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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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MTB in the Bas-Verdon

​The lower Verdon


Trip 14: between 3 and 4 h, 16km, 604 m of vertical drop, difficult to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow points 1 to 5 orange marking, parking place of the Church in la Palud sur Verdon or the col de Croix-Châteauneuf.
The village of la Palud/Verdon or the Col de Croix-Chateauneuf 2 km north of la Palud-sur-Verdon by D123 (M2).
1.    The cross-Châteauneuf-necked (1,042 alt. m) down the roll (or the equestrian trail marked by orange) which results in elevation 1010 to a fork (D1).
2.    Head left towards the Plan, then the Maubec farm and climb up to the village in ruins of Châteauneuf-les-Moustiers on a stony track (M3).
3.    Continue to the North after the cemetery and follow the path that shrinks.
4.    It passes in front of a chapel nestled under rocks to reach, after a few scree, the hamlet of the Brochiers, about 3 km of descent (D2).
5.    In the hamlet, after crossing Sant Peire bridge, we leave the horse will go to Saint-Martin trail, then the Blondils by a track (M2).
6.    From the Blondils, follow the D17 (M1).
7.    Suffered, to continue on the road until the Michels (M1).
8.    At the intersection of the two roads, right down the ravine of the Bau.
9.    Back on the other side by the road (M2) until you reach point 2, then the col de Croix-Chateatineuf (1). It then joined la Palud by the same route to one-way (D2).

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Circuit of the castle of Alles

Trip 15: Between 2 and 3 h, 6.7 km, 190 m of vertical drop, easy to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., Park at the crossroads of 4 routes under Saint-Jurs.
Of the crossing of 4 rolls at 500 m before Saint-Jurs, at the bottom of the village.
1.    Get off in the direction of the hamlet of Merines by small paved road starting in left hand for 1.3 km.
2.    Shortly after the hamlet of Merines, after a slight rise, one reaches a fork. Right down a southwesterly direction. Cross the ravine of Mouere to reach the plain of Pignan.
3.    Point rated 795, it joined the rolls of Puimoisson airfield. Bifurcate in acute angle on the right 100 m northeast then immediately left along the ravine of the Toronet. The track zigzags until you reach the farm of Gachore and then to the Combe.
4.    Follow the paved road going back shortly after in the direction of the castle of Alles so right.
5.    Towards the 8.4 km, turn uphill right. 1.2 km further, leave the road and continue straight on the runway.
6.    At the level of the indicator Panel, 300 m further on, continue straight. Then turn left and push the ATV on 400 m (780 m high; km 10.2). You reach the paved road (D108). Return to the crossroads of departure continuing right on yet 200 m (M2).

Puimoisson circuit

Trip 16: between 2 and 3 h, 13km, 190 m of height difference, very easy, follow the orange of points 1 to 4, to avoid the summer between 12: 00 and 14: 00. Possibility to park on the village square.
Puimoisson, descend to the bridge of the truffles by the D256, at the foot of the village a southeasterly direction.
1.    At the crossroads of the bridge of truffles, follow the equestrian circuit back on the left after crossing the D56. Follow this route Northeast for about 3 km between el fields the ruins.
2.    The track dates back in the direction of the ruins of Alles 200 m before arriving at the ruins, leave the track, onto a path starting downhill to the left, cross the Meadow Creek, then mount on the right (push the ATV) following always the equestrian circuit. The little marked trail quickly turns northeast to reach the ruins of Fontbelle.
3.    Continue downhill (D3) at the edge of a field, and then turn left.
4.    Cross Creek will go to the farm of la Combe then that of Gachore (right). Follow the main track which zigzags to reach the plateau (alt. 795 m).
5.    At the crossroads of trails, take a southwesterly direction along the edge of the plateau.
6.    It joined the D56 following downhill on the right on 200 m.
7.    Turn left on the track leading to Bellevue on 500 m.
8.    Reassemble then right on a path that leads to the chapel of our Lady. Go left of the chapel.
9.    Down (D2/D3) due north by the path calade who lowest, crosses a Ford then leads to sewage treatment in the village of Puimuisson.
10.    Turn right on 600 m to reach the bridge of truffles.

