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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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Discover Allons, La Garde, Lambruisse, Saint-Julien-du-Verdon ans Saint-André-les-Alpes

The villages of Allons, La Garde, Lambruisse, Saint-Julien-du-Verdon and Saint-André-les-Alpes are situated less than 40 km from Castellane and walks that pass through them allow to appreciate the different landscapes of the region.


Tour of Champon

Count 1:30 and 90 m in altitude to perform this hike. Easy, follow the yellow or yellow and red. Parking at the exit of the village of go.
The departure of this hike is located at the exit of the village of go. Cross the stream of the Defens on a wooden bridge.
•    Take the left-hand path which rises in the direction of the ravine of Combes.
•    Cross two times the stream of les Combes, then follow it right bank up to the ravine of the Puy. This passage can be tricky in the event of heavy rains.
•    Cross the ravine to Ford to reach quickly the variant of the great crossing of the Alps which connects go to Annot, marked in yellow and red.
•    Then take the right path that leads safely to the bastide of top city in ruins.
•    La Bastide, the route joins are going in about 40 minutes.

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Ridges of Serres

Count 7 h and 755 m difference in altitude for this hike, follow the yellow. Parking at the centre of the village. Attention, for good walkers.
Exit to go by the RD-52 in the direction of the Verdon. About 300 m further, turn left onto a track that is followed for about 2.5 kilometres in the bottom of a wide combe.
•    Ignore paths starting right and left remaining on the main runway. At the end of this per - course, the Valley closes.
•    Cross the bottom of the Valley going downstream on 20 metres, then take a right path in the slope under pine trees. The trail widens and part taking up strong enough.
•    It then joined a replat (coming from the right path).
•    Go to the bottom of the Valley, crossing and fit into wood almost opposite. So ride a great track that one down right on 500 rn, until a junction with a track amount left. Follow on 300 m.
•    Leave the track left in the slope. After a few switchbacks, the trail continues in crossing in amount regularly until you reach the Ridge at the bass of Angles.Be attentive to the markup, as the trail crosses clearings and may be hidden by weeds. On the left in crete to 1 h of walk for the bravest, the peak of Chamatte offers striking views of the Lake and all other pass.
•    Go right on the ridge and continue for 6 km. It passes atop greenhouse wholesale (1,778 m, Terminal) and then at the crossroads with a PR of Saint-André-les-Alpes and a PR of La Mure.
•    Continue the descent for 1 km. In a clearing, leave crete by a trail down right heading south.
•    It began a long descent in crossing and laces. Out a thin Rocky area, the cross until you reach a logging road that borrowing on the right to go to the farm of the forest canopy.
•    Then continue on the tar up to go.

La Garde

The Teillons - Summit of Quatre Termes

Count 6: 00 and 970 m in altitude, for good savvy hikers. Follow the white and Red then yellow. Park at the village of guard on the N85.
Start of the trail in the village of La Garde. Borrowing the GR4 ® rising and northward. 1.5 km further, at a crossroads on a flat part, take an ascending path right.
•    After a wooded, continue crossing in the scrubland to the bottom of the ravine of the gravel pits.
•    Pass on the other side and continue to climb. After the ruin of a pastoral cabin, cross a stream and mount everything right into the slope.
•    Cross a transversal path. A little further up, on a flat area, starting on the left flat on 100 m and then persevere in rising right into the slope.
•    After crossing a transversal path (giving access to the right a new pastoral cabin installed on a pass), it manages to a ridge.
•    Proceed to the climb to the Summit of the Tang in the slope in the Northeast. Return via the same route.


Closely associated with farm life of Haute Provence, pastoralism plays a vital role in the way-Verdon. Indeed, since the disappearance of the cultivation of lavender, sheep farming is some exceptions near the only agricultural activity in the region.
Beyond its role of production, farming today plays a role increasingly recognized at the environmental level. The occupation of space by the herd allows to some extent prevent Bush encroachment, to reduce the risk of fire, and promotes the maintenance of open habitats.

