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My dear bees Part 2

​Beautiful and tough Provence

In the rising sun, the mountains of our beautiful Provence bristle their white tops a freshly fallen snow. However, we are in the lovely month of May and this is the time where a multitude of flowers show their colorful petals. It is difficult not to be moved and marvel at the beauty of this landscape.
I think it was Napoleon who said: "the success belongs to those who get up early." This is also true with regard to the beauty of nature. During the summer, it is early in the morning that the magic of the new day feels better. The flowers open timidly and immediately insects of all kinds are busy. It is also at this time that still wet from the dew, the leaves of plants offer to us any of a wide range of the most shimmering Greens.
More than thirty years ago, when I came to settle in Provence, I had brought Northern bees and when I had followed them carefully, I noticed they were leaving to forage an hour later than the local breed bees.
I thus had to change all of Provencal Northern Queens to give reason to Napoleon and also to make it profitable to my farm.
It is usually the morning flowers nectarisent the most. To make beautiful crops of honey, it is the morning that the battle must be won.

The virtues of honey

Energy, antiseptic, honey is a light laxative recommended for young children. It is emollient, therefore it is recommended to consume when cramps. It is also refreshing. Finally, honey generally possesses the properties of the plants from which it comes, that is, its properties are always sweet, never aggressive. The consumer can refer to the works of Dr. j. Valnet "Herbal medicine", "Aromatherapy", "Treatment by the vegetables and the Fruits". Honey being the quintessential plants, its color, its texture and its flavour will differ depending on the flowers and the nature of the soil.
Most recommended and also the most sought-after honeys are honey from wild nature garrigues or mountains not polluted by industries and pesticides of all kinds of modern agriculture. Due to a significantly less floral density in field crops, in the wilderness, the production per hive is often low. For example: a normal and average of thyme honey crop seldom exceeds 5 kg per hive, while it is often 15 kg on rapeseed. This justifies the higher price of the honey from thyme than honey from rapeseed. Thyme honey is almost not found in trade, and the beekeeper, which harvesting, retain preference for its regular customers.
Drawn from the works of Dr. j. Valnet "Aromatherapy" and "Herbal medicine", behold, briefly, a few main properties of plants that are from some honeys we produce in the wild nature of our beautiful region:
•    Lavender: antiseptic lung, antirhumatismale, migraine, vermifuge, excess of blood.
•    Thyme: antihypertensive, antiseptic and bactericide powerful (intestinal, pulmonary, urinary). One of the best plants against influenza, angina, head cold.
•    Savory: Digestive, stimulating the intellect and the adrenal cortiços, aphrodisiac (without too many illusions!).
•    Rosemary: A plant equipped with the most numerous properties; stimulating general, cholagogue and choleretic (increases bile secretion), recommended in the hepatisme.
•    Pine: powerful antiseptic of the respiratory tract, urinary tract and liver, balsamic, energizing.
•    Chestnut: promotes blood circulation, remineralizing. Contraindicated in diabetics.
•    Heather: powerful and antiseptic diuretic urine. Sedative of the urinary tract.
•    All flowers and spring: very energetic suitable especially for athletes.
•    Sunflower: Recommended for high cholesterol.
•    Tilia: Calming and antispasmodic.

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The crystallization of honey

Some honey, because of the composition of their sugars, can remain liquid long. Typical of compound especially acacia honey case of fructose. However fructose is stored by the liver as glycogen and used as its needs. The liver, which is the laboratory of the human body, is especially well to this contribution. What did say some honey is good for diabetics. This is false, because if diabetics can handle a bit of fructose, if it consumes too much, the amount that the liver can no longer store will be transformed into glucose and will be harmful.
Some countries pasteurize their acacia honey so that it remains liquid even longer, practice that we refuse to do so in order to keep honey its natural character.
In our regions a few honeys stay liquid naturally long enough. These are the honey of acacia, pine, and to a lesser extent sometimes, thyme and Rosemary.
If you find in winter, in the trade, liquid honey and floral name is other than those cited above, it is honey processed by heat and redesigned to make liquid during the selling period. Apart from the time of harvesting it is better to buy honey in its crystalline form, and if you prefer liquid, warm it yourself in a double boiler ensuring that the temperature of the water does not reach 50 °. It will remain liquid nearly a month. If you have not destroyed his balance, you will again see crystallize evenly.
By yourself you destroy its properties, or its aroma. To soften can also put the pot on a central heating radiator. A little trick, scrape a hard with a spoon or a knife honey as done for butter.
The more energetic honeys immediately and which best suit the athletes are honeys and spring all flowers, rich in glucose.
The other honeys, delicately scented and characteristic taste such as lavender, savory, Rosemary, thyme, pine, acacia, chestnut, Heather will be selected for their taste and special properties.


