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1 week in the Gorges du Verdon= 2 campsites to discover the richness of this incredible site

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Ubaye, the bivouac of Pare to waters Tortes

​Forest bivouac of La Pare

•    First day: + 430 m of vertical drop, 2 h walking.
•    Second day: + 450 /-880 m of vertical drop, 4 h, easy, from the forest House of Treou, 6 km from Barcelonnette. The d900, take in the direction of the Frache-Tato before airfield, then continue on the track Riou-Bourdoux. The forest home of the Treou lies in the first laces. Map IGN TOP 25 3538 and Chambeyron needle (pli D2).
You will keep an excellent memory of these two days spent in the wilderness. The forest House the PARE (Gîte) is located in height in Riou-Bourdoux, site known for its stream to "washes" destructive. Hike in the planted forests by human hands between the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century to protect themselves from the gullies will also take you in an environment with abundant flora inhabited by many sheep from Corsica.
Forest home, in which the maquis of the Ubaye had installed its first quarters during the Resistance, the home of the managers is still warm. This hike you can enjoy striking views of the average Valley.
•    Day 1: from the Treou, follow the trail of Riou-Bourdoux. He travels in the riverbed, then rises on the right bank. A few meters further, you can reach a PR (marked in yellow), take it to the right. It rises to a lace of the forest road of the barrier. We find the GR 6-56 (red and white) markup. Follow the PR and GR by road about 1.5 km to the forest home of the barrier.
•    Day 2: refuge of the Pare, come up North cabin Newfoundland trail (unmarked). It passes through numerous small ravines under beautiful larch. The forest cleared to make way for pastures. The sheep Shack Newfoundland, mount "horizontal path" towards the North: the trail is not marked on the ground and can be confused with traces of herds to "horizontal road". Take this trail right that flies to the East on a mountainside, it dominates the Valley at the edge of forest. It passes close to drinking sources. The highest trees that cling to boulders are pine cembros, altitude trees that need their lives to a bird, the Nutcracker, which alone spread seeds of this pin. Away from the trails that go up to the passes of les Orres and the barrier. When we cross the GR 6-56, take it down and get off at the refuge of the barrier.
To regain the forest home of the Treou, take the PR used to climb up to the discovery trail. It passes next to the ruined hamlet of charisma, covered by forest. Then turn right to access station No. 8, the nursery of the Dalis. Finish the course (stations No. 9 and 10) and arrive at the forest House.
•    Do more: the loop of the second day can be extended upstream to the pass the PARE (2 655 m). The round trip takes approximately 2 hours for an additional elevation of 400 m. from the col views superb on the Valley of the Parpaillon and the massif of Grand Bérard. For athletes, the full itinerary is carried out in a day.
•    To do less: half-day, the pro-avid cheerleader stories and comments about the Riou-Bourdoux will love along the discovery trail. Explanatory panels are arranged at ten stations. Departure and arrival at the Treou.

Barcelonnette adrets angry torrents

Bérarde, Falcon, Sanières, Riou-Bourdoux... as many torrents which anger remained in the collective unconscious of the inhabitants of the Ubaye. Huge South side overlooking the Valley of Barcelonnette, completely cleared until the end of the last century, were impressive raw, formed of glacial mud, torn by violent storms from unstable slopes... The historical examples abound, as the storm of April 8, 1976, which caused torrential mud 90,000 flow m 3, depositing the Sanières a height of 7 meters of lava in less than an hour. Since then, an extensive program of forest plantations and structures without the most threatening thalweg contributed to produce these 'sleeping monsters.

