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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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Route Napoléon - Castellane

​Starting from Castellane

Stronghold in medieval times, Castellane was one of "locks" the Kingdom of France. The invasion from the East could grow only along three tracks: the coastline, Antibes and Toulon defending. the Var Valley locked by Entrevaux; and the gap of the great plans of Canjuers Calern and Caussols, in the foothills of the Alps that closes Castellane. Throughout history, the strategic importance of this city disappeared. Now it merely, successfully, to be a pleasant climate and especially tourist resort. Door of prestigious Verdon gorges, it is an excellent starting point for many hikes which this chapter gives only a glimpse.

The Pimandon

Opposite Ashram of Mandarom, whose colourful architecture, Hindu inspiration may seem unusual, rises 300 m above the Lake of Castillon, the piton of the Pimandon. From this point, the view embraces the curious the Graou bar and the lake. The descent on the Lake in a charming Cove close to another species of hikers: windsurfers plying the withholding of Castillon in all directions, thanks to the swirling winds that blow into the depression Verdon.
Easy. Altitude departure: 1130 Mr. top Point: 1144 Mr. total elevation: 350 m. duration: 2 h 40. Parking: Church of the Baume 5 km from Castellane.
•    Move the Mandarom D 402. The entrance to the monastery, down right by the small paved road.
•    In the first corner to corner right, leave the road and across fields, move towards a notch down in the roubines. Achieve the indentation and direction, always is, a logging road. When the path passes through a destroyed dry-stone wall, abandon it, leaving a ruin on the right a little further down, and attack the slope of the Pimandon, pointing to the Horn is of a bunch of pins.
•    There, a badly drawn trail climbs left in a sling in a northerly direction, and passes through a second Spinney.
•    Come on rump, it rises along the largest slope, turning Southeast.
•    Pass first replat and continue to the top of the Pimandon (1144 m). Panorama. View West on the monastery of the Mandarom and its monumental statues in shimmering colors. Opposite, to the East, limestone strata of the Graou bar dives in the waters of the Lake which stretches from North to South.
•    Return by the same route that outward, (do not cut right, risks of bars) to ruin left, to resume the logging road. Along a field of lavender.
•    Beginner on a second field of lavender, veer to the right. Down, off-trail in the bed of the little ravine to join the visible cart path below to the right on a hilltop.
•    The cross Creek bed, cast in a sling to the power line 3 wire on poles wood oriented South-West-North-East
•    Power to follow line down. Route field to turn left. Fork. Start on the left. Almost ' come to the Lake, when the power line passes over the road, borrow, right, a small trail that leads down to a beach on Lake. Beach. Follow the shore of the Lake, starting right on a good path trail. Before the road, junction, turn left. A little further on, new branch line. Starting on the right. Similarly to the following.
Out on the road and take the track that shortens a loop. The rest of the return via the same path to go.

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The Blaches Summit

This very easy hike, has difficulties in any end of the course: the last 3 or 4 meters of the Summit Ridge. The remainder of the route is within the reach of all, not tiring and very attractive, constantly on a wide forest track, it offers views of beauty on the Castillon Lake, to the North; to the South, Castellane and the mountains which enclose it in a grandiose circus of West is.
Easy. Altitude start: 887 Mr. top Point: 1312 Mr. total elevation gain: 425 m. duration: 2 h 30.
•    Spur of the D 955 with the 402 D, down southwest of 75 not along the fence of a private property, and the road leading to the Park of transhumance (it is a park with facilities for disinfection, flocks of sheep, transiting the territory of the commune, during the transhumance movements).
•    At the fork take the left road in the forest "the Blaches".
•    The forest road passes under a H.T. line 3 wire on pylons. After the career of breccias located at the edge of the path, leave the way right, to cross the O.N.F. barrier and engage on the road that climbs. At the next fork, go left.
•    The road passes on the flank of the mountain while sprawls in front to the Northwest monastery of the Mandarom on an opposite slope.
•    Neglecting the right track, keep to the left.
•    Fork, turn left on the slope that shortens a newfound earlier road loop. Avoid the track to the right amount. The road overlooks the Lake which extends towards the North.
•    The track ends with a beautiful stand of Cedars. Take the bloodletting which rises, southbound right leaving a wide path, to reach a rocky outcrop which bare ground. Climb this rock with caution, especially in the last few meters. (If we do not want to venture on this rock, one can reach the 1310 terminal which is located 100 metres away and South of the baou, bypassing it by the West, simply embarking on the right path, amount in parallel to the edge, to arrive at the Terminal I.G.N.).
•    Side 1312. Return via the same route as for the climb. Forest road.
•    Barrier O.N.F. D 955 and Cheiron Col.

