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Biking in the Prealps of Digne, Valley of Duynes and Upper Bléone

​The PreAlps of Digne

Implementation at the same time as those of Sisteron, the limestone bar of the Prealps of Digne - that of the Dourbes or even that which is cut the clue of Barles - punctuate the landscape. However, these foothills are more marked still by the folding of the end of the tertiary era: in the Valley of the Bes, between Randolph and Barles, the «Esclangon velodrome"testifies to the forces involved. It has affected sedimentary rocks formed in lagoons that had covered the area since the primary era. They are so rich in fossils that the geological Reserve of Haute Provence was created to protect and study them: in the Valley of the Bes, the rock describes a long history of 300 million years. Verdaches clue Carboniferous shale, are from tropical vegetation, tree ferns and giant horsetails.
Destroyed by deforestation to provide wood work or fire, by the on pasture and burned, forest had gradually given way to the desert, a desert of slopes subjected to torrential rains. In the 19th century, mud flows and hurdled the bare slopes of the col de Labouret (1,240 m). 'This nudity was such sheep, little difficult however, had given way to the goats that had completed to destroy the few clumps of vegetation. At each storm, traffic was stopped on the road and presented serious hazards for travelers' P. Demontzey, a forestry engineer, decides to stop this process. In 1862, the correction of the torrent of the Lagos is undertaken: thresholds are built in his bed in order to slow the regressive erosion and watershed area is reforested black pine; understory Robinia, cytisus and Hazel are introduced. Ten years later, P. Demontzey can be rightly proud. Today, the torrent of the Lagos gave way to a stream. These slopes, once blacks, unstable and sorry, are covered with deciduous and coniferous tree species. Later, spruce, FIR, and larch are added. This experience, an undisputed success, was extended to the whole of the Southern Alps.
Precisely, these flocks of sheep, destructive of vegetation, transhumaient, and continue to do so, along a draille"dating the Bléone, la Javie sources; forest that animate in July the laburnum in flowers, followed by a chaos of blocks where live marmots; then, it is the step of the Estrop (2,390 m) who saves the high Valley of the Verdon or the mountain pasture of the cabin of the Estrop.
First possession of celto-ligurians, ancient Diwakar is a Gallo-Roman village established on a slope. Later, the houses down to the Bléone while the Romanesque church of N.D. du Bourg is built in the 12th century. In 1629, the plague decimated the population. Despite these vicissitudes, Digne, traditional place of transhumance, plays a role of carrefour reflected by its selection as a prefecture. She seduces Victor Hugo who makes part of les Miserables theatre: Jean Valjean meets probably Bishop of Miollis that can be recognized under the pseudonym the Bishop Myriel. But above all, worthy is a spa town which the virtue of sulphurized gushing over 40 ° C water is known since ancient times as Pliny and Ptolemy speak, before Madame de Sévigné is praise.
Yet worthy is a city in hand, a "city of atmosphere «.» Everything made there as elsewhere - the Town Hall occupies vast restored buildings, cars benefit from underground parking, old centre has been renovated and the main street is affluent of quality shops; but everything done differently, as if worthy kept its links with its soil where the rhythm of the days perennial has always a sense: Prads in the upper Valley of the Bieone, the Clucheret at the bottom of the col de Labouret, Archail-Draix at the foot of the white horse (2326 m)... This is where the charm of the country of Digne that some call boredom, other art of living.

Thoard Tour

Ride 36: 1 h 30 to 2 h, 7km, 230 m of difference in altitude, very easy to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the yellow, parking on-site Thoard.
Thoard square, get off (D2) on the North by the D17. Cross the bridge of the Duyes and continue to the intersection of the Planas.
1.    Take left onto route D3 (Dl). Left to right hand the road access to the Saint-Martin Chapel. Continue to the intersection of the two departmental roads (D3 D17).
2.    Then turn left on the D17 which allows you to return to Thoard (M2/M3).
3.    Thoard square, take the road to the House of retreat and of Relais Sainte-Madeleine. Follow for 650 metres (M2/M3).
4.    At the crossroads, the exit to cross the Rion right and reach a few houses of the hamlet Le Galloon. The path continues to rise, passes near a captured source, of a ruined house and leads to the large farm of Thoron.
5.    At the crossroads located just downstream, take right on the path that descends in wide hairpin bends to the area of the greenhouse and the D17.Reassemble then right by it up to Thoard.

