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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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From Sainte-Croix to Esparron

If you have already visited the Haut-Verdon, don't leave! Basses-Gorges also worth the detour. You will discover the trails little frequented by tourists and enjoy these family walks to approach the Verdon otherwise. Leave the Lake of Sainte-Croix following the Verdon to the Lake of Esparron.
1.    Caletty gorge
2.    The gorges of Baudinard
3.    Plains circuit
4.    The Saint-Pierre Vallon
3.    The chapel Notre-Dame
4.    On the hillside Chiron
5.    La Baume Bonne
6.    The Crève-Coeur Vallon
7.    The circuit of the Tronnes
8.    The Chapel Notre-Dame-des-Œufs
9.    The calanques of Esparron
10.    The gorges of the Colostre
11.    Around Valensole
12.   The old Quinson
13.   From Seouve to Sainte-Magdeleine
14.   Around the Colle
15.   From Saint-Jean to Bayles

Caletty gorge

Access: Moustiers (28 Min, 33 km), take the road to the Lake. Follow the D 957 to Aups then the D49 to Bauduen. Departure: parking at the entrance of Bauduen, 485 Mr. purpose: crossing out of the gorge, 639 Mr. fix: No. Markup: white-red; Blue by location. 1 h 30, 4km.
In the Bay of Bauduen, you might easily think in a Norwegian fjord... This charming village nestled in a corner of the Lake of St. Croix will be a haven of peace for you if the crowd the gorges du Verdon and Moustiers weighs you. In addition, toddlers will be able to go hunting for fossils on this hike to the scope of the smallest.
•    Cross the road. Join the conspicuous lavoir on the high street. Turn right just after the latter to borrow a rising lane to cross a road.
•    Rise there to the left. Earlier at the intersection, continue your ascent on the road. Beautiful views of 'the Bay' of Bauduen.
•    From charming small benches the rest and especially contemplation, in the shade for some. Further, a trail ascends to left (olive groves, shed), stay on the road.
•    The rock of Teoliere appears on your left. Reach an intersection with a road to the left. Continue straight and pass, depending on the season, next to the barrier or on the road (signposted 'Defens').Earlier, after a turn, the road becomes a beautiful slightly steeper trail that plunges into the valley formed by the Caletty gorge.
•    The layering of the rock are magnificent. Some show of beautiful copies of fossils of ammonites (shooting them and leave them on the spot for hikers following!).
•    Above the track left the Valley and continues in the midst of a beautiful white oak. Unblock on a crossing of tracks, purpose of your trip, and pleasant place for a picnic in the shade.
Return to Bauduen by the same route without forget to stroll through the streets of this charming village.

Bauduen before St. Croix

Terroir widely stretched across the plain disappeared under the waters. The village itself was partially flooded and it was necessary to construct a dike of imposing rocks to protect his upper part of changes in the level of the Lake. In the plain, was a Roman road linking Fréjus to Riez via a bridge whose abutments were still visible before the dam. An important source of vauclusien type, la Fontaine-l ' Evêque also named Ross fountain, there flowed. In its vicinity was established in 1255 the feminine monastery of Augustinian of Sainte Catherine de Ross, engulfed him also.

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The gorges of Baudinard

Access: from Moustiers take the direction of Holy Cross by the 4 C, then D 111. After the dam, follow the D 71 Baudinard. Departure: parking of the natural site of the Eouvieres, 576 Mr. purpose: panoramic view of the gorges, 516 Mr. fix: No. Markup: red. 1 h 45, 3.7 km.
Cave paintings reflect the ancestral implantation of human in these wild and deep gorges that resonate thousand rumors of the past.
•    Pass coal, at the first crossroads ovens do not take the botanical trail but continue straight (indication "low gorges «»»). Shortly after, turn left, the trail in the understory is close to the road then initiates a turn to the right.
•    Arrive at the intersection of 4 paths, veer to the right and follow the small trail which descends towards gorges.
•    At the level of a bench wood, beautiful panorama on the dam and the bridge of Holy Cross.
•    After a large curve on the left, the trail overlooks the cliffs and now travels in balcony.
•    At the level of a bifurcation with the indication 'return parking' borrow left a small trail that extends little by little.
•    Mount regularly still left without taking account of intersections. After a small flat area, find the big crossing, take in front and continue on the route to go.

