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​Citadel of Entrevaux

Today the village seems frozen out of time, protected by the river and its bastions, and is home to more than 160 permanent inhabitants very attached to their heritage.
On the road that lounging Digne to Nice between the rough mountains, a Citadel grasped at a rocky outcrop notifies the traveler the presence of Entrevaux, nestled in the hollow of a bend of the Var, 300 metres below this Eagle's nest that housed his garrison. This amazing village, corseted in fortifications built under Vauban, emphasises the versatile character of the human frontier. "Advanced place of the Kingdom of France", proudly says an inscription above the bridge by which one enters Entrevaux which was long indeed, an outpost in the markets of the Duchy of Savoy.
From the Citadel, located at an altitude of 800 metres and which is accessed by nine ramps rather steep switchbacks - Vauban's work also-, Entrevaux looks like a big drop of stones and tiles curled, as packed in the hollow of the river. Downstairs, the names of the alleys of street Cassecol Street meanders, confirm the rugged local topography. High facades which alternate, on three or four floors, stonework and plaster patinated, seem as many ships clueless, pushed against each other by the tumultuous Var. As the rustling which rises from the River, relayed by the fountains punctuating alleys and squares, it cradles the 160 Entrevalais permanent.

Testimony of a passionate

These old houses, which have not changed since the time of Vauban, Alain Gibelin knows them well. This Mason craftsman restores indeed for several years the village where it was born, in accordance with the instructions of the buildings of France. Sports fifties, graying, long hair on the nape, Alain Gibelin is the image of the surrounding mountains: a little tough initially booked. It is deeply attached to his 'country '. Not so much old stone, moreover, to associations which expressed solidarity and identity that has preserved the handful of Entrevalais remained in the village. Alain is at the same time firefighter, municipal councillor, Member of the Association for the protection of the heritage entrevalais, loyal of the choir, and finally - to finish with the most important - Saint-Jeanniste. The brotherhood of the Saint-Jeannistes, whose origins date back to the middle ages, is certainly the most amazing associations that bring together the inhabitants of Entrevaux.

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Feast of Saint John

All years of oratory in oratory members of the brotherhood of Saint-Jeannistes hoisted a silver bust of St. John up to the Citadel.
Each year at the patronal feast, the Saint-Jeannistes perform a pilgrimage up to the Citadel, a real test for holders of the bust of saint John, and a genuine demonstration of faith, far from the glitter of tourism folklore. But it is also a manifestation of good mood, full of songs and farandoles. Georges Bedford is Captain of the halberdiers of the brotherhood for forty-four years. The intense eyes, recognizable to its Crown of white hair, "Jojo" - to the village, everyone calls it like that... - is it also one of the pillars of the life of Entrevaux. Ten years ago, with his brother, he has arranged the old oil mill located across the Var, equipping its impeller of an electric motor. In February, owners of the village 50 come there to press the fruit of the olive groves on the dry stone terraces that surround Entrevaux. This is the opportunity of a new party, since all those wishing to come every evening at the moulin taste "beignettes», slices of bread toasted and simply rubbed in oil. Room low and vaulted, whose white walls are impregnated with the smell of olives, then animates the small circle of diehard conversations.

Artisans of Entrevaux

Isolated, of petrified beauty, Entrevaux has nevertheless retained his good mood. Witness, which twists in the heart of the village, called rue de la Gaieté. It leads to the tobacco-press has taken over and expanded, since 1995, Christine Dozol. This smiling redhead singing emphasis offers to the Entrevalais a host of products--from vegetables fresh from farms around until the toys for children - and provides especially good humour. She gave Nice to return to live at his family's village. A solid dose of dynamism to take shop, year-round, from 8 to 9 pm.
It has taken over from the old shops, whose wrought-iron signs, remained hung above the medieval low doors, always report the trace. Complementing its shopping, simply leave the store of Christine by the market Street, where the irregular facades seem to shove each other, and climb up to the pretty square of the Town Hall, one of the few flat places in the village, where the Sun's rays musardent all day. There, Robert Lovera welcomes customers who sometimes kilometres for him to buy a specialty it is only to produce. Eight years ago, this bearded bounced physique has developed the secca, a salting of beef with fine taste, which he jealously guard the secret recipe. Enthroned in his charcuterie, that hanging hams and gleaming brass make it look like an Ali Baba's Cave for gastronomes, Robert does also sell products that he has tasted and he loves. Able to rant for hours about the qualities of meat and the art of the prepare, put you water in the mouth in a few minutes of conversation...

Testimonies of the inhabitants

When the Sun nimbe disturbing the vertical fortress walls overlooking Entrevaux. the village became the bright spots surrounding valleys.
Below the square of the Town Hall, at the end of the bridge that spans the Var, another character, also gourmand of Provençal life, keep access to Entrevaux. Born in Budapest, very British citizen of her most gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth - whose portrait adorns his living room-, Attila Szabo lives for twelve years the twin towers guarding the Royal door. Ex-cadre of a multinational company, history, he found in this building of the 16th century a framework of life. Painter, he also discovered at Entrevaux outstanding inspirational.
Finally, he conquered effortlessly the friendship of the villagers, fascinated by this amazing 72 Spring gentleman, who carefully cultivates his british image. Constantly listening to the BBC "to keep the focus'- but also commonly hear latin, memories of his education by the Jesuits, and speaks Hungarian, German and the french. Attila Szabo revels each day of the shifting landscape offered by the Var rolling his capricious stream at the bottom of its windows, and welcomes meetings that promotes his workshop beneath the heavy vault of the Royal door.
Then, taking on the right, descend at the foot of the ramparts that enclose Entrevaux, do what would be to take the measurement. By the «Portette» that is open along the Var, you can see centuries-old olive groves, before returning to the Interior of the village by the second gate, the porte d'Italie. Inside of his former body guard, another place of creation has just opened to visitors, pottery of Agnès Jouffricau. Under the high ceilings keeping cool, she works the Red Earth and metal oxides to create dishes including regional patterns inspired by the past.

Revive a village

The association to which she adheres - Les Ateliers of the high country, which also markets the production of a decorative painter and two farmers - has decided to settle here to help revive Entrevaux. This desire was strongly encouraged by Mayor Gilbert Laurent exercising his duties a few metres from the Planet, the plot where the old hospital Saint-Jacques it was born 47 years ago. Displaying the serenity of the people who work with good sense, but without taking himself too seriously, Mayor dream for his municipality of a real revitalization. To do this, it was decided to multiply requests for grants departmental, regional, and even European if necessary! Sets with an idea: convince others to populate the village, to a vitality at the height of its heritage.
Impressive witness of the past of Entrevaux, its powerful church recalled that the village - and before him, the town of Glandèves, on the opposite bank of the Var - was the seat of a bishopric for fourteen centuries. At the end of the nave, twelve metres high, a farandole of Golden penny - cherubs is Star blue ceiling of the choir. On the walls, a collection of paintings of Provence and 17th-century Flemish schools juxtaposes portraits of saints and characters from the period of Louis XIII to
Descartes. The visitor of today, who was surprised to find such ostentation in a so quiet village, the priest smiled: "time belongs to eternity. And eternity belongs to God... »
Today, the activity of the village is mainly tourism, and many craftsmen settled.

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