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Purchase mobile home residential used

The second-hand market allows the tightest budgets to afford a mobile home, certainly less recent, but offering absolutely correct equipment for most. One can also choose the opportunity because you want to get the enjoyment of a specific location already occupied.

Lifespan of a mobile home?

Operators of campsites have used to say that a mobile home does not last more than ten years. However, it is estimated that the structure of a mobile home has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Well-maintained, some mobile homes are more than 20, even 30 years. Indeed, if the aesthetics of mobile homes has evolved since the 1990s with the emergence of the roof double slope and the generalization of the siding vinyl, the construction itself has not fundamentally changed.
However, after 10 years, natural wear and tear of furniture, floors and curtains makes the mobile home a little dilapidated and fashionable especially more.
In any case, it is better to buy models that are not too dated as can be aluminum, flat-roofed English mobil-homes. It is better to favour coating roof and vinyl models two slopes with a width of 4 metres. These are the most sought-after products.

An operator can forced an owner of mobil-home to change his mobile home on the pretext that ten years ago?

There are campgrounds that, in order to harmonize the accommodation, have decided to ask their customers to change their mobile home after a while but it is not a legal obligation.Everything depends on the location rental contract that has been signed.
Furthermore, the Committee on unfair terms, in its recommendation n ° 05-01 relating to contracts of lease of mobile homesites, recommended that be eliminated caravanning contracts clauses object or effect: "to book professional, under penalty of termination of the contract, the assessment of the State of maintenance and dilapidation of the mobile homewithout stating the objective criteria to characterize this state of the installation.
We can think of including the age of the mobile home, the fact that it can be moved (wheels fitted with bandages, traction bars...) seems also very important, the absence of this faculty is certainly fatal.

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Clause of aging

In any case, a clause relating to the aging of a mobile home has been deemed valid by the Court of cassation (3 "e Civil Chamber of 10 June 2009").
For the Court of cassation the clause of a location for mobile home lease agreement which States that "in order to safeguard the aesthetic aspect of the (camping), the lessor reserves the right, at the end of a period of ten years, to impose on the policyholder that accepts it, the commitment to change the mobile home or the garden shed implanted by a newer equipment.This change must be made within the time limit of one year to the day of the receipt of the notification that will be made. This provision will apply where implanted devices would become unsightly in the matter of the quality of the camp where they are located. Any painting of mobil-home is prohibited"is not unreasonable.
The supreme court has held that this clause of the contract of location had an objective criterion, namely the aging and unsightly appearance resulting from the duration of implantation, valued at ten years, which seems consistent with the realities so many changing environmental standards imposed by the Code of urbanism, as the obsolescence of the equipment concerned, and therefore in the common interest of the parts of the maintenance of the camp in the category chosen by the licensees (Campsite 4 stars comfort option hobbies).
This precision on the camping category suggests, however, that the clause could be considered to be abusive in a campsite of lesser standing.

How to find a mobile home for sale?

Mobile homes distributors buy or sell opportunity models permanently. Some campsites sell or purchase of mobil homes already installed on their Park on a one-time basis. There are also sales of individual to via the newspaper classifieds.
As for a mobile home nine, given the cost of transport, it is advisable to focus its research in the desired area of installation of the mobile home. Buy a professional can be more reassuring than from an individual. Indeed, some dealers offer models of opportunity "revised" with a warranty and the ancillary services such as the remplace¬ment of curtains, upholstery, appliances, etc.

The price and ancillary costs of the mobile home for sale

As any transaction on the second-hand equipment, mobile homes for sale market prices fluctuate upward or downward, depending on supply or demand. The period of purchase and sale in the year can also influence the price. In addition, the intrinsic value of a mobile home for sale must be assessed on a case by case according to its conditions of sale and including the ability to resume or the location of the mobil-home rental.
Two cases may arise:
•    The mobile home can stay on its location: in this case there will be no cost of transport or installation.
It is a classic individual to sale, which must be done in agreement with the owner of the campsite who will need to establish a new contract of lease of location. However will have to ensure that the mobile home will not be moved to another location on the occasion of this transaction. The campsite operator may also claim a "right of entry".
Of course, if the parcel is transferred with the mobile home, this represents a real added value that can blaze price but this above all of the advantages of size: no lookup field, no transport and one integration with the landscape, and already made embellishments (fleurissements, garden shed, etc.) by the owner.
•    The mobile home is sold out camping or must be removed from the campsite: in this case, you must find a land available prior to purchase.
You should know that it is not always easy to find a campsite or a residential Park of leisure (PRL) accept the mobil-homes for sale, including those "1st generation" flat roof in aluminium, prohibited near the coast. Indeed, if the model is too old, it can be refused by the operator in order to maintain the harmony of the Park. Therefore, it is advisable to explain clearly the nature of the acquisition to the Manager of the campsite in him showing if possible pictures of the future purchase.
If the operator accepts the arrival of mobil-home must incur costs to dismantle the mobile home on its former location, transport it and reinstall it on the new location. Furthermore, to move an old second-hand equipment outside costs to committed, is not without consequences. Some poor handling could damage the frame or wall. That is why as far as possible, it is best to find a material that is intended to stay on its location.

The argus of the mobil-homes

Unlike motorhomes and caravans, there is not today's official published for mobile homes. Indeed, "ex-works" price of a mobile home is only a part of the final cost to which he'll add transport and on-site installation costs. On the other hand, if purchased mobil-home is already installed on a parcel, will have to take account of the "value" of this site.
That said, the National Federation of distributors (DICA) recreational vehicles published on its Internet site ( an official symbol for acceding professionals, as well as an array of 'de-cotation' of the mobile homes and residential non towed that over ten years, gives an idea of the depreciation of the goods with a theoretical purchase price.
The values correspond to mobile homes new outside location and fresh schedules, calculated from the price only public factory and including the price of transportation. Business or rental use products are excluded from this listing.