It is the fat secreted by overactive glands, located between the rings of the abdomen. The strips of wax, taken and crushed by bees builders, added a bit of propolis, and pollen grains become wonderful previously described rays.
To secrete wax, bees must create heat, up to 36 °, in the cirieres group. To do this they must feed copiously honey. It is generally accepted that to secrete 100 grams of wax bees must consume 1 kg of honey.
The wax is composed of several fatty substances, combination of pollen, alcohol and fatty acids. Beeswax melts around 60 °, while microcrystalline wax from oil, has a much higher melting point; for this reason, the beeswax is used in the cosmetics industry that makes hair removal products, and by perfumers. There are other industries that use the beeswax. Pharmacy she enters the composition of SALVES and ointments.
The best polishes (wax + turpentine) to maintain old furniture are made of bees wax. All religions use wax to make candles.
The opercula wax obtained during the extraction of honey from the rays, as a result of its therapeutic qualities, is chewed with success by flu, bronchial and sinus sufferers. Now attributed these virtues to the presence, in wax, propolis.


The etymology of the word propolis comes from the Greek and means "in front of the city". Indeed, in some regions, and especially Greece, bees were used to build, flight of the hive hole with propolis, real fortifications to prevent unwanted entry. Protection against enemies, but also against microbes and fungi when it is widespread in the wax and the hive.
Propolis is a viscous substance harvested from the buds of certain plants, such as poplars, Oaks, Alders, conifers, etc. and mixed by bees with special secretions.Plants produce this material to protect their buds from bacteria and mold. It is an antibiotic and a fungicide natural operated by bees. With propolis bee can do real mummies. When an enemy (mouse or another rodent) is killed and cannot be removed from the hive, they dry out by ventilation, remove hair and eventually embalm it with propolis. This Mummy will be rot-proof and will remain safely in the hive where it will be part of the furniture.
Propolis, bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties, is very effective. It has been tested successfully on many pathogens; Active propolis products are the flavondides. These natural substances naturally remove from our body without it disturbing and without affecting the intestinal flora. It is good to have on hand, in the family pharmacy, a bottle of propolis powder and cream of propolis.

Virtues of the propolis

In countries of the East, Russia in particular, propolis is widely used as a pharmaceutical preparation. Articles on this subject documenting the results obtained by doctors and researchers in these countries on thousands of cases, and that enable to assert that propolis is remarkably effective in treatment infections of the mouth, throat and nose, the Russian magazine "Pchelovodstvo" reported quite often. Absorption perlinguale or added to food, it is also effective in the affections of the kidneys, bladder, prostate.
In dermatology, the best results are obtained with an ointment with propolis. A tincture of propolis prepared by dissolution in alcohol at 90 ° and applied directly on buttons and various skin problems that won't heal well through the currents, often quick healing results.
Here are a few practical formulas for the use of propolis.
For the affections of the mouth and throat, the best way is simply to chew a few pinches of propolis with chewing gum, 2 to 3 times per day. The use of chewing gum is designed to mitigate the feeling of warmth and extend the effect of disinfection by longer chewing.
Use as herbal tea, gargling and inhalation
Often criticized propolis, composed of resinous materials, clump in hot water and sticking uncomfortably to the Cup. The fact that it agglutinates does not interesting to dilute extracts and essences. A convenient way to prepare herbal tea of propolis is to put 2 to 4 pinches of this product on a piece of thin fabric folds and ligature in the form of a small bag. Just pour on the bag the value of a cup of boiling water and cover. A minute or two after, crush and somewhat shake the bag with a spoon so well dilute the extracts. Possibly sweeten with honey. Hot drink or use as a gargle two to three times per day. Inhaled, it goes without saying that it inhales steam as soon as boiling water paid. Can, with the same preparation, successively use the inhalation, the gargle and complete absorption of the liquid. For nasal ailments snorting several times the value of a bowl of herbal tea and spit it out.

