs de Haute-Provence now...

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Castellane, religions, struggles and controversies

Protestants in Castellane Before entering the subject, we believe that it is good to clarify that the presence of Protestantism in Castellane is essentially linked to a man: Balthazar Brun, Lord of Castellane. What is its place in the lineage of Castellane? We cannot say.As we shall see, it was he who introduced Calvinism in this city. How are come himself? We ignore it completely. However, if we remember that if he resided in Castellane, he lived also in Manosque, and that as soon as 1555 reform had made its appearance in this city, we can move forward - without too much deceive us - it is there that he had knowledge of new ideas. It is not needless to say - because it shows us the degree of his commitment - that in Manosque, it is in his own house - Rue Soubeyrane - that cults were celebrated until 1560, date at which this House was seized by the Catholics of the town which forbade access to the protestants. Note Finally, to finish with Brown, at the Revocation of the edict of Nantes,...

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Villages around the Gorges du Verdon

​The riverain villages of the gorges When August 14, 1905, Camus, Audibert father and son Audibert regained their village of Rougon, their impressions on the adventure they came to live had to be different. Happy to have pocketed a tidy sum for price of their fatigues, they had probably not unlike the leader of the expedition that had just ended, the belief that they have accomplished a great feat. Most of the sites encountered on their journey in the bed of the Verdon, Pigeons, balms-manage, balm high balm of Mann, and many others, they already knew them. They were, of long date, listed, named, visited by the peasants of Rougon, La Palud, of Aiguines, for generations. It was their ancestral territory of picking, fishing, course of goat herds. The enthusiasm expressed by this Parisian gentleman, this slightly haughty scientist, discover landscapes that they were not watching them, even to force the too know, caused no doubt their smirk. The Rougonais quickly returned to their daily toil...

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Major projects for the Verdon

Major projects planned Interruption, even temporary, of the construction of the tunnels in the riverbed, in 1908 or 1909, did however not an end to projects of hydraulic works in the Verdon. Riparian villagers of the gorges who expressed, in their petition of 1902 addressed to the Ministry of Agriculture, the great hope in the realization of the hydraulic works were yet not to get discouraged. In those years, peasants crossed sometimes on the banks of the River, the bridge of Carejuan, between Rougon and Trigance, but also much more downstream, Quinson and Gréoux, small groups of individuals in black frock coat, cane and hat, fitted with their devices, occupied to measure the flow of the River, to probe the resistance of the Rocky wallsto take snapshots. Reproductions of these photographs were sometimes included in books of this era, notably in that of Ivan Wilhelm appeared in 1913, the Durance. This engineer of the Ponts et chaussées, stationed in the Department of Hautes-Alpes, was...

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Tourist road circuits in Verdon Gorge Part 2

​La Palud-sur-Verdon to Moustiers Sainte-Marie Leaving the site of La Palud, the tour extends West to the belvedere of the Col of Ayen (1032 m) which will still provide stunning panoramas beads on the Canyon and the opposing banks of the Verdon. The road is winding and crosses Lavender fields, near the farm cash, close to the point of view of Ayen. The vegetation is dense and green. It is not uncommon to meet sheep and a few goats that graze in the green meadows. The road along the site of high, and then the bass Gabrijela (or Grau), and the Relais des Balcons offers the famous Gorges honey. In regularly maintained hives are high of bees which promote the development of this tantalizing craft.On the left bank opposite, emerges the long journey of the Corniche Sublime, drawn at the drop of the precipice. 7 km downstream from La Palud, a brief stopover will perform at the Mayreste viewpoint (written Maireste on some maps) which overlooks the canyon. Site of the Verdon is here at its most...

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The protection of the tenant location

Rental locations of mobile homes in the campsites gave rise, over the recent period, the contractual disputes between land operators and accommodation owners. Hundreds of disputes would have been identified to date by consumer associations on nearly 100,000 locations leisure, or 1%. Faced with this situation, the different actors of the profession reacted to propose actions to secure and to reassure the private owners of mobile home. The French federation of camping and caravaning The Fédération Française camping and Caravaning (FFCC)  was created in 1938 in associative form defined by the law of 1901. Recognized public utility in 1973, the Federation brings together 80 from affiliated Clubs or professional corporations, either bringing together people who enjoy camping in all its forms. It includes 120,000 members including 65 000 direct members. She is the spokesperson of the some 6 million campers, caravan, motorhome, rental accommodation users and owners of mobile homes...

