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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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Vallongue-Fer, la Combe, Maurouès, Plaine de Barènes, Plaine de Maton and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

To locate you in the following pages, a list of each treaty hiking trail will be introduced in order to facilitate the choice of trails and reading.
Hiking trails treated
•    Vallongue - Iron: the Arnavel Circuit, Circuit of the Plains, Circuit de Lardeyret.
•    The Combe: Circuit of the coil.
•    Mauroue: Tour of the Ubac de Pinet, Circuit de Peire Amare, the Prayon.
•    Plain Barenes: Ridges of the plain of Barenes, Circuit of the aisles, Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bellevue.
•    Maton plain: Circuit of such.
•    Moustiers-Sainte-Marie: Summit full show Circuit, Circuit of the Vals, the caves of Saint-Maurin Circuit, top of full show, Circuit of the olive tree, path of the Bastidon, Circuit of repentance.
The natural unit of Vallongue-iron is limited to the West by the C.D. 4 road, bordering the Durance of Vinon-sur-Verdon to the step of Auquet; to the North, the track and the road joining C.D. 15 to Valensole. to the East, by C.D. 8 heading south towards Gréoux-les-Bains. to the South by route C.D. 952 of Gréoux-les-Bains in Vinon-surVerdon.
The Arnavel circuit
All difficulties: P2 (for average hikers)
Time: meaning of the description: 5 h, reverse: 5 hours elevation gain: climb: 281 m, descent: 281 m mileage: 16,200 km
Features: beautiful circuit with no particular difficulty. Course can be carried out throughout the year
Mapping: map I.G.N. n 33-42 W, Manosque

Description of the route
Gréoux-les-Bains (alt.: 367 m), travel route C.D. 82 Manosque. Go past the cemetery and 50 m further, embarking on a dirt road to N, to left (R.D.) of the Goutette ravine, in the middle of an Oak Grove of Oaks dotted with cades and boxwood. Pass under a line at H.T., and then reach a discharge followed by more far from bifurcation (Alt.: 413 m).
•    Gréoux-les-Bains: 30mn. Follow the left hand path rising (P2) on sometimes rocky ground, pool game to the right and reach the edge of a field after a strong side. Bypass it by the right and be on a track to the W on the farm of glue (alt.: 501 m).
•    The Vallon de Goutette: 20 min. Cut the track, a good path follows cultures located to the right and down a valley through the Woods, followed by a line to B.T. leave two small roads deviating to the right and reach the Carter Road accessing the area of la Brunetière (alt.: 435 m (ruins and was cementing).)
•    The field of glue: 25 min. Gradually, it turns towards the S following cereal crops, until it whacked in a transversal way (alt.: 410 m) (right, join the domain of the Tower).
•    The Chabrands road: 20 minutes. Stand to the left in a grove of Oaks and pubescent, and then on a mountainside where one dominates the ravine of Serraires extended by the vast cultures of Clarency. Pass under two lines at H.T. then rising slightly in a pubescent Oak Grove in order to win a cross track (Terminal N.G.F.) (alt.: 524 m).
•    The Carrefour de la Tour: 45 min. Left, northeasterly, crossing an amount plateau slightly (alt.: 527 m) and then down to a collar (alt.: 509 m). A path deviates to the left.
•    Terminal N.G.F. (alt.: 524 m): 10 minutes. This path to the West, first in amount up to the end of a culture, then through the Woods, down a runway in jas Melanie. Pass again under the two lines to H.T. and dominate further subdivision of the Chabrands which can be reached after passing left a water tank and a pumping station. The left win the road (alt.: 397 m) and to the left, again, the first hairpin, parking place (alt.: 380 m).
•    Collar, 509 m: 1 h.
The circuit total: 2 h 15.
Circuit of the Plains
All difficulties: P1 - P2, with passage T1, orientation time: meaning of the description: 1 h 45, reverse: 1.45 hours elevation gain: climb: 95 m, descent: 95 m
Mileage: 6,200 km
Features: route varied to avoid days of extreme heat mapping: map I.G.N. No. 33-42 E, 'Valensole.

Description of the route
On the C.D. 15 road, approx. 2,800 km, at the exit of the village of Valensole, join the hollow of the Valley of Bignette (alt.: 571 m) (possibility of parking).
Back on the road in the direction of Valensole for approx. 250 m, and South, a path of Earth through fields. Go to the right of the ruins of beef, overgrown by vegetation. At the first junction, turn left (Southeast) on approx. 600 m where it strikes against a broad track (alt.: 594 m).
•    The Vallon de Bignette: 25 min. Right, southwesterly, pass not far a square House with a roof collapsed, on the left, and continue until the road (C.D. 6), at a place called "Sings-bis" (alt.: 583 m) (small shack).
•    Access to the track: 25 min. Follow the road for approx. 250 m and take the first path right to the N, bowing very quickly to the West. It returns to the Northwest going down the ravine of iron (alt.: 528 m).
•    Access to the road: 20 minutes. Right, go up the Valley through a steep side, left of truffle and then win a bifurcation to a construction, after passing left an Apiary (alt.: 586 m.)
•    Access to the ravine of the railway: 20 minutes. Go left and bypassing the right property along with cereal crops, left down one of them, and by a small path through the Woods, earning a small path that leads to the road near the parking area (ait.: 571 m) (P2 - T1 East.).
•    Fork (alt.: 586 m): 15 minutes.
Total of the circuit: 1 h 45.
Lardeyret circuit
All difficulties: P2 (for strollers and small hikers) time: meaning of the description: 0 h 45, reverse: 0 h 45 metres in height: climb: 137 m, descent: 137 m
Mileage: 2,600 km characteristics: small circuit that can furnish a part of the day. Can be done in all seasons landscaping schedules
Mapping: map I.G.N. n 33-42 W, «Manosque.