Circuit of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

Trip 17: between 4 h and 5 h, 21km, 390 m of vertical drop, difficult, attention to the steep climbs, and the unstable descent. Follow steps 1 to 2 red, then orange markup to point 6. Avoid the summer between 13: 00 and 16: 00 as well as rainy periods. Possibility to park on the plot above the roundabout.
At the foot of the village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie after the roundabout, commit to St. Croix to the left and at the next crossroads again left to the cottage of the horsemen of the Verdon by a small road along the Embourgues ravine. Follow this road for 700 m.
1.    Turn right on the (GR4) path that climbs gently sloping first along a property, crosses a stream and then climbs steeper way over 2 km towards the plateau (round rollers). You must push the ATV (M3 - M4).
2.    At the top, take right onto the paved road and continue 1.3 miles always in the same direction (North) to the transformer.
3.    Down right through the small road (D3) to 250 m.
4.    In the first hairpin, right, leave the road for the benefit of a small narrow path starting in the pine forest in left hand. This prohibited hiking trail motorcycles remains on the hillside over 2 km; It is initially light blue and then yellow tag a bit more far. Always stay on the trail. After a succession of coils leave this path for the benefit of a steeper trail amount left on 100 m (M4), to arrive at the corner of a field, facing the transformer.
5.    Cross the D952 to borrow in (ace a wide track Earth amount gently over 5 km. This track is used by paragliders who go at the top of the flag to take off.
6.    After a tarred, one reaches a small collar (alt. 1, 057 m). Are there joined the equestrian circuit. Take the track downhill to the right on still 600 m.
7.    The leave for the benefit of a secondary runway fartant mounted square right in the light, then gentle downhill. Shortly after, the path narrows, veers to the right upon entering the pine forest.
8.    After a bend to the left, the trail becomes increasingly steep for some markets and Hairpin without difficulty provided you approach them with caution.
9.    After a close on a restanque which leads to the waterfall of Riou, trail accuses a hairpin right, and then results in le Claux district between the groves.
10.    You reach after a somewhat steep ramp (D3), the roundabout's departure.

Esparron de Verdon circuit

Trip 18: between 2 and 3 h, 5.5 km, 300 m of difference in altitude, hard, follow the yellow from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8. Parking at the entrance of the village of Esparron.
Out of the village of Esparron by North, pass in front of the mounted police and mounted by the D82 direction Gréoux yet 200 m after the exit of the village.
1.    At the intersection with the D215, follow this last right towards Germany.
2.    After 600 m on the D215 (m2), leave the road to take a track right before the CARAVALP institutions. This track splits the 1.3 km. Take left, 400 m further on, is a new fork. It remains on the main track, on hilly terrain. To km 2, slightly downhill at 400 m (D2) then rise shortly after (2.6 km), followed by a slight descent. Turn right opposite cultures.
3.    The 2.9 km it branches off right downhill (D2) at the intersection. 400 m later cross the hamlet of la Baume, the Albiosc ravine and reassemble in front until the D82.
4.    At the road, turn right to (D1) 600 m.
5.    The spot 418 mount by the track to the Bastide Neuve.
6.    Follow this track for 100 m and then move towards the East (found a yellow markup) and keep this direction on 400 m yet. Come to the road, on the following left over 100 m for the leave immediately for the benefit of a stony track starting right and amount (M4) on 200 m and 100 m flat in the forest can be found.
7.    Turn right after the replat and move to the Northwest, on 700 m. Sandy flat track among vineyards and pine forests.
8.    At the altitude of 518, turn right (D2) descending on a track that you leave 100 m after the profile of a stony trail (D3).

The two lakes circuit

Trip 19: between 3 and 4 h, 15km, 316 m of vertical drop, easy to avoid in summer between noon and 4 p.m. as well as hunting. Follow the orange 2-5 and then yellow 7-11. Parking on the square of the village in Montpezat or St. Croix.
The village of Montpezat, mount (M2) to the intersection of the two roads.
1.    Take left uphill road for about 2 km until you reach the D11 on the edge of the shelf.
2.    Cross the D11 to go in the direction of Montagnac by the D211.
3.    The leave for the benefit of a track starting at right angle to right about 700 m. to reach a little further the D11. Followed again the D11 on still 600 m.
4.    Borrow a track that passes right between fields, further crosses a ravine to reassemble in front. Shortly after the rise, will be near a House, to then reach an asphalt road.
5.    One reaches the D111 in a turn. Follow the Road downhill (D3), until the next road junction.
6.    Take then the D111 right and follow for approximately 4 km (D2).
7.    In a bend on the left of the road, borrow a trail starting right in side 496. Follow this trail uphill (M2) 1.6 km westbound. Down next to the ruins of Auchier, always West direction.
8.    Shortly after the ruins, the track becomes steeper and more pebbly, in moving to the right, then quickly left.
9.    Found an intersection below, then it leads on a track bordering the Lake of Saint-Laurent-du-Verdon.
10.    After a short climb, you reach a paved road, that one will quickly abandon to get to the Campsite of the hillside of the Navy. Continue on the main runway and join a kilometre further down in the village of Montpezat.
11.    At the intersection, on the right mount (M3) to reach the village.