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Anne road

Ride 37: 4 h, 21.5 km, 452 m of vertical drop, easy to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the ATV macaroons, Park on the site of the village to the Town Hall of Chaffaut.
From the Chaffaut village, take the D12 direction Southwest on 200 m (D1).
1.    At the intersection, (oratory) continue straight (direction Espinouse) 700 m (D1).
2.    Then turn left onto a secondary road leading to the farm equipment repair shop.
3.    Down 100 m further on the right by the slab (concrete Ford). A forest track starts uphill (M1) and (M2) at the end of a mile and continues to mount large switchbacks up to a major junction (834 m) at km 4.7 (doubling of the tracks).
4.    Take the left which the slope decreases (M1), then back sometimes in (M2). Km 5.6 at the intersection, follow on the main runway. One then reaches a barrier O.N.F. at 6 km.
5.    The track descends (D2) then on 700 m at 400 m (M2), at km 7.6, downhill (D1), and then mounted in (M1) to 7.9 km before the gate of the forest road of Banoni.
6.    Pass the gate and continue on the main runway. It accuses a lightweight replat, then begins to descend regularly into (D2). It crosses several creeks and then, again a barrier to orient themselves, about 2 km more far right on the other side skirting the Hill.
7.    Keep on this main track until you reach after a beautiful descent (D2) for about 2 km in wide hairpin bends, the D 17 road near the locality the forest.Take the D17 left for about 2 km to reach the D 12. Attention busy road!
8.    Cross to opposite take a less traveled road, which runs along an irrigation canal in the area of the Plan du Chaffaut. Follow this road which presents two dos d ' âne, until you reach the D12 again shortly before the village of the Chaffaut.

The ridges of the Blache

Ride 38: Between 4 and 5 h, 31km, 560 m of vertical drop, difficult to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the ATV macaroons, Park at the entrance of the track to the right of the barrier (900 m after the crossroads of Draix, D900 direction la Javie).
900 m after the intersection of the D900 and the D22 (towards Draix) turn on the small side street right on 100 m, then turn again right 100 m more far to old now crossed by the Bouinenc bridge. A track starts immediately left before the bridge gentle uphill (M1) on 700 m. is reached then the beginning of the forest trail. It is possible to park your car right on the fence. Follow the forest in (M1) 2 km runway. The climb becomes hardest (M3) 1.8 km. One reaches a light flat part, then it always follows the main runway which has several wide hairpin bends.
1.    One reaches the Ridge at the 5th kilometre. This ridge always follow by the track but less painful climb on again 3 kilometers.
2.    We cross a significant cut of wood, and then one reaches a collar in the 10 km. Continue in the same direction (northeast), on this same track which passes three ravines to flank and initiates a wide right turn down towards Javie in (D3) 3.7 km.
3.    You will be facing facilities a usina hydroelectric. Then turn right onto runway O.N.F. (cross the barrier) and then up towards the pass of Cepe runway climbs 2 km (M1) and contains some passages (m3).
4.    One reaches the neck of the Cepe (alt 905). The track then joins the Valley of the Peyrouret up slightly. Then down to the ravine of Françon is crossed on a slab to reach a paved secondary road, at the level of an oratory (km 19.3).
5.    Ride on the right road to reach the village of Draix after some lift (m3) and redescentes in (D2).
6.    Cross the hamlet of Draix (km 21.9) on the D22 which dates back to 871 (22.7 km) altitude down large switchbacks 6.5 km.
7.    It joined the D900 to 29.2 km. Then turn right onto the D900 on 900 m.
8.    We leave the D900 for the benefit of the secondary road that climbs (M2) right 100 m and then again right towards the bridge over still 100 m (M1).
9.    Turn before the bridge left by runway 700 m and reach the point of departure to the right of the O.N.F. barrier
10.    Access the Dourbes Villard: + 1 h 30 approx.
11.    Access deprecated years people prone to Vertigo. In fact, shortly before the village of Archail, the trail takes, after wide forest tracks, a very narrow path on ridges series robines.
12.    Departure from Digne to the Spa.
13.    The bridge before the District of the loft, above the torrent of hot water, take the direction of Dourbes on approx. 4 km.
14.    At the next intersection, take left towards the Dourbes Villard: mounted another 3.5 km steep, (M2/M3).
15.    You can still find an intersection, 900 m before the Villard. Take a left.
16.    In the Villard, continue to the right and above the village 300 m, and by the track that follows, until a junction of tracks. Take the left (strikethrough and follow for 3 miles.) You will pass the ruins of the Aresle, and then after passages in an area of robines, it will join a forest track. Follow in ascent to the right (M2) 500 m and then turn left in turn to pass on a wide path on the left of the ruins of the forest House.
17.    Continue on still 500 m. There, the path ends.
18.    Continue along the edge of the robines diode. Get off bike. Very narrow path in an area of friable robines. Descent (D3) or even (D4) to the ravine of the Chauchets. Back in front and follow left crossing a trail in the understory. When it comes out, down gradually to the North East, along the torrent in the Vabre. Cross Ford, to find a stony path then a small road that descends first and then rises gently towards Archail.
19.    In the village of Archail, borrow the PR (yellow markup) rising on the left of the Church; It splits a little further at the gate. Turn left onto a road leading to the cemetery and the Lady chapel.
20.    Attention to replat, engage right on a narrow path lined spiny which descends, passes a ravine and then goes slowly uphill journey on the other side, to later join the forest track of the overdue.
21.    At the track, left down 500 m approximately, then in a wide turn on the left of the track, turn right on a path going up slightly to the right on a clear plateau, and then quickly descending (D3) in the robines to join the D 22, then Draix, right.

