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Castellane : 32km.
The village of Annot is surrounded by boulders sweet names Dent du Diable, le Chambre du Roi ou le Chameau des Lumières, and at 680 m above sea level. Some houses are sometimes built against its rocks.
Chief town of canton, Annot is a picturesque market town dominated by an impressive sandstone Cliff where huge blocks broke. Annot was formerly located on the Hill of Vers-la-Ville, where still stands the chapel of Notre-Dame. It ignores the reasons for the transfer of the city on the plateau overlooking the Valley between the 11th century and the 13th century.
During the troubled period of the 14th century, Annot began to surround themselves with a belt of fortifications still clearly visible with its large ogival doors. The ramparts were punctuated with crenellated towers whose main apse at the parish church.
The town is served by the train des Pignes, before passing through Entrevaux.
•    The old town
Walking through its streets, one can observe beautiful doors, whose serious lintels bear vintages of construction. On the oldest, Notre-Dame Street, you can read '1484' and letters Gothic, "Nicolas did", or "1533", with a pitcher carved on the stone, a sign of cabaret.
The parish church, placed under the protection of saint Pons, was built in the 14th century and enlarged in the 16th century by a collateral vaulted warheads to ribs. Adjacent to the parish church, the chapel of the white Penitents is home to a very nice set of paintings of the 17th century: a descent from the cross painted by François Mimault in 1641, a copy of the work by Barocci for the Cathedral of Perugia. an Intercession of the Virgin Mary for the souls in purgatory with the mysteries of the life of Christ, by Jean André, and finally a lamentation.
•    Escapement
Annot has two isolated chapels dedicated to the Virgin:
•    Notre-Dame-de-Verimande, Chapel of a former Priory of the Benedictine monks of Saint-Pons de Nice, has two paintings by Raphaël Durandi: Saint Martin and saint Pons at the feet of the Virgin and child; Saint Fortunat, saint Innocent and saint Secure, 1677.
•    Notre-Dame-De-Vers-La-Ville was built in the 13th century in beautiful device. It has three bays arched barrel broke and ended in an apse in a semi-circle. The renovation of the Chapel, in 1990, is a success story. It houses an Annunciation painted by Jean André in 1656.
See also the Annot sandstone, the bridge over the Beïte and another old bridge near the place des platanes (near the Vaïre), and houses with arcades of Notre-Dame Street. Side medieval town contains some interesting remains as the city walls, which are always visible, or a few doors in the old village. The narrow streets and the tall houses also remind these not so distant this time...

Annot's streets
Annot's streets

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