Propolis tincture

Propolis 10 g, ethyl alcohol at 90, powder 4-5 times the volume. Stir several times per day with a bottle of glass well blocked by a lid. Repeat this operation for three to four days and place the bottle at room temperature in a dark place. After this time the top layer of brown color and pleasant smell is propolis tincture.The bottom layer, composed of particles of wax and plant extracts, is not to be used. Does stirring too much the bottle when using, it is easy to use only the dye that float widely and the filter on the fine fabric. The rest of the insoluble of propolis is pressed after filtration.

Ointment or ointment

The best ointment prepared from the propolis tincture that is prepared as above.
Dyeing of propolis, stripped of the lower layer of wax and plant extracts, is poured into a very clean flare container for the evaporation of the alcohol. Evaporate (about two days depending on temperature) until a thick paste named thick propolis extract. It is mixed at 1 percent, 2 percent and up to 5 per cent in a basic substance such as petroleum jelly or butter sunflower, which can possibly incorporate a certain percentage of lanolin which has the role of emulsifier, about 10 per cent. With a bottle of 10 g of propolis powder can prepare 100 g of ointment.
Preparation: lanolin is mixed, gradually, thick extract propolis by crushing until well blended. Then, add in small amounts, the basis chosen without stopping mixing. These ointments are preserved in airtight containers in a cool place, protected from light.
Propolis can be harvested only in small quantities and requires a lot of manpower. It will probably remain a relatively scarce commodity, but from what has been noticed, just low doses to obtain the desired results.

Impressive results

Great results me have been referred to by many people who have used propolis, often in desperation, drugs have not brought healing. For example: by propolis, chewing some fast cures for canker sores of the mouth of tonsillitis, tracheitis, kidney infections, prostatitis, sinusitis and so on. By application of a propolis ointment, healing of all kinds of eczema, acnes, crevices fingers or the keystone Plantar warts, of herpes of the lips, and most amazing perfect healing old wounds that no treatment had been unable to improve.
There are a dozen years, for the first time, I began to produce propolis. In speaking with one of my old clients of propolis, I made him read a translation of a Russian medical article giving an account of the results obtained in the hospitals with propolis. It's great, he said, it speaks of healing of wounds of war that have never healed. "I have an injury dating from the war of 14-18 who me poisoned life. I tried everything, twice transplants who missed, every two or three days I am treated with sterile films, initially with sulfonamides, now with antibiotics. Nothing has helped. I will test this product. » Attention! I, told him before dare apply propolis on a serious wound, ask well to your attending physician. "Okay, he said, but provide me anyway already powder so that I could prepare ointment by my pharmacist."
Several days later he phoned from Paris and told me: "I have talked to my specialist who forbids me to apply this product on my wound and told me that with the current permanent treatment I could already be glad to have a wound without infection." I told him that, with 84 years, everything we tried was never successful, I wanted to try that also. He told me that he was declining any responsibility. I did make an ointment made from lanolin and propolis, by my pharmacist, and will apply it every night with a sterile dressing.
For my part, I must say that I was somewhat worried about the initiative of my client considering his advanced age. Is that ten days later, he phoned again and said to me: 'I dare not believe it, I no longer bleed, a film is formed. "My wound cicatriserait? '' A month later, healed completely healed, he showed himself to his specialist who remained speechless.
No relapse later. Recognition of this customer led to an advertisement by word of mouth touting the merits of propolis. This old client, who attended already for many years, with pollen, Royal Jelly and honey thyme, always told me that he owed much to the bees and that it was pity that he has not known the propolis earlier. Here is a man, intellectual known, important character, who needs his healing and his good form to bee products. I should have said "had" because everything has an end and this customer, become a friend, died unfortunately year last at the age of 96.


For nearly thirty-five years, I regularly use pollen to keep in shape. From the first year, most flus and, apart from a few small colds, more diseases. How is - it possible you say? Is this the result of faith?
I think, rather, that disease is almost always the result of a State of imbalance in the body. A well balanced body find in him what make a good defense against microbes and viruses of all kinds.
The flower pollen collected by bees is brought back to the hive in the form of balls agglutinated in their hind legs. Thanks to a special hatch, one arrives at harvest, by colony and year, an average of 5 Kg of pure pollen, or 10 per cent of their crop. This levy does not harm bees.
Most of our foods are produced in cultures forced, bleached, devitalized, peeled, cooked and preserved chemically. This industrialization removes them their most precious elements.
These daily dietary errors result in an impressive and growing "diseases of civilization" series: poor general condition, fatigue, disorders of digestion, nerves and kidneys, affections, rheumatism, diseases of the skin, sensitivity to cooling and infection, etc.
These accidents are unknown of men and animals that live in harmony with the basic laws of nature.

