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Biking in the Middle Durance and the Alps from Sisteron

​The foothills of the Alps from Sisteron

Average Mediterranean mountains, the Alps from Sisteron are formed by les Monges, flocks and shepherds countries massif, which rises to 2 115 Mr. the Sasse and Vançon, vals in the winters of snow, hack him while the Durance and the Bléone shall set the limits. The complex terrain is due to their training in two folding successive but contradictory. At the end of the secondary era, the first Provençal figurines, oriented East-West, sets up the limestone bars, where the clue of Sisteron is the typical example. Then, in the tertiary era, the second, Alpine, oriented northeast-southwest, gives coated and overlapping folds.
The olive tree, larch North South: little nuanced but description that sums up the situation of Sisteron, strategic site - climate like for men-, Commander the passage between two worlds: the Mediterranean and the Alpine. A Gallic Oppidum, the Romans are an impregnable stronghold on his rock. In the 5th century, Christianity gives rank of Bishop to Sisteron and Dardanus serious the Pierre Ecrite announcing the Foundation of the Christian community of Theopolis.
In the middle ages, the religious orders settled and build the Priories of a beautiful Romanesque architecture - those of Mison, of Dromon-, and sober Apple in Sisteron Cathedral. The Abbey of Saint-Victor de Marseille has then some 4 000 ha area of Saint Geniez-Chardavon; craft based on the weaving of wool cloth, remain fullers - paraire - Mills, Saint-Geniez, to Authon. At the same time the monks cleared the forest to make way for crops and pastures; and reforestation of waters and forests by the end of the 19th century put a brake to erosion and catastrophic floods by the disappearance of the forest had been.

Importance of Sisteron

The importance of Sisteron is growing: in the 13th century, with some 9,000 people housed in tall houses of stone with passages under arches (androns) within its donjon and ramparts, it is one of the capitals of the count of Provence. The bulk of the fortifications - two speakers and the watchtowers-, built in the 16th century and redesigned by order of Louis-Philippe, will be destroyed by the bombardments of the Second World War. But in the eighteenth century, plague and typhus epidemics begin the decline of Sisteron. In 1870, the train arrives: the rural exodus, started by the abandonment of such isolated hamlets Entrepierres or Saint-Symphorien, intensifies then.
It is the turn of the Valley of the Durance of momentum thanks to its opening-up. Taking its source near mount Geneva at 1824 m altitude, this river place a 304 km course before joining the Rhône; It was navigable despite of strong floods that can display the region of Sisteron flows of 1,800 m3, raw, as those of 1843 and 1856, came "cram farms into her bed": she was "one of the three plagues of Provence with the Parliament and the mistral.
Tamed by E.D.F. that team dams with Serre-Ponçon (3,000 ha) between 1955 and 1961, it irrigates on its shores of beautiful orchards and, with the construction of the highway, its path becomes the artery of life of a "essentially fragile Earth [where it is] is gleefully slaughtered, more that elsewhere; the religious wars, earthquakes, plagues, civil wars, the bombings have stopped the decimate. It continues to say that it is the land where gods and God have elected domicile has always been.
But if this earth is nevertheless, blessed by the gods, they are also demanding that generous: this 'great anarchy', this consistency of shadows and lights, this movement and this chaos that characterize all the Mediterranean world, results a constantly renewed balance to achieve this living harmony of Provence.

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List of walks:

NO.    Ride    Time    Fix
25    Praconteau peaks    2 h    easy
26    By the via Domitia    day    easy
27    The tops of the Durance    day    easy
28    Tour of Geruen    5 h    easy
29    Tour du Molard    2 h    easy
30    Tour of la Baume    3 h    difficult
31    Soleillet plateau    3 h    easy
32    St-Geniez to Sourribes descent    3 h    easy
33    Chardavon bar    4 h    easy
34    The Corombe    3 h    easy
35    Tour of Vieux-Melan    2 h 30    easy

