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Route Napoléon - Saint-Auban

​Starting from Saint-Auban

Famous for its impressive clue, St Auban is a good basis for starting in hiking in all azimuths. Neighbouring summits over 1500 metres. Winter snow is abundant and the small St-Auban and Vauplane ski resorts attract lovers of skiing in family resort. Can be found between friends, few, but loyal and hardworking. It is the high Estéron with its folding East-West continuation of the arc of Castellane.

Col des Portes

This 7 hour walk hike can be abbreviated 2 h if you have 2 cars. One of them is left A St-Auban, and the other driving starting point which is then of La Foux D 2211, 5 km 100 southwest of St-Auban, the back ending in St-Auban after 6 h. Whence is returned, with the car left there in parking, retrieve that go, at La Foux. Col des Portes is a passage through a gap in the bars of the Teillon. Spring meadows following the pass are of real gardens where spring gentian and Primrose formed beautiful cushions flowers on fine grass.
Average. Altitude departure: 1074 m. Point at the top: 1461 Mr. total elevation gain: 550 m duration: 7.00 parking: D 2211 carrefour with the 80 D 3 km from St-Auban.
•    The crossroads, from South-South-East on the D 80. After 200 metres take the right dirt road, parallel to the D 2211. Leave above and on the right the village "Les Laites". Out on the road, before a small culvert, followed the 'dry bridge'. By D 2211, arrive at "La Foux". Go past the Church.
•    In turn at right angles to the road and 75 metres after the bridge, take, right, on the paved path bordered by a power line pole wood.
•    Go left at the fork. Orange tags in the direction opposite to that of the progression.
•    At the second junction take the narrow trail, westward. Cross a Creek bed. Mount right at the crossing. On a flat part, work around the ruins of the farm from the North and search, following the orange marks on the ground, the path which rises diagonally to a hundred meters from thence northwesterly to rise above water.
•    Turn right onto the fork. Cross the small plateau of the Lauvasse, a northwesterly direction after wood and a large detached rock, the trail climbs to the ledge.
•    Pass doors. Down to the decline in replat. Right before immersing in the small trail red green in the combe, leaving the orange tags. Exceed the cross and stay left bank of the thalweg. At the bottom of the ravine, pass Creek Ford and continue on the wide path of land North-North-East direction.
•    Cross the bridge over the Estéron. Move left on the road Causeway and then tarred, amount to the hamlet of Teillette, including the chapel stands next to the cemetery. Turn right in front of the Chapel, between the cemetery and a ruin, to arrive in Soleilhas trail direction East, successively passing 3 oratories.
•    Cross the village from West to East toward the power line T.H.T. follow this line by the road that the lanyard. Starting right at the oratory. In a fork, rocks on the left are marked with light blue, can read St-Auban and a directional arrow, engage on the left by the following.
•    The path rises gradually overlooking the ravine of the Coulettes.
•    Stay on the left-hand path at the fork. Reach level 1300 curve. Carrefour. Follow the indication "St – Auban by le Col", on a nearly horizontal path, or slight downhill to reach to the top edge of the clue. Mount cross the pass and down to St-Auban along the bar of the clue, passing the remains of the Romanesque gate of Tracastel.
•    6 h 00 Saint-Auban. Join D 2211 South of the village.
After the bridge on the Estéron, mount right to the Gîte d ' étape (leaving the D 2211). Pass the latter in rising along the line electric southeasterly following red white tags, 51 GR has. Road tilts towards the D 2211 that it runs a few metres, above and to the right, until the transformer of the Brunet, where he borrowed it for the follow up to the starting point.
Carrefour D 2211 and D 80.