The lower Gorge tour

Trip 20: between 5 and 6 hours, 20km, 314 m of vertical drop, easy but long, to avoid the summer between 13: 00 and 16: 00 and during periods of hunting.Follow the yellow signs between points 5 and 8, then orange between 9 and 22.
Of Saint-Laurent-du-Verdon (Place de areas) out of the village to the Southwest, longer tennis courts to the right.
1.    Mount on the second runway right after the ravine. This stony track of the Loubière monte (M2) for about 1 km, on the left of the Caillades ravine.
2.    Arriving at the Summit, cross the D11 to face take a secondary road that we follow for 1.6 km (M1).
3.    Before the farm of Vudele, (visible right in front of the Château d'Eau), forking mitered right on a dirt track on yet 400 m. at the crossroads of four paths, continue straight on the main runway. One reaches 400 m further the source of Poiraque (wash-house). Make a u-turn on this same track until the crossroad: turn right, walk along the water tower, cut the D15 and join the road C3. Borrow the C3 left on 400 m.
4.    Leave the road at the point rated 545. Turn right on 400 m on a small road.
5.    One reaches the town of Saint-Pierre (ruins). Then follow the dirt under a maritime pine forest track on nearly a km.
6.    There is a sign indicating the descent to the left (a bit perilous, attention to the rocks) known as the large Hutch. Descent (D3) on 300 m.
7.    The trail then branches right, downhill on another 400 m becoming more practicable. Later, when the trail branches off to the left (you can either follow him knows continue right to avoid the village). Alternatively, take left on 300 m towards the cemetery, then right on the road one follows downhill to cross Quinson. Descent (D2) in the 800 metres.
8.    One reaches the D 13. Follow for 1 km, (crossing on the bridge).
9.    Go left in the direction of the beach on the GR 99 marked in white and red, which is also the support for the equestrian circuit (marked orange).
10.    500 m later, shortly after the bridge, climb to the right of the shed ruined on a concrete ramp (M3) then it is a stony track which slope fades 700 m far away to resume (m3) soon after.
11.    Turn left at the point rated 483, on the edge of the field. It reached the top of the rise, 1 km more far. There is a hangar on the right. Continue in the same direction on still 500 m.
12.    Turn left and then immediately right downhill, and down between the broom in the 400 metres.
13.    The trail turns right, 100 m further must be put ashore to cross a stream.
14.    100 m after, we end up on a track that we follow on the left on 300 m.
15.    It turns left, again for 400 m further down on the left again. We cross the small ravine to reassemble in front (portage 5 mn).
16.    Then mount on the stony track which leads to the village of Artignosc after 400 m from painful ascent.
17.    At the fountain, turn left and exit of Artignosc.
18.    300 m further down the D3 Road which starts facing the Chapel (Valley of the Grignolets).
19.    900 m after it joined the paved road. Turn right on 900 m to join the D471.
20.    Cross over the bridge, continue on the road for 600 m.
21.    Turn on a right track which avoids the road about 200 m. 100 m further, borrow the walking trail around the Lake on a stony track.
22.    It ends up at the bottom of the village of St.-Laurent-du-Verdon front a statue oratory. To avoid the ravine of the Caillades and join the starting point, can climb the D311.

Brunet circuit

Trip 21: between 2 and 3 h, 7.5 miles, 251 m difference in altitude, hard to avoid between 12 and 4 pm summer and during periods of hunting. Follow buttons ATV, possibility to park at the foot of the village of Brunet.
The village of Brunet, down to the D108.
1.    At the crossroads, at the foot of the village, take left on the D108, in the direction of the Trabaye campaign. Pass on the new bridge on the Asse will go to the D907.
2.    Follow the D907 left over 900 m (D1).
3.    Past the small third ravine, forking (M3) uphill (climb steep) right on a dirt road that accuses a lightweight flat part at the end of 900 m. Skips right olivettes then left ruins at the top of a field that is crossed. Above, road makes a bend to the left to join a track of operation after 2 km uphill.
4.    Take this track right for 500 m.
5.    Continue on the right after the hangar on still 500 m.
6.    Down right on lined runway of a high fence (private hunting).
7.    200 m further down at the intersection, turn right on the edge of the plateau and continue always (D2) 2.5 km. The track borrows the ridge on pine forest and accuses some passages in the downhill (D3) always on the edge of private hunting.