Description of the route
Gréoux-les-Bains, travel approx. 3,500 km, to the Javi road, route C.D. 8, heading towards the village of Valensole. Approx. 150 m after access to the area, on the left, a green path rises on a path through a wood (alt.: 379 m) (possibility of parking).
With this trace up northwesterly leaving a path on the right, the Hill is pretty rough (P2) on a ground dug ruts. After a corbelled, reach the plateau through Oaks and 50 m before reaching a bend to the left, be at the junction of a road that departs right (alt.: 516 m).
•    C.D. 8:35 mn road. The slope decreases and our route winds through the ravine of Lardeyret up whacked to the path going to the Laoupi (alt.: 388 m).Right, merge onto 300 m further.
•    Shelf: 20 mn
Total of the circuit: 45 min. Off-route: taking the path on the left, is accessed in 20 minutes at the farm of the Laoupi on the plateau (alt.: 519 m).

The Combe
The natural unit of La Combe is limited to the W by the Durance (C.D. 4) from the step of Auquet at the confluence of the Asse; to the North, by the Valley of Asse until the white Bégude; to the East, by road C.D. 953 going South to the post by such; to the South, by C.D. 8 until Valensole and C.D. 15 until the step of Auquet.
The coil circuit
All difficulties: P2 (for smaller hikers) time: meaning of the description: 2 h 15, reverse: 2 h 15 metres in height: climb: 194 m, descent: 194 m
Mileage: 7,800 km. Features: circuit varied in a pleasant site can be browsed in all seasons landscaping schedules
Mapping: map I.G.N. n 33-42 W, «Manosque.
Description of the route
On Highway C.D. 4, coming from Vinon-sur-Verdon and going to prayer, join the step of Auquet and the path of the ravine of the Combe (alt.: 330 m) (possibility of parking).
Browse the sinuosities of the Combe Valley, flanked on the right by a power line to B.T. After surroundings of Oaks, they are plantations of olive trees to the left, and then almond trees right that we follow. Cross the ravine of la Robine, then cross by alternation of cereal crops and oak woods leading to the field of the Combe (alt.: 396 m) of mulberry trees.
•    The Auquet no: 45 min. Sights: the field of the Combe consists of several fairly grouped old outbuildings forming a small hamlet right and left, lightweight constructions used for warehouses of farm and grazing for sheep. Exceed the domain through a sparse woods of pubescent and poplars, and then reach a crossroads. Engage right by a pretty ravine way, rising regularly until it whacked against the cross the Panneliere (alt.: 501 m).
•    Du Domaine de la Combe: 20 minutes. Go right uphill slightly towards a first crossroads, to the Chabertes farm. Towards it (alt.: 507 m).
•    Access to the path of the Panneliere: 5 minutes. Sights: the Chabertes farm consists of several aligned dependencies. Right, ruins; to the left, two typical wells; behind, sheep Park, and H.T. line; Autour, magnificent Oaks. Before reaching the farm, take a path on the left along with cereal crops left and apricot right. The path winds, over the ravine of the Robine then coming whacked against a broad transverse road right antenna alt.: 494 m).
•    The Chabertes farm: 15 mn. Stand on the right, West, between cultures left and a wood of pine of Aleppo bordered Cedar right. Pass under a first line to H.T., and then move to the right of the closing of the field of Grand Villard. Pass under a second line to H.T., and path deviating to the right towards the North. It tilts to the Northwest, through a canopy of Juniper, and reaches the ruins of les Bessons (ait.: 484 m).
•    Access to the track: 25 min. Sights: the ruins of les Bessons are presented in a rather curious way. They consist of wall panels made of amalgam of large pebbles. Around and inside, fig and almond trees. To the North, follow the path on the hillside of novel and win the ravine of the Combe to the right of planting almond trees (alt.: 355 m) (junction with the departure route).
•    The ruins of les Bessons: 15 mn. Win then the Auquet steps in direction reverses.
•    The plan of almond trees: 10 minutes.
The circuit total: 2 h 15.
The natural unit of Mauroue is limited to the Northwest: by road C.D. 8 of Gréoux-les-Bains to the post by such; to the East, by C.D. 953, post this to laugh; to the South of Riez in Gréoux-les-Bains.
Tour of the Ubac de Pinet
All difficulties: P2 (recommended for good hikers) time: meaning of the description: 5 h 15, reverse: 5 h 15 metres in height: climb: 282 m, descent: 282 m
Mileage: 17,300 miles. Features: very long circuit of which the first part is done by a ridge giving extensive views. A browse from September to may
Mapping: map I.G.N. n 33-42 E, 'Valensole.

Description of the route
Of Saint-Martin de Brômes (alt.: 362 m) (parking), follow Highway C.D. 952 towards Riez for approx. 1 km, pass in front of a metal cross, and then reach the bifurcation of the Bayles where a monument was erected to the memory of young resistance fighters shot during the last war (alt.: 369 m).
•    Saint-Martin of brominated: 15 mn. By a small path, climb a very steep hill left a residence. It mellows in moving towards the Northeast; a path deviates to the left in the direction of Sainte-Anne (alt.: 435 m).
•    The C.D. 952: 15 minutes drive. Continue on the ridge in a Woods of Oaks, Scots pine and pubescent. Our journey is marked by the trace of G.R. 4, pass under a small electric line, the path winds along the Ridge Saint-Pierre by marrying the oscillations of the field. After a hook to the North, it tilts back towards the Northeast, past between crops of grain and lavender, then in a truffle, where a power line to H.T. crosses. Reach route C.D. 15 more far connecting Germany-en-Provence in Valensole (alt.: 580 m).