The circuit of the Plains

Pretty easy, 2 h 30 walk, 180 m of vertical drop, yellow. Departure from Montagnac, parking of the City Hall.
•    From the Town Hall of Montagnac, head towards the Church. At the crossing take left avenue de Verdun. Go past the cemetery. At the end of the latter, the road splits. Continue to the right by the main dirt road that, in slightly downward crossing, joined one of the Grand Valley near a secluded dwelling (dubbed "Manon des sources").
•    Climb in the face by the grassy path which, after a turn to the right, became Rocky. Continue upward crossing under an Oak Grove and thus result in Great Plains. The path then turns left and joined a farm close to two isolated oak trail.
•    Then turn left and continue between cultivated land up the road to Montagnac in Riez. The cross to continue face-to-face at the edge of the ravine of Boutas. Continue the descent in the understory, in the bottom of the Valley, to a clearing. Another path arises. Turn left. The path rises in undergrowth, then bypasses the left a ruined house. Then rise at the edge of the wood, upstream of a secondary gully. Saving the plain of Pubeauclaire. Lead then to a farm road and follow it to the right. The path turns at right angles on the left and then su increases at the corner of a wood.
•    Then continue left on the edge of the latter. At the next crossroads, continue straight. Just after two buildings, the path turns slightly right and then on the left.
•    Leave it in the second bend down right in the undergrowth. The trail continues downward crossing, joined the bottom of a ravine (over 50 m), and again on the left. Continue to the left, pass near the treatment plant. Mount everything right at the 4 following crossroads. Central Square in Montagnac.

The vallon de Saint-Pierre

Pretty easy, 4 h walk, 370 m of vertical drop, yellow. Departure of Montpezat.
Lakes miniature from Montpezat to the immeasurable of Sainte-Croix, hide secret gardens.
•    From the village of Montpezat, down by secondary road giving access to the Lake. It performs a shoelace. Forking shortly after on the descending path on the left. A little further away, at the entrance of a House, the road splits once: continue down.
•    At the next crossroads, turn left. Pass under a first power line. Near the second, continue to the left. Stay on the main road. After the ravine, mount left at the crossing. Gradually exit the wood. A little further, left allow access at the farm of Vauvert. Continue straight. The path runs along the Campsite of the hillside of the Navy. At the entrance of the latter, continue straight and thus result in a lace of the D211. Get off to the right, the road crosses a ravine.
•    Just after it turn left onto the paved lane. At the intersection, turn left to reach the ravine Saint-Pierre. Glades road the sometimes dates left bank and right bank. Leave the ravine just before it forks definitely right.
•    Rise then facing down the slope by the right path. Thus lead to a cleared space to go along on the left. At its end the path enters again in the understory and makes a loop. At the end of the new crossing. Take a left.
•    Follow the ridge to the right and pass line H.T. and continue along the ridge path. Leave a little farther another path starting in right hand. Continue in the same direction. While the path splits again, down the left. At the next crossroads, continue straight. Go under another electric line. 75 m further to leave the ridge to go right down the main runway. Lead to an important crossroads (ALT. 530).
•    Take the right path. Pass under a front-line H.T. at the crossing turn left. It crosses an exploited area then skips to the right of the ruins of Auchier.Borrowed road then right passes under a 2nd line H.T., reaches the ravine of the Cuguillettes, then that of Saint-Pierre. The return is by the route taken to go.


Pretty easy, 2h walk, 110m of ascent, yellow markings. From Saint-Laurent-du-Verdon, parking in front of the castle.
Verdon placid and accessible here, provides water essential to the terroir of Saint-Laurent.
  • Parking through the village towards Montagnac-Montpezat to its northeastern end. At Calvary erected at the intersection of routes 311 and D C1, turn right onto the road to the farm. At the next intersection, go straight. Spend almost a stone well.
  • Continue on the main road leaving two successive paths right and left. At the next junction continue straight upper edge of the forest. Bypassing the cultivated Terraillon plateau. The following two crosses stay on the main track. Lead and the D411 road.
  • The track on the left. 150m further on, turn left road access to the artificial lake. Turn immediately right. Along the power line slightly below the road. At the intersection, right. And lead on the road just before the bridge over the Verdon.
  • The trail starts in the face and runs through scrubland the right bank of the Verdon (watch the signs). After crossing a dry stone wall and a ravine on a bridge fortune gradually away from the river to rise towards the neck to the right hand and between two nipples.
  • It leads to a path, follow it to the right at the edge of a pine plantation. And lead to another path in a sparse oak. The borrow on the left. At the next intersection, right up to the Notre-Dame chapel.