Chapel Saint-Martin

Count 2:30 and 380 m in altitude, medium difficulty, follow the yellow and then white and red. Park in the heart of the village.
Go to the East by the great ' Street and join the RN 85 that one follows 100 m, then crossing to borrow a track going Northeast towards the mountain.
•    Remain on this principal axis neglecting properties access as well as access to a large gravel pit to the right of the route.
•    Height of the chapelle Saint-Martin, continue on the left, then climbing into the slope, first in a landslide and then in undergrowth. Once out of the wood, head towards the cliff. Along the left uphill pretty strongly.
•    After having passed a rocky redan located left of the path, continue to climb gently on a mountainside in the Valley of the gravel pits.
•    700-800 m later cross the bottom of the Valley and go westward crossing in the opposite slope. The forest succeeded the garrigue and one joined the GR4.
•    Take this left flat and then the descent to join the guard.

Restoration of the chapel Saint-Martin

The association of the friends of the Saint-Martin chapel was created in July 1991 to save the Saint-Martin Chapel located at the foot of the Tang. The building permit was issued December 4, 1991 by the departmental Direction of equipment of Digne. The work was performed by slices and the Lions Club, to the generosity of the subscribers, and to have – of the Town Hall of La Garde and the General Council, the Regional Council, this restoration could be completed.Thus on 11 November 1993 the Bishop of Digne, has dedicated the chapel.
Now the path that has been expanded leads to the chapel without difficulty. Hikers and tourists can relax. The Chapel is open to all and we sincerely hope that it is respected.


Tour of Charvet

Count 4:30 and 550 m of altitude change, follow the yellow. Fix average. Park at 750 m north of the village at the junction of the D219.
Follow the road left on approximately 100 m. The leave in favor of a path to the left under the pine trees. We find the road which you follow to the end.
•    Borrow the right amount track. At the first lace leave the track to follow a path continuing to rise in the Valley, then passing through a little higher. We thus pass on the other side of the Valley to edge within the forest.
•    After a left hook, continue crossing to the junction with the back leading to the right route.
•    Continue straight flat to the bottom of a valley. Then, the path continues in crossing in rising gently and until the release of forest regularly. Describe then some laces, cross an area overgrown, and then return to the forest. After a few laces riding on the edge, make a crossing in forest up to the ridge.
•    Follow the ridge to the South on a good kilometre.
[Variant not marked out, continuing on the Ridge for 30 minutes, is reached at the top of Miller where it enjoys a point of view at 360 °. Return by the same route.]
•    Decreased (1666 side point) down the western flank of the mountain. The path descends regularly forest by describing three spaced laces. 750 m after the 3rd lace, cross a heavily furrowed area before again entering a pine forest and joining the departure route.

For the pleasure of the eyes

While browsing this walk, you will encounter along the trail of the wild lavender plants easily recognizable by their blue flowers. Cultivated and distilled locally for the needs of perfumers in Grasse, lavender has made fame Lambruisse and average Verdon.
Today this culture is almost aborted and only remain still a few fields that you can see the Ridge, at the foot of the white horse. Continuing to the South a magnificent panorama is offered to you Lambruisse at the helm of the Dourbes in its entirety (mountain of Cup). On the way back, it is not uncommon to see eagles, chamois and black.


The Cremon

Count 4:30 and 860 m in altitude, average difficulty. Follow the yellow and Park at Saint-Julien-du-Verdon.
Take the footpath from the road into the slope, opposite the picnic area. At the outlet on a track (middle line voltage), follow it to the rise in describing a yaw to the right.
•    100 m after the lace, leave the track continuing to rise by a trail. Earlier, after a crossing under the larch, join another track at the location of a large flat area (source below).
•    Follow the trail in front on 50 m and then leave a trail amount regularly in the slope and enough long running parallel to the runway. After crossing two ravines and describes some laces, lead to the col de Demandolx.
•    At the pass, take to the track in left hand on 800 m and then leave it in the slope to the right. The trail travels a good time flat then rises until it reaches the ridge line.
•    Leave the main path continuing into the slope opposite to the benefit of a more narrow path along the ridge to the Summit of Cremon (1760 m, Terminal), first in undergrowth and pastures.
Return via the same route.