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​Rougon and pre-gorges After Castellane, the road along the Verdon, which offers many possibilities for relaxation (swimming, fishing), including at the junction of the Taloire and in the small basin of Chasteuil track. At the confluence with the Jabron, at the bridge of Carajuan, a first bottleneck on 4 km long is the real vestibule of the gorges.•    The Grand CanyonIt begins at the confluence of the Baou, at pont de Tusset, and short 21 km to the Galetas, at the outlet of the Lake of Sainte-Croix. Between the immediate escarpments and the fantastic scrapbooks of the upper bleachers, the Verdon descends from 153 m with an average gradient of most of 8 m and a speed that is never less than 2 m per second. Once in Rougon, true door of the canyon, the visitor can either climb to the village (remarkable views of the Verdon), or head towards the Sublime Point and win walk through the corridor Samson, the bottom of the Gorge.•    Two walksTwo options are...

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The economy and recreation in the region of the Verdon

The economy and recreation The auction of the butchery, bread, wine, oil and salt supply Most of the time, the sale of bread, wine, salt, oil and the meat is entrusted exclusively to dealers with whom the Council passes a lease each year. This lease gives to one that enjoys a true monopoly on sales and supply conditions often very precise. It was in 1551 the Trigance Council set up a "wine and pan gabelier". The wine must come from a place situated a day's walk to the more return, in order to encourage local production. Every inhabitant can get wine in limited quantities and in charge itself for three days at the Saint-Roch but he can at any time sell the wine of its own harvest. In practice, the gabelier is hardly its commitments since 1696 the Council asked the consuls to choose for this use preferably a foreigner, whereas "the place people despise their promise and never observe their duty". And we have seen that the "masters of police" received the order in 1761, to denounce the gabelier...

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Discover the Gorges du Verdon

The gorges du Verdon La Palud-sur-Verdon The trail of the fisherman to move closer to the Verdon. After a short descent, you walk along the banks of this river so often inaccessible. On the way back, bous will cross a site classified as a regional nature reserve for its wealth of exceptional and fragile (please do not exit the trail). This site can discover by a guided tour offered by the House of the Gorges. After the small road to the abandoned village of Châteauneuf-les-Moustiers, Barbin tour you will discover the contrasts between the different slopes of the mountain of Barbin. The ubac, under pines and beeches, you will discover the peaks of the Verdon at over 1900 m altitude (Mount Chiran, Mourre de Chanier). A hotter, between boxwood and broom, you will dominate the sector of the gorges du Verdon and the plain, where sits the village of la Palud.Finally the trail of the Bastidon, departing from the village of la Palud, you will discover all the diversity of this sector: the Verdon,...

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Dams and explorations of Verdon

​The counter-attack of the Verdoniens Since the 1960s and the advent of modern tourism, millions of visitors have come to contemplate the grandiose and bucolic sites the Verdon Gorges and Canyon. The first and the grandest canyon of Europe does not leave indifferent! The men in the service of the electricity fairy either. Do mean by that, that is not so much the beauty of landscapes and the Majesty of the Gorges that attract them, but rather what can make. And what they could well serve as a... Especially when considering... white coal production! Projects are not lacking, there are full drawers with regard to the Durance-Verdon perimeter. That is to say projects that were conceived before, but after his act of baptism of 1946. These studies are classified secret, person, almost not had knowledge. This is the case to say, the straw that straw intervened when was created the Lake of Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon. From that moment, defense and nature protection associations took shape and developed....

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Discover Artuby

Near Castellane, there is another Valley, and other gorges of the Verdon. Thus the Artuby, Verdon and Jabron mingle, intertwine, separate or meet again and make unique and beautiful walks and hikes. Thus, on this page we will see different trails that can perform in the Artuby Valley.•    The Marten-Châteauvieux•    Comps-sur-Artuby•    Brenon•    Le Bourguet•    La Bastide•    Marten•    TriganceThe Artuby: Marten-Châteauvieux This circuit between Châteauvieux and marten, alternates passages in undergrowth and portions along the streams of the Frayieres and Font Freye. It will allow you to discover these villages by the ancient paths, access at Châteauvieux down, fields, and Marten from the top, by Hill (many points of view). By extending the market until the bridge of Madame (or bridge of the greenhouse), you will discover Brouis Hill, facing a beautiful work of art...

