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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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​Aiguines (Var)

Aiguines is a small town which overlooks the Lake Sainte-Croix and spreads at the foot of the large margins (1577 m altitude). The territory of Aiguines is very understood as it combines the gorges of Verdon (Grand Canyon), the plan of Canjuers and its potholes, the source of Vaumale and the Lake of Sainte-Croix. There are traces of occupation on this site dating back to prehistoric times. Later, a Gallic oppidum and then a more medieval construction will be under the name of "Castrum de Aquina".
  • The Castle
It is private and cannot be visited.
The first castle survive only a few walls. The current Castle was built under Balthazar de Gauthier, Lord of Aiguines in the first half of the 17th century, but it was the subject of subsequent amendments. It is a large quadrangular building flanked by slender round towers. It is covered with polychrome glazed tiles (green, yellow, Brown, red), as is often the case in the upper Valley of the Verdon. It is unknown from which these scales ceramic glazed, which apparently were not manufactured at Moustiers. Perhaps was this centres located in Varages, Bauduen and taverns in the Var. faïence Castle has preserved decor of gypsery of the 18th century: the ceiling of the dining room is thus decorated with groups of instruments of music, weapons and flags.
  • Museum of wood Turners
This small museum brings to life an original industry with the village had been his specialty since the middle ages, unique case in Provence. The presence of boxwood wild in the hills and forests conducive, added to a free cutting right for buis, had promoted it. This work had to fit into the agricultural calendar: wood cuts were made in the fall, filming in winter and in bad weather.
The equipment was rudimentary, but while, on manufactured drumsticks, rotors, spindles, mortars and balls. Even when production is diversified, the flagship remained the studded ball. The First World War is an irremediable blow to this industry; the technique of bronze cast made ball the rest. The last factory closed in 1939. Only a craftsman, Albert Rouvier, will maintain the tradition until 1978.
  • Back to the Gorge
At the exit of Aiguines, the super highway, which leads to the gorges du Verdon, crossed the pass of D'illoire (1147 m) and reaches the Vaumale circus where we discover the river which emerges from the Rocky embrace.
Then it continues to climb and a few kilometres along the edges of the canyon, marrying each Cliff walls and plunge views on the turbulent waters of the Verdon.This part of the route, punctuated by many lookouts, received the name of "sublime Corniche. One then reaches the cliff jumpers, impressive drop opposite the Maline Chalet; a trail here to win the other side by the Estellie gateway. Count 4 h round-trip.

paddle boat in the Lake Sainte-Croix
Climbing tree
Pont de Galetas
Pont du Roc

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