La Ville

It is the old town of Demandolx. Huddled under a baou, the ruins dominate the dam that separates, Castillon Lake, of the Chaudanne retention to the character of high mountain lake. Water from the Verdon, re-enters twice successively, feeds two hydroelectric power plants. The hike described here is rather a digestive walk, that is to say that it is within the reach of all. The old Romanesque chapel with choir of the 13th, the remains of the castle of the Demandolx, invite the traveller to dream to the distant past of this Eagle's nest.
Easy. Altitude departure: 1118 Mr. top Point: 1170 m. total elevation gain: 8 Mr. duration: 0 h 45.
•    Take the road to Earth on the left of the road, she rides in slight slope, Northwest and then West.
•    Pass under the cemetery behind the Church and grow along the small path switchbacks to the Oratory in the Groove of the Ridge, heading north.
•    Oratory, descend to the right in the direction of the Chapel, situated to the North, in a clearing.
•    Chapel. Bird's eye views of Lake of Castillon. Return via the same route as the go.

Cremon Summit

Long hike on the ridge of Cremon, where the bird's eye view splits on the Lakes to the West and on the ravine of Riou's Vergons to the North, with baous of Chamatte, the Destourbes, the Gourre, and the Teillon that Eastern South bristle the horizon of their after summits. Only passes, and all other St-Barnabé gaps, suggests that there is still something else beyond this curtain of steep cliffs. Attention: course to avoid bad weather or fog.
Average. Altitude starting: 1160 Mr. top Point: 1760 m. total elevation: 600 m duration: 5 h 15. Parking: Demandolx (Cemetery).
•    Engage Northwest on the paved road, following the arrow of the directional panel indicating: Cremon 4 h Summit (this assessment of time is very optimistic, it takes at least 5 h A and R.). Follow the yellow tags above the last houses.
•    At the end of the coating, fit right, pass a new construction after which the path rises switchbacks.
•    Exceed a water catchment. The general direction is Northwest
•    Arriving on a wider, almost passable road, turn left, staying on this path roughly horizontal. Orange and yellow tags. Beautiful perspective on the Chaudanne restraint. Passing a rocky chaos.
•    Be very careful looking at the left side of the road, for not to miss a small cairn marked yellow indicating the departure of a narrow path in the LITTLE RAVINE. (The wide path ends a little further away, in a Rubin). Franchi talweg, cast opposite an area of resurgences Bank and towards the remains of the hamlet of the clue, a northwesterly direction. First ruins of the hamlet. Along the rivulet uphill North at the edge of a line of poplars. Reach an perpendicular to take cart path, starting at the left.
•    Concrete Ford. Directional Panel, following his directions, go right onto a dirt road. Fork. Start on the left.
•    Thirty not after this junction, take a very indefinable trail that rises in scarf Northwest green tags Mingle with the yellow and orange.
•    The West-North-West across the Lake, extends the Ashram of Mandarom with its monumental statues. Cross a dry Creek bed and find the trail in a northwesterly direction. South-South-West, the arch dam of Castillon-Demandolx separates Lakes Castillon and Chaudanne. Groove of glue, side 1336, unspecified on the map. Two directional signs are planted a few meters on the north side.
•    Follow "Cremon Summit", northward under cover of a Scots pine wood. Do not lose the yellow tags, staying on the trail that rises on a slight slope. Cairn quite voluminous, marked yellow. North-North-West, the village of St-Julien sur Verdon dipped her feet in the Lake.
•    Do not miss, arriving on the ridge line, turn right uphill along it. A tag yellow changing direction, painted on a tree trunk reports 5 or 6 not before it. Side 1350. Mount, along the line of the watershed, in the Woods, following well the yellow tags, because the paths are multiple and also badly drawn than the other.
•    The climb becomes more steep always along the Cremon. Stay a bit on the left, steep bars dive right. Coming out of the wood, side 1603 continue on the grassy slope along the line of the watershed. Side 1759. Cremon Summit 1760.
Return via the same route as the ascent.