Pollen, ideal food complement and balance

Brings to the body, balanced natural proportion, all the rare and precious elements that we find more in our modern diet. Thanks to its rich in amino acids, the abundance of its vitamins and trace elements and the presence of growth factors, it is the perfect food children, from the first age, seniors and those that show signs of fatigue or impairment, convalescents and those who produce a long and sustained effort (maternity(, breastfeeding, studies, travel, sports performance, etc.).
The action of the pollen is quadruple: it energizes, regulates, rebalances, and detoxifies.
Among other significant findings: mice, fed exclusively of pollen and water, breed up to the 10th generation and beyond with a perfect vitality. There is no food in the world as rich and as complete as the pollen.
Pollen is a food and not a drug, it is gradually and does not cause any addiction.
Provided that it be supported for several months, a priest of pollen gradually reduces the State of physical, nervous and mental fatigue, and allows the return to a good general condition. Convalescents and the senescent quickly resumed their strengths and their vitality and discover a characteristic euphoria having a happy impact on their morale. But the action of the pollen is also specific. It typically regulates bowel function, stop persistent diarrhea and improves the stubborn constipation. In detoxifying the intestine, it removes the self-inflicted liver and promotes the regeneration of this important body. It acts on the nervous system and brings calm and sleep. Good results were observed on the skin that it sanitizes and rid of pimples, acne and eczema. It stimulates the glandular functions, exalts the intellectual and muscle activity, restores the normal weight of overweight people. It elevates blood hemoglobin levels and vitalizes blood cells white and red, thus ensuring a better defense of the body and good resistance to diseases, colds and infections. It acts on sexual potency by renewed dynamism. In no case it can cause allergies (hay fever). In the case of severe disabilities, it is advisable to join the restorative action of pollen effect conditioner from Royal Jelly.

A rational cure pollen

Eat continuously at least 1 Kg of pollen twice a year to prevent any disease of civilization.
In case of fatigue or chronic condition, immediately start a cure and extend, without interruption, until full recovery, for many months and in some severe cases for more than a year.
•    Start with 1 teaspoon (1/2 for children less than 7 years), taken in the morning or when a meal. Gradually increase the dose up to a full tablespoon (1 pound per month). In case of fatigue or sluggishness, take two overflowing tablespoons per day. Reduce if there is the slightest intolerance. The dose of 1 teaspoon per day is also supported by the children and the elderly. If your life is hectic, very tiring, consume pollen year-round (6 Kg per year). You will use much less quickly and prolong your youth.
•    Keep your pollen in airtight. Never leave your box open in a humid atmosphere. Do never overheat. (Bee pollen contains about 20% of honey. In one tablespoon (20 g) there are therefore 4 gr of honey. The pollen is excellent for diabetics that can support 4 g of honey per day).
•    Pollen can be delivered in two presentations: in balls natural, as tallied on the legs of the bees. In this presentation the pollen must be absorbed as granules without eat grains, accompanied by a glass of water. It is the ideal rapid absorption mode for busy people. Or powder (ground balls). Absorb with an excipient such as yogurt, milk, etc.
For more than twenty years, Dr. Jean Valnet with other doctors who advocated a return to other more natural medicines, we experimented with pollen on all kinds of cases. We found that it was best when it was taken at the time of a meal, with a bit of water as granules. Probably happens more intact to the level of the intestines without suffering too much damage by the action of gastric juices. By absorbing at the time for a meal, and not fasting as they say it too often, its richness in vitamins and amino acids causes effects of catalysis to securely attach the trace elements necessary for every cell of our body. Example: many modern men are deficient in magnesium, calcium, etc. Whenever this results in tiredness or a poor resistance to diseases of field. According to some authors, the lack of magnesium would be one of the causes of susceptibility to cancer. However, magnesium does not lack in our food. What lack are the catalysts. Often they have been destroyed by how to handle food: sterilization, pasteurization, ultra-high, boil. Milk contains a lot of calcium and vitamin D, as well as amino acids required to fix have been destroyed. These calcium deficiency will increase especially in periods where the lack of Sun. This is probably one of the reasons why the cures of pollen are especially very beneficial in autumn and winter, when we lack the Sun, its rays bringing us more valuable vitamin D.