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Soleilhas and the Clue of St-Auban

The charming village of Soleilhas deserves a special visit also, compared to the previous, very long hiking, this trail leaves time to do round this corner of Haute Provence. Linger a bit, to see the remains of the façade of the castle of the 17th century and the Church of the 13th century. If you have the ability to penetrate into the ground floor of the wing is the Castle, you can admire a magnificent fireplace any Korans. The hike ends by the path above the clue of St-Auban and the passage outside the door of the former Castle of Tracastel.
Easy. Altitude departure: 1018 m. Point at the top: 1300 m. total elevation gain: 400 m. duration: 4 h 10.
•    At the bottom of the village, on the D 2211 before the bridge, 75 metres from the Terminal: km 15, take on the right the cart path along a Maisonette in a westerly direction, left bank of the Estéron.
•    The road runs along the river. Neglecting successively 2 culverts leading on the other shore to private property. A trail succeeded the jewelled path westward. At the first fork go to the left. At the second, on the contrary, to the right.
•    Stay on the cavalier driveway on the edge of the terraces. A bridle, keep the direction West, always left bank of the river.
•    Bypassing the South a cultivated meadow, parallel to the 305 D happening right and 20 metres away, bordered by a power line. The track becomes non-existent, a Ford to spend right bank. Continue off the trail, to advance through the wood by intermittent sentes, westward. Grow a little towards the tall trees to escape the brush from the edge of the River, but keeping the Western Cape. By meeting a long meadow, return to the River to meet a forest track.
•    Stay on this path that climbs a little (South) to work around a small ravine through which it passes then to cross driveway oriented North-South. Keep the westward.
•    Cross the Estéron at Ford and veer towards Road North-North-East. Soleililas. Take the road through the village, turn right into the first alleyway and head towards electrical line T.H.T. located east of the agglomeration.
Follow the stony road parallel to the line. Public speaking, go right. Follow the previous route to Saint-Auban.

The top of the Teillon (1892 m)

The top of the Teillon, or "Summit of four terms" offers an exceptional panoramic view on the Prealps of Grasse and Castellane, with the Lakes of Chaudane and Castillon. In this guide 3 ways are given to the top: described here, the face is. Each of these ascension have their peculiarity, their charm and... their difficulties, because all are very easy and accessible to any hiker.
Easy. Altitude starting: 1122 Mr. top Point: 1892 Mr. total elevation gain: 800 m duration: 3 h 55. Parking: Soleilhas.
•    From behind the Church in the West direction to the hamlet of Teillette which the chapel stands adjoining the cemetery. Continue West upstream right bank of a ravine by a poorly drawn path, disappearing sometimes.
•    Progress, remaining slightly above the Creek bed. Ridge reached in a sparse wood, veer left uphill along the steepest direction South. In the absence of trail, stay below the East side of the ridge line.
•    After a flat grassy area, mount in a hollow towards the Ridge toward the signal reaches to the top of the four terms. Down South-East following the orange tags. Do not leave these marks to pass the gates.
At the Col Des Portes, follow the path described above, to arrive in Soleilhas.

The top of the Teillon (North Face)

Proposed below route includes an off-trail, undergrowth and request a little usual to evolve in this kind of terrain. The ravine karst landscape of limestone pavements is particularly remarkable in the locality: "Pas des Fedes" (Pas des Fées).
Average. Altitude departure: 1335 Mr. top Point: 1892 Mr. total elevation: 600 m. duration: 4 h 10. Parking: D 102, 700 m after the col de St-Barnabé.
•    Starting on the left of the D102 on red white marked forest track (GR 4), westward. At 200 meters, the dirt road is crossed by a power line 3 wire on poles wood. Hundred after planted pole to the right of the track, climb through the Woods by a poorly drawn path, a southwesterly direction, to the tune of a sign "hunt reserve".
•    A 3-wire H.T. line passes over the trail, which disappears shortly after. In a sling mount Southwest reaching the Rocky Ridge, between 1424 and 1473, at the "PAS de la Fayette".
•    Ridge to follow westbound line. Achieve a cairn. Stay on this line of karst and inground lapiaz ashore 1473 Ridge crossing a bleeding three or four meters, at the "PAS de Fedes" (Pas des Fées).
•    Mount in a sling on the northern flank of the mountain in a southerly direction is. Rise to pass the gullies above their birth, always progressing Southeast uphill.
•    Get so over a plateau on which is built a refuge for shepherds 'La Goinchee' side 1675.
•    Veer West climbing the grassy slope in a hollow towards decreased, located between the four terms and backup (1832 m). Right leave a little another shelter in a SINKHOLE.
•    Ridge line and presence of orange tags. Go South to the top of the four terms.
•    Summit side 1892, signal and Terminal I.G.N. views very extended in all directions.
Return via the same route as the go.