Praconteau peaks

Walk 25: between 2 and 3 h, 11km, 350 m of ascent, easy to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the ATV macaroons, Park place Peyruis resistance.
The place de la Résistance, win the crossroads at traffic light located at the heart of the village of Peyruis (junction of avenue de la libération (N96) and the hairy boulevard). Take in the front of the Town Hall, high street. Parlatan instead, continue along the rue de la Calade. Pass between the Church and the rectory. The street rises, passing behind the historic site of Peyruis. It is a triple intersection. The first two intersections, continue straight.
1.    At the third, almost at the top of the side, point rated 452, left follow the road of the Martrons, uphill (M2). Found a short passage in (M4) 600 m, then the rise goes into (M2) on 3.9 km.
2.    At the level of a replat, leave the paved road for the benefit of a forest track on left below (D2). The O.N.F. cable, continue for 200 m in (D2) and then slight rise in crossing (M2). Continue on the track that opens near a high-voltage line, 2 miles more far away (point side 720 m).
3.    There one reaches a light flat part, followed by a descent into (D2) on 200 m. a. fork, ignore the track down to right hand and face take to the track under the line high voltage. Shortly before the 2nd high voltage line, continue straight ahead ignoring the descending track right. The borrowed track rises (m3), then descends (D3) about 700 m (roller coaster).
4.    Point rated 667, ignore the descending track right and continue in the same direction. 400 m further, beware the descent a little stiff, quickly followed by a climb (M2) on 200 m.
5.    1 km after the point rated 667, we leave the main road in favour of a slightly pebbly (D3) descent on 300 m.
6.    Point rated 557, fork left downhill (D2). 500 m later, ignore the right descending and continue on another 700 m in (D2) until you reach the start of a forest track.
7.    Down in the bottom of the Valley of the Beuvon. Take it to Ford, and then longer on the left bank. A riffle allows the crossing of the canal de Manosque. Lead just after Saint Roch cemetery. Enter Peyruis road left, and Ribas avenue Saint-Roch (N96) extended by the avenue de la libération.