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Circuit of Bonne Vert

Benchmark: Departure from the village of Faucon, 2 km from Barcelonnette. In the direction of Jausiers and leave the main road 500 m after the crossroads of the Sauze. + 600 /-600 m of ascent, 13 km, 3 h, sports courses, provide water, food and a helmet and bike repair. Map IGN TOP 25 3538 and Chambeyron needle (pli D3).
This ride is very traveled by "bikers" of Barcelonnette and the surrounding area, quite rightly. After a steady climb on a track, reflecting a broad panorama, you will succeed in the high parts wooded hotter where live sheep and buff. The rump of Bonnet green overlooks the Valley on a hot side and the route is quickly cleared.
The village of Falcon, point of departure, is characterized by its three bell towers. The most remarkable is the campanile isolated remnant of a medieval church, ochre colours. The other two pinnacles are those of the parish church Saint-Étienne (11th century), restored during the classical era and the convent of Saint-Jean de Matha, of the order of the Trinitarians, dating from the 17th century.
In the village, mount on a road in the direction of Bouzoulieres. Cross the torrent of Falcon 1 km more far. The road, now climbs switchbacks. In the hamlet of Bouzoulieres, pass a chapel in a turn. Let then a track that part right, then later another descends to the left. After other laces, one reaches a replat in prairie. Continue the track that climbs to the right and arrive at the car park of Cap Vert (barrier NFB, information boards, tables).
Start the signposted mountain bike descent: take down to right 20 m before the barrier, and turn left immediately onto a small path. A tree trunk bearing an arrow indicates the direction. If you arrive at a tank, it is that you're wrong path. Follow the trail that winds through the Woods. Where it crosses a forest road, engage and put it back on 300 m.
Resume the well traced path that plunges right (marked in yellow). Follow him during many laces without reflect skidding trailed.
You will be in the bottom of the descent to a forest track that you need to take down. We encounter a barrier. Cross the torrent of le Bourget and after 500 m on the left bank cross the stream at a junction on the right. We arrive at the hamlet of le Bourget. Find village Falcon by a small road in the Southwest.
•    Do more: starting from the center of Barcelonnette, the circuit is lengthened by 6 km. Mount by the pool in the direction of the hamlet of the Germans. Before arriving there, a track climbs towards La Salce. Engage and continue leaving all other tracks that leave left. The view of Barcelonnette is magnificent from the promontory from where paragliders take off. After a slight descent and the crossing of the torrent of Peregrine, one reaches the normal route of ascent. Take left.
•    To do less: many trails exist on the edge of the Ubaye between Jausiers and Les Thuiles. In addition, summer, downhill courses are accessible from the ski lifts of Pra-Loup and Sauze/Super-Sauze stations
•    Living otherwise: take-off area is located on the butte listed 1 612 m, below the village of small houses. Landing in the field of the Chaup bass, East of Barcelonnette.

The patent of 7 passes Ubayens

Upon the arrival of the beautiful days and snow removal from the major passes, the channels of communication open to the large neighbouring valleys. Ubaye offers many possibilities of hiking and cycling. Moreover, the Tour de France elected home several times. In 1974, Bernard Thevenet flew to Pra-Loup leaving behind King Eddy Merda. Recently in 1993, one of the toughest stages of the Alps (from Serre-Chevalier to Isola 2000) spent in Ubaye by Vars and the windscreen passes.
The collars, long remained the only routes of passage (Mule) between Ubaye, Dauphiné, Provence and Piedmont, are popular touring cyclists for their mountain landscapes.

Col d'Allos

•    Elevation: 2,240 m. climb: 1115 Mr. Distance go: 21 km.
•    Average gradient: 4.5%.
•    Map: IGN 1: 100 000 No. 61.
•    Interests: road of transhumance, the trail climbs to a wild and barren landscape. It passes through the Valley of the Agneliers. Possible stops to the Agneliers hut or shelter of the pass (open summer). Chamois on the slopes of the horse of wood.

The cayolle pass

•    Altitude: 2 327 m.
•    Total climb: 1 135 m.
•    Go distance: 29 km.
•    Average gradient: 4%.
•    Map: IGN 1400 000 No. 61.
•    Interest: the road crosses the gorges of the Bachelard where are drawn to beautiful works of art. Superb fauna composed of chamois, Golden Eagles, to see in the Park of Mercantour Ubaye. Before the pass, the road meanders between beautiful waterfalls.

Col de Restefond / La Bonnette

•    Altitude: 2,802 m.
•    Total climb: 1 667 m.
•    Go distance: 32 km.
•    Average slope: 7%.
•    Map: IGN 11100 000 No. 61. Interest: the road is narrow and winding of the windshield, the highest in Europe, is located at the gateway to the Mercantour Park. Skips to the military barracks of the Restefond. At the Summit, a road accesses an orientation table. In the climb, the 'stop 2000' is open all summer to drink.