Le Brusquet tracks

Ride 39: about 2 h, 5km, 80 m of difference in altitude, very easy, avoid the winter (muddy areas), follow the ATV macaroons, Park either at the village of le Brusquet forest park.
The village of le Brusquet, continue on the D900 on 500 m, then right join forest park.
1.    At the top of the parking spot, take the forest trail (barred at the start).
2.    Skip 200 m more, the access right to the forest House to continue on the main track, on the left, 3 km. This track follows the level curve, passes several ravines and offers a soft and hilly terrain. On a flat part, there is a fork.
3.    Get off to the right, pass the gate and join a bit lower black robines area. There shortly after the small asphalted road which descends then rises gently sloping towards the village of le Brusquet.

Tercier tracks

Ride 40: approximately 4 h, 8.8 km, 340 m of vertical drop, easy, follow yellow markup and macaroons mountain biking, parking to attend la Javie 15 km from Digne, Seyne-les-Alpes by D900 direction. La Javie, follow Prads.
The village of Prads, down right, go over the bridge and mount everything right, 200 m.
1.    Found a small bridge on the right. Ignore this panneautee direction «Tercier» which will be borrowed from the return. «' Continue straight through the panneautee track "free flight". This track is used by paragliders travelling to an area of take-off. Follow this trail which climbs in (M2) regularly for 3.3 km.
2.    At an intersection on a flat part, leaving the main runway towards the right on a different flattest track.
3.    1 km further on, we encounter left hand a track that climbs. Do not borrow it but stay on the main trail which continues right to the hamlet of Tercier seen. Stay on this track that gradually descends to the ravine of the yardstick.
4.    At 7 km, the track branches off quickly descent (D2) right to piss the ravine to Ford, 600 m away.
5.    Back in front on the Northwest by the track that brings back to the village of Tercier. Climb 900 m (M2).
6.    Pass through the hamlet, and continue in front by the trail that descends gradually on 3.7 miles switchbacks to Prads. Shortly after the village Tercier it is possible to borrow a Variant (Panel) starting in D2 right.)

Circuit of Beaujeu

Ride 41: between 3 h and 4 h, 7.2 miles, 340 m of vertical drop, easy, avoid the winter (muddy areas), follow the ATV macaroons, Park in the hamlet of Beaujeu on the parking lot of the entry.
Out of the village of Beaujeu by D900 in the direction of Seyne-les-Alpes to the right and 4 km (attention to vehicular traffic).
1.    Leave the D900 to engage on the left with the small paved road leading to the Elgohary and passing in front of the House. Mount (M2) 2.6 km, and then one reaches a replat Boullard-necked.
2.    At this intersection, take the track the more left (blockboard greenhouse-big) which progressively descends across the mountain (on 1.7 km).
3.    You will reach a crossroads. Continue on the main track to the left on even 1.4 miles.
4.    To replat (down Walnut beautiful panorama on the Valley), turn left down the grassy runway still 500 m.
5.    Before you reach the end of Celtic trail, turn downhill to the left by a small fairly narrow forest trail, starting in acute angle, brings back to Beaujeu by a succession of turns Hairpin (1.2 km of descent). Beware, some corners are a bit exposed. Spend prudently.