By the via Domitia

Walk 26: between 6 and 7 h, 35km, 662 m vertical drop, easy but long, to avoid in the summer from noon to 4 p.m. follow the orange of Mallefougasse in Aubignosc, Park at the entrance of Château-Arnoux.
From the centre of Château-Arnoux, take the alley which rises opposite the first Park to lead on the Victorin Maurel square in the old town. Take the direction of Saint-Jean uphill (M2). Processors, move East, cross the bridge and then mount the left road and not by the path of areas on the right.
1.    100 m further, it leaves the village to climb in the direction of the cemetery of the Bhatt left. Mount everything right at 300 m (M3), then the slope mellows (M1) 200 m. continue in the same direction by crossing the deck above the highway.
2.    You reach a small bridge to find a second hand left soon after.
3.    100 m further, to ignore access to the farm of Chiron Barnaud left and continue always right (M2) on the small side street. 500 m further on, it is more paved. Follow this trail happening in (D1) and then uphill on the edge of a ravine accuses a passage in (M3), crosses two ravines to pass then below the village ruined Châteauneuf-Val-Saint-Donat by a more narrow path overlooking the groves. It leads to a track that borrowing right downhill (D2) on 700 m to the bottom of the village of Châteauneuf right.
4.    Shortly before the village, at the intersection continue right and not right by the equestrian route. Towards the Bides Jas.
5.    Borrow at the crossroads of four paths, the Domitian way, yet paved with pebbles. Follow this path which ascends first gently, then climbed the Hill, turns around to go down slightly. Avoid the bridge ruined by passing on the parallel runway (M1/M2).
6.    Shortly after the sheepfold, into a corner to the right of the runway, immediately fit right by a path of Earth (m3) moving toward the Southwest.
7.    At the Summit, one reaches the edge of a field. Keep the same direction, the path passes through an Oak Grove, then descends gently sloping skirting the Hill of la Louvière. The trail winds through pine forest and then passes near the ruins of an old monastery, buried under vegetation.
8.    The trail passes through the other side, then descending steep way; It is also more stony on the end. It leads to the ravine of the Pas du Veze, on the edge of the D101, after a long descent.
9.    Follow left the D101 downhill (D1) for 1.3 km.
10.    Mount right by the track (M2). At the fork, turn left, and longer housing. At the next crossroads, take straight, then continue straight at the crossroads of the Barteu.
11.    At the third most important crossroads, turn right uphill towards the meadow of Intra. Follow this rise (M2) for 1 km, then turn right towards the meadow of the Intra (on longera a large property surrounded by Apple trees). 1.2 km further, the road is more paved.
12.    500 m further, turn left at the crossroads of Sigalette.
13.    Can be found 200 m after a new crossroads (tank) where it will take on the left uphill (M3) on the track (on 200 m). Then, the slope mellows. Keep on the main track ignoring all others on approximately 2.4 km. The runway is oriented Northwest by marrying the curve level, then after a black robines area, it passes on a small bridge that crosses the ravine of Gachon, and we stay on the path that follows.
14.    This trail rises slightly first right, then left, along the property of Figuery (respect property, go under the wire) for overhang in the Combe of Oursiere ravine trail. One quickly reaches the Valley that is crossed to take immediate right, then left a small trail in undergrowth which brings in (M2) to dwellings (the Marquans area).
15.    Mount in front (M2/M3) on the track and the hamlet of Mallefougasse.
16.    Under the hamlet, branching off to the right, along the cemetery and continue straight to the two following crossings to reach the runway parallel to the D951. This equestrian route 1 km, and then at the junction of the two roads, stay on the equestrian route that will cut the D101 a little more away, for the overhang a moment. On longera the D951 and then one takes a path in the forest on 1 km.
17.    Finally, it will cut the road, to borrow in front a stony track amount (M1) on 100 m, then (M2) 600 m, and after the Mouranchon blue, descends (D2) on the other side then (D3) until you reach the village of Châteauneuf-Val-Saint-Donat.
18.    Resume the route go to the old village of Châteauneuf (see description above in point 4).
19.    Borrow below the ruined hamlet the equestrian route marked in orange, starting on the left, on a private road and leave the track borrowed to go. It will repeatedly cross of vallonnets in areas of black marl or marl clear. After a long passage in (D2/D3), crosses the ravine of Maurieu to go up on a steep path left about 200 m. bear the ATVS. A little further, one reaches a forest track.
20.    At the crossroads of the two tracks, take (D2) on the right; the track back through the forest of the Priory to the ruins of the village of Aubignosc.
21.    You can then reach Château-Arnoux by a secondary road parallel to the N85 (over 5 km, passing through the SOAP factory, the Ponchonniere, the Rouvieres, the Grand Champ and joining are-Robert).

The tops of the Durance

Walk : 27 the day, 20.4 km, 431 m of vertical drop, easy but long, to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the yellow markup and macaroons mountain biking, parking in the villages.
Circuit linking the villages of the Durance average by beautiful forest tracks aloft and crete.
It can be accessed from Malijai, Mirabeau (in the Valley of the Duyes), Volonne, and L'Escale. The duration of the route can be adjusted according to the place of departure and the place of arrival. It won't find a particular technical difficulty because the circuit borrows large tracks at low altitude.
Access by Mirabeau: Mirabeau - collar: 4.5 km.
Cross the hamlet of Mirabeau on the Northwest. Pass on the bridge of the Barrabine ravine and back to the intersection (rated 651) located 800 m from the centre of the hamlet.
1.    Left to right the direction of bitch and continue straight on 400 m (D2) to the Lombards to point rated 632.
2.    In turn, leave the paved road leading to the Lombards and continue on the track that descends then goes back regularly to level and along fences. Pass at km 3.1 right of an electricity pylon, and continue uphill to the right on the crossed a cable path.
3.    Join 1.4 miles more far the small col which separates the valleys of Mirabeau and Volonne, point rated 731. This crossroads of slopes, it is possible to reach either Malijai left by the track, either Volonne by the Central track bypassing the Hill of Saint Peter by the adret. In this case, follow this track not mapped down broad about 3.6 km forest switchbacks. The cable near a pool and continue downhill left on the road still 500 m until lieudit Les Girauds L'Escale. Down to 700 m in the same direction until a roundabout. Turn right and pass near the stadium, continue towards the center of the stop, move the church square and borrow the road Napoleon to join Volonne.