Col de Larche

•    Altitude: 1,991 m.
•    Total climb: 856 m.
•    Go distance: 33 km.
•    Average gradient: 4.5%.
•    Map: IGN 1: 100 000 No. 54.
•    Interest: road giving easy access to the Italy, this path has been for centuries a great way of invasion and conquest. This explains the construction of the fort Tournoux à la Condamine, Saint-Ours and roche-la - Croix. You can eat and freshen Meyronnes and Larche. As early as the spring, marmots are ubiquitous throughout the climb of the col.

Col de Vars

•    Altitude: 2 109 m.
•    Total climb: 974 m.
•    Go distance: 30 km.
•    Average slope: 7% (10% for the last 4 km).
•    Map: IGN 1: 100 000 No. 54.
•    Interest: between Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye and the hamlet of Melezen, "Coiffed damsels" training. In St. Paul, the Museum of "Know-how" can be visited throughout the summer: instruments and ancient techniques. In the Melezen, ceramics summer exhibition. A little after the col, swampy Lake and refuge Napoléon.

Col Saint-Jean

•    Altitude: 1 333 m.
•    Total climb: 657 m. Distance go: 33 km.
•    Map: IGN 1: 100 000 is 54.
•    Interest: the climb begins at the steps from the Tower, made famous by its ' turnstiles ' ", Mule so narrow and steep it rendered the passage of hard throat before the construction of the first bridges. Point of view on the Lake of Serre-Ponçon and the Pontis opposite coast. It passes under the village of Saint-Vincent-les-Forts, dominated by the fortifications of Vauban.

Col of Pontis

•    Altitude: 1 301 m.
•    Total climb: 836 m.
•    Go distance: 34 km.
•    Map: IGN 1: 100 000 n ° 54.
•    Interest: the route passes to the Lake of Serre-Ponçon. The pass road is narrow and sometimes high percentages. In the village of Pontis, the former school was converted into a Museum and can be visited. The pass is located on the foothills of the Morgon: panoramic view of the confluence of the Ubaye and Durance valleys and the dam of Serre-Ponçon.
Do more:
Three major channels in the day will transport you through the neighbouring valleys:
•    Barcelonnette, the cayolle pass, col of the fields, col d'Allos, Barcelonnette, 115km, + 3340 m of difference in altitude.
•    Barcelonnette, col Restefond, Isola, col of la Lombarde, col Larche, Barcelonnette, 183 km, + 4 330 m of height difference.
•    Barcelonnette, pass Vars, Guillestre, Endre-D'embrun, Savines, col Pontis, Barcelonnette, 126 km, + 1 580 m of height difference.
To do less:
For those who want less climb, here are two Valley rides:
•    Barcelonnette-Maurin, return 35 km, + 200 m of height difference.
•    Tour of the hatters by Barcelonnette, Uvernet, Les Thuiles and Saint-Pons, 17 km, + 200 m of height difference.

The Ubaye passes: a large Rosary

The ridges surrounding the Valley almost lower here and a multitude of passes there overlooking the Ubaye River, always of at least 1400 m, sometimes 1800. These declines, or collars, were for most windows of communication with the other valleys. Only the advent of road transport has made them forget... More than 75 passes were commonly used for transportation and travel until the beginning of our century. The narrow catwalks of the Reissole and the Tower not rendered impassable, before the use of dynamite, low Valley issues. The old escaped Valley only by passes, usually with mules for transport. Number of vestiges of these 'Mule' trails, today almost entirely buried in the grass or under boulders, are barely passable on foot.
The best-known and traveled, let us remember the Sestriere pass, to go to Val d'Allos, which certain sections are still visible from the top of the field of Pra-Loup; the Col de Marie linking Cambremont to the Italy, Jausiers linking the Lauzanier (Ubayette), the vallon of Abriès (Jausiers), le Tronchet pass to go to Queyras and many others: Pare, les Orres, la Fère, the cLos of the King, the Gypiere... The knowledge of these 76 passes, including 4 passable, 29 'Mule', and trails 43 would require on the part of hikers wishing to discover them, several stays in our Valley.