•    Sainte-Anne road: 2 h.
•    Access to the road: 30mn. After a bend, win a way in spike left along cultures, also to the left, and then entering the wood of Pinet ravine where the ground is covered with pebbles (P2). Pass left of new cultures, ruins at the end, then cross a fairly dense wood. A succession of cultivated fields leads to the Petit Pinet marked by two small sheds, one right at the top of one field, one on the left in the middle of another field. reach a vineyard with the ruins above (alt.: 430 m).
•    Road C.D. 15: 1 h. continue in the hollow of the ravine and reach the area of Bas Pinet (alt.: 395 m).
•    The small PINET: 40 minutes. Between vineyards, merge onto C.D. 8 linking Saint-Martin de Brômes Valensole.
•    The low PINET: 5 minutes. By this road, on the left, southeasterly, win the village of Saint-Martin-de-Brômes (alt.: 362 m).
•    Access to the road: 30mn.
The circuit total: 5 h 15.
Peire Amare circuit
All difficulties: P2 with passage T1 East. (for average hikers)
Time: meaning of the description: 4 h, reverse: 4 h. height difference: uphill: 283 m, descent: 283 m
Mileage: 16,700 km. Features: route varied, to avoid the heat of summer
Mapping: map I.G.N. No. 33-42 E, 'Valensole.
Description of the route
Of Saint-Martin de Brômes, travel route (road) for about 2 miles, joining C.D. 8 accessing the village of Valensole. A path is committed to the right (alt.: 405 m) (possibility of parking).
Take this path which rises (P2) through a wood of cades and pubescent. Go left of the clearing of Mauroues, then cross cutting in wood, in order to reach the crest of the Hill (alt.: 534 m).
•    Road: 20 minutes. To the East, browse this Ridge, the path along cultures either right or left and part and sometimes. Past left a ruin (shingle construction) then a perpendicular road accessing the field of Repentance (alt.: 576 m). Approx. 300 m further, joining route C.D. 15 connecting Germany-en-Provence in Valensole (BT line).
•    Access to the peak: 1 h. Left, follow this road to Valensole, it tilts to the North and passes right of a stele of resistance. Approx. 200 m further on, win the path of Repentance (alt.: 589 m).
•    Peire Amare Ridge: 10 minutes. Left, walk this way and give it up 200 m far to track northward, left an Oak Grove, then West on the edge of cultures. Let this little path to depart to the North and continue right (little marked traces) crops up to a good path (shed). On the right, travel the last descendant of Peire Amare gullies to be travelled by a very sinuous trace. It has a pebbly soil often furrowed. The market is nice little (T1 East.). Whacked in a transversal way (alt.: 498 m).
•    Road: 1 h. Stand on the right with a good path after two laces, reach a plateau in the middle of cultures, then a crossroads (alt.: 568 m).
•    The Vallon de Peire Amare: 15 mn. Go to the left, on the Southwest by a wide track and reach the area of the Savoye composed several outbuildings and a shed (alt.: 561 m).
•    Crossroads: 15 mn. Left, between cultures, gain the edge of a wood of cades and holm oaks and follow right on the edge of cultures, on the Southwest by a small path which varies according to the elevation of the terrain until you reach the road of departure (road) (alt.: 538 m).
•    The domain of the Savoye: 30mn. To the left, follow this road starting point however cutting the laces through the Woods by traces.
•    Access to the road: 30mn.
Total of the circuit: 4 h.
The Prayon
All difficulties: P2 (for average hikers)
Time: meaning of the description: 2 h 45, reverse: 2 h 45 metres in height: climb: 143 m, descent: 143 m
Mileage: 9,800 km. Features: route varied and enjoyable. A browse from October to may.
Mapping: map I.G.N. No. 33-42 E, 'Valensole.
Description of the route
Riez, follow the input the vallon de Prayon (parking) C.D. 6 going to Valensole, approx. 1,600 km, road (alt.: 508 m).
To the North, engage in this Valley by a road covered with pebbles. Pass left a betume tank and cross the locality "Paurilles", dotted with small homes in the Woods. Our course is followed by a power line. Cross the ravine of Giraud and continue towards the northeast in the gully until it whacked a track (alt.: 614 m) (2 turbines).
•    Road C.D. 6: 1 h. borrow runway left to the Southwest, it rises regularly and orients towards the West along the plain of Prayon, then returns to the Southwest until the first lace where you leave the track for a Carter Road (alt.: 637 m).
•    Access to the track: 20 minutes. Follow this track path southwesterly "Draye of herds of Arles' (hives left), it performs oscillations defined by the field;After a bayonet, in the locality "Chassemestrier" hook, come whacked on a small transverse road (alt.: 628 m).
•    Runway 35 mn. To be left to the Southeast between cereal crops - ruins of a red brick right - shed up to the edge of a wood of pubescent. Return northeasterly following the crop then enter in the wood by a Carter Road dug ruts; It falls regularly zigzagging up the hollow of the Prayon ravine at the confluence of Giraud (alt.: 544 m).
•    Fork (alt. 628 m): 25 min. With the route starting in direction reverses, win the road C.D. 6 (alt.: 508 m). -From confluence with the ravine of Giraud: 25 min.
The circuit total: 2 h 45.

Barenes plain
The natural unit of the plain of Barenes is limited to the Northwest by C.D. 953 since Riez road until the exit of Puimoisson; the n, by route CD 108 of Puimoisson in Saint-Jurs and the forest road of the Mouresse; to the East, by the forest road of the Mouresse up to the farm of Naverre. to the South, by joining West runway road CD 952, then it up to Riez.