An array of 'de-cotation' of the mobile homes and residential non towed.

Years    Start value    Annual discount    Residual value
1    100    30    70%
2    70    15    60%
3    60    10    54%
4    54    7    50%
5    50    7    46%
6    46    7    43%
7    43    7    40%
8    40    7    37%
9    37    7    35%
10    35    7    32%

Source: DICA - rating mobile home.

Indicative estimated generally than the initial purchase from single mobil-home (excluding shipping, installation and other charges...) lost 30% of its value the first year of operation, 15% the second year, then 10% the years following, and after 15 years, a mobile home has more than actual market value. This calculation yields a single order of idea of the value of purchasing a mobile home for sale, out of total budget.


A mobile home 10 years old, bought new at a price of EUR 25 000, its resale value will be 25 000 x 32% = EUR 8 000. However, the final sale price will depend on the general condition of the mobile home so the value of the location in the case of a sale on parcel in a campsite or a residential Park of leisure (PRL).
The mobil-homes for sale that constitute the vast majority of this market have between seven and twelve years with greater demand for mobile homes built from 2004 as it comes to more modern products and more in tune with the current new production. Of course, to get an idea of prices on a campsite or region, please refer to the announcements of sale of similar goods or visit to resellers.
It is possible to determine the age of the mobile home from the chassis number. Manufacturers of mobil-homes are able to communicate serial numbers and the corresponding vintages.

Year/range    Chassis numbers
1996    2 466 and 4 094
1997    4 095 to 5 659
1998    5 660 to 9 986
1999    9 986 to 13 919
     70 002 to 71 350
2000    13 920 to 18 612
     71 351 to 72 868
2001    18 613 to 21 636
     72 869 to 74 418
2002    21 637 25 880
     74 419 to 75 752
2003    25 881 to 26 390
     75 753 to 76 003
     100 000 to 102 737
     200 000 to 201 407
     300 000 to 300 680
     400 000 to 401 848
2004    102 738 to 105 713
     201 408 to 203 279
     300 681 to 302 064
     401 849 to 403 269
2005    105 714 to 108 510
     203 280 to 205 254
     302 065 to 303 125
     403 270 to 404 753
2006    108 511 to 111 070
     205 255 to 206 994
     303 126 to 303 711
     404 754 to 406 491
2007    111 071 to 114 556
     206 995 to 209 058
     303 712 to 304 288
     406 492 to 408 969
2008    114 557 to 118 058
     209 059 to 211 144
     304 289 and 305 343
     408 970 to 411 562
2009    118 059 to 120 486
     211 145 and 212 793
     305 344 to 306 296
     411 563 to 414 650
2010    120 487 to 123 215
     212 794 to 214 456
     306 297 to 307 312
     414 651 to 416 673
     From 123-216
     From 214 457
     From 307-313
     From 417 674

Source: Marketing 1RM.

Things to check before buying a mobile home for sale

When you want to buy a mobile home for sale, should proceed as for shelter and first visit the mobile home. The visit will see it installed on the parcel and check its connection to water and electricity.
The first point to be checked in the structure is the chassis. It must be ensured that it is not rusted or about to break when it will have to move. When the frame is galvanized, the risk of rust are void.
Then, you must operate a complete tour of the outside, see if the walls, the roof, the openings are in good condition. In general, steel roofing have no particular problem, unless a branch falling perforated it. On the other hand, there is often fear under the habitat. Indeed, the infiltration remains problem number one mobil-home for sale.
We must see if we can detect traces of humidity to the plancher both outside and inside the mobile home. Walls, outside but also inside around the bays, should also be free from infiltration. A good way to control is to ensure that the floor around the front door is not soft. A healthy mobile home should not contain traces of infiltration.

Check the general status

Check the general condition of the windows and doors. In the bathroom, must inspect the shower enclosure including the seal, joints and openings to hunt down any leaks. Showers trays are known to have structural weaknesses (they break or crack and leak). If it is relatively easy to replace, should be wary of the State of the floor in this place. Similarly, one can sometimes detect traces of inlets around the windows.
Should also be on the lookout for the deformations due to bad timing. Doors must close easily and the floor must not show signs of subsidence, it must be as clean internally than externally.
And then he must dare to lift the mattress and open the furniture and closets looking for any traces of suspicious moisture, consequence of poor ventilation.
Finally, must be tested electric or gas household appliances. With regard to the water heater, refrigerator and plumbing, maintenance performed by the previous owner is decisive. Some very old mobil-homes can be in exceptional condition while others newer can be to rebuild completely.

The warranty expires

If the manufacturer's warranty has expired, you need to contact the nearest brand retailer or inquire at the campsite on which the mobile home is located, in order to know who can take in charge any repairs and after-sales service of the mobile home for sale.
With regard to the documents to solicit vendor, it may be useful to ask:
•    copy of lease of location to verify if the mobile home can stay or not on location and rental conditions and the possible existence of a right of entry in the event of change of ownership;
•    copy of the rules of procedure of the campsite;
•    the copy of the certificate of conformity of gas and/or electricity.
In a transaction between individuals, it is recommended to make a written sales contract and adding a State of detailed of the mobile home, which shall be drawn up in the presence of the seller at the time of the delivery of the keys and this in order to avoid any dispute. These document templates are contained in the annex.


Despite the high price of the mobile home, do not lose sight that it remains a consumer good in the same way as a mobile home or a caravan. Do not consider its acquisition as a financial investment such as a real estate purchase. Considering that a mobile home loses about 30% of its value in the first year, 15% the second 10% the third and 7% per additional year. The lifespan of a mobile home is limited to fifteen or twenty years or even up to twenty-five years.

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