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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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Ecology and Scientic Research

​Natura 2000, a European ecological network

What good protect a species if it is no longer in its environment the means of his survival? (Elementary) essentially this issue is at the origin of the implementation at European level of specific protected areas called Natura 2000. On all of the regional natural park of Verdon, three areas are under study: the Grand Canyon of the Verdon Gorges du Verdon and the gorges of Trévenans-Montdenier-Mourre de Chanier bass. The objective of the programme (ambitious, it goes without saying) is to contribute to preserve the biological diversity of sites of European interest, taking into account both species animal and plant with their different "habitats" (hear their environment) than microorganisms. The procedure proves to be long but oh how interesting... Site by site, an inventory of fauna and flora is required before the proposal by the Member States of the European Community of a plan of management of these ecosystems. European financial aid can come support the implementation of the programme. But interest also lies in the common reflection and the exchange of information and experience at European level.Today more than a thousand sites are under consideration. One of the gorges of Trévenans-Montdenier covers 6,600 hectares, chosen for their characteristics of Mediterranean mountains and the richness of the vegetation as well as the presence of a wide variety of Chiroptera (bats... roughly).

RTM: Restores your mountain

Departing from the neck of the Lèques a path is committed to the South, in the direction of the Brandis Cadieres and glue. The route is bordered by Scots pine and then, when it begins the descent to glue, black pine and a few Cedars, larches and spruces. In the middle of the 19th century Provence are almost completely deforested. The Royal Navy and the Napoleonic campaigns, the development of the industry, clearing looking for farmland or open pastures have gone through it.The backlash does not wait, especially on the steep slopes, with washes caused by erosion, landslides or floods. To combat these evils, from the 1870s, and until the First World War, a colossal work of reforestation is undertaken. It comes then to prepare effectively to urgent, and at the lowest cost. Several species will be used, but it is mostly to the black pine that will return this hard task because it has the advantage of supporting all types of floors, and be tolerant to cold and drought. This awareness of the risks associated with deforestation is also at the origin of the creation of the catering service of the land of mountains (RTM) and the legal notion of "protection forest".

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The Observatory of the Mont Chiran

It was in 1974 that the CNRS (National Centre for scientific research) creates the Observatory of the Mont Chiran. It must be said that the site is particularly suited to the observation of the sky away from any parasitic urbanization 1905 metres above sea level in an area where the sky is clear a large part of the year...Solitude even of the place, its discreet access (only a runway to reach the buildings) go hand in hand with an observation which requires calm and silence. Under the dome, all the conditions are met so that the magic of the stars either. The Observatory, now owned by Bilious, is managed by a local association (ABCDE) that has fought to keep this site alive, thanks to the financial participation of a European funding programme (Leader II). It organizes today discovery weekends, animations and has developed a refuge that allows to stay a little longer, and later, on-site.

The Ecrins National Park

Established in 1973, the Ecrins National Park is invested several missions : to protect the natural environment that is , that a better understanding of this environment to better understand the welcome and inform visitors and finally , to participate in the local development of the region to which it belongs . The central area of ​​the Ecrins National Park covers an area of ​​91,470 hectares. This surface , which makes the park the first French national park , belongs to the third department of Isère and the rest in the department of Hautes-Alpes. Its extension area bounded by the valleys of the Romanche, Guisane , the Durance and Drac , sprawls between altitudes between 800 and 4,102 meters - the latter being the bar Ecrins - and integrates territories under the Oisans Valbonnais , Briançon , Vallouise , of Embrun , Champsaur and Valgaudemar . If forests occupy a small area - less than five percent of the central area - are home all sampling conifer fir pine . The park is also a real living herbarium since 1750 species that grow there are nearly a third of the French flora. In terms of wildlife, the park is a veritable Noah's Ark : of course, live in full freedom marmots, chamois and stoats , joined since 1989 by Alpine ibex that were reintroduced ; but also alpine newts and common frogs or birds with black grouse , golden eagle or owl owl , plus invertebrates with a rich presence butterflies. And all this in a landscape of breathtaking beauty ...

paddle boat in the Lake Sainte-Croix
Climbing tree
Pont de Galetas
Pont du Roc

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