The plain of Barenes ridges
All difficulties: P2 (recommended for smaller hikers) time: meaning of the description: 2 h 45, reverse: 2 h 45 metres in height: climb: 314 m, descent: 314 m
Mileage: 11,600 miles. Features: very nice circuit, avoiding the hottest hours of the summer
Mapping: map I.G.N. No. 34-42 W, "Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Description of the route
On the C.D. 952 road, to reach the beginning of the track (alt.: 722 m), located 6 km to the Northwest of Moustiers, in the direction of Riez, lieu-dit 'Le Petit Ségriès.
Follow this trail that passes right of a source, and then left the area of the tank, let then the cliffs travertine on the right and, after a double turn South, a track, then a path deviate to the left (alt.: 780 m).
•    From C.D. 952: 15 mn. Curiosity: the very tormented travertine cliff, consists of several caves where you meet rock carvings, including a Magdalenian bison. Take the left path crossing the plain of Balene, after a left (West) hook through the Balene ravine, the path rises towards Northwest (P2) until you reach the crest of the Barenes plain (alt.: 795 m).
•    Track: 30mn. Browse the ridge in rising to the East and then East-North-East to an area dominated by a small rocky bastion (alt.: 903 m). The path descends to the Southeast; a path left arrives (P2), continue East to reach the ruins of Negaras (alt.: 910 m) (broom, saskatoons).
•    Access to the Barenes plain: 1 h. approx. 150 m at I' West of the ruins, a small path overgrown by vegetation down to the Southwest. Follow him, cross the Balene ravine and up towards the collar of Castillon (alt.: 958 m), where arrives the runway of the Mouresse (pins).
•    The ruins of Negaras: 15 mn. Off-route: collar de Castillon, by a staking yellow, can be accessed at the top of the butte de Castillon northeasterly (alt.: 987 m). Collar: 5 mn (Oppidum celto-Ligurian whose remains are still visible). By this track, to the West, overlooking the ravine of Cournilhet, left, join point 780 m high, then with the route starting in the opposite direction, reach road C.D. 952 developed alt. 722 m.
•    Castillon collar: 1 h.
The circuit total: 2 h 45.
Circuit of the aisles
All difficulties: P1 - P2, T1 East. (for average hikers)
Time: meaning of the description: 3 h, reverse: 3 hours elevation gain: climb: 237 m, descent: 237 m
Mileage: 10,700 km. Features: characteristic itinerary of trays. Avoid the warm days
Mapping: map I.G.N. n 34-42 W, "Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Description of the route
Of Puimoisson (alt.: 694 m), by road C.D. 256, join the crossroads of the bridge of truffles (alt.: 630 m).
•    Of Puimoisson: 10 mn. Cross the C.D. 56 road to the left, and take a good path crossing a gully, then passing right two ruins overgrown vegetation and left a shed. After a bayonet hook, be under the farm of la Tuilière (alt.: 647 m).
•    The C.D. 56: 20 minutes drive. Between cultures, continue towards the Northeast, right let a large decked out ruin of Ivy with front a very large lime.Further, the track oblique right towards the ravine of Reme. Do not follow him, but continue in the same direction by a narrower path through a forest of pubescent and poplars. The path follows left (R.D.) the river of the Auvestre in a very dense wood, then the crossbar to browse the other shore. Deviate to the right towards the ruins of the aisles (alt.: 705 m).
•    La Tuilière farm: 40 minutes. Go to left of the ruins, and East follow cultures by a small path leading to a wood. At the entrance of the latter, hives have been placed. Down on the edge of the fields and cross the undergrowth on approx. 100 m by vague traces between the trees (T1 orientation), and back to the path that fades gradually. Keep the axis of the ridge of the Hill on approx. 50 m by crossing two small rocky jumps, leading to a junction of tracks (alt.: 760 m).
•    The ruins of the aisles: 15 mn. Take right, branch to the East, overlooking the ravine of the right-hand Toronet, cross it and win a lavender plateau to the Southeast. Browse it until edge of extensive fault where flows the Colostre (alt.: 795 m) we follow towards the South-West, in the dominant. Pass on the left of the small airfield of the plain of Reme, before reach wooded areas, a path to right Northwest for approx. 300 metres, then turn left, following a hedge of pubescent to farm the Boyer which can be reached after a short descent (alt.: 689 m), to the Valensollette ravine.
•    The trifurcating connector: 1 h. perspective: during the journey, the view is widespread on the Valensole plateau with the village of Puimoisson gushing like an island. On the left, in the wide fault, dominate the mass Chapel of Saint-Apollinaire and the Colostre Valley. Circumvent this farm from the right (alt.: 636 m) (Chestnut), a good track leads to la ferme de Cotte; reach further down the bridge of truffles (alt.: 622 m), then the crossroads of routes 56 C.D. and C.D. 256 (alt.: 630 m).
•    The Boyer farm: 25 min. With the departure route, win the village of Puimoisson by C.D. 256 (alt.: 694 m).
•    The crossroads of the bridge of truffles: 10 minutes.
The circuit total: 3 h.
Chapel Notre-Dame de Bellevue
All difficulties: P1 (for pedestrians)
Time: meaning of the description: 0 h 15, reverse: 0015 hours elevation gain: climb: 38 m, descent: 16 m
Mileage: 1,250 km. Features: pretty easy walk. Can be performed in all seasons
"Mapping: map I.G.N. No. 34-42 W, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.
Description of the route
On route C.D. 56, approx. 1 km to the South of the bridge of truffles (alt.: 655 m), a dirt road is committed between cultures towards a wooded gully. Cross it and follow it West on approx. 200 m to then rise southwesterly left Roubines to a flat area where two roads diverge in pins right (alt.: 677 m).
•    Road: 10 minutes. Take the right towards the North, then Northwest, over hives, then left a grove of Oaks where a large cross was erected, later reach the Chapel (alt.: 678 m).