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Secrets of cities in the Verdon

​Aiguines or memory of wood On the slopes of the mountain of margins at the entrance to the parade of the gorges du Verdon, the territory of Aiguine is essentially covered forests and Moors.This rather poor agricultural environment allowed only the breeding of goats and sheep... Yet the inhabitants of Aiguines knew take advantage of their environment by developing wood and in particular of the turned wood crafts. Traditionally, found wood Turners in many villages, but Aiguines made this activity, attested from the 16th century, a real speciality, the hoisting in the 19th century to the rank of village industry. Numerous workshops and two factories at the beginning of the 20th century, employed several dozen people. The raw material was not lacking and cost little. Oak, beech and especially boxwood are here in abundance. In abundance... but not "at hand". Boxwood especially, the most sought after gasoline, which the very fine 'grain' allows a perfect polishing required know taking risks...

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From Castellane to Digne by GR 406

The trail GR 406The imperial wayFrom Castellane to DigneOn 26 February 1815, Napoleon left Elba, landed at Golfe Juan on March 1 and WINS Paris, with his men, on March 20, 1815. It crosses the territory of the Verdon way on 3 and 4 March 1815. This historic journey resulted in the creation of a single thematic hiking in France route: the imperial way, between Castellane and Digne over a distance of 52 km. In 3 days, hiking allows cross still Virgin and authentic of Haute Provence landscapes and discover a remarkable heritage over the steps. To avoid some road sections focusing on the interests of the hiker and the discovery of the sites, the route was redesigned in 2011 by the community of Communes of way Verdon. Also, it is now feasible to horse.•    From Castellane to Taulanne 3 h-Departing from Castellane (724 m), take the GR 4 along the right bank of the Verdon in the direction of the gorges. -In the hamlet of La Colle, leave GR 4 and take the GR 406 to go up to Brayal....

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Purchase new residential mobile home

The decision to purchase a mobile home is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. The budget needed to buy a new mobile home is located between 25 000 and 65 000 euros, or even more for luxury models. At this price, it'll add the cost of the rental location where the mobile home, and a series of ancillary costs for this installation will be installed. Marketing networks If an individual can effectively carry out all the steps to buy a single mobil-home: visit campsites to find a parcel available, visit a dealership to buy a mobile home, to mount a project quickly, it is better to contact providers specializing in the sale of " turnkey ". ».The mobil-homes are sold according to three marketing channels:directly by the manufacturer, when he concluded an agreement with the operator of the campsite. Operator will then handle the marketing of these caravans customers to its siteby a company related to the campground that will offer its customers a complete range of type ' purchase...

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Mobile home installation and legislation

Besides the selective aspect of your choice, depending on the region, the degree of desired sunshine etc, you will drive to a space provided for the mobil-home: either a residential leisure park or campsite. Do not take the risk of installing a mobile home on your private property, under penalty of fine before three months. Legislation on installation The rules relating to the conditions of implementation of the mobil-homes on specific sites are relatively new and were created primarily for the purpose of preventing the uncontrolled introduction of mobile homes.The private ground Contrary to what one might imagine, it is not possible to install a mobile home on a private plot. Indeed, since the - I-October 2007, mobile homes can no longer, unless an exception, be installed on private plots. In the event of failure to comply with the regulation, mobil-home will be considered as a construction built without permission and may be punished for violation of the rules of Urbanism (absence...

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Tourist road circuits in Verdon Gorge Part 3

​The Corniche Sublime It is from Aiguines opens the path of the Corniche Sublime (D 71), on the left bank, who will join Comps-sur-Artuby, distant approximately 38 kilometres. This route overlooking the Grand Canyon, was directed by stages between 1934 and 1950. This is the more air and the highest road course in the Gorges du Verdon, which runs along the chasm gaping until the balconies of the Mescla. Before committing totally to this journey, should make a stop at the chapelle St-Pierre. From the point of view, an orientation table ranging the villages and towns of the region to the Mediterranean is erect, eyes focus to Infinity if the Mistral was willing to play its role in deporting otherwise clouds. It has no more beautiful observation point to admire the Lake of Ste-Croix and the villages carefully posed on its banks.The road then rises and vegetation changes. There are plant species where the boxwood, wild lavender, thyme and conifers dominate in a typically Mediterranean garrigue....