The chapel Notre-Dame

Access: from Gréoux (25 km, 30 min), follow direction Riez, then Esparron de Verdon. At the exit of the village near the Castle, take direction Quinson (D 82). Join the D15 and D11. Turn left before branching off to the right (D 311) to Saint-Laurent-du-Verdon. At the roundabout of Calvary, commit to the right, cross the village. Veer left at the level of an oratory (Panel Notre-Dame). Follow the road, then the runway 800 m up to the chapel. 1 h 30 round-trip, 3.5 km.
A gentle stroll on the banks of the Verdon between two beautiful villages where life shatter peacefully, to the rhythm of the water of the fountains.
•    The Chapel Notre-Dame, down the track, ignore two successive crosses on the left.
•    The third near a carcass of caravan, turn left and continue for approximately 50 m before a new crossing.
•    Follow right at the edge of plantation of black pines of Austria. Shortly thereafter, leave the main track and take left onto a small path which joins the banks of the Verdon.
•    Walk along the river and join the arrival near the bridge of Artignosc
Back to the Chapel by the same route.

If there is only one...

Small village in the Haut Var, Artignosc is the last of Provence to the secular tradition of the "jeu de paume" which is, in turn, hit a ball with bare hands against the wall... of the Church! Irreducible Artignoscais defy regularly on the Grand Place, there is even an "Association of defence and promotion of the traditional jeu de paume of Artignosc.

On the hillside Chiron

Access: from Gréoux (25 km, 30 min), follow direction Riez, then Esparron de Verdon. At the exit of the village near the Castle, take direction Quinson (D 82). Join the D15 and D11. Turn left before branching off to the right (D 311) to Saint-Laurent-du-Verdon. At the Calvary roundabout turn left towards Montpezat. Shortly after parking on the roadside just before a small bridge. Departure: RWY edge of field, 470 Mr. purpose: point of view on the upstream of the low gorges. 440 Mr. fix: No. Waymarking: yellow. 2 h 15, 5km.
A nice ride, where Mediterranean scents, on the banks of a river which shells its waters to the glittering reflections gets drunk.
•    Take the path that runs alongside the small ravine on the edge of field at the intersection (ruins of Angles), commit to the right.
•    At the next crossroads, keep to the left and get off in the understory. New bifurcation at the level of a field, leave the main trail and continue right to reach the Lake.
•    Then along its shores by the left. Further, the path climbs coteau Chiron.
•    The first duplication, leave the trail to the right and climb by keeping many cairns marked main trail.
•    After a journey in balcony, back down and result in a large clearing near the Verdon. Take left at the large limestone slabs, continue the trail down to the pine forest. At the level of a chain property, remain on the left. Out of the pine forest, turn right and follow the edge of a field. A last steep path to reach the ruins.
•    Finish with the route go to the car park.

Viper Language!

The Thistle snake found regularly on the banks of the Verdon likes aquatic environments which it away little. Fish, frogs and other tadpole, are part of its diet. Its resemblance to the Viper earned him the name "of aspic of water" or "water Viper". Although harmless, it is victim of this confusion and often killed by error despite its... protected species status it shares with the Viper.

La Baume Bonne

Access: from Gréoux (23 km, 25 minutes), follow direction Riez and Esparron de Verdon (D 315 and D 82). At the exit of the village near the Castle, take direction Quinson (D 82). Quinson, Park at the wine cooperative road of Riez (D 11). Departure: wine cooperative of Quinson, 310 Mr. purpose: site of the good balm, 435 Mr. fix: steep, equipped with a small scale. Waymarking: yellow. 2 h, 1.6 miles.
Lower gorge of the Verdon, rich in caves and other shelters, have given prehistoric man the conditions necessary for their survival. This hike leads us on a site occupied by our distant ancestors since nearly 400,000 years.
•    The cooperative, cross D 11 and take the path of Maudevencet in the face.
•    Follow the road, passing the turn right, shortly after the trail starts left (signposted "Meyas by the Calliandra").
•    It runs along a field before climbing on the left, between the walls. The way creeps on the Rocky bar and the slope becomes steeper before unclogging on plateau.
•    Move to the right to read the different panels can return to the level of the "Neolithic" Panel to resume the path that leads to the track.
•    Turn right, walk to the junction, veer to the left. After cutting the high line voltage, engage opposite the dam.
•    At the level of a recently cleared location, recover to the level of a cairn trail which descends along the Verdon to connect the right balm.
Return by the same route.
Variant: spur, turn left in direction of the belvedere of the dam (15 min A/R).