The Roman bridge circuit

Ride 42: 4 h, about 15km, 260 m altitude, very difficult to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the ATV macaroons, Park place the fountain in the centre of the village of la Javie.
Take on the small bridge over the Arigeol, and borrow the D557 to Chaudol. Climb North-West direction on a little more than 1 km.
1.    The road makes a left, then quickly to the right elbow along the ravine of the Merderic. Continue to the North, will be in a box of black robines, on a path which will become narrower and follows a ridge on the edge of the ravine of Maurel.
2.    When the trail leads to a meadow between two nipples, in 1037 side point, descend on the edge of the meadow to the left to reach the ravine of the great room. Back slightly to side, always by this trail, which shortly after bypasses the nipple to penetrate in the forest. You reach the Roman bridge at the junction of the ravines of Coulimard and Coste long.
3.    Continue uphill by the trail which follows and which passed successively to the ruins and 13ouisse bass Barlatier points listed 1048 and 1045. Down (D4) then the hillside and look further down the ravine of Riou. It will repeatedly borrow wooden bridges, that allow to cross the Riou.
4.    It flows into the bed of the Bléone. Push the bike on the narrow path that on the right bank along the Bléone (steep passages) and leads to the discharge. Take left to the bridge and go up to the Mousteiret bypassing the Lauzière nipple; borrow the D222 until you reach le Brusquet.
5.    Return to la Javie by D900, left (caution traffic important).

The golf tour

Ride 43 :about 2 h 30, 12km, + 123 m of ascent, very easy, avoid in autumn (rain), follow the ATV macaroons, Park Golf. (7 km to the South of Digne, direction Nice then the Chaffaut at first light).
Exit the golf heading northeast on the road who is returning to Digne.
1.    50 m after the release of the golf, climb immediately right at the fork (M1) 50 m.
2.    Turn immediately left on a stony track which descends slightly (Dl), crosses the D12 on a bridge crosses a stream (two humps) and results in the bed of a channel.
3.    Bifurcate in acute angle to the right on a sandy track along a canal, crossing the cultivated fields (D1).
4.    At a place called the Barricade, suitable houses, turn road says 'Lost children' left (D1).
5.    It crosses a shallow stream on the right, then leads to the fish waterbody of Gaubert, cross underbrush to reach the entrance of the Valadier Stadium gate.
6.    Out by the paved road (D1).
7.    Quickly turn left onto a straight line which crosses the Gaubert plan, then plan the Grand Justin (D1).
8.    A wider road which crosses the railway (M1).
9.    Immediately after the railway, down a rocky track, which brings back to the waterbody Ferreols (D1).
10.    From the water, along the first parking lot on the right and join the D12. Resume the direction of golf at right (D1).
11.    Climb left on the old imperial road. It crosses a district, then a stream again in another area (M3).
12.    Then join the road that descends to the right and again through a group of dwellings (D1).
13.    At the junction of the two roads, cross right (D1).
14.    After the ravine of Saint-Martin ride on a track Sandy (M3), which leads to the village of Gaubert.
15.    Down by the (D3) to the right road that runs along the ravine of the Beaumes.
16.    Point rated 575, turn on the left passing a wooden walkway, hidden in the forest of oak and pine (D1).
17.    Follow this trail which climbs between fields (M3) to cross a road leading to the hamlet of the Roure. Back on the road to the exit immediately for the benefit of a trail down to the right (D3). This trail winds in undergrowth and joined the golf on a secondary road.
18.    Follow this road for about 50 m and then descend immediately to the right in a sandy area before the hamlet of Saint-Pierre (D2). Carefully cross the railway to reach golf following the main track that passes through (D2).
19.    Formal roll over the green ban. This route is passable in both directions.