Mirabeau to Volonne by bastide Blanche: 13km

The village of Mirabeau, take Northwest towards the Barrabine ravine.
1.    Take the bitch to the point rated 651.
2.    At the entrance to the hamlet of bitch, when the road goes by turning to the left, just at the corner of a House, take right (D2) descending by a stony track, which is moving towards the Barrabine ravine and follows it on about 5 km (M1 and M2). You will reach a junction of tracks in the forest, take left hand slashed a cable track and continue on again (M3) 300 m until you reach the first fork.
3.    This crossroads (said to Bastide Blanche) should engage on the track that climbs (M1) on the left. At the second fork, 100 m further on, two options: option 1 engage uphill (M2) right on the track, option 2: down by the left track. This trail descends gradually wide hairpin bends on the other side (side Durance) passing left ruins, and leading approximately 2 miles further on a small pass near a water reserve: refer then to the point 4.
4.    If you choose option 1: it must leave the track in the first left turn for the benefit of a little marked trail amount right (M2 then M3) in genets. Climb on this same trail about 1 km in the forest of birch and then leave it to go down to the first fork trail that turns left (D2). Follow this trail (D3) until you reach the forest track after several hairpin lace. Borrow it left uphill (M1) on 500 m then the exit to find a trail in the understory starting in (D2) first right and then immediately left. This trail descends first parallel to the track in (D2) then goes slightly uphill (M2). It descends abruptly D3 twice to join another path. Borrow right to find a way more broad which results lower on the track. The right track (D2) sui 200 m to the tank.
5.    At this point, leave the track for the benefit of a road starting in right hand and amount on the ridge overlooking the track. (It will go 2 towers, yellow markup.) A mounted stiff in (M3) on 700 m, followed by a descent (D2) 400 m, then a descent (D3) about 1.5 km can be found.
6.    The path gradually narrows and joined the forest track to the level of a second tank. At this level, resume right the track that descends on Volonne (D2) 2.4 km. Before arriving in Volonne, down to the left by a small steep trail which winds up to reach to the top of the village houses.
7.    Return point by the small road (watch out for the traffic) bordering the Lake of Volonne then cross the stopover by the secondary road.
8.    Cross on the bridge over the EDF Canal to reach the No. 185.

Access via Malijai: Malijai - col: 5.7 miles

Visit Malijai stage.
1.    Shortly before the stadium take the left amount dirt track (M2) 1.7 km.
2.    Join a tank at the point rated 676, and then stay on this barred trail that turns left and monte regularly (M2 and M3) on another 2.5 km in an Oak Grove.
3.    Pass under a line high voltage on two occasions, and then always follow the main trail which descends slightly and bypasses the Hill to lead a pass separating the Durance Valley of the Valley of Duyes in the middle of a pine forest. It achieved this great crossroads of tracks to the point rated 731, to 3.7 km. This crossroads of four tracks, can be mount on the left and follow the path of the crest of Saint-Pierre (attention steep path) which then descends at L'Escale by Girauds, either down the left hand (solution recommended for beginners) track which brings back to the locality the Girauds is still reachable by the right track the village of Mirabeau.