History of men

The earliest occupation of la Baume Bonne dates back to 400,000 years, at the end of the lower Paleolithic and the first occupants of the premises seem to ignore the use of the fire. However, these Ante-Neanderthal would have had the intent to install their habitat as evidenced by metalled surfaces found in the rock of the site shelter. The current hypothesis indicates that to protect themselves from the humidity they would have completed a paving of pebbles. It is currently one of the oldest traces of development known in the world.

The Crève-Coeur vallon

Access: in Gréoux-les-Bains, Manosque take the 0 82 at the level of the cemetery, turn left towards the Castle. Park at the parking lot, top right (Panel information hiking).
Departure: Gréoux les Bains, parking of the Castle, 380 Mr. purpose: Valley of heartbreak. 420 m. fix: no but the climbs are steep. Waymarking: yellow, white-red. 2 h, 3.5 miles.
At the beginning of Castle Gréoux-les-Bains, this walk will take us on the plateau overlooking the village. From there, the different points of view will delight you especially in winter with the peaks of the high Verdon and the Lure mountain, so close. The descent to the Valley of Crève-Coeur is a real treat for the feet...
•    Parking, take the Saint-Jean road right of the Info Panel.
•    This small road above turns into a wide track of pebbles of Valensole. The slope becomes increasingly strong. Further, leaving a wide path on your left.
•    Along a field of olive trees. Pass under a power line and lead to a cross. Continue right (markup) on a very good path that runs along a huge field with a beautiful panorama.
•    Join D 82. Continue straight on for about 400 m. cross a track on the left, take it following a magnificent field of lavender on bottom of mountain of Lure.
•    Reach an intersection. Commit everything right: Manosque views on your right.
•    At the next fork, veer to the left. Lead to a double track at the level of a field, take the left.
•    Achieve a pole indicator Valley of the heartbreak. Take the path on your left. It meanders in a pleasant atmosphere forest to cross a wide path at the bottom of the Valley. Identify and take the path that climbs almost in front of you on the right (marked yellow).
•    Very quickly reach a crossing. Climb on your right. The slope is recovering.
•    Above lead to a track (power line). Continue on your left to find the crossing. Turn right following the same route as the go to the Castle car park.

The circuit of the Tronnes

Access: in Gréoux-les-Bains, down to the Verdon and Park at the parking lot of the baths.
Departure: Gréoux-les-Bains, the thermal baths parking, 380 m. purpose: around the ruins of Tronnes, 420 Mr. fix: No. Waymarking: yellow and red. 2 h 45, 7km.
A feast of forest circuit in the nearby hills of Gréoux-les-Bains. The arrival at the edge of the Verdon, near the dam, will bring you freshness and rest deserved with a pleasant landscaped picnic area. For the most motivated, then mount the chapel Notre-Dame-des-Œufs.
•    The parking of the baths, back to the D8 and down to the left (Verdon). Cross the bridge. At the end, right down the Verdon, longer it. Cross a picnic area. Detect and track an amount way at the bottom. Lead higher up on a small road. Turn left to the D8 and the cross.
•    Continue in front on a wide track. Pass a gate. Reach a fork. Continue right the track becomes steeper. At the level of a hairpin on the right, leave the track for a trail on your left (red markup to the ground).
•    Follows a steady climb in a pleasant shady oak. Lead to a track. Turn left.
•    Above, allow a path on your right. Achieve a first intersection (signpost). Continue straight to reach very quickly a cross.
•    Right down a trail under a canopy with temperatures sometimes striking differences. Longer then a clearing (purpose of the ride and picnic spot). Lead to a cross. Continue to the right. Reach further down another fork. Veer to the right. The trail then follows a little treat. Further down, overlooking Gréoux awaits you as well as the D8.
•    Turn right and stay on the road. Borrow then the small road on your left towards the camping revival. Lower fork right (tennis field). Join the small road from the beginning and return to the parking lot by the same route.

