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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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Choosing the place of installation of residential mobile home

The choice of camping or residential leisure park to install his mobile home will be based on a number of criteria including the classification of the site or its belonging to a network. Then come examination of the specific criteria for each site as such: its location to the home, its opening dates, its immediate environment, its equipment and its animations and financial of the future location conditions.

The new standards of classification of the campsites and the PLR

Since July 9, 2010, the procedure for the classification of tourist accommodation grounds, with the establishment of new standards, was amended by the law on tourism of July 22, 2009.
 This reform of the classification of land is part of an overall reform which concerns all french tourist accommodation (hotels, campsites, PRL, holiday villages, residences of tourism, tourism furniture and residential villages of tourism).
 The objectives of the new system of classifications are:

    •improve the quality of the offer of accommodation through a more stringent classification, introducing quality of service criteria and monitoring every 5 years visits;
    •give the meaning to the stars by offering more reliable guides to the national and international tourist clientele;
    •allow the France as a tourist destination to be more competitive on the international scene, in particular creating a 5th star.

Indeed, in the old system, the classification was based solely on quantitative criteria, the new system includes both quantitative criteria, but also the criteria for quality of services.
 Classification devices management mission was entrusted to a body which is called "Trump France". It's the development agency tourism of France which is the sole operator of the State Tourism, responsible for ensuring the development of this sector and all its players.

Points and requests for classification

The new ranking is calculated according to a points system. 200 criteria are proposed in three major chapters: equipment, customer services, accessibility and sustainable development. Some criteria are "mandatory", others are "à la carte". For classification in a given category must meet a number of minimum points (addition of required points and à la carte), by reason of:

    •100% of the points allocated to the mandatory criteria, with a margin of 5%. The mandatory points lost will be cleared by three times more points "à la carte".
    •5%, 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% of the points assigned to the criteria "à la carte", corresponding respectively to category 1 *, 2 *, 3 *, 4 *, 5 *.

Each equipment and service allow to get the points and it is based on the total obtained that the Campsite is classified.
 Concerning the procedure of request for classification, the operator or the owner of the campsite, PRL or holiday village now command a control visit to a firm accredited (by COFRAC (French certification organization). The cost of the inspection visit is the responsibility of the operator or the owner.
 At the end of the visit, the inspection body shall provide to the operator or owner of the accommodation report and control grid on the opinion on the category of classification requested. The operator or the owner forwards his application record of complete classification in the prefecture which takes in fine order of ranking.

 The prefecture passes then to asset France the entire file submitted by the operator of accommodation for the purposes of publication of classified establishments. The order of classification issued by the prefecture is valid for five years. Beyond, the campsite will have to repeat the procedure of evaluation and audit.
 Once its classification has been assigned, the operator has the right to display the new sign corresponding to its classification. The reform of the classification of tourist accommodation was an opportunity to advance the presentation of the classification signs which had not changed for some of them since their creation.
 The new sign has thus declined for each family accommodation in different colours.
 The list of sites classified under the new system of classification can be checked on the web site of asset France:

Special Offers

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Starting from 301 €/Week

Mobile-home at Castellane Chalet
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Camping pitches at Castellane Gorges du Verdon Pitches Gorges du Verdon
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The star rating

The new classification has 5 categories and ranges from 1 star to 5 stars, according to different criteria of quality of services fixed by Decree in a classification table.
 Note in the new ranking, the only prerequisite is the minimum area of the location which should be:

    •70 m2 for 1 * and 2 *.
    •80 m2 for 3 *, 4 * and 5 *.

A summary of the levels of services offered by the sites according to the different stars are listed below:

1 Star: camping and caravanning economic

The maximum number of slots per hectare is 100.
 There is accommodation in elementary comfort suitable for the home of a mainly francophone clientele looking for prior to a price.

2 stars: caravanning midrange

The maximum number of slots per hectare is 100. It is offering good comfort and accommodation offering few services.
 Establishments in this category shall be mandatory:

    •a home with a presence of day office;
    •an area of meetings conducive to animations.

Health areas (sinks) are equipped with individualized units.

3 stars: caravanning midrange

The maximum number of slots per hectare is 90. The range of services offered to the customer is more important than for the first two categories (Internet access in the common areas, service of drinks, lounge area, etc.).
 It's a very comfortable accommodation equipped with appreciable quality facilities and offering many services and amenities:

    •a permanent 24-hour;
    •a home is ensured in two foreign languages, including English;
    •a playground for children is necessarily present.

4 stars: camping and caravanning top of range

The maximum number of slots per hectare is 80. It's comfort accommodation higher with very good development and that offers a range of services and amenities, such as:

    •a home in two foreign languages, including English;
    •the existence of a website and commercial media in two foreign languages, including English;
    •the possibility of refuelling on-site or nearby;
    •complementary equipment of comfort of type machine washing.