Rebuilt on the ruins of a chapel of the 9th century, Notre-Dame-du-Roc, watch on Castellane as his ancestor did on Petra Castellana, medieval town, which remains, invaded by the charcoal of Europe, range to the East.
After the curious pentagonal tower and the way of the cross, the panoramic views, that one has from the esplanade of the Chapel, breath you. The return, by the ruins of the old city in the fall, to admire the delicate flowers of the charcoal in Europe also called "hat of a bishop".
Easy. Departure altitude: 725 m. Point at the top: 900 m. total elevation gain: 200 meters journey time: 1 h 45.
•    From the Church along the West side, mount Northeast after have expired it.
•    On the left stands the pentagonal tower with machicolation, remains of the ancient fortifications. The calade becomes almost horizontal. Meeting with a way to take uphill to the right. Exceed the St-Joseph Oratory planted to the right of the trail. Then that of St-Martin and its lovely font.
•    Until the sanctuary, the journey is punctuated oratories whose niches are decorated with ceramics representing the various stations of the way of the cross.In a hollow, on the left, the ruins of Petra Castellana range with its old church and its ramparts. Stay on the direction calade is then South up to Notre-Dame-du-Roc.
•    Retrace his steps to the 9th station of the cross (in refraining from taking shortcuts that have only a single effect by offering a path to rain erosion: to jeopardize this already well battered ancestral calade).
•    Opposite to the 9th station, take on the right trail that goes to the ruins direction is. Bypass the old church and ride north along the trail that passes through a hole in the old wall to the station of abstraction of water located on a hillside. Break the barrier of a restanque.
•    Go left onto the paved lane-oriented North-North-West. Exceed a ruin.
•    Bifurcation, avoid the way right. Descend into the Northwest Branch Creek bed. Arrive in tanks, cross Creek, and immediately thereafter to take the small path from left towards the bottom of the thalweg, following the indications of the Panel.
•    Road, steep and poorly drawn, becomes better marked by following the right bank of the river. After a slate, it widens almost serve wheeled vehicles.Leave a House on the left and lead to a paved road to take left towards Castellane.
•    Crossed the Cebiere subdivision, exit on the RN 85, 1 km from Castellane. Start on the left.

The Teillon Western face

If the difference is more important than in the two previous climbs, this face is less difficult because she is, in large part, on trail and then in grassy slope.
Average. Altitude departure: 927 m. top Point: 1893 Mr. total elevation gain: 970 m. duration: 4 h 55. Parking: Guard, 4 km southeast of Castellane.
•    Leave the village by the N 85 direction is. At 300 metres, go left onto a dirt road. Right take the Causeway lane Northeast marked yellow. A rivulet runs through the path.
•    Junction, take the yellow tag path to right Northeast. It rises in the Rubin to the baou. Foot of the baou. Along the northbound left always uphill. Numerals in white are painted, right, on the rock (196-197). The rocks contain many fossils. The digital markings painted on the rocks, are proliferating. Passage of a breach and resumption of the progression in a northeasterly direction.
•    The trail becomes horizontal overlooking the Valley, left bank. In the Woods, a directional post indicates the direction to follow. To the top of the Teillon, from the right. In the front of the milestone a yellow trail on old blue brands plunges into the talweg, ignore it for now.
•    Continue Northeast while remaining left bank of the ravine "the pits", under cover. The output of the wood. Continue on the high Bank of the thalweg. Side 1392. Grove of boxwood. A Brook cuts the trail. Keep the same Northeast. On the left stands a large erratic block so that right, the bars on the 1634 side bristle South crete. Outbreaks are flooding the road under a pine Spinney. After this last wood, veer to the right in a sling to the col de Rouccas Bourreou direction is.
•    The trail disappears. Follow a track on the ground made tags yellow, current on the dividing line of the waters of a small movement of lined ground from a low of each side. An isolated tree marked yellow followed a little higher, to a cairn, at the foot of which is painted a yellow arrow that gives the axis of market, reaching, direction, to the sheepfold, located in a side 1773 indentation. By the grassy slope, rise to the top of the four terms (destroyed signal, but Terminal I.G.N. ground). Summit. Incomparable views.
The return takes place along the same path the go until the directional post met at the rise.
•    Sheepfold. Cairn. Side 1392. Cover of pine trees. Directional post. Down right blue brands neglected to go, marked yellow trail. Ford the stream of "Gravel pits" and rising up in a sling on the sunny side "Gravel pits", right bank of the ravine. Westward.
•    Crossed a pretty long rabbit Hutch. Then, the terrain becomes more stable, passing at the height of the baou and penetrating into the wood. The direction oblique South-South-West meeting the walls of terraces, éboulés, on the left. Junction with GR 4. Start on the left, following the marks white red and yellow.
The path descends fairly stiff shell of a retaining wall. Arrival at guard.