The summits of the Gourre and the Bernarde

The rise of Soleilhas to Vauplane (family skiing station) through Chapel Romanesque St-Barnabé (patron of harvest), remarkable in its pure simplicity. The Summit of the Gourre the 180 ° panorama, from North to South through the West is sensational. No screen interposes between the observer and the horizon. As far as can wearing eye the landscape stretches in length and depth. The Bernarde complete the 360 ° of the horizon round side is, with canvas Fund, Mercantour whose ridges line forms the boundary with the Italy.
Average. Departure altitude: 1150 m. Point at the top: 1947 Mr. total elevation gain: 1000 m. travel time: 5 h 20. Parking: Soleilhas, Monument to the dead.
•    Climb to the village. The back of the Church (North entrance) go left (West) and then take the first alley which goes right, bordered by a small canal. Out of the village by following this beat. At the point where it disappears, continue to climb in meadows uncultivated until you find the bed an old bégude dry.
•    Veer to the North, along the horizontal channel, toward the electric line on pylons, which emerges from the ravine. Arrived at this line the direction orients Northwest always trace the old canal. When it becomes impracticable due to the brush, descend from a few metres to the wide road of exploitation which goes Northwest, regular sloping. The power line as parallel below.
•    Col de St-Barnabé. Continue Northwest on the dirt road, behind the oratory planted at the intersection of 102 D and the road to Vauplane.
•    Chapel of St-Barnabé and meeting with the GR 4. Take the northbound GR, towards St-Barnabé ravine. Pass the outbreaks and along the left bank of the ravine. Blue tags Mingle with the GR. red white
•    The well traced path, cut by a forest road, switchbacks and takes up North. Bifurcation, avoid the trail descending left to stay on the GR. cross fording the Creek twice bed. Vauplane. Follow the road to a trough at the entrance to the car park.
•    Climbing off the trail in the direction of an indentation of the Ridge, leaving on the right the bleeding of the rainwater collector. Ridge line, Coast 1791.
•    To go to the top of the Gourre, left from South-south-westerly direction along the line of the watershed, following the blue marks that mingle red yellow.
•    Top of the Gourre. Return to coast 1791.
•    Coast 1791. To reach the Summit of the Bernardé, go along the Northeast Ridge. Bernardé 1941 Mr. by the same path to go, return to coast 1791, then down Vauplane. Avoid trying to gain Vauplane in direct descent before the coast 1791, is embarrer or risk dealing with bad roubines. Coast 1791. Tumble on Vauplane. By GR 4 return to St-Barnabé. Chapel. Take the path go to return to Soleilhas.