Tour of Geruen

Walk 28: Between 5 and 6 o'clock, 22.8 km, 560 m of vertical drop, easy but long, avoid the winter during snowy periods, follow the white and red of point 3 to point 4, Park do-belle-necked.
Make beautiful pass, down to the village of Authon by the D3 on 3.8 km.
1.    Turn right at the entrance to the village on the first dirt track (bridge over the ravine of la Bastie) in the direction of the clue of Adnan.
2.    One reaches the clue at 6 km. Continue on the forest path that climbs gently sloping.
3.    At the fork at 8.4 km, continue uphill to the left (GR6). It runs along a few ruins.
4.    At the level of a torrent that is crossed on a concrete Ford (km 11.4), it branches off on a right path that leads to an enclosure to mould, after circling a nipple. Remain discrete, prohibited dogs.
5.    Descend to cross the ravine of COE-Moutette and back on the trail of the opposite side. Follow this trail (push the ATV to the col St Antoine (1,451 m).
6.    Down to the hamlet of the Elliott by more narrow trail.
7.    Before the hamlet, the trail splits at the edge of the ravine. Take the right ramp (not not the trail descending left in D3 above the ravine) you arrive behind a House, to join the track which then passes to another less recent home. Stay discreet (banned dogs. Continue on right hand uphill M2 on this track.
8.    One reaches the forest road of the Pras. Pass the gate and then go up to the locality the cabin of p.
9.    At the intersection, stay on the main trail (take downhill to the right) which results after 3 km slope to the col de Fonibelle.

Tour du Molard

Walk 29: between 1 and 2 h, 7km, 156 m offset, easy, avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the Red markup and macaroons mountain biking, Park at Sisteron.
Square of the Town Hall of Sisteron, take the direction of Hostellerie Provençale, then take the small street that goes between the hotel and the cobbler, in direction of the bois de du Molard. This road leads to the "tourist trail of the Cedars" marked in white and Red (GR6). This trail is quite frequented by walkers. Be courteous and discreet (M3).
1.    600 m after, in a left turn, hang a right descending that allows to join a track below (D3).
2.    This track leads to a road which you follow to the left uphill for about 2km (M1).
3.    Leave the road in favour of a trail that goes back to a career on the right winds under the Oaks and leads to the Citadel, near a stage of game (M2).
4.    Down left of the cemetery by the road to the City Centre (D3).

Tour of la Baume

Walk 30: between 3 and 4 h, 16km, 453 m of elevation, hard, to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the Red markup at the start, yellow 5 to 8. Parking near the rock climbing.
Get on the left bank of the Durance, at the foot of the rocher de la Baume, famous climbing area. Mount on the first road on the left which leads to the relay of TV (M2) up to 1.6 km.
1.    One reaches a flat area after which the road is more paved. Soft descent on 400 m then lift for 1 km.
2.    This new replat, continue in the same direction on the track (D1 and D 3) on a little more than 1.5 km.
3.    At the crossroads of roads, fork climbing (M2) left on the paved road to get Entrepierres.
4.    Continue to climb (M2/M3) for 2 km. There, you will reach a crossroads at a place called "Suckers".
5.    It follows then left the PR marked in yellow on 1.5 km (M2 and M3) to join the D3.
6.    Down by the D3 at 800 m (D2).
7.    Then exit the D1 in favour of a forest road that descends (D1) left in the communal forest of Sisteron. Continue on the path (narrower) which makes it suite (D2). Continue down. Through a pine forest, and then we leave the PR (yellow markup) when it descends abruptly to right on a stony path. Take in front of itself, the path more narrow and less marked. Cross alois an Oak Grove, then the slope becomes more steep (D3) and zigzags (put ashore) until you reach a laundry on the right.
8.    Follow on the left the small asphalted road which after a stairway, joined the District of la Baume.