The mountain of the Destourbes

The Summit closes, South, cirque mountain which encloses the Lake Castillon and Chaudanne. His foot, Castellane, door of the prestigious Verdon gorges, slumbers peacefully. The views from the top of this Ridge are particularly beautiful and extensive, with a very wide opening on the South. Very easy, although with over 800 metres of ascent, it is within the reach of all, do not fail to make its ascension if one resides in the region.
Easy. Altitude starting: 721 Mr. top Point: 1547 m. total vertical drop: 830 m. travel time: 4 h 05.
•    150 away from the southern entrance of the old bridge (15th century) on the Verdon, on the N 85, towards the East, mount right into the trail marked yellow and arrow: 'The Destourbes Summit'.
•    The path rises in shoelaces, well drawn in a southeasterly direction. Fork, go right. Lead to a forest road, cross it and continue in front by the always well plotted and marked yellow trail. Height of the numbered tree 504, new branch, take right before the tree N ° 503.
•    The path overlooks a forest road. It descends in 2 small laces and continues in a sling on the northern flank of Destourbes, a southeasterly direction.Through a large landslide, the view takes on the Chaudanne retention and its dam. Bifurcation, neglecting the left-hand path, follow to the right tags yellow.Side 1238. Grow Southwest long switchbacks.
•    In approaching the final climb to the Ridge, follow yellow footsteps on the ground, in the absence of trail mount directly South.
•    Lead on the ridge. There ends the yellow markup to the tune of a cairn. Properly identify this place need to find for the return. Head Southeast along the Ridge towards emergence in the same direction.
•    Cross wooded sinkhole and climbing on the Rocky Knoll that dominates 1547 m (1543 Terminal is located a little further to 200 m approximately). Side 1547.
•    Clear weather to the Southwest, on the horizon, the mountain of Sainte Victoire is very recognizable in tabular form.
Return via the same route as the go.