•    Hairpin (alt.: 677 m): 5 minutes.
•    Road: 15 minutes. Curiosity: Chapel restored with a large porch front, above: Bell Tower and status of the Virgin and the child. front: tall pines which one pushed horizontally, supported by a log; behind: annex adjacent to the Chapel, whose roof partially collapsed; later, a small path leads to the great cross of the Jubilee of 1913 mission.
Maton plain
The natural unit of the plain of Maton is limited to the West by road C.D. 953 of Puisoisson to Bras D'asse (Bégude white); to the North, through the Valley of the Asse until Estoublon; to the East, by the road linking Estoublon to Saint-Jurs; to the South by the C.D. 108, Saint-Jurs at Puimoisson.
Circuit such
All difficulties: P2 (for average hikers) time: meaning of the description: 2 h 15, reverse: 2 h 15 metres in height: climb: 46 m, descent: 46 m
Mileage: 7,800 km. Features: clear route. Avoid during the heat mapping: map I.G.N. n 34-42 W, "Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Description of the route
At the crossroads of roads C.D. 8 from Valensole and C.D. 953 to the white Begudes from Puimoisson, lies the such post (alt.: 734 m) (parking).
Path to the East the parallel to the South of the road along the cultures of the Arnous, ruins right then perpendicular path. The course occurs, initially, between the edge of the Oak Grove on the left and right farms up the homes of the Blache (alt.: 764 m), surrounded by chestnut trees and lime trees.
•    Post such: 50 min. To the Southeast, follow a path covered between cultures, passing left a shed, to the first hurdle which marks the ravine of Maton (alt.: 760 m).
•    The BLACHE: 10 minutes. Stand to the West along the fields overlooking the ravine of Maton, then take a path left circulating in the Palus ravine through a lovely pine forest; reach a crossroads facing the Arnous farm (alt.: 718 m).
•    The path covered: 45 min. On the right, mount by a broad road to the West, then Southwest; It descends in a valley the opposite slope leading to the departure route. The left to win the post of such (alt.: 734 m)
•    The crossroads of the Arnous: 30mn.
The circuit total: 2 h 15.
The view full Summit circuit
All difficulties: P2-P3-T1 (average hikers) time: meaning of the description: 3 h, reverse: 3 h
Elevation difference: mounted: 526 m, descent: 500 m
Mileage: 8,300 km features: fabulous circuit with some difficulties. Underbrush in its entirety. A browse year-round
Mapping: map I.G.N. n 34-42 W, "Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.
Description of the route
Along the C.D. 952 from Moustiers-Sainte-Marie in la Palud-sur-Verdon, to reach the source of Chauvin at a bend in the road, located approx. 1 km to the East of the pass of the feline (alt.: 649 m), possible parking. With a yellow path, climbing South on a small trail, surrounded by dense vegetation of boxwood, broom and pubescent. This trail runs in balcony on the hillside overlooking the road and the Lake of Sainte-Croix. Reach the bottom of the Rocky bastion of the Garret to an open area (alt.: 756 m) (P2 - T1).
•    Chauvin source: 30mn. Continue eastward the rocky spur of the Garret, suddenly, the view is fixed on the street of water du Verdon at the bottom of the Gorge, upstream from the Lake of Sainte-Croix. The path rises in laces tight and very steep (P3). Pass over an escarpment in balcony on a fairly narrow ledge (P2 - T1, for the exhibition). The trail joins the bottom of a depression and crosses a scree, then enters an aleps pine understory. Get off a few switchbacks and reach the bottom of the corridor of Saint-Maurin under a canopy of maples. Reach the bottom of the corridor (alt.: 749 m), yellow trace deviates to the left to climb the corridor. A binding strap continues the path horizontally towards the East to win the caves of Saint-Maurin (route n F4).
•    The bastion of the Garret: 20 minutes. In a wood Maple and pine aleps, climb winding northeasterly wide corridor along the cliff of Saint-Maurin left. The already steep coast initially intensifies gradually; Cross small jumps and lead to a landing at the top of the cliff of Saint-Maurin (alt.: 1,011 m).
•    Saint-Maurin Trail: 30 minutes. Cross this bearing in the direction of a wall of Tuff spilled, the longer left on sandy land rising strongly, and deviate left to survey a wood whose coast is softened to the collar of the Garret located on a spur descending from the Ridge (alt.: 1 092 m). Beautiful pine aleps.
•    Bearing: 15 mn. Climb the rump right whose coast is growing (P3), circulate above the wall of Tuff and a kind of corridor between rocks, go right a bivouac under blocks and win the ridge above (G.R. 4 passage) view full-necked (alt.: 1 168 m).
•    Galetas collar: 20 minutes.
Off-route: view full pass, with G.R., head South on approx. 50 m, then closer to the ridge to the right (outlined yellow) to access the signal (alt.: 1,234 m), and later, at the top of view full (at.: 1,257 m) (geodetic Terminal), where offered to us a view of the most striking : to the North, before itself the crest of the Montdenier where you can see to the left, Céüse mountain and the peak of Bure, with its East pillar. Behind the Ridge, the Chiran and across the crest of Chanier Mourre; to the East, the mountains of the Basses-Alpes; to the South, the extent of the Lake of Sainte-Croix with, behind, the Cugulons and the Bessillons; to the West, the Mont Ventoux and Lure mountain. View full, with G.R. 4 pass, move north, first by a small path in a fairly dense understory of pines aleps, pubescent, maple, boxwood, rosehips, strawberry-covered ground and raspberry; then a small trail winds on the edge of crete (P2) giving access to a first electric pylon and then to a second. Approx. 150 m below, reach the pass of the donkey (alt.: 1,094 m). Carrefour. Cairn (junction with route No. F3 arriving in front).