The Chapel Notre-Dame-des-Œufs

Access: of Gréoux-les-Bains (2 km, 5 minutes), take the D 8 to Julien. Cross the Verdon lowest. Turn left after the bridge. Do 1.2 miles and Park in the parking lot in land on your left. Departure: parking in edge of road, 339 Mr. purpose: Notre Dame des-Œufs, 420 m. markup: yellow. 1 h 30, 4.5 km.
To make acquaintance with Gréoux-les-Bains and its surroundings, nothing better than this hike. The chapel Notre-Dame-des-Œufs is ideally placed on a promontory with beautiful views of the village, the meanders of the Verdon and the surrounding mountains.
•    Parking, keep going up the road until you reach a signpost "Notre-Dame-des-Œufs. Take the path on your left. At the fork, continue to the right.
•    Then veer to the left. Later, after a turn left, the trail becomes steeper. A few quite stony laces will take you to the edge of a plateau and at an intersection
•    Take the path on your left to the chapel. After admiring the latter and the panorama, retrace your steps to the intersection. Continue straight. Cross above a few steps of a concrete staircase.
•    Then, the markets are rather rocky. Do not hesitate to return to you because the view is always beautiful. Above lead to a beautiful esplanade in the land.
•    Continue to climb by the beautiful track, right in front of you.
•    It becomes paved a moment and extends into Earth in the middle of an Oak Grove green rather dense. Then it's downhill with prospects on the mountains of the Verdon on your left. Join a road and a sign "Defends". Take the small road on the right which, after a short climb, driven by a pleasant downhill until the signpost then to your vehicle.

The Calanques of Esparron

Access: baths of Gréoux (8 km, 15 minutes), get off at Verdon, pass the bridge and turn left (route de Notre-Dame-des-Œufs) in the direction of Julien beach. Departure: beach of Saint - Julien, 367 m.Purpose: output low Gorge, 360 m. fix: difficult passages on the trail of the channel round. Markup: No. 2 h 30 round-trip, 6.5 km.
Coves, inlets, fjords are evocative names of the wild beauty of the Lake. Mist invade places and "loch of Esparron" appears...
•    Parking, head to the beach and take, just before the first bar, the trail over the canal. Follow the path along the Lake. Go near a bridge that crosses the canal and continue taking care to more narrow and aerial parts.
•    Arrive at the level of a tunnel (do not borrow it) and mount on the left by a pathway soon marked.
•    It leads to a plateau forming several markets. Go left in the direction of the village of Esparron keeping the central part, some cairns along a path without difficulty in orientation. More further by turning to the left, stunning views of the Lake on the edge of Cliff (attention to children).
•    Continue the journey up to the track and turn left to the tip and the beach.
Return by the same route, from the tunnel, the possibility of down the canal to reach the parking lot.

The gorges of the Colostre

Access: from Gréoux (6 km, 10 minutes), take the road to Riez (D 952) to Saint-Martin-de-Brômes. Parking place of the Town Hall. Departure: path below the D 952, facing the crossing, 360 m. purpose: second gateway at the edge of the Colostre, 335 Mr. fix: a steep descent with a delicate passage equipped with a ladder. Waymarking: yellow inconspicuous. Season: all year. A part of the trail can be flooded in case of rain.
A route about contrasting, alternating between sunny areas and the soft shading of river's edge. Oasis of freshness, the gorges of the Colostre are home to a host of more discreet: Europe Beaver.
•    Parking, take the road for 200 m, direction Gréoux. Level crossing (pedestrian crossings), go left down a path that runs along the properties.
•    Go near a small building then closer to the river. Cross it by a railway bridge and follow a wide path that soon after, left oblique.
•    Continue 50 m before finding the indication 'Payanet' at the level of a great bend. The steady climb leads to the plateau, take the right track; in the direction of the Gîte d ' étape.
•    Further cut the high-tension line, skip 2 side tracks on the left and a path on the right that stings on the Gorge. Arrive at the end of the plateau, at the level of a big left turn, leave the track and follow all right a small footpath that cuts another line and begins a tricky descent. Reaching down, go right and reach the shores of the Colostre.
•    Up the river and cross later on an old bridge. The trail then moves provisionally of the watercourse and joined him shortly after by a small rocky threshold. Travels it ment is thus closer to the water to the sewage after crossing a zone wasteland dotted with blocks. Cut the track before the station and join in front the trail which goes up on the mound.
•    He then overlooks the Colostre wins the open area close to the properties of the beginning. Find the road and parking.