5 stars: camping and caravanning top of range

Star rating 5 is the great novelty of the law of July 22, 2009 from rating system.
 The maximum number of slots per hectare is 70.
 It is an accommodation offering outstanding comfort with a development of excellent quality offering a multitude of services or equipment:

    •home in three foreign languages, including English;
    •reservation possible 24-hour;
    •the living areas are more important;
    •There is a compulsory bathing space;
    •Internet access at locations and in the common areas;
    •spaces sanitary and showers heated.

5-star institutions must also provide customers with a number of optional services: swimming pool, possibility of massages, tennis courts, hairdresser, spa, leader in the gym in the form.


Be careful when selecting a campsite and check the site of asset France the ranking of the site. Note that the use of signs without obtaining of the displayed ranking is considered as misleading advertising or deception.


The label is an interesting landmark when a camper he attests that the site brings a 'more' to the consumer, insofar as its operator is committed to comply with specific criteria in terms of quality, respect for the planet or operating social conditions. The warranty is stronger that the label is given after the control of an independent body which verifies that the site met the requirements of the specifications of the label.

Camping quality

Created by the National Federation of camping and caravanning, representatives of consumers (FFFC), with the support of the Secretariat of State for tourism, Camping Qualité is the unique Charter of quality national and official.
 Camping quality is voluntary and accessible campsites, private or municipal, regardless of their classification and their geographical location.
 By joining Camping quality, the camping and caravanning professionals undergo a strict and precise commitment Charter as well as regular checks on over 600 criteria.
 Each handler, when his camping is recognized by Camping Qualité, sign several commitments that requires it to comply with the five following points

    •a warm welcome;
    •impeccably clean;
    •information accurate and true;
    •a private location neat;
    •a valued and respected environment.

Today more than 1,010 campsites in France benefit from this label.

The Green key

Created in 1998, the "green key" is issued annually by the Foundation (EEF) Environmental Education after notice of a national jury of public and private experts in the field of hospitality and the environment.
 The criteria are established at the international level and are common to all countries.
 They are reassessed annually to maintain innovation and meet the environmental requirements of the Education Foundation (EEF) environmental.
 They cover different fields of environmental management:

    •water management: water savings, watering reasoned, identified meters;
    •energy management: energy savings, identified meters, bulbs, insulation of buildings, use of renewable energies;
    •waste management: recycling, no disposable tableware, reduction in volumes to the source;
    •the environmental education: employees, through meetings of information and memos, and customers, through incentives to respect nature, fauna and flora, to save water and energy, to sort waste;
    •the development of land (for camping): common spaces, low density, regulated traffic, greenspace...

To obtain the label, candidates must complete a questionnaire, providing supporting documents and their files are reviewed by a jury. They are then visited by an Ambassador.
 About 273 campsites are rewarded in the France by the "green key" for their environmental management.

The European eco-label

Established in 1992, the European Eco-label is the only official European ecolabel usable in all countries of the European Union. It is issued in France by AFNOR Certification, independent certifying body. It is a voluntary mark of certification of products and services.
 Companies wishing to get it can make the request.
 The Community eco-label is based on the principle of a global approach which takes into account the life cycle of the product from the extraction of raw materials, manufacture, distribution, and use up its recycling or its disposal after use. The quality and use are also taken into account.
 The certified characteristics are:

    •reduction of energy consumption;
    •water consumption reduction and reduction of waste production;
    •the promotion of the use of sources of renewable energy and environmentally less harmful substances;
    •fostering communication and environmental education.

Tourism and Handicap

This association was created under the impetus of the European Commission and the Direction of tourism with the aim of "work for access to recreation and tourism for people with disabilities, by raising awareness of tourism professionals and the general public".
 Any professional of tourism and service provider may request to be labeled. It is a voluntary approach on its part, who hired him to ensure permanently, a disabled customer home.
 The national label "Tourism and Handicap" can then be awarded for one, two, three or four families of disability (motor, mental, auditory or Visual) and is awarded for a period up to 5 years, renewable by endorsement after control of the maintenance of the home and accessibility criteria.
 Little by little, the campsites take the direction of accessibility. These initiatives are encouraging, but today satellites 88 campsites on 10,695 (2009 figures) are labeled.

How to choose?

If mobil-home choice turns out to be relatively simple, the choice of the 'good' site is often more complicated, except to know him already at the time of the acquisition of the mobile home, for have already attended it. One could almost say that choose his land becomes front priority even to acquire his mobile home. It is an important choice because it will often be the privileged place of vacation for several years.
 The campsite is chosen depending on the chosen destination: sea, countryside, mountains, each with advantages and disadvantages. Next, it will need to inquire about the situation of the campsite (distance from the sea, close to shops, sites to visit around the campsite, the tranquillity of the site, etc.), on its infrastructure, its animations and reputation. Before visiting the site, much information can be obtained on the website of the operator and the blogs and forums are often rich in information on the overall feel of the site. The tourist office can also be helpful.
 Then, he must go to see, firsthand, the quality of the services offered. During this visit, it may be useful to complete an evaluation form, which a model is pro¬pose below, and which enables to make a checklist of the key points of the site:

Evaluation of a camping site or PRL

for the installation of a mobile home
 Date of the visit.
 1. identification of the site.
     Name of the institution
     Name of the operator
    Tel: Fax
 2. cost of relocating to get on site.
     Distance from the site of the home (in km)
     Duration of the trip
     Cost of the journey:
     Accessible by train: Yes No
     Accessible by air: Yes No
 3. General information on the site.
     Classification of the ground:
     Not classified? 1 *? 2 *? 3 *? 4 *? 5 *?
     Opening of the period
     The ground closure period
     Possibility of a "dead garage": Yes No
     Total area of the campground / PRL (in m2)
     Total number of locations of the campground
     Number of slots category 'leisure '.
     Number of slots category 'tourism '.
     Operation of the PRL in hotel system: Yes
 4. description of the edge of the campground / PRL.
     Shops near campground
     List of shops and nearby services: Pharmacy
     Service station:
     Café / restaurant:
     Others. Which?
     Near field of public transport: Yes No
 5. safety of the land.
    The field is fenced: Yes No
     Existence of parking space at the entrance to the field: Yes No
     If Yes, number and distance from the main entrance, in meters:
     Access to the field
     Presence of barriers to the entrance: Yes
     Presence of a hospitality desk: Yes No
     Opening periods
     Opening hours:
     Monitoring of the site
     Permanent presence of a staff dedicated during opening hours:
     Presence of day:
     If Yes, by a manager of the land:
     Or by a security officer:
     Presence 24 hours / 24 hours guaranteed:
     If Yes, by a manager of the land:
     Or by a security officer:
 There is a way to attach an official outside the opening hours: Yes No
 Site lighting
 The common areas are informed:
 The waterways are marked:
 6. information on the locations. Yes No
    Average size of proposed locations:
     Average size of mobil-home that can be installed on the proposed locations
     Area of the proposed (in square meters) site
     Compliance with the rules of coefficient of land at this location: Yes No
     Plots demarcated: Yes No
     The slots are numbered: Yes No
     The sites come with a garden shed: Yes No
     Unserved in water and sanitation: Yes No
     Potable water supply
     Individual water connection: Yes No
     Electrical connection
     Equipment electrical connection locations:
     Connection to the sewage system: Yes
     Electrical connections of the locations: Yes No
     Power of the electrical connection of the location: 2 amps
     10 amps
     16 amp
      Location of the electrical connection:
     CD box
     Other (Please specify):
 7 spaces.
     Children / adolescents
     Presence of a children's club:
     Age of children at the Yes club
     Opening dates
     Presence of playground for children:
     Type of games
     Presence of a teen club: Yes No
     Age of teenagers greeted at the club
     Animation equipment
     Presence of a nightclub: Yes No
     Presence of a screening room or outdoor theater: Yes No
     Presence of a dance floor: Yes No
     Presence of a podium or stage: Yes No
 Presence of a swimming pool: Yes No
 The swimming pool is covered: Yes No
 The pool is heated: Yes No
 Presence of landscaped water games: Yes No
 Relaxation and fitness areas
 Presence of a sauna: Yes No
 Presence of a hammam: Yes No
 Presence of a whirlpool or bubble bath: Yes No
 Presence of a care centre: Yes No
 Presence of a fitness room: Yes No

 There is a space with internet access: Yes No
 If Yes, space equipped with the Wifi system: Yes
 If Yes, space equipped with computer (s) put at the disposal of the customer: Yes No
 Locations have access to the Internet: Yes No
 If Yes: ADSL WIFI fiber other (Please specify)
 Bar and catering
 Presence of a bar on-site:
 Presence of an on-site restaurant: takeaway / caterer:
 Paying activities nearby (to specify): Yes No
 8. sanitary equipment
     Number of health buildings:
     Distance to the nearest health building of the proposed location:
    Washbasins for child:
     Space heated basin:
     Showers: Showers only:
     Shower area heated:
     Outlets for shavers:
     Outlets for appliances (hair dryer, warmer): hair dryer:
     Number of toilets:
     Toilets for children:
     Space toilet heated:
     Bathroom with bath and changing table baby:
     Trays washing dishes:
     Trays washing in hot water: Machines washing: drying the Laundry Machines:
     Machines wash the dishes:
     Irons and ironing:
 9 conditions of accessibility to persons with disabilities or reduced mobility.
    Number of slots available •
    WC adapted: Yes No
    Adapted lavatories: Yes No
     Adapted showers: Yes No
     Wash basin adapted: Yes No
     Provision of a magnetic loop: Yes No
     Provision of wheelchairs: Yes No
     Provision of equipment to access the pool: Yes No
     Existence of maps keys with magnetic guides: Yes No
 10. financial terms of the rental of the location.
     Amount of annual rent
     Amount of expense
     Nature of loads
     Location rental contract period:
     Entry fee:
     Possibility of subletting:
 11 general impressions of the site
     Home of the operator
     Hospitality of the staff
     Cleanliness of the site
     Overall score (out of 10)

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