•    View full pass: 20 minutes. Let G.R. 4, continue the Ridge, take left towards the Southwest a trail straight descending accompanied the yellow trace and an orange path of the equestrian. The course is very steep and Rocky in the beginning. Pass under vertical Rocky blades, then turning abruptly towards the North by a less steep slope, and I' West gradually losing altitude, achieve a Rubin which leads to the C.D. 952 road, at the neck of the cat (alt.: 675 m), approx. 1 km to the source of Chauvin (parking) IW.
•    The neck of the donkey: 45 min.
The circuit total: 3 h.
You can reach the source of Chauvin by road in 15 minutes.
Circuit of the Vals
All difficulties: P2 with runs P3
Time: meaning of the description: 3 h 45, reverse: 0345 hours elevation gain: climb: 677 m, descent: 677 m
Mileage: 9,200 miles. Features: fabulous and always clear route often air field. Avoid the warm days
Mapping: map I.G.N. No. 34-42 W, "Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.
Description of the route
By road C.D. 952 of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie in la Palud, exceed the crossroads of C.D. 957, and initiate two loops. Parking on the left of the second loop (alt.: 560 m).
Follow the road and overcome an elbow, it is opposite to a gravel pit. To the right of it, take a small path which sinks into a wood of pine and downy oak (G.R. 4). Mount eastward through a fairly pronounced side; the undergrowth is very nice (P2 - P3). It is dominated by the high cliffs of the Vals characterized by a very large and deep cave ogival, located at its base. The trail reaches a small Escarpment with three towers. Surpass it right, in bowing to the Southeast. Reach the bottom of the cliff of the Vals (alt.: 812 m).
•    C.D. 952: 35 mn road. Circulate balcony to the Southeast in the direction of large needles. Bypass them and climb a rocky corridor; by a breach, see the magnitude of the cliff of the Vals, then right, go in a rift between a needle and a rocky spine. A slight descent on approx. 50 m allows to cross the Gully and then rise again in laces up to a shoulder. To the Southeast, perform a crossing in balcony where the view is striking on the Lake of Sainte-Croix, and down a wide hallway, laces lead to the uppermost hole. To the East, reaching a cairn on the Ridge (alt.: 962 m).
•    Access to the cliff of the Vals: 25 min. A wide trail traverses the Ridge towards the East (with the G.R. and a yellow trace). Stand often on the north side through a wood of pubescent. At a fork, yellow trace deviates to left. Continue along the Ridge through the hutches. Switch to the other 1 026 m, where the vegetation is airier, and then, by a side that is growing strongly, winning a fore Summit very wooded Oaks and downy, and after a relatively flat area, access to the Summit (alt.: 1,213 m) (geodetic Terminal).
•    Access to the peak: 1 h. Point of view: it grows throughout the South of the Verdon and on the hills of the Haut-Var. Southeasterly down the Hill through the Woods until you reach the col de L'ane depression (alt.: 1,094 m) (junction with route No. F2 arriving in front).
•    The Vals Summit: 15 mn. With route No. F2 (monitoring of trace yellow and orange), win the C.D. 952 road at the pass of the feline (alt.: 675 m).
•    The neck of the donkey: 45 min.
•    Departure (parking): 3 h. To reach the parking lot, just go right towards the Northwest, follow the C.D. 952 road for approx 1 km, then take right way deep in a pine forest, parallel to the highway, accessing the Bellière farm. At a fork (alt.: 645 m), leave the right path mount closed said, to continue to level in an Oak Grove of pubescent, find the road. Approx. 1 km further, join the parking of departure (alt.: 560 m).
•    Access to the road: 45 min.
The complete circuit total: 3 h 45.
The caves of Saint-Maurin circuit
All difficulties: P2 with runs P3 and T1
Time: meaning of the description: 0 h 45, reverse: 0 h 45 metres in height: climb: 113 m, descent: 113 m
Mileage: 1,500 km. Features: one of the most beautiful sites of Verdon. It offers very many sights. Can be done throughout the year. Mapping: map I.G.N. n 34-42 W, "Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Description of the route
By road C.D. 952, coming from Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, shortly after entering the Gorge, find valance home at the downstream of the road, under the cascade of Saint-Maurin (alt.: 649 m) (parking).
A path rises to the Southeast to the right of the waterfall, in an area of rocks and Sands (blue trace) (P2-P3-T1). After a few small laces, reach terraced meadows strewn with rushes.
During the climb, one can notice the waterfall whose waters form a curtain before a cave above slipping on a thick carpet of convex Moss left covering the rock.A fork, take left, the trail enters a very dense vegetation including large beech wood and of boxwood dominate. Cross small streams, it is dominated by the cliffs of travertine caves scruptees. The path rises right to the lower caves that are still partly walled, that can accommodate passengers possible.
•    Road: 15 minutes. Sights: multitudes of deep caves sometimes superimposed used Habitat for the Templars. At the beginning of this century, the shepherds were occupied with their livestock. Bypass these caves by the right, the trail sneaks in cornice above to access the upper caves. By the left or the right, earn higher pres. Cross in the direction of the great wall of Saint-Maurin and enter a pine forest that leads to the left towards the emergence of Saint-Maurin (alt.: 762 m).
•    The lower caves: 10 minutes. Return to top meadows and follow to S along the bottom of the cliffs. Go right a ruin (acacias, pubescent, pine cembrus and Brambles), cross small streams and borrow a good path that one goes down. After a right hook, find in caves, behind a waterfall, and then lead to the path of ascent to the level of the lower caves. Therewith, join the road (alt.: 649 m).
•    The emergence of Saint-Maurin: 20 minutes.
Total of the circuit: 0 h 45 min.