Around Valensole

Access: Gréoux-les-Bains (10 min, 13 km), take the D 8 to Valensole traverse the village then down to Riez (D 6). Park in the parking lot below. Departure: parking route of Riez, 542 m
Purpose: ruin of a farm on the Valensole plateau, 611 Mr. fix: short Rocky rise on the plateau. Waymarking: yellow. 1 h 45 round trip, 5.5 km.
The Valensole plateau is a unique viewpoint to admire not only the Verdon but also all the massifs Provencal and southern Alpine. In mid-June, could walk for hours the nose to the wind, drunk by the scent of broom and lavender, mesmerized by the waves yellow and blue fields.
•    Parking, back on the road to Riez, cross it and take the road of Saint Claude. Follow this small road and lead to a cross. Continue straight the path of val Notre Dame still on a nice road.
•    Further, it becomes wide track. Join a cross (greenhouse right). Turn right. A slight slope to reach a road. Continue straight until you reach an intersection (signpost) stay straight.
•    Quickly gain an intersection. Down to the left. Further down the track passes between 2 fields to cross a fork. Veer to the left. After a bend, the road starts to climb with many rollers. At the fork, turn left. Lead higher up on the plateau before a superb field of lavender.
•    It is the beginning of the panorama wide angle! Take the track on your left. At the end of the field, stay on the straight track between wheat fields. Pass a ruin (purpose of the ride). Enjoy many of the grandiose view at this location before continuing on the track.
•    Further, lead to a fork. Continue on your left. The track is lined with large clumps of broom and the village of Valensole appears little by little. After a field of olive trees, the descent begins. Attention because the rollers roll! At the next fork, turn right.
•    Below, achieve a small road. Turn left to reach the crossing of the beginning.
•    Veer to the right to return to the starting point.

The old Quinson

Pretty easy, 1 h 15 from market, 165 m of vertical drop, yellow. Departure from the parking lot of the Town Hall of Quinson.
On the ways of the past, explore the remains of the former village of Quinson.
•    From the parking lot of the Town Hall, join just downstream from D11. Follow it on the right. Pass in front of the Notre-Dame hotel and restaurant before arriving at a crossing where a Calvary is erected.
•    Then leave the D11 road to the right path. At the next crossroads, continue to the left and thus lead behind the Lady chapel. Continue to the right of it. The trail follows an area overgrown, past upstream of a ruin, then gradually deviates from the route before entering in the understory. Rise then facing down the slope. The trail out of the wood. At the intersection, turn right. The trail continues in balcony. The trail leads in crete after a few laces to the right of the ruins of the old Quinson.
•    While the left-hand path is headed, continue straight. The trail winds through the garrigue. Pass near a cairn before lead to a path. Continue by the latter to a clear area. New crossing: two possibilities open to the hiker:
1.    Continue straight on the main road for 400 m around. Turn right. New crossing a little further: continue straight. The trail descends in switchbacks. At the crossing always straight. Ignore all departures of other trails up to the arrival at a big crossroads. Continue straight.
2.    Either turn right. The trail starts to turn on the left. Go down in crossing to join the aforesaid important crossroads. Turn right.
•    The trail passes above a vineyard then to increases. Take the second road on the left, just below. Continue straight to the cemetery of Quinson. Then turn right and return to the starting point through the street of Holy Spirit, Place of peace and Rue du Var.