Panorama seen from the Summit

Early in the morning and weather clear (mistral) you can see Corsica and the gap of the gorges du Verdon in southwestern (corridor Samson), the Chiran mount with the Observatory of Haute-Provence to the West. The highlight of the region means Verdon is North-North-West, the massif of the Cheval Blanc 2323 m.

The Pidanoux

Count 4:30 and 435 m difference in altitude. Average difficulty, follow the yellow. Park at Saint-Julien-du-Verdon.
From Julien, win the big shift at the Northern exit of the village (direction Saint-André) just before the memorial of the Resistance.
•    Take the small road to the right. Continue for a little more than 500 m to a cross. Engage on the opposite track. At the end of track, the path rises progressively up to the peak.
•    On crete, follow the great trail that climbs to the right. It follows the Ridge for about 3 km up to a track.
•    Follow this trail until the RN 202.
•    Cross the national and follow the descent along the Riou for about 500 m. Cross the stream on a rustic bridge and then assemble first in a pine forest, then through a wasteland until a notch in the cliff (Roman road).
•    Down the other side. After a stint in the robines, you reach a forest track that one follows the descent until the RD 955.
•    Follow the road right around 300 m, then leave it down to the left by a track leading to the nautical base, then up to the village of Saint-Julien-du-Verdon.

The Roman road and its Milliarium

The breach in the cited cliff above is a very old place. It was the only way of binding, the only site of passage between the Provence and the Var by the Valley of the Verdon Valley.
This passage bears the name of 'Partus' that can be translated as "door" - "portal" - "passage". A mile marker marks this Roman road (Cimiez in Riez) via Aurelia and way Salinaria.


Ridges of the Serres from Saint-André-les-Alpes

Count 7 h and 895 m height gain, be very careful yellow markings, because the sprayers who cut the trail. Park at the Town Hall of the village.
From the Town Hall Square, head towards the centre of the village. Take the Grand'Rue right, then the first street on the left (rue du Moulin). At the next crossroads, turn right onto Méouilles road. Continue on this road until the Verdon and cross it. Continue on the left bank until after the House of the Dovecote, about 250 m further.
•    Leave the road uphill to the left along a ditch. Describe 2 laces and continue towards the trees. Exceed the limit of the forest (green line on a white background). After thinning, starting on the right in crossing into the wood. Join a logging road that borrowing to rise around 150 m.
•    Leave this path down to the right, then back in the forest for the benefit of a trail that leads up to a replat. The cross in a field located above the House of the Villard located below on the left.
•    Cross the field amount towards the forest. Continue left along a path through it.
•    About 500 m further on, at a crossroads, take the right path that is left to climb by a train facing down the slope 100 m more far. At the top of the train, take a left. Earlier, cross a forest road. About 150 m further on, turn right. 350 m further to a bridle, continue to the left. After 3 laces and a passage to the North of approximately 750 rn, go right for a new crossing of 1 km. Describe then 3 laces and lead to a crest (top of 100 m South wholesale greenhouse).
•    Walk in crete on the descent towards the North for 2.5 km.
•    Leave the Ridge descends into the western flank of the mountain by a path describing a large zigzag until another route departing from the BlackBerry.
•    Continue the descent to the left, joining the path of railway we follow towards the South passing the Verdon by the railway bridge said 40 meters. Pass La Mure station then walk left of the railway up to the RD955 (crossing). Follow the road until the crossroads with RD2 (Lambruisse direction). Turn left to enter the village of St-André and join the downtown.
The promenade in crete offers a permanent and renewed panorama all-round. You will discover the massif of Mercantour in the East, beyond the closest massifs (Grand Coyer...), the mountains of Allos, the massifs of the southern (Chamatte to the end of the Ridge, Bernardé, Tang, Robion...) and the massive West (Chiran, Dourbes, Lure... bar). Side are going under pasture develops the natural forest of beech and Scots pine, while the St-André slope is covered from black pine for reforestation.