Top of full show
From la Palud-sur-Verdon. All difficulties: P2 (for good hikers)
Time: meaning of the description: 3 h, reverse: 2 h 30. Elevation difference: mounted: 566 m, descent: 142 m
Mileage: 9,600 miles. Features: very beautiful route in balcony initially and more then varied. Avoid the heat of summer
Mapping: map I.G.N. n 34-42 E, "Sandra" and n 34-42 W, "Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.
Description of the route
The village of la Palud-sur-Verdon (alt.: 833 m) (parking), follow Highway C.D. 123 heading north towards Châteauneuf-les-Moustiers until the first corner, 200 m further (oratory). Continue in the same direction, by a path lined on 50 m, followed by a trail which can be reached by three markets (G.R. 4). Mount between scrubland and pine forests and reach a track. Monitor left on 100 m and depart right by a trail which is moving west. After stiff laces northward, he returns to the Southwest, crosses a gully and reaches the source of Bouens (often dry summer) (alt.: 1 182 m).
•    La Palud-sur-Verdon: 40 minutes. Browse the southern flank of the Cime de Barbin in balcony. Go to the right of the ruins of a sheepfold and mount gradually dominating the magnitude of the gorges du Verdon. Reaching the source of Barbin, where summer, it delivers only a few seeps (alt.: 1,328 m).
•    Bouens source: 35 min. After a steeper side, cross the ridge by Baker, and a small forest path in a woods with a variety of uncommon species: larch, spruce, pines to hook, pine laricios, large cades and the boxwood, soil is often lined with strawberries. Very quickly, you reach a fork. Turn left and descend through the forest to a track opposite the Jas de Barbin (alt.: 1,213 m).
•    Baker source: 35 min. Sights: during the descent in the Woods early in the morning or in the evening at the sunset, don't be surprised you face deer. Head left towards the Southwest, then Northwest overlooking the ravine of the Brusc. Reach a track (ALT: 1 210 m).
•    The JAS by Baker: 15 mn. Take the left lane, or else cut the lace work carried out. Circulate above the ravine of the Grinhan and win a crossroads (alt.: 1 224 m).
•    Access to the trail: 10 minutes. Abandon the G.R., follow a trail toward the top of the cliffs on the left. It falls regularly, before engaging in a corridor between two cliffs, deviate to the right by a trace, and then along the ridge where the view is striking on the street of water of Verdon, as well as on the Lake of Sainte-Croix. Further peak view full (alt.: 1 257 m).
•    The crossroads of the plain of Baker: 45 min.
•    La Palud-sur-Verdon: 3 h.
Variation: crossroads (alt.: 1 224 m), can continue on approx. 300 m runway and allow it to deviate left to cross Oak Grove pubescent Barbin plain, by a good path.
In the ruins of huts of the wort, a quite regular trail leads then proceed to view full pass, as well as to the left at the top of view full (alt.: 1 257 m) (square oven, 1 224 m: 45 mn).

Circuit of the olive tree
All difficulties: P2 with passage T2
(for average hikers trained)
Time: meaning of the description: 2 h 15, reverse: 2 h 15 metres in height: climb: 317 m, descent: 317 m
Mileage: 6,200 km. Features: very nice and pleasant route. A perform preferably from March to October
"Mapping: map I.G.N. n 34-42 W, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Description of the route
By road C.D. 952 towards la Palud-sur-Verdon, win the col de L'olivier (alt.: 713 m), follow a trail Southeast which descends in the bottom of the ravine of the Brusc, digging a lock into the cliff overlooking us right (white trace). Perform a few switchbacks on a gravel floor, and pass under ruins left. Through a grove of Oaks and pubescent, win the bottom of the ravine. During the descent, it is dominated on the left by the huge towers of the cliff of Mayreste (P2 - T1) (alt.: 590 m).
•    The neck of the olive tree: 15 mn. Cross the ravine, a small trail descends to the right; continue to the Southeast, first in amount slightly in ledge on cliffs and down regularly in a wood of boxwood. Along the bottom of a cliff until a fork. A left, trail to the waterfall that will reach the bed of the Verdon to upstream. Turn right onto a trail down regularly to the River, at the confluence with the ravine of the Brusc (alt.: 479 m).
•    From the top of the ravine: 30mn. Variation: in the upper part of the ravine of the Brusc, you can take the trail to the right down through buis by a steep and bad easy slope along the ravine. Pass on the other side and win the bed Verdon and the classic route (15 mn). Follow the bed of the Verdon downstream (N), the trail circulates in a wood of Oaks and maples, particularly pleasant. Cross a little chaos and, further, to cross a rocky spur above, right wave (steep and exposed area), P2 - T2. Find the trail, which may also dry period, be carried out under the spur in the bed of the Verdon (blue markings).Continue along the River, and soon, it dominates the tail of the withholding of the Lake of Sainte-Croix. No longer are the turbulent waters that sweep in the bed, but a flat sheet and silent on which kayaks and pedal boats are what evolve. Cross a rill from the source of Bagarelle, and to the North, a small trail departs right to the pass of the olive tree (return Variant). Pass under a canopy of boxwood very dense and very high, and then win the crossroads of the lower cascade of Saint-Maurin (alt.: 492 m).
•    Access to the Verdon: 45 min. Off-route: continue above the street of water of the Verdon on approx. 50 m (submission) and be receiving small waterfalls in a large pot (alder and rushes). Follow the trail which climbs regularly to right waterfalls (S) which the most prominent is the one that dominates under the lower meadows, where other drapery travertine obstruct part of deep caves. Reach the lower meadows. Cross by laces on a sandy soil, and right move to the right of the ruins of the cabanon of Saint-Maurin (Aleppo Pine, boxwood, acacias, figs) and above, towards the road C.D. 952, 50 m north of the valance of Saint-Maurin House (alt.: 649 m).