Robion chapels and the head of the Beysse

The chapel of Ste Trophime, patron saint of birds, fits into the sheer cliff of the mountain of Robion, above ruins which were perhaps a Hermitage. An anonymous anchoress is dedicated to the reconstruction of this modest sanctuary, our best wishes accompany him. On the other hand, on a nipple, St-Thyrs draws up proudly the silhouette of its Romanesque Bell Tower from the 12th century attached to the chapel of the Templars, alas reworked, and leaned in an old cemetery.The rocks of coast 1251 under the Crown of the Beysse, the lithic landscape, which grows at the entrance to the gorges du Verdon, gives a taste of the fantastic scenery that contained the traveller in these deep canyons.
(As indicated at the beginning of this book, the time of visit of the chapels are not counted in the duration of the trip.)
Average. Departure altitude: 1085 Mr. top Point: 1350 m. total elevation gain: 600 m. the journey: 3 h 25. Parking: Hamlet of Petit Robion, D 302.
•    Climb Northwest behind the oratory between the first two houses of the hamlet, on a cart path. Red tags. Come to a career of breccias, leave it right and continue left on the dirt road. Bifurcation, neglecting the right track, climb to the left.
•    The draille ends in a trail climb steep, Northwest, which reached the foot of the cliff. Along the Southwest. Fork of the path, stay on the left branch.
•    Chapel of Ste Trophime.
•    After be mounted at the Chapel, return to the ruined wall, cross the gap, and off-trail, head down in a sling across broom and hips in a zigzag walk to the Tower of power line which crowns wooded nipple. Do not descend too quickly.
•    Spend nearly a ruin beside which flows a source (the bee Fouant). From there, follow the trail that winds through the terraces. At the foot of the Tower, veer left Northeast parallel to the power line.
•    A little further down, pass under it between two pylons and a gravelled road to follow to the right heading south, then West, yellow tags.
•    Leave right from trail at les Rousses bars, then the forest road that runs right, as well as descending West to continue Southwest in steady climb on the trail of D.F.C.I. (9).
•    Arriving under the power line H.T., go right to the pylon planted in the rocky outcrop, to enjoy a unique look. In due west into the Groove of the Ridge: the village of Rougon.
•    Go right onto the road forest southward.
•    Bypassing the tops of the Beysse, the way dwindles at height of a work of reconstitution of forest area and the path goes North. The mountain of Robion, chapelle Ste Trophime plated in its wall, turn due north. Fork, go left.
•    Groove of the soft, back on the road to the right, down, to Robion. This is an old Causeway Lane, pro-tegea of les Éboulements by a very ancient cyclopean wall. Robion, pass in front of the Church and at the fork, go right, still on the asphalt road. Pass along a great fold.
•    Branch of the road from breakfast Robion, right always down the paved path. Leave on the left the trail to Castellane. Passage under the H.T. line, neglecting runway which engages the left wood. Three or four minutes after, sinking right under the cover, by a beautiful driveway Cavalier.
•    Lead to a treeless mound in the middle of which stands: the St-Thyrs Chapel: vault cradle without DSouza arc ending in an apse in ass of oven. Also note the modillions differently carved under the flange of the cradle and the frieze of the west gable. The Bell Tower square, pierced by arched windows with mullions is a perfect Romanesque style of the 12th century. Return by the same route to go to breakfast Robion.

The Signal of Robion

If the signal is gone, 3 terminals I.G.N. replace it to coast 1660, where the eye is attracted by the impressive peaks of the Brandis Cadieres. The hike described here, is a great market in the mountains off-trail exercise, based on the map and the indications of the guide. However, it is strongly discouraged by bad weather or in the mist. The proximity of very high bars, on the edge of the route, during half the course final should encourage extreme caution in all weathers. If deemed too short, the trip can be extended by the visit to the chapels, Romanesque St-Thyrs, or the, rock of Ste Trophime.
Average. Altitude starting: 1085 Mr. top Point: 1660 Mr. total elevation: 600 m. duration: 2 h 30. Parking: The breakfast Robion at km 3, 200 South-South-West of Castellane.
•    Starting from the oratory between the first 2 houses of the hamlet uphill Northwest on a cart path marked in red. Career as breccias, neglecting the left at the entrance of the quarry Lane, longer it left on a jewelled, ascending path.
•    Exceed the front size and approximately 200 m before a turn left, right angle, mount turning squarely to the right direction North-North-West following small cairns. Get behind a large white block marked with a red tag. Win the West upper edge of the pine woods and head in a sling to sparse oak, on the right, North-North-East direction passing over a small rabbit Hutch. Bumping to a ten metre-high bar, to infiltrate breccia overgrown boxwood, cutting this bar into two parts. Continue to grow at an angle, uphill on the trail that proves, pretty badly drawn, but visible nonetheless. Meander through the pines.Lead on a bare hilltop dotted with bunch of claps (stones) scattered among clumps of boxwood. Left Veer westward to the edge of the Woods to find a red trail which bar the rump. Enter under cover following these marks of painting a southwesterly direction and climb along the steepest.
•    Follow this markup, along the bars that overlook Robion. Be careful.
•    A red tag, square, invites to undergrowth to leave the edge of the bar. Follow this invitation from right and continue the climb in a pine wood. Lead on a platter cleared followed a slight hollow. Keep the Southwest Cape
•    5 km to the North-West the Brandis Cadieres stand their ruiniform walls. On the left a few metres a pen of dry stones, before a curtain of larch, is a summary shelter.
•    Robion signal (or at least remains) and terminals I.G.N. There are 3, spaced a few metres 1660 rating.
The return is done by the same path as the go. Avoid trying to down Robion directly by bars. There is a real danger.

