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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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Presentation of the PACA region

​The Serpent of stars

Multiplicating landscapes and plural charms, the PACA region has the eccentric allure, but the wise soul of the land of traditions. It is a mosaic of colors, a still of perfumes, a treasure hunt for those who love venture, at the bend of a trail, in landscapes to authenticity jealous. Containers of his identity, museums abound but it to heaven opened, suffused by the serpent of stars in Giono or washed by the mistral, will be the most beautiful discoveries. Losing a little on the roads, to better meet. This guide has no other ambition than to help a little.
Mesmerizing, wild, authentic, natural... This is the France that you will discover with the collection of guides the France nature.
We offer here a journey through the most beautiful natural sites of the regions of France... So many sites that conceal a thousand secrets. To drill some, we have selected dozens of routes that will help you to discover the fauna and flora, to enjoy landscapes or to understand their geological features...
Each of the guides you will also the venue of the France side nature, grouped according to four themes - fauna, flora, land and history - to the wire of the departments, and symbolized by pictograms for you allow to go directly to your preferred interests. You will find the most beautiful botanical gardens, arboretums, reserves, zoos, aquariums, discovery trails, museums of natural history, caves, archaeological sites... A real mine of information to succeed friendly weekends or embellish her vacation!
With the regional guides in the France side nature, we invite you to penetrate even deeper in each region, in order to explore its most beautiful spaces natural and sites of discovery, guided by an author familiar places and passionate nature.
Of course, these guides have nothing comprehensive we simply wanted you tend a mirror which reflect some of the natural wealth of our country. You will see for yourselves: they are exceptional, often unknown, always surprising, and some close to you!

Natural to protect spaces...

In this area the France has a heritage to the forefront of European countries, with 5,500 km of shoreline, 275,000 km of watercourses and canals, 1/3 of the territory in the mountains... in total 1 km² of natural space per capita. Dunes, wetlands, barrens, and prairies of altitude, garrigues and maquis... are as much of habitats for fauna and flora of great wealth. But these environments are also very fragile and subject to an insidious erosion.

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Laws, rules and measures...

To protect and develop, everyone has a role to play, the State, local communities, associations and even the user, be it simple Walker, athlete, Hunter, fisherman or farmer. It is in this spirit that "protection of nature" Statute was passed in 1976, up to declare the protection of natural areas and landscapes, as well as the preservation of the natural and plant species, of general interest.
Altogether a great number of laws, rules and measures cover the field of protection of this heritage. Especially since 1986, mountain and coastline have their own law. On the side of regulatory, 7 national parks, 106 nature reserves, biotope prefectorial orders, protection forests, national reserves of fishing or hunting... are all protections at the initiative of the State.
Local authorities, for their part, have at their disposal a number of procedures to protect their territory and regions initiated altogether 27 regional parks whose aim is to reconcile the safeguarding of natural spaces rich but often threatened with economic, social and tourism development adapted. All these regulatory protections in addition to international commitments such as wetlands or biosphere reserves, and at the other end of the chain, the classification of private properties in voluntary reserves.
Add to this the action of the conservatories, who buy to protect. Thus, the conservatoire du littoral established in 1975 was acquired in 20 years 339 sites representing 44 518 ha, or total more than 586 km of shoreline protected. The conservatories regional natural areas, meanwhile, regrouped in a National Federation (natural spaces of France), are owners of more than 10 000 ha.
Advice to all those who wish to take advantage of all these natural resources...
Every human being deals with these environments according to his personality. Whether adult or age tender, city dweller or "country man", athlete or artist, he is seeking a particular pleasure. Need to escape, relaxation, calm, thirst of knowledge and adventure... the natural areas can meet all this, provided you follow certain rules of conduct.

Being discreet...

Attentive and patient, avoid walking around in too large group and not to depart roads... at the risk of stepping on nests.
Understand, this is see...
Plants, like animals, have rituals, habits, rhythms of life. To hear the song of the birds for example, favourable moments are generally the morning shortly after the rising of the Sun and the evening at the nightfall. Plants, as they reveal their floral charms only at certain times of the year or day. Not to mention the fascinating world of scents that delight our nostrils according to a ritual which plants keep the secret. The timing and the its sound a walk or a hike is therefore just as important as its destination. Also ensure respect reproduction periods during which are animals must not be disturbed, the survival of the species depends on it often.

Also think about yourself...

Choose the right season and time of activity in nature is also important for himself. Before leaving, enquire with guides or weather on the weather, which can change very quickly. In the mountains, prefer starting from early in the morning to avoid afternoon thunderstorms and think take-out pullovers, hats, serum against bites... and water. Under every stone there is life...
Life is everywhere, under every stone in every clump of grass at the bottom of each cavity. Athletes, attention therefore to take advantage of this natural environment without shoving, in respect the animals are evolving. No question nor pollute everyone there or bother him moving, or taking, one any sample... A photo, or, why not, a sketch will both do...

Discover otherwise...

It should also be noted that in each region, of many organizations or associations are at the service of people for them to discover natural areas otherwise, then why not enjoy?

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