Indentation the Gourre

The decline of the Gourre, at the foot of a Baou overlooking the 100 metres, offers at a glance barely smaller than the one obtained from the Summit. In summer in hot weather, the passage in the shadow of the beautiful forest is preferable to the ascent of the Crown which is done in bare ground, exposed to hotter. The green carpet of the decline is a delight in the spring, strewn with flowers of the prairies of the subalpine which contrasts sharply with the Mediterranean scrub, crossed to the col de St-Barnabé.
Easy. Altitude departure: 1150 m. top Point: 1764 Mr. total elevation gain: 650 m. duration: 4 h 10. Parking: Soleilhas, Monument to the dead.
•    Start as shown on the previous hike and follow this route until the junction. Right leave the GR to get left off by following the blue tags, then cast on right bank of the ravine.
•    White Terminal O.N.F. NO. 9. A little further a tree is marked 207. Branch line, starting right in keeping the blue tags.
•    New fork, go right towards Northwest. Overhang, Northwest Passage. Tree numbered 101. Fork, stay on the trail that climbs to the left and then back West. Source by the roadside. Orange tags Mingle with blue marks, and branch is moving north. Indentation of the Gourre, side 1754. To enjoy a broad panorama, cross the small hollow of Northwest right and move forward on the crest of the small rump following this hollow (a hundred steps roughly downward). Return by the same route as the go until the junction encountered uphill ironing before the source. Fork. Down to the left leaving the blue markings.
•    Meeting of GR 4-height of the road. Follow the red white tags of the GR, down the bed of the ravine ST-Barnabé south-westerly direction.
•    Cross 2 times the Creek bed. End up left bank. Stay on the left-hand path. On the other hand make the journey go.
Coulettes - Chapel St-Pierre
It is in a bucolic landscape that unfolds this hike. The chapelle St-Pierre, small Romanesque splendor of medieval art was restored with the help of the association "SoleilhadeS", which works to safeguard the architectural and natural heritage of the municipality of Soleilhas in its mountain cirque. The return, by the Ridge due to St-Auban, crossed to go, through the ruins of Tracastel, fortified castle that in troubled times, watched over the village.
Easy. Altitude starting: 1016 Mr. top Point: 1250 m. total elevation: 600 m. duration: 4 h 30. Parking: St-Auban.
•    Down the clue on the road and follow the yellow tags on it. Caution because of the traffic. Exceed the post milestone N ° 3. Go through the tunnel. Leave left directional post N ° 5. Abandon the 2211 D to take the D 80 to la Sagne and the Prignolet.
•    Cross of the St - Pierre Creek Bridge. Climb left on the trail which collapses 2 laces of the road. At the Oratory of the crossroads of "Bartouille", go left on the paved track that descends to the West.
•    Pass the hamlet of "Pandonis". Out of it, stay on the Road downhill.
•    In the hollow, turn left the southern direction, keeping the cart path. Antenna of telecom, engage on the Southwest amount trail overlook road which leaves to the right. New fork, go right. Similarly to the next. Passing a small pass.
•    Post milestone N ° 12, avoid left the trail of St Martin, continue towards the "Coulettes". Yet leave a descending trail on the left. Follow the yellow hooked after trees and marks telephone line.
•    The path plunges to the bottom of the stream of la Sagne. Arriving in water, down a few meters on the left bank and cross the bridge. Mount opposite bank, westward.
•    Lead to a populated dish of beautiful oak trees, always following the telephone line.
•    Neglecting the left-hand path towards the hamlet of the Coulettes, straight ahead. Without entering the hamlet, at post No. 13 in the first House, climb along a small begude. Chapel St-Pierre. Continue towards the waterfall, leaving on the right the post indicating "La Sagne".
•    Return on its steps from 15 to 20 meters and climb the rocks guiding on a piste orange, very easy. Reached above the waterfall, along Veraillon Creek on 20 steps and cross it to Ford to find opposite, an orange and yellow trail. Stay on the trail right, winding southward, in a beautiful wood of Oaks and pine trees.
•    Turning South-South-West trail is almost horizontal. Keep the yellow and orange tags.
•    The descent begins on some less wooded, cut off from roubines.
•    At the end of a pass, the Teillon stands majestically, straight ahead, to the West.
•    The trail reaches on a track of land at height of an oratory. Side 1148.
This item if you want to go in Soleilhas (30 minutes AR), time not counted here, follow this road on right. Otherwise, turn left on a southeasterly direction on this track. Fork. Return St-Auban.

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