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Development of the Verdon gorges and epilogue

​The development of the grand canyon by the Touring Club of France The Touring Club de France which still almost did nothing on the site of the gorges du Verdon, decided, towards the end of the year 1927, to implement a large-scale tourist action. The reasons for the delay in the development of the site, nearly ten years after the end of the war, are poorly known. The remoteness of the region of the main road and rail, the inadequacy of resources that could offer to the tourists villages bordering in decline, still without running water and electricity, had perhaps previously so discouraged the weakness of arrangements from the powerful Parisian organization. As local or even regional initiatives despite Provencal excursionists visits, despite the gradual increase of tourists traveling by car, they were cruelly lacking, contributing to maintain the site of the Gorge in a lethargic. A long note of Martel's book, La France ignored, made the point on the tourist development of the grand...

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Internal wars and State of the region in the 15th century

Squandering the comtal field, Queen Jeanne sells Avignon with the Pope and many seigneuries at the Roger With the death of Robert, count of Provence and King of Naples, Crown passed to her small daughter Jeanne Ire, 17 years. The reign, that will last forty years 1343-1382 will be constantly troubled by the machinations that engourdiront the brothers of King Robert: the Hungary, the Taranto and Duras, but also by the ambition of the Duke Louis of Anjou, who governs the Languedoc on behalf of his brother, the King of France Charles V. Comtesse de Provence and Queen of Napleswith the purely honorific of Queen of Jerusalem tracks (Muslims have taken Jean-of Acre in 1291, and of Sicily fell in the hands of the Aragonese in 1282, Jeanne Ire, the famous Queen Jeanne of legend, will his tragic life, torn, drama and rivalries, in his Kingdom of Naples, with the exception of a seven month stay in Provence in 1348the year where she sells to Clement VI the city of Avignon. Driven from Rome by the...

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Cities during Ancient history

​Aix-en-Provence - Entremont Located 3 km north of Aix-en-Provence, the Entremont oppidum overhung from the top of its 365 meters throughout the Bow Valley. This walled city served as the capital of confederation celto-Ligurian the Salyes between the fourth and second centuries BCE.Its name of origin having been forgotten, it now carries the medieval toponym of Entremont. The Salyes occupied a territory extending to the Durance and the Argens Rhône. They had commercial relations with Marseille, but perhaps also from Rome and Athens, as suggested by the presence of many coins of these last two towns. In the Llth century the Salyes regularly ravage the territory ofMarseille and become an obstacle to its hegemony. The city of the Phocians then appealed to the Romans, to defend its counters. They manage to repel the Salyes and destroy the stronghold of Entremont in 123 BC. Following this victory, they melt, near hot springs, Aquae Sextinae or Aix-en-Provence, turned into a colony by César...

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The Ubaye : col of Longet to hamlets Bells

In away a bit of Castellane, Digne direction, you will discover the gorges of the Ubaye, they too, are worth a visit.The grandes Alpes to the Provence Between the old village of Maljasset, at the bottom of the upper Ubaye Valley and Gréoux-les-Bains, pretty little town nestling under the Valensole plateau, what singular contrast! Wonderful area, who knows how to combine the charms of Provence and those of the Alpe. More than an alliance, should rather speak of a subtle passage, a delicate transition to the true Alpe in the haute Provence, which is a little to our knowledge in the valleys of the white and the Bes and the upper Valley of the Bléone.Digne, mountains, the colours, the climate, everything indicates that we are at the limit of the Provence. And if we earn Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, at the entrance to the gorges du Verdon, what amazement through the Valensole plateau and its immense fields of lavender. Further to the North, in the valleys, ubaye and the high Verdon, Barcelonnette...


Verdon Natural regional Park wildlife

You will discover the many animal species in the Verdon Regional Natural Park, and may be able to have the chance to meet some, or photograph others!Be attentive and silent, nature does not like that disturbed. But so far, do not miss the opportunity to meet. When hiking or white-water sports, it is possible to see some animals, such as beavers, traces of wild boars, or other senior birds perched. This list is not exhaustive, it may be completed as the new data or meetings in the Park.Bats The most common bats are also the smallest: Pipistrelle. Nocturnal, these mammals often hunt around the lampposts that light attracts many midges and butterflies. They can devour in one evening almost 30% of their weight in insects. Scientists have calculated that a species cousin of pipistrelle, Daubenton murine, ate the equivalent of 60,000 mosquitoes from May to October! All bats are equipped with radar to echolocation system moving in the darkness.They emit ultrasound that are returned by the obstacles...

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