Paragliding in the Bétoul

Pra-Loup, located at 1,600 in altitude, 10 km from Barcelonnette, is one of the most beautiful resorts in the Southern Alps.
Above the Valley of Ubaye, facing Sugar Loaf and Chapeau de Gendarme, the site of Pra-Loup offers a splendid flight opened eastward.
The site is passable summer or winter since take-off is located within the Pra-Loup station, on the edge of the ski slopes.
The slope is oriented is perpendicular to the axis of the Ubaye Valley. It is a take-off in grass, with a regular and gradual slope. It is therefore a morning flight, aerologiquement quiet, therefore aimed at inexperienced drivers smooth discover the landscapes of the Ubaye.
•    Access: in summer: from Pra-Loup station, take the Clappiers cable car (open in July and August from 9 h). Out of the gondola, mount walk for 5 to 10 minutes turning left towards the Bétoul. you have to cross two ski lifts.
•    in winter: leaving the gondola from the Clappiers, take the ski lift of the Bétoul and release left for down to liftoff.
•    Conditions: it is a morning flight in slope up to 11: 00 in the summer breeze.
•    Dangers and difficulties: in summer, from 11 pm, when the Valley breeze rises, the site is downwind, be wary.
•    Do not steal by weather wind from North and South off, landing: Uvernet, 1200 Mr access from Barcelonnette: take the direction of Pra-Loup, then that of the Cayolle pass Uvernet. At the entrance of Uvernet, leave the car and follow down the path of Earth left, before the crucifix. You will find a large field in cant, equipped with a windsock. The Valley breeze comes from Barcelonnette.
Do more
There are other sites in the Ubaye Valley, including Sun beef and Larche. However, they are subject to a regime of breezes of slope and extremely high Valley (the highest in the Southern Alps). This particular Aerological phenomenon is explained by the East-West orientation of the Valley. This orientation induces a very intense sunlight from morning to evening, thus creating a very important thermal activity. It is imperative these sites more than elsewhere, fly late in the evening and learn from school and the local club.

The descent of the Ubaye

Rafting knows for several years a success growing to a very broad audience. Safely and without learning, everyone can enjoy the thrills of rafting river.
The Ubaye, in the difference of the Verdon and the Durance, does no dam or reservoir any. Its flow is very natural everything has along his route, making it one of the wildest rivers in France.
The Ubaye is a river of mountain, inflated in the spring by the meltwater of snow of the high massifs. It is therefore a technical River, where the pleasure of flowing water can be discover through the foaming broths.
This course is located in the lower Valley and enjoys a navigable water level most of the time.
•    Departure: The lime kiln, 500 m upstream from the hamlet of swift, municipality of Meolans-Revel. The course is technical, varied, and beautiful. It crosses the famuses gorges of the Lauzet, spanned by a small Roman bridge. This course of classes III and IV was used for the champoinnats of France in 1986. The numerous rapids are interspersed with quieter areas that allow beginners to a breather. Arrival: Mill, in le Lauzet-Ubaye.
•    Do more: complete raft is a 21 km Barcelonnette in le Lauzet path, using the best passages of the ubaye Valley, including ex-impassable. Duration: 3 h 30 of navigation.
•    To do less: some descents are quieter because less rugged: La Condamine/Jausiers, beautiful wild ride in a narrow portion of the Valley. Jausiers/Barcelonnette, to sail between the peaks, Chapeau de Gendarme and Chalanche.
•    Living otherwise: the same courses are available also in tandem canoeing, Hydrospeed (whitewater swimming) and of course in kayaking.