Breis Summit

The rising sun over the ancient road which followed the Jabron and put in communication the bass and the Haute Provence range Trigance and its feudal Castle.Legend says that the Knights Templar took this passage, and that at the time of their extermination, they hid their treasure in the underground of one of their houses in the region.
Ascension of the Breis can embrace a look from the top of the Summit all these legendary points, and dream...The standing stones of the Entreverges field, would not be Knights petrified, stationed there to keep the Treasury...The climb to the Summit (200 meters very steep) occurs among the boxwood by the South face. It is obviously to be avoided by foggy weather, rain or ice.
Easy (a single pass difficult). Altitude starting: 707 Mr. top Point: 1280 m. total elevation gain: 600 m. journey time: 3 hours. Parking: Pont sur Jabron. D 90, at the foot of Trigance.
•    Cross the bridge and fit right Northwest on the asphalted road marked with signs "meaning banned", ignoring the first track which, on the same side, along the Jabron, ends at the WWTP. Avoid the track starting right.
•    2 or 3 minutes later, same for the trail that descends to the bridge of Carajuan (passage of the herds going up or down from the mountain pastures).
•    In the hairpin, that shape the way paved, abandon it to engage on a wide forest track piquant due west.
•    Overlook trail connecting right, stay on the trail. Side 825 route describes a shoelace. Red tags appear.
•    The wide track ends beside an excavation on the right (probably touilles a D.F.C.I. tank and continues more narrow in the initial direction. Well marked, it may be expanded in the future to further the forest way. Side 874.
•    Junction, take the left track. Avoid the trail is going left, stay on the forest trail. A hundred no further overlook the trail to the right to stay on the wider track. In the fall, bearberry forms on each side of the path a thick rug dark green enameled red berries, and in the spring, small white flowers.
•    The track, after a fairly long lace, resumes a northwesterly direction. Side 1016. Casseyere Ridge. The track narrows into a trail that winds through flat between the red marked trees, westward. Arrived at the edge of the cliff that overlooks the ravine of the distillers Combre, go left along the ridge in a southerly direction.
•    In the North-North-West to guess the mountainside village of Rougon. At its feet, the "Point Sublime". Lowest still runs the Verdon which rushes into the Grand Canyon. The trail file now, right side of the line of the watershed South direction.
•    Go under the Breis bars. The well marked path keeps heading South-South-East towards an indentation. In a horizontal passage, turning West, not to be missed on the left side of the trail, a dry tree of 2 metres high, marked yellow. Behind this tree, a sente barely visible, identifiable tags yellow, goes south to the Groove of the ridge. Abandon the path well, to engage to the left on this southerly trail. The yellow markings lead to a collar by turning a little on the left uphill. Down South, the trail becomes a wide yellow marked trail.
•    Arrived at the Summit of a small hill on the left, a cart path unmasks. Borrow it so that white red marks, the GR 49 mingle with the yellow. The hamlet of Entreverges emerges at a bend of the road.
•    Pass above the houses, leaving them on the left.
•    At the crossroads, to the tune of a concrete with transformer Tower, veer left along the GR. The imagination of each can assign a form at each Crag planted vertically in the left field after which should turn North, following the GR tags in the track Centre stands the mountain of Robion. Be careful not to lose the GR. marks
•    Give up the dirt road to follow the directional arrow "Trigance". Wrong path trail turned Northeast. Along the border in a large meadow slope, to arrive at a well from which a hollow way, always keeping the tags white red and yellow.
It's this well to tackle the ascent of the tops of Breis. Mount directly in the boxwood following the edge of the bars to the top. Not difficult, but rude. Count 45 minutes to assemble, and 35 minutes to get down, either A R. time not counted here.
•    From due East, gradual downhill trail along the basis of Serrières du Preil, in a garrigue any Provençale.
•    Enter the terraces under the guise of a wood of pines and Oaks. Lead to a cart to follow right path down. Under the power line, which bar the road between a post wood and a metal post, start on the left, without losing the tags. A little further down, cross paths, go left following the cart path that goes down.
•    Junction, turn right on a narrow path that goes is. Entry in Trigance. Follow everything right the street facing East, while the Castle overlooks the village. At the foot of the Bell Tower, right down the stairs to the Fountain Square, then head left towards the Town Hall and the channel Of the Church and the post, continue right around this last and under the wall, take left the widest.
Cross the bridge and starting point.