From the Seouve to Sainte-Magdeleine

Very easy, 1 h 45 from market, 160 m of vertical drop, starting from the car park under the Church in Esparron-de-Verdon.
•    Out of the city of Esparron-de-Verdon by road of Quinson (D82).
•    After an alley lined with plane trees, take right on the road from la Tuilière. 70 m further, turn on the path going to the left, then at the crossing, right.Continue always all right, more or less facing the slope and then on the trail become balcony. After crossing a ravine, the path rises again. It is near another ravine. Rise then right and lead a bit further on a path. Follow him on the right. So lead on a track.
•    Take it on the left. In the two following crossroads, continue straight. Go near a partially ruined shed.
•    At the crossing that follows, turn left (at acute angle). Down the road. Take on the left up to the height of a ruin. Then turn right. Down the trail access to the Bastide Neuve.
•    After the crossroads, turn left on a path along a former channel. Follow it through to its conclusion, below Esparron-de-Verdon cemetery. Get off on the right. At the intersection of C1 and D82 roads, continue straight. After a lace, we find the entrance to the village.
•    Return to the starting point.

Around the Colle

Very easy 2 hour walk, 130 m of vertical drop, yellow. Parking below of the gendarmerie, in Esparron-de-Verdon.
•    The gendarmerie, down to the village. Turn left after a first bowling alley to take a secondary road. Thus pass from residences and then upstream the Dovecote farm.
•    Just after, take left the farm path bordered by a dry stone wall. At the first intersection, continue straight up the river. The second, down right to it. Do not cross it but left take the footpath starting under a wall. Continue as follows and then cross the River to Ford before arriving at a paved secondary road access road to the farm of la Baume.
•    Take it on the left. Cross the river again. Continue until the farm. Pass between the two buildings. At the first junction, continue to the right. The second, continue to mount everything right in the understory. Lead to another path, under a power line.
•    Then continue to the left. Temporarily out of wood and drive along a field dotted with almond. At the next crossroads, turn left. Again in undergrowth, pass again under the power line. The path splits shortly after. Continue on the main road to a collar. While that road multiplies, continue on the same slope. Then cross another collar. At the following intersections, continue in the same direction on the top of the Hill. So lead on the D215 road, Germany-en-Provence in Esparron-de-Verdon.
•    Cross it to borrow at the first crossing, the left hand path then immediately after, the second, again left. After a short crossing, lower upstream D215 road.The join just after having frequented an olivette. Continue straight. Left allow access to a loft. Leave the Ridge before the ruin to descend to the right. Lead right by secondary Highway and reach the D82 at the northern entrance of Esparron-de-Verdon. Follow on the left and find the starting point of the route.

From Saint John to Bayles

Pretty easy. 2 hour walk, 190 m, yellow and then white and Red markup. Departure of Saint-Martin-de-Brômes, parking "Plaça de la Liberación".
•    Parking, go join the D952. Follow her on the left in the direction of Riez, until the crossroad. Travel right route D 82 leading to Esparron-du-Verdon.
•    Right leave the access to the Gorges of the Colostre trail, starting just after the bridge over the River, and continue on the road. When it splits, continue to climb by Esparron-du-Verdon. Before it performs a lace, take the shortcut to the right.
•    Lead on the road again. Borrow so almost opposite, road starting in ascending crossing, limit the communal forest. When it splits, continue to the left. Pass down a cleared space and a bastide in ruins. The path runs alongside a fence then splits again. Continue straight.
•    Miss a capture source. Cross a treeless Valley. The path rises one last time, a little farther before you get down to the bottom of the Valley and reach the road connecting Saint-Martin in Germany-en-Provence. Follow it to the left onto 500 m approximately.
•    Then turn right on the farm path down towards the Colostre.
•    At the first crossroads, continue straight. Turn left at the second. Thus entering undergrowth. The path runs along then the left bank of the Colostre. Pass downstream of a shed. While the path crosses the river Ford, fork right 25 m before the latter to cross it on a gateway. On the opposite bank, continue to the left and thus find their way. Continue this until the end of the field of lavender.
•    Turn right and win route D952.
•    The cross to borrow across the dirt road which rises. He joined the route of great hiking (GR4).
•    Then turn left and follow the GR in crossing and undergrowth. Lead so in crete at the end of a cleared space. The route passes through in its entirety and then enters again in the understory. Move to the top of the Hill and begin to descend. A little further leave the path to borrow left the trail that remains below the ridge. So go upstream an olivette and then down to the village of Saint-Martin-de-Brômes. It passes over a villa isolated before arriving at its path. Follow it on the left. At the Church, turn right. Pass in front of the cemetery and the crossing below the latter, down left in the village where the starting point.


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