Soleillet plateau

Walk 31: between 3 and 4 h, 19.5 km, 229 m offset, easy, avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the macaroons ATV then markup red paint, Park on the Town Hall square.
Since the Town Hall Square, spend in rue de Provence and at the end, left, on the place of the Tivoli management the Citadel by a fairly steep climb (M3) (or meandering between the houses by small lanes in the Citadel, the rise is so softer).
1.    In the front of the cemetery, take any right to go left of the Citadel by following the paved climb. Exceed the indicated point of view and follow the marking of small yellow or red lines along a rouie small then a wide track after the sports field, a track field uphill to the right and a small trail still right.
2.    We reach an asphalt road. Take right downhill on 1.1 km.
3.    Then leave the road to take to the left along a planting of Apple trees. Follow this straight road for 1.4 km to a paved road.
4.    Pass the hamlet of the Eymarrons. Continue straight in the same direction, then you reach a road paved in a turn. Continue straight.
5.    Down to the right to join the D948, that you take left on 200 m.
6.    Exit road for the benefit of the road giving access to the domain of Châtillon. Climb in the direction of the field.
7.    At the fork, take the left lane that allows to bypass the building upwards. There is a fountain on the left.
8.    Immediately after, on the left, there is a path between two hedges that descends gently for 1.8 km. At the corner of a field, should continue in front on a narrow trail, cross a small ravine and back again along a field on the left. Continue in this direction (North West) until you reach the cemetery of Ribiers.
9.    Cross the village, and then after the fountain, go down to the right by a small road D24. It crosses the Buëch on a bridge.
10.    250 m after the Bridge take the first roll right (1 km after the village).
11.    800 m after, at the crossroads of three roads, continue on the middle one.
12.    700 m after, at the next crossroads, go right.
13.    1.1 miles later continue on the roll uphill due South. The road then begins a descent into (D2).
14.    It joined the N85 roll that back to Sisteron (turn right: pay attention to the traffic)

Saint-Geniez to Sourribes descent

Walk 32: between 3 and 4 h, 14km, between 120 and 620 m offset, easy, follow the white and Red at first then yellow. Macaroons ATV. Parking at the foot of la Baume, near the site of climbing.
From Saint-Geniez take the GR 6 which starts at the foot of the village right by a small road sloping (D3). At the foot of this descent, continue straight at the crossroads, on the track, (little bridge) and then the GR turned towards the left, past in wetlands.
1.    1 km after the start, you reach the small paved road, that one follows downhill (D1). It initiates a facelift (M2) to the Estachon locality.
2.    The ruined hamlet of Sorine, the road is more paved. Cross the hamlet by the main runway. Water at the right point. This track to reach the hamlet of des Naux, also ruined.
3.    Short passage in (M4).
4.    It reached the top of the climb to 5.1 km. It joined, always by the GR6 glue farm in (D2 / D3). Continue downhill until altitude 895 by the main runway (it divides several times).
5.    To km 7.3, down, do not continue by road, but follow the GR, which descends to the left to a property, past on the edge of a fenced field, then descends by a stony path which winds (D2) until you reach the locality the mill.
6.    Go over the bridge, and then back by road to immediately join another, you follow downhill until reaching "Suckers". At this crossroads, take left downhill (D2) the road passing through the Straits of Entrepierres.
7.    Pass the village of Entrepierres. Continue downhill to the junction of four roads.
8.    Turn left towards the village of Vilhosc, continue along the road (D17) which meanders between black robines. She accuses a facelift (M2) after passing a small bridge, to join a collar. Remain on this road, which descends while (D3) 2 km to the bridge of the Queen Jeanne.
9.    Cross over this bridge, and borrow (M2) uphill track which allows to reach the ruined hamlet of St Symphorien, 2.5 km higher (lavoir right).
10.    Pass the hamlet by midfielder el descend the trail marked in yellow that crosses a ravine below, back stiff way at certain times and passes on a ridge down switchbacks to the ruins of vigorous.
11.    Crossing the tributary of the Vançon (source in front, under the track) and take the wide forest track right downhill (D2). Stay on Celtic main track, which will initiate a few short ski always following the Southwest direction until reaching approximately ri km further down the village of Sourribes.