The sources of the Rouveiret

Ride 44: 4 h, 19km, 519 m of difference in altitude, very difficult, attention to the passages in M4 and D3 exposed, to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the yellow points 3 to 5, 7 to 9 and then yellow 12 to 14 green. Parking on the square of the village of Champtercier (also possible starting from the village of bend).
The place of the village of Champtercier 10 km from Digne by the D3. Federal Bike Center
1.    Mount on the road which leads to Thoard and which starts North of the village. Mounted 3.5 km (M2).
2.    Pas de Bonnet-necked down towards Thoard 2.5 km (D2).
3.    Turn on a track starting right towards the pass of Peipin (M2).
4.    At the pass, take the trail marked in yellow (several passages in (M3/M4) starting at left and follow up to the altitude 1071) Sign indicating the direction of Thoard left (end of the markup).
5.    Getting (M1) on a stony path bordered of an electric fence to sheep. Follow this fence in right hand.
6.    The leave as soon as we find a track starting right flank (D1) and up to a ridge (M2). Then, (D2/D3) descend on a little marked trail northeast (blue marks on the ground) winding between the broom. Follow this narrow road that passes a first ravine, then always go back by marrying the level curve.
7.    This trail continues in a robines, passes several ravines and leads to a small pass (superb panorama).
8.    From the pass, continue downhill to the ruins of Suillet.
9.    Behind the ruins and along a first field grown on the edge. At the end of the field, reassemble the highest at the foot of the scree and find the old path (bit marked) ranging from Thoard to bend.
10.    Follow the path on the edge of a restanque, then marked in yellow and going to bend.
11.    Down the road from South towards Digne.
12.    Take a left turn, a track down to the right towards Gamatte (D2) (Panel lane dead-end).
13.    Down to the tarmac road and continue along the ravine. Not to go to the slab on the ravine of the Rouveiret, but continue to go down.
14.    Immediately after the second strike, cross a small stream, mount right by the sandy trail that winds up to the col of mass (M3), and M4.
15.    At the pass, down 1 km per the main trail, marked in yellow (D3). Cross fording the ravine of Saint-Martin and then continue in front on a rising path between fields (marked yellow).
16.    Join Champtercier by a small secondary road starting left uphill (M4) on 300 m.

The descent of Champourcin

Ride 45: between 2 and 3 h, about 9km, 350 m of vertical drop, difficult and very technical, to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the ATV macaroons, Park at the station of the railroads of Provence in Digne.
From Provence railway station, go on the road to bend for about 2 km passing the District of Beausoleil (M2).
1.    Turn right in the steep climb (M3) by road from relais T.V. (due East). This road passes under the rock climbing. After a steep side which penetrates into the pine forest (along the BPWG on a few meters) continue by road; pass the ruins of salmon and still ride the ALT. 950 m.
2.    In a turn to the left, to the level of a capture in concrete, leave the road in favour of a road on the right which crosses the BPWG then monte (M2) on 100 m to descend immediately to the right (market watch).
3.    After two scree trail which winds through the oak wood is divided into two. Not to engage in the climb to the left: the NFB botanical trail. Get off on the right with a very narrow path which, after several kilometres, leads to the District of Champourcin.
4.    Carefully Cross headquarters (attention to children) and reach the D900.
5.    Borrow the D900 right to reach the city centre of Digne (+ 2 km).

Mallemoisson Woods

Ride 46: 2 h, 12 miles, 80 m of difference in altitude, very easy to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the ATV macaroons, Park instead of the Town Hall.
The Town Hall of Mallemoisson square.
1.    Take the DI7 left the Town Hall on 150 m, then climb the D467 in the direction of the old village of Mallemoisson. Rise (M3) about 800 m.
2.    At the village, continue a northwesterly direction in (D1) and then out of the village.
3.    Turn on the left 700 m after the village.
4.    Down to 200 m by the tarmac road to cross the D17, back in front on the road down Pons (D2).
5.    Level houses turn runway left, authorized to the bicycles, horses, pedestrians. Follow this trail for 1.7 km.
6.    Bifurcate then left by a paved secondary road which runs along the track and back to the village after 2.1 km (towards East).
7.    Iron front of the Town Hall and the post office, and continue Northeast on the secondary road passing between homes on 800 m (M2).
8.    Shortly before the cemetery, turn downhill to the right on a stony track that allows to cross the N85 on a bridge (Southeast).
9.    This track makes a bend to the left then immediately right in the direction of the so-called O.N.F. forest "of reforestation. Continue straight until you reach a wide track.
10.    Turn right, pass the small bridge over the ravine and continue in that direction about 1 mile, and then at the end, this track makes a bend to the left and ends near a stadium.
11.    Then turn left on a stony track crossed a barrier O.N.F. continue straight about 1 mile on the edge of the forest, and then continue as close to the dam.
12.    Then forking left upon entering the forest, cross the main central track and back to the track is borrowed from the go. Then back to the cemetery by the route of departure and return to Mallemoisson.