Tour of Courchon

Count 5 h and 570 m of vertical drop, follow the yellow and Park at the Town Hall of Saint-André. Fix average.
From the Town Hall Square, head towards the centre of the village. Follow the Grand'Rue right until the RN202. Follow it South to the hotel du Lac (attention! walk facing traffic).
•    Take the track Courchons to the right, then the trail.
•    At the crossroads with the path to the House of the Rouchas, leave the track and take the direction of this House. Pass along the House. After a flat pass and a left-hand curve at the bottom of a Valley, the path crosses a wide track and rises in undergrowth in a succession of steep passages and flat area to arrive at the ruins of the old village (point of view striking on the Lake by the Ridge left).
•    Get off to a plateau passing a lavoir source and the old oven. Follow the trail right up to the oratory, take on the left the trail that cuts runway that borrowing then on 2 km approximately.
•    Immediately after two small shortcuts, cross the runway and enter a field left that care must be taken along by his right. At the end of the field down a road to another field that going back to his right. Continue along a path in undergrowth up to a small pass and a crossroads of routes.
•    Take the path opposite gentle downhill. At the next crossroads of routes, continue the descent to the forest path. Follow it left on 20 m.
•    At the crossroads of the tracks, turn right throughout the descent. This track comes out of the forest, passes nearby a former NFB nursery, crosses the bottom of a Valley and extends into a small road which provides access to St-André-les-Alpes.

History of the village of Courchons

The village, which the school had even 20 students at the beginning of the century, is emptied of its inhabitants in the 41-42 years. The aridity of the soil, six months of snow annually and the lack of wood (natural forest had not colonized space) forcing its inhabitants to a seasonal exile in lower Provence.
Some houses have been restored, the wash-house and the oven will be. But the old village that still desolate ruins. Unfortunately, the Church from the beginning of the 17th century, after the flight of its bells saw its roof collapse recently. The beautiful season, the village found life with second homes and herds on the mountain of Laup. He knows the invasion of pickers of mushrooms in autumn. From neighboring departments, they leave their passage from which this nature wild and wonderful memories happen well.

Le Seuil

Count 3 h and 335 m in altitude, follow the yellow. Fix average, but beware, the crossing of the valleys can be delicate after heavy rains. Park on the RD 2 to 5km from Saint-André at the point rated 955.
•    Starting 1
Parking on the large area below the road. Mount by the forest road. About 150 m after the first lace, leave the track to pick up a trail on the left. Regular rise in the pine forest to the junction with the route of descendant back right.
•    Continue in front, crossing the ravine of the threshold and go up to the crossroad with the itinerary from start no. 2 passing several valleys.
•    Turn right. Approximately 400 m further, one arrives close to the ruins of the hamlet of threshold located 100 m from the junction for the return (attention! it is dangerous to enter the ruins).
•    Borrow the right amount trail and cross a clearing in based on the right to join a forest road. Follow it right on about 1 km. In a curve on the left of the track, leaving it down right through a thinning.
•    Ignore the first road on the right and continue in face down in the grass.
•    We quickly find a path well marked in the forest and describing many laces through silver fir. It joins the route used to rise from the No. 1 start. To return to the starting no. 2, turn right, etc (see above after point 1).
•    Starting 2
Parking outside of the road on shoulder.
•    Cross the road to borrow a path rising immediately in the slope and describing many switchbacks up the crossroads with the path of the return amount by the right.
•    Continue opposite the climb. Approximately 400 m further, one arrives close to the ruins of the hamlet of threshold located 100 m from the junction for the return (attention! it is dangerous to enter the ruins!).
•    Same description as to the back to return to the starting point.

Saint-Pancrace - Digne
Bléone Valley - Digne

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