Chardavon bar

Walk 33: about 4 h, 17.2 km, 373 m of vertical drop, easy, to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the white and Red markup to point 1 then macaroons ATV. Parking at the village of Saint-Geniez.
The departure of this hike can also be done about 7 km from Sisteron on the D3 that climbs to Saint-Geniez. Parking near the bridges and Cahussees cabin above the intersection of the D3 and the D753 (Panel bottom Mitzie). Climb the D3 for about 7km (it will go to the Pierre Ecrite, 3 km from the start).
At the entrance of the village of Saint-Geniez, turn right onto the GR6. Follow him on 1.1 km (M1).
1.    Leave it for the benefit of a secondary road that descends (D2) due South.
2.    At the intersection, stay on the paved road that accuses a slight rise (M2) at km 2.4, at the level of the the Estachon locality. At km 3.1 (D1) descent to the village of Sorine.
3.    Sorine cross the main road. The 4.4 km slight rise in (M3) then (M4) before the ruined hamlet of des Naux.
4.    Continue after the newspapers to reach the top of the climb to 5.1 km.
5.    It then begins the descent (D2/D3) until reaching 7.3 km. (It will pass before the farm of glue.)
6.    Point rated 895, should leave the GR6 and continue on the road. At this point should not be confused with the mountain bike route which descends on Sisteron left, passing near the farm, following the GR6.
7.    1 km further, at the intersection turn right by the D753.
8.    Pass the bridge over the ravine the Jabron Riou. Begins a rise in (M2).
9.    At the intersection, the 8.9 km, continue right uphill (M2) on 1.3 miles.
10.    It joined the (D3) that borrowing right uphill (M2) on 7 km. Arrival at Saint-Geniez 17.2 km.

The Corombe

Walk 34: about 3 h, 12.4 km, 400 m of vertical drop, easy to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the macaroons ATV, possibility to park on the edge of the runway at 1.2 miles Vilhosc or before the bridge of Queen Jeanne.
Bridge of Queen Jane
1.2 km after Vilhosc, leave his vehicle on the edge of the runway without impeding traffic. Take the D17 to left (D2) first in the 400 m, and then nearly 2 km in (M2/M3) up to the collar (small pass) locality.
1.    Then the road descends (D2/D3) to the bridge of the Queen Jeanne, which can be reached at 3.5 km.
2.    Queen Jeanne bridge, follow the D17 which is more coated for approximately 1.2 km.
3.    Leave D 17 in favor of a second forest track (barred) left that dates back on nearly 4 km. The rise is gentle first (MI), then switches (M2).
4.    At the Summit, km 8.3 continue left on the track moving on the ridge. The track narrows to the 9.2 km. Follow the trail that follows and winds between the pins then goes back to work around rocks.
5.    It will cool to a crossroads at 10 km. Take the path that dates back a short time and then down (D2) to the other side in front.
6.    We later cross the ravine at 11.5 km. Back in front and at the junction with the barred a c:ible airstrip, continue on the track of left (D2) until you reach the road at 12.4 km.

Tour of Vieux-Melan

Walk 35: about 2:30, 9.3 km, 218 m of vertical drop, easy to avoid the winter (snow track), follow the ATV and then white and red 3 to 6, parking at the Col de Font-Belle or marks.
Cervical are beautiful, take Northwest to the track of the 'Mountain of marks' GR. Mount on this track in left hand, track which turned immediately South-East (M1).
1.    At the first intersection, take the left track, pass the NFB barrier. This track continues uphill fresh on 3 km approximately (M2).
2.    One reaches the level of a small flat part the ruins of old marks. Runway is oriented towards the right until a wide run-off area. Continue straight on for about 200 m, on a stony portion (M1).
3.    It then reaches a crossroads (km 3.5). A sign indicates the direction of the cave of Saint-Vincent. Do not go there, route prohibits ATVS. Down left on the trail of the GR6 (D2).
4.    200 m after, turn right, pass the O.N.F. gate and continue on the wide trail that descends to the left to join a second track.
5.    It passes on a wooden staircase that allows to cross a wire-mesh enclosure. Go left to the hamlet of Melan (km 5.5) (D2).
6.    Take left the road up to the pass of hyssop, then necked make-belle (km 9.3) (M2).


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