In the Gorges of the Verdon: the Imbut

It is the only golf course in the Gorge, which can be found here. Very classic, other routes are described in multiple guides and are aimed especially at hikers particularly motivated by the path from the bottom of the Gorge. GR 4 West is (trail Martel), GR 99 from South to North with their FFRP guidebooks (26), they did not need to be referred to again. Books that describe them are very well made and it would be hard to do better. Whatever it is I couldn't speak of Haute Provence without invite the hiker to come take a look, by dipping into this wonder of the world that is the Grand Canyon du Verdon. The proposed hike, here borrows trail Vidal and caters to hikers well trained, experienced in the difficulties, although the difference is not very important. Some very difficult passages are to formally refrain from undertaking it by bad weather, fog or ice storms, these passages becoming so frankly dangerous. Finally, here as elsewhere, be sure to point out, before your departure, your intention to do this race, as well as the scheduled time for your return. And don't forget to Don serrated shoes.
Difficult. Altitude departure: 802 Mr. top Point: 932 m. low Point: 508 Mr. total elevation gain: 450 m. duration: 4 h. Parking: outside the hotel of jumpers D 71 19 km from Castellane.
•    Leave along the fence of the hotel (West face), follow the white red and yellow tags of 99 GR. Some 100 steps from the beginning of the trail, leave the yellow tags, which on the left will no longer retain those white red 99 GR. Go under the power line.
•    The trail begins descent, fast, stiff, smooth and slippery rocks. Get off the scale. Right leave an abstraction of water. Exceed a red white marked telephone pole. Avoid, in a combe, a path that connects to the right. Bottom of the canyon.
•    Take the path that leaves left, parallel course of left bank water. At no time should cross the Verdon, the entire route is on its left bank.
The Estellie gateway.
•    Stay left bank by abandoning the GR 99 which will later join the GR 4. (The latter descends from the cottage of the Maline and joined Rougon up the Verdon River right bank). Continue left bank by the Imbut, a directional arrow marked yellow trail.
•    A stele on a rock commemorates the death of a canoeist at this location.
•    Along a large Baume. The foot of the cliff is plagued of Baumes. Result in a beech forest, pass in front of two huge fayards (beech), continue undergrowth without closer of the watercourse, as are invite red arrows leading to a point to boat.
•    Another series of Baumes. Use the trunk of a Beech, clinging to the slope, to the crossing éboulé trail. Along the foot of the cliff. Equipped overhang of a cable handrail. Followed by a second after having passed a Baume. Arriving on a platform, before a long Baume, down to the rivers, to the right, describing laces.
•    Passages in successive overhangs. Narrow tightening of the watercourse that trail bypasses in amount. Left a cave opens widely. Avoid the path that descends to the right towards the river. Ride to the left.
•    After 2 or 3 laces fork with signs: trail Vidal (marked yellow), left, and the Green signposted Imbut right trail. Turn right towards the Imbut. Down to the river.
Imbut, end of the trail.
•    It is a big cyclopean boulders blocking the course of the river which became underground. Commemorative plaque of an another canoeist dead here.
•    Return to the junction with trail Vidal, that should be taken now to exit gorges by climbing the cliff with amenities that make it easier. Very steep ascent, advance cautiously. New cave. Immediately after, mounted vertical with handrail.
•    Starting right at the exit of this small climbing.
•    A few steps farther, climb the ladder sealed in the wall. Exit on the plateau at height of a warning sign. Follow the yellow tags, and arriving on a small esplanade, turn right on a cart path. D71.
•    25 step in is on the road and left sink a southwesterly direction.
•    The evil plot trail, invaded by Underwood, is staked, far and away, by small cairns. A yellow marked pillar emerges from the surrounding Oaks, do not worry if you lack, continue South-South-West to a northeast-oriented cart path GR 99 marked white red, to be followed until the arrival, left a northeasterly direction. Fontaine de Périer, small source located to the right of the track. On the left is guess great bloodletting of the Grand Canyon with, above, the laces of the road of the peaks of the right bank of the Verdon.
•    A double tag indicates a change in direction of the GR to follow down to the left and abandoning the cart path. Meeting of a new cart path, turn left down.
•    Fork, go right. The track becomes trail in insinuating in the terraces. New fork, go right.
Out on D 71 to follow is about 100 meters to find the starting point.