Circuit of Gréoux-les-Bains

Trip 22: between 2 and 3 h, 11km, 280 m of vertical drop, easy to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the orange from 1 to 3 and then white and red 4-6. Parking on the main square of Gréoux-les-Bains.
From Greoux baths take the D82 North (direction Manosque) until after the cemetery.
1.    Take the track starting in false-flat (orange markup) right. Follow this track dating in soft, then steeper slope to join the farm of glue.
2.    At the height of the shed (before access to the glue), turn right on about 3 km by a flat track.
3.    At the crossroads (Panel), turn left, in contrast, as to get to the farm Jauffret. Keep in this direction, and move forward toward the West for 5 km.Found a succession of 'roller coaster '.
4.    One then reaches the farm of Grand Devancon. Do not enter, but turn before the becomes pale main left by the GR4, which (D3) down a ravine.
5.    Up the D82 crosses is to immediately retrieve a very steep in (M3/M4) track on the left of the road. (We must push a little mountain biking). This track follows a plot of Motocross, then accuses a practicable slope to join the D82.
6.    Cross to join glue and find the route to go it (ravine of the Goutette) to join Gréoux-les-Bains.

Trays circuit

Trip 23: between 2 and 3 h, 24km, 390 m of vertical drop, easy to avoid between noon and 4 p.m. summer, follow the red and white point 10 initially. Park place senior Riez or possibility for Montagnac or Germany.
Riez take the direction of Sainte-Croix.
1.    Mount (M3) by the small road starting on the right, facing the elevators in the direction of Montagnac on 3 km. Stay on Celtic road which offers a relief in "roller coaster), until Montagnac (steep climbs in M3 and steep descents in D3. '' Be careful!)
2.    In the village, go back down South to the intersection with the D 211.
3.    At the crossroads of 4 roads, take to the right of the House and 100 m (M3). Then turn right by the small paved road, follow for 1 km.
4.    After the second farm (that of Raffinis) keep the same orientation and continue until you reach a stretch of asphalted road, starting at right angles.
5.    Before this road, go right down the path under the Oaks, which becomes a narrower and more stony path.
6.    The village of Germany cross right passing on the left of the Castle.
7.    At the crossroads (point side 415) borrow the D 15 snaking uphill (M2) on a little less than 3km.
8.    In a bend on the left of the road, we find the GR4 starting right (steep stony track). Follow the GR which dates back to the plateau.
9.    Skips to the Truy Jas then one goes in (D3) at the corner of a field to a secondary runway. (Pay attention to the round pebbles in the descent)
10.    At the track, turn left (M1) to the castle of Pontfrac.
11.    At the Castle, fork right downhill (D2) by the road, then immediately left to get to the D6 (500 m further away).
12.    Join Riez by D6 for 2 km.

The circuit of the plains of Montagnac

Ride 24: 2-3 h, 7.5 miles, 180 m of vertical drop, easy to avoid the summer between noon and 4 p.m., follow the yellow, Park place of the Ayuntamiento of Montagnac.
From the Town Hall of Montagnac head towards the Church then left towards the cemetery. Continue right at the intersection the stony path leading down to a valley.
1.    Climb in the face by the grassy path, which after a turn to the right becomes stony. Push the ATV to the plateau (1.3 km) continue right on 100 m then left at the two large oaks isolated 200 m more far.
2.    Continue on a km per one track which crosses the cropland up the road to Montagnac in Riez. Cross this road to continue in front on a trail that descends in undergrowth at the edge of the ravine of Boulas 500 m more later you turn left and we keep this direction for more than a kilometer remaining at the bottom of the Valley. This trail ends at the edge of a field (km 4.2) it runs on 100 m.
3.    Facing ruin, reassemble on the left by a stony track, which runs along a ravine. It reached the plain of Pubeauclaire, then a farm track that we follow on the right (at the km 5.1).
4.    500 m later, at the edge of the Woods, turn left. 600 m after, down underbrush to the right, after a group of houses. 300 m from Stony descent (D3).
5.    200 m, we descend again in undergrowth on the right, and on a restanque along 2 houses. Turn right to join the D111.
6.    Take it on the left. Shortly after the water treatment plant, mount all right to the village of Montagnac (M4) on 100 m.

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