Circuit of Espinouse

Ride 47: 3 h, 7.5 km, 360 m of vertical drop, difficult, avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m. and rainy winter, follow the yellow of points 3 to 6, to park at the edge of the D12.
On the D12 from the Chaffaut to Malijai, on the left bank of the Bléone (4 km from the village of the Chaffaut).
1.    Continue on the D12 for around 1 km.
2.    Turn left on the road leading to the village of Espinouse D8. Mounted 3.5 km (M2).
3.    Shortly after the oratory and the fountain, continue on the road until the next intersection.
4.    While the road performs a shoelace, committing right on a main road. After a lace, this last win a collar and is duplicate.
5.    Then turn left. Bypass the first two nipples by the right, and then down crossing (D2). Cross a first closing and 600 m further about, the second (be sure to close and, possibly, to keep your dog on a leash). The path bypasses the Emblanche area to the right, then in crossing, won a snare where exist the ruins of Pieron. Pass on the left of them. Work around a nipple to the right and then down crossing (D2). The path splits a little further. Continue straight on crossing and win the made of a rump. Still down the road. Cross a cleared space. To end it all right (D2) a few hundred metres further, leave again the track down left. It leads at the end (the one field where stands a grave (D2).
6.    Then turn left and by a passage in the oak, join D 12. Follow it on the left and restored to the starting point (M1).

The St. Joseph Chapel

Ride 48: between 3 h and 4 h, 11km, 600 m of ascent, difficult to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the yellow, Park at the crossroads of the roads of the Burgundians and the Pérusse.
Take right onto Beaucouse road. In the second lace, right leave the access road to Vaunaves. Continue until the farm of Beaucouse (M2).
1.    Leave the road which penetrates into the farm and continue on the wide path which starts behind it (M3) passes between cropland and performs a few laces to continue on the same Ridge (M2). The approach of the main ridge barring the horizon to the Northwest, take left on the trail gradually down to the chapel Saint-Joseph (possible shelter, source) (D3).
2.    Continue then for 250 metres on the trail (D2). Then leave for the benefit of trail starting in left hand in crossing and reaching a secondary peak. Down by it through the sparse Oak Grove (D4). The steep at the beginning fades somewhat later. The trail starts suddenly to the right in the direction of the ravine of the Pérusse, performing four laces by pouring South. Reached the ravine, down on the left bank to lead on a road (D1). Turn right to go to the Pérusse.
3.    Finally, follow the road along the ravine of La Pérusse first in right bank and then, very quickly in left bank (D1). It brings back to the starting point.


Ride 49: 2 h 30, 7km, 150 m of vertical drop, difficult, to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the yellow, Park 600 m after Auribeau, pass to Ainac road.
The old village of Auribeau, mount (M1) and (M2) right up to the pass of Ainac by a road that is no longer paved 200 m after.
1.    Cervical, forking left, bypass the nipple of Gassin, reach the end of forest track, 2 passages (M4) and the forest road of the Pras.
2.    Then turn on the left by this forest road.
Easy, shorter and less air Variant
1.    In a right descending turn, take the left track that runs along a ruin and passes through ravine field Sapp then goes back up to a cross between tracks and in col Saint-Pierre.
2.    Then turn down on the other side left (watch out for the terraces), narrow path, then join in crossing the starting point.
3.    At the junction of two runways, continue right downhill. The track makes an elbow left to cross the ravine of Valletta.
4.    Leave the main track for the benefit of a little below left, marked trail cluttered with rocks (follow the yellow markup). Further, we end up with a track that is crossed to find a way in front. Continue down until you reach the Bramefan ravine.
5.    Cross this last (portage) and then continue on the trail which climbs and then descends further to re-cross the ravine. Push the ATV. The trail then leads to the edge of the rock of the robbers (caution air trail!) Always get off bike. Continue along this trail which is moving Southeast to reach the top of the hamlet of Brigands. Respect the tranquillity of the place. The road bypasses the property and leads on the D117.
6.    Left take to reach the hamlet of Auribeau.

Saint-Pancrace - Digne
Bléone Valley - Digne

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