The head of Louis XVI

It is one of the best-known peaks of the ubaye Valley as its visible cutting from Barcelonnette is strangely reminiscent of an elongated head. The Chin, lips, nose, eyebrows arcades and a wide front are wearing a massive wig. Louis XVI is not passed by then, but this portrait looks like him so that nature seems to have carved his profile wonderfully. The trail climbs a steep slope to the sunny side to finish in fresh meadows. He follows in the footsteps of pastoral history whose signs are exposed in many places: retaining walls, prairies, sheepfolds, cabins and barns of altitude.
Scheduled to descend by mule kits Hay, cutting of the Alpine pastures, he was less borrowed for this work since the installation of a cable at the beginning of the century.
•    Benchmark: Departure at the parking lot of the hamlet of Clots, 4 km from the D900, in the municipality of Meolans-Revel. Climb in the direction of climbing school and then continue on the track that climbs right at the next intersection. 5 h 30, + 1010 /-1010 m of difference in altitude, medium difficulty, attention to the herds. Follow the yellow (small hiking trail, PR). Map IGN series blue Barcelonnette 3539 West and Seyne 3439 is.
The trail is well marked in yellow. From the hamlet of Clots left right to a path lined with trees. Enter a pine forest and growing in crossing to cross the ravine of Jani.
At the intersection, turn right and continue to climb: a rocky bar is crossed with short trail laces. Before Roche Juan low barns, take the trail to the right. Pass in les hautes granges, mount in the understory. We arrive at a double junction: go right, then left and continue straight until the release of the forest.
The trail continues flank towards a pastoral hut and crosses the torrent of the Valley. Back then, Southeast orientation, the combe of the Valley that leads to the Summit. Be careful not to lose the markup in this part.
To descend, one reaches the bottom of the Valley by a rump in the Northwest on its right flank. Pass under a ledge and lead in crete near the side 2,259 m Rocky bec.
Descend along a north-facing rump and win the route of ascent.
•    Do less
The Walker can bask on the edge of the Ubaye travelling along a path on the left bank between the villages of Meolans and swift. Dominated by the head of Louis XVI, it is the opportunity to admire Meolans and its bell tower constructed independently of the body of the Church on a rocky promontory.

The descent of the ravine of the Blache

Canyoning site overlooks the gorges of the Ubaye, pouring South. The course, sunny afternoon, has no big fix through magical places. Consisting mainly of cascades, it is well watered, but the absence of basins does or swimming, or jumps.
Water and rock create a universe out of the ordinary relatively isolated in the canyon. Long inaccessible ravines offer their lush greenery nestled against the limestone cliffs. The passage under the waterfalls of Caste-plane Tuff is k nail of the descent. The curtains of fine droplets flicker above your heads. The torrent of the ravine of the Blache, in its lower part (not covered) passes over a tunnel of the railway which was to reach Barcelonnette. The torrent because big problems to the workers who by building this tunnel, pierced the bottom of the torrent! Finally, this book was never used since the railway line has been decommissioned in 1926.
•    Departure: road field Contier, at 3 km from le Lauzet-Ubaye. The small road starts at the level of the monument to the dead of the Lauzet, passes through the Roman bridge and climbs on the right bank of the Ubaye. Park before the passage of the torrent. Immediate departure of the canyon. Think to leave a vehicle at the arrival of the Canyon: the mill bridge, downstream of the Lauzet, direction the camping Source and the mill. Initially the descent is done in part opened with small basins where do not jump. The first waterfall is short and very watered. Stop in the basin of the middle end slide on 3 m. Following a delicate reminder of 8 m in the last two meters. Continue in de-escalation with a handrail by strong flow. A spit is mounted on a block on the left bank. The next portion covers hiking aquatic (15 min), without breaks. The remaining part becomes more steep-sided, with the waterfalls of cascades of Chouhan Tuff. Next two reminders of 5 and 7 m then a great watered reminder of 14 m (overlooking and air).
•    We pass under an arch before a reminder of 6 m above a small cave. Walk 200 m down a grand reminder of 14 Mr. its left side is interesting, but its right side is easier. The latest recall is carried out on a slab little inclined 12 m, very slippery. Out of the canyon and reach the bridge of mill by a path, starting 20 minutes walk.
•    Do more: for insiders, the upper portion of this same canyon falls in 4 h. Starting walk from the hamlet of field-contier, accessed on top of a 55 m high waterfall.You can follow all of the two parties in the day.
Benchmarks: Safety: canyoning is a technical activity that requires a good mastery of the manipulation of strings. Learn about the weather conditions depends on the flow of the torrent. Length: 800 m vertical drop:-140 Mr. duration: 2 hours difficulty: difficult. Overlooking reminder, high flow. Existing equipment: good Ires, chains and rings material: complete neoprene outfit helmet, two 40 m rope and a safety straps lift equipment map: IGN blue saddle Seyne 3439 is.