•    The bed of the Verdon: 30mn.
Total of hiking: 2 h 15 min.
Following the road (1,500 km) can then reach the col of the olive tree. Variant of return: before reaching the waterfall, can follow the small trail that departs right.Rising first on a small present supported by a dry-stone wall, then to S, through a Grove littered with boxwood. Switch to the source Bagarelle, loose laces can join track arriving left, then on the hillside, win the col de L'olivier (alt.: 713 m) (30 min).
The Bastidon trail
La Palud sur Verdon at the belvedere of Mayreste
All difficulties: P2, T1 passages for the exhibition (for average hikers)
Time: meaning of the description: 1 h 30, reverse: 1½ hours elevation gain: climb: 159 m, descent: 173 m
Mileage: 4.900 km. Features: Golf course pleasant balcony above the Verdon. A browse from March to October
Cartography: maps I.G.N. n 34-42 E, "Sandra" and n 34-42 W, "Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Description of the route
La Palud-sur-Verdon (alt.: 833 ml, follow Highway (C.D. 23) ridges on approx. 3,500 km in the direction of Mechelen (possibility of parking) Chalet.) Approx. 50 m after the parking lot (alt.: 818 m), a small trail descends right (trace white and turquoise at the start), the slope is regular, then performs quite tight and steep switchbacks up the streambed of Mortmain (alt.: 700 ml.)
•    From C.D. 23:15 mn. Rise slightly towards the West, dominated by rugged escarpments, and then reach the belvedere of Ayen spur to a collar (alt.: 759 m), located at the base of the Emerald vault in the gorges. Cross it and circulate at level best. Pass over the Bau of the keel, then lies on a terrace between two cliffs. Reach the hollow of the ravine of the Font de Barbin (alt.: 751 m).
•    The ravine of Mortmain: 20 minutes. The cross; always on terraces, follow the small trail to flank, sometimes furrowed, bypassing the Ganhola on a fairly tormented ground spur and steep (P2 - T1) rising by a sharp side. Bypass to the Northwest down slightly to the ravine of Ferne (alt.: 738 m).
•    The ravine of the Baker Font: 30mn. Climb slightly, then more strongly, under tray lower Grau (alt.: 837 m); on the side, on the edge of escarpments, regularly down the hollow of the ravine of the Rouvière (ALT: 792 m).
•    The ravine of Ferne: 15 mn. Rising to the West, then to flank between boxwood, broom, pubescent and cades, pass under the shed Cabrielle, quite exposed trail leads to the parking of Belvédère de Mayreste (alt.: 804 m).
•    The hollow of the Valley of the Vasu: 10 minutes.
•    Road C.D. 23: 1: 30 pm.
Circuit of Repentance
All difficulties: P2 (for average hikers) time: meaning of the description: 3 h, reverse: 3 hours elevation gain: climb: 292 m, descent: 292 m. mileage: 9,500 miles
Features: route varied offering a beautiful view on the Lake of Sainte-Croix. A browse in the spring and fall mapping: map I.G.N. n 34-42 W, "Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Description of the route
Join the crossroads of the routes going to la Palud-sur-Verdon 952 C.D. and C.D. 957 leading au barrage de Sainte-Croix (alt.: 527 m), parking.
Borrow the C.D. 952 road in the direction of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie on approx. 600 m, after having passed the chapel of Saint-Pierre, take a path on the left with G.R. 4 joining the natural area of the camping of Peyrengues. Border a meadow West then South along the Embourgues ravine, crossing it by a bridge (alt.: 522 m), and whacked against a transversal path.
•    From the crossroads of the routes: 15 mn. Head right towards North following the ravine on approx. 700 m, and then commit by a path left at Southwestern (trace G.R. and yellow) in the direction of construction and the field of the Hert. Enter a wood of poplar and pubescent crossed by the ravine of bass, very often dried up (alt.: 548 m).
•    The ravine of Embourgues: 20 min. Always to the Southwest, follow a trail dug ruts through a wood of Scots pine and hooks (red trace). "Firstly, it is straight then it meanders up to the edge of a plateau followed by a road (alt.: 768 m), les Bessons plain.
•    The ravine of the bass: 30mn. Take the road to the left on approx. 100 m; fork. Still on the left, take a path covered leading to the T.V. (oak left, crops right) relay (alt.: 767 m).
•    Access to the plateau: 15 mn. Move gradually towards the South following the path. Go over cliffs of conglomerates, a path is left (alt.: 766 m), Féraud campaign to the right level.
•    The T.V. relay: 10 minutes.
Let the G.R. 4, continue straight, turn left into the pine forest - barrier prohibiting access to motor vehicles - pass on a hilltop overlooking circuses of conglomerates collapse. Winding down is regular. The view is stunning right on the Lake of Sainte-Croix. Be under a line to H.T. and lowest at the ruins of a shed. After a few laces - barrier - between two H.T. lines, above the ravine of Vals high, come whacked on a transverse road (alt.: 489 m).
•    Les Bessons plain: 45 min. Sights: left, seen on the field of the Marzols consisting of multiple dependencies under a canopy of large plane trees, little Creek and basin North of the property. Take right (S) to the edge of the Lake of Sainte-Croix and return to left (N) up to the Campsite of the mill where a bridge over Creek from the Mayor to the downstream of Petit Lac, provides access to the C.D. 957 road (alt.: 490 m).
•    The domain of the Marzols: 20 min. Follow the road left towards the N to the intersection for the CD 952 (alt.: 527 m). P.S. - You can avoid certain stretches of road by following paths of Earth left.
•    Access to the road: 25 min.
The circuit total: 3 h.

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