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Conditions in rental mobile home residential

The rental of a mobile home to obtain an additional income that can, for example, be used to pay part of the rent or charges related to the location of the mobile home rental. The flexibility of the mobile home rentals also of reserving the use of the property for specific dates because it has no obligation to duration. It is to the owner to decide on the period and duration of rental and the price of the rent according to the period. Vacation rentals has many advantages from a financial point of view but also has obligations towards the landlord should know.

The terms of sublease

The mobile home is not a classical construction, arises the question of the legal regime for this type of rental.

Is the sublease of a mobile home a vacation rental?

Article 2 of the Decree of 22 October 2008 concerning prior information to the consumer on the characteristics of rental accommodation in camping and caravanning defines any luxury accommodation situated in a Campsite, including light leisure homes and mobile recreational homes as being a vacation rental. Thus the status of seasonal rental is not reserved to the only built buildings.
 Law n ° 2009-888 22 July 2009 mandated a prior declaration for any seasonal furnished rental (article L.324 - 1-1 of the Code of tourism). It must be done at the mairie of the location of the mobile home.
 A vacation rental may be offered by a mobile home owner, that this lease be authorized under its location rental contract subject.

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Is the sub-letting of mobile home allowed by the operator?

The problem that arises is because this is the location rental contract that is likely to ban the subleasing of the location.
 This is why, before making the decision to rent a mobile home in a rental, it is essential to read the contract of lease of location in order to know what is allowed or not.
 The contract of lease of location being governed by the civil Code, should refer to them in sublease. The principle laid down by the civil Code (article 1717) is the owner of the mobile home has the right to sublet to someone else if this possibility is not banned on him by a clause in the lease. When no clause of the lease prohibits the owner of the mobile home sublet, it can user Faculty of sublet until lasts its lease.

Sublease, accommodation or loan?

It is important in practice to distinguish between these three concepts because it is common that a clause of the lease prohibit that sublet, leaving open the possibility of a loan or also prohibit the loan, which still allows the hosting. In any case, the clauses relating to the sublease must be written in the contract.
 The sublease agreement assumes the existence of a monetary consideration. There are sublet by the simple accommodation that does not give rise to the payment of rent. When the rented mobile home is occupied free of charge by another person that a tenant of site, it could be that of a loan, characterized by its free or accommodation, notion that corresponds better to the tenant occupies himself always places but welcomes other people.
 If the sublease is allowed in lease of location, the operator has the possibility to place conditions.
 If the sublease is allowed, the owner of mobile home may have an interest in going through the services of the operator to find its tenants, especially if it is far away from the site and that it doesn't have the ability to personally welcome upon arrival and leaving tenants.
 justice for damages, the expulsion of the illegal sublessee, and finally and especially the termination of the contract of lease of location.
 If location lease prohibits subletting, attempt to discuss with the operator to see if solutions are possible. Rent without permission on its part could cause the termination of the contract of lease of location.

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