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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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​Rougon and pre-gorges

After Castellane, the road along the Verdon, which offers many possibilities for relaxation (swimming, fishing), including at the junction of the Taloire and in the small basin of Chasteuil track. At the confluence with the Jabron, at the bridge of Carajuan, a first bottleneck on 4 km long is the real vestibule of the gorges.
•    The Grand Canyon
It begins at the confluence of the Baou, at pont de Tusset, and short 21 km to the Galetas, at the outlet of the Lake of Sainte-Croix. Between the immediate escarpments and the fantastic scrapbooks of the upper bleachers, the Verdon descends from 153 m with an average gradient of most of 8 m and a speed that is never less than 2 m per second.
Once in Rougon, true door of the canyon, the visitor can either climb to the village (remarkable views of the Verdon), or head towards the Sublime Point and win walk through the corridor Samson, the bottom of the Gorge.
•    Two walks
Two options are available to the Walker: firstly the Martel, (7 h go for 14 km) trail, the most famous and the most spectacular, but it is rather advisable to take it in the opposite direction, from the Chalet of Maline (La Palud); the other trail Encastel-Rancoumas. (5 hours for 12 km), shaded on a large part of the course, which offers wide views over the cliffs of the stopovers, the parade of the Baumes Feres, the Couloir Samson, and the plain of Irouelle. On the Martel Trail: above all, keep in mind the note of Explorer Martel: «It is twenty times that should browse the canyon to dare to say that we have seen...»
A varied flora: RIM sheltered and sunny, gorges, at the bottom of the canyon where reigns a microclimate cold, damp, green oak and Pistacia terebinthus above white oak and his companion the boxwood, which succeeds the beech. More near the Verdon thrive lindens, ash, and several species of Maple.
•    The village
Before entering the village, take advantage of the viewpoint of the Sublime Point, which is located in the municipality.
The village itself is at 930 m above sea level, with a castle on a rocky outcrop, registered as a class site.
In 813, the "Villa Rovaganis" already had seven farms. It belonged to the Abbey of Saint-Victor de Marseille. Medieval times, its strategic site was fortified and was built an almost impregnable Castle. Some vestiges of ramparts and other ruins are still visible.
Two ancient bridges are also in the commune: du pont de Tusset, medieval and Carajuan bridge, built in the 18th century.
The chapel of Saint-Christophe, built in the 18th century is also worth the detour.
It is said that the Knights Templar had installed there a Priory of Saint-Maxime (formerly Saint-Mayme), exempt from all royalty to the Bishop of Riez until the 14th century when it passed to the order of the Hospitallers.

paddle boat in the Lake Sainte-Croix
Climbing tree
Pont de Galetas
Pont du Roc

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