The Tortes waters discovery trail

The altitude of the waters Tortes Marsh and Blanche glacier, now rock glacier, are the remains of a vast glacial unit covering the Ubaye twenty thousand years ago.
The Valley has been inhabited since ancient times. Harsh climate did its population flee more welcoming lands in Provence.
The Laverq, by its remoteness, exudes an atmosphere conducive to contemplation. At the end of a long way in Earth, the last hamlets surround the Laverq Abbey, built in 1135 by the pioneers of the order of Chalais monks, and which was attached shortly after to the Abbey of Boscodon. Hiking and skiing develop in these blank spaces from a motorized tourism and planning routes, shelters and rest areas. We offer you browse to the day the Tortes waters discovery trail.
Benchmark: take the D900 to the swift (near le Lauzet). Then turn in the direction of the Laverq up to the Abbey (3, 5km of unsurfaced road). Two parking areas: the first is below the Abbey, the second is at the end of the road, 1 km further. Duration 6 h, 630 m of vertical drop, hiking long but very good trail without difficulties technical and well marked.
The second parking lot, continue the path, it follows the torrent of the Laverq remaining at the bottom of vallon (4 km). Before arriving at the low level, the path rises laces in a forest of larches, hooks and cembran pines. Cabin Plan down, take the trail to the left, crossing the clearing (source to the second hut). Then move the GR 6-56 for the benefit of the discovery trail (blue tags) that file right and rises in lace in the forest. He left the forest and passes through an area of scree before arriving to the beautiful inclined waterfall of the ravine of the provisions. Bypass the waterfall to the left into a meadow. Until waters Tortes, the path meanders through a chaos of rocks (in Annot sandstone), meadows and streams.
Observe the forest, you are at an altitude of 2,200 m, larches and cembran pines take picked forms, under pressure from the snow, Frost and wind.
You will also encounter various shrubs: rhododendron, bilberry and blueberry marshes; as well as the white pieces, aconite Tue-Loup and sylvatic geranium.
Waters Tortes, 2,250 meters above sea level, are a piece of the Blanche glacier melting. Vegetation type bog rushes, sedges, mosses, with interleaving of channels, is developed in this altitude, cold and wet environment. Above waters Tortes, on the right, you will see what remains of the white glacier.
Cross Creek's waters Tortes by the wooden bridge. The trail passes along the waters Tortes, turns right (before a characteristic Rocky monolith) and climbs to a small pass. He then goes to the "hut" Selesta, vestige of breeding sheep that was practiced in the valley until in 1986, reclassification of the vallon in biological reserve.
The descent then begins on the left bank of the Valley. By a succession of laces, one arrives at the low level (attention in a PIN, leave left another trail). Low plan, back to go to the car park.
•    Do more: to avoid the return back of the Abbey, before low level, in the forest, in a turn to Hairpin, at the level of a post without sign, turn left. A road overlooking the Valley and leads to the huts of the plan by the girl. From there, cross the meadow to find the path that descends through the forest up to the Abbey of the Laverq. A bridge, at the level of the car park, to cross the Vautreuil stream (2 h A/R of waters Tortes). Small pass overlooking waters Tortes, take the direction of the col de Vautreuil, yellow tag, the way monte Southwest, in a landscape increasingly more mineral. The Vautreuil is a desert place, below the dry Puy. Taking the path that climbs, you can reach a gap that opens an unobstructed beyond worthy (1/2 h A/R of the cervix).
For lovers of vertical paths, reach the peak of the heads by taking due west and following the curve of level (a few yellow tags). Cable passage and air to access the Summit occurs (4 h A/R of the cervix).
Possibility of down the Valley of Vautreuil to sawmills in the hamlet of Clarionds (2 h of the pass at sawmills, possible bivouac at the single cabin of the Valley under the collar of the stone, at the beginning of the forest).

Annot's streets
Annot's streets

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