Cadieres of Brandis

Splendid rocks erected towering walls over the course of the Verdon, the Brandis Cadieres give hikers who contemplate them, an irresistible urge "to go see them more closely". As climbers, they are a permanent challenge for them. Proposed here, hiking will lead in a universe Karst extra-ordinary. It should, however, be warned that the passage of many and deep limestone pavements, a rocky chaos, require a certain sense of balance and walking on rocks (I say even a certain sense). Obviously this golf course is to avoid bad weather, first by security, then because in unfavourable atmospheric conditions, may not see much of the beauty of the site.
Average. Departure altitude: 1146 Mr. top Point: 1600 m. total elevation gain: 500 m. the journey: 3 h 15. Parking: pass the Lèques 4 km Castellane 550.
•    Starting on the wide Road southbound. Junction, turn right signposted yellow closer track Southwest. Journeying in a pine wood.
•    New branch line, keep to the left, and then climb into the trail marked yellow, turn left towards the South. Keep the yellow markings, avoiding the rise in steep path left.
•    Output on a wider path to follow a southwesterly direction along a talweg, right, while in the forest of beech trees appear. Leave the wide path, turn left on a narrow trail always yellow. Left leaving a huge rabbit Hutch, continuing to ride South.
•    Arriving thus at the foot of the Sapee bar, at a place called Chalonnet. The yellow track will address, off the trail, a passage a little impressive but not dangerous.
•    Rising in a trough, pass under a natural arch; do not lose the yellow marks on the ground. Cross the sinkhole by crossing with caution the lapiaz especially if snow covers the ground. New sinkhole to cross and climb in front towards the pines lining a hollow, Southeast
•    Pass another SINKHOLE. New low enough. By an undulating, leave the cover on a slope grassy direction is right. Failing to the right of the old yellow footsteps to follow those cooler left. Passing to the sunny side of the bar of the undermined the view on the left is blocked by the Summit of the Cadieres.
•    Meander under cover. After a plateau populated tall pine trees, arrive in its border where a grandiose panorama of the Verdon to the South and South-West Cadieres, spreads before the hiker. The descent begins, is on the flank of the massif in the direction of the telecom antenna located to the East on the ridge of Bernaiche.
•    Fork, avoiding to go right, towards the great Cadière and the Menhir that stand to the West, to keep the cap is. Telecom antenna take the forest management is.
•    The leave in a notch to follow along the line of the watershed, off the trail, the crest of the Bernaiche glue to the terminal of Chalon. Initially avoid the red marked path sloping, right, towards Villars Brandis and GR 4. Cote 1404 achievement and return to the Groove. Right down the forest road, 50 metres from the first turn passed, plunge right into the yellow trail northward into a mélézin planted pine. Back on the forest road to marked tree 577 height.Junction, keep to the left. Avoid the path that descends to the right towards Castellane. Left to right, a tank of D.F.C.I.
•    Height of the tree numbered 574, turn left-oriented trail West, almost horizontal. Side 1225, the trail descends "undulating" market. Area of resurgences. A trail descends right marked with a yellow cross, take it despite this sign. Meeting with the path of the go, marked yellow, take right, starting Northeast
Starting point.

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