The action of pollen

Among the diseases of civilization, there is one which we do not often speak as such. What are dental caries which we suffer at increasingly younger ages.
It is obvious that the current food is not made to fix things.
Taken information from specialists, it appears that at the age of fourteen years nothing of what we will eat later can improve poor teeth. It is dramatic and explains why some have almost no teeth at the age of twenty-five.
For my part, I am privileged in this area, them with yet. I always attributed this chance to the fact that I had a very good food in childhood. My uncle's farm nourished us by good products, our parents had taught us, to my brothers, sisters and I, after a meal need to eat some fruit with the skin to do well (the vitamins lying just under the skin). Now we are warned to well to peel fruits and their skin is contaminated by pesticides of all kinds.
The regular use of the pollen can also help keep good teeth. Experiments have proven that in the saliva of a person who never have tooth decay is always a kind of antibodies specializing in the destruction of bacteria that attack the teeth, so that patients suffering from tooth decay it is impossible to find these same antibodies. This is a point where some are deprived of this natural defense. It is not known why. Is not about simply that if the body is well balanced, its natural defense will be just as good to protect to protect the teeth. If it were not so, there is more land than men without teeth! Natural defence is the ideal way to deal with the disease. Current medical science seems have understood it. Over the years, she developed multiple drugs to treat us. Chemicals in the antibiotic revolution.

How to make them stronger?

We always wanted to destroy microbes with drugs, but they have become accustomed to resist more and more doses of antibiotics. It is known that antibiotics also destroy good microbes, those of the intestinal flora that depends on our health. Current research lead on the way to make stronger our natural defense. Our indispensable weapons are thousand billions of white blood cells that circulate in our body.
How to make them stronger? This is what endeavour at this time, major laboratories around the world where genetic engineering has allowed to transform bacteria to produce human molecules designed to obtain and purify quantity substances key of our defence system. Despite the rapid progress of this decade, we are in the infancy of this new science. Also, pending would progress that will defeat cancer or AIDS, be wise to get close as possible to the natural and try to improve the balance of our field. Pollen, natural product or nothing lacks, is ideal to correct the defects of our modern diet. Still need to insist on the fact that it must be harvested on a flora wild, as far as possible crop in large, scrubland, hills or mountains.

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is the secretion of glands pharyngeal and mandibular of young bees affected to the feeding of larvae destined to become Queens. Secretion to transform the worker larvae is different, the experimenters were able to raise Queens using this jelly.
Royal Jelly is composed of water, proteins, lipids of a specific fatty acid existing in any other product, carbohydrate, very different vitamins, antibiotics and many other unknown substances of which the study continues.
The effects of Royal Jelly on the man are fast, often spectacular. It is dynamic and revitalizing.
Absorbed by perlinguale way, it revitalizes damaged organs and extends the life of cells. It invigorates the physical, intellectual and sexual functions. Stimulates and regenerates nerve cells (brain), is particularly on the heart and kidneys.

Experiments, testing clinics and results

When a well-made cure, there is a rapid disappearance of tiredness, the re-Equilibration of the weight, clean the skin and scalp. A quick reglobulation in case of anemia. The improvement of asthma, arteriosclerosis, ulcer. Typical action on intellectual functions (alertness, memory). It reduces the emotion, enhances the basal metabolism, growth in the case of young children malnourished. Improves vitality, longevity and resistance to fatigue and cold.
Dr. Weber, who runs a clinic of child psychiatry in Wroclaw, was administered to Mongolian children aged 3 to 12 months, 100 mg per day of Royal Jelly by mouth. Mental development has quickened significantly, driving excitement tends to regress. According to the author of these experiments, the advancement of Mongolian children, under the influence of Royal Jelly, are incomparably higher than those obtained by other therapeutic means.
Professor Towsend (Canada) experimented with the action of Royal Jelly on several forms of cancer in mice. Thousand subjects were inoculated by injections of cancer cells and die. Thousand other subjects receive at the same time that cancer cells, of Royal Jelly by mouth or injection. All remain free of cancer. It was believed to be a cure for cancer, but Royal Jelly experienced already cancer subjects had no effect. This leaves to assume that Royal Jelly has means of defence which hinder the development of it in its early stages but does not cure it. It seems that insects are the only beings alive about this disease. It is good to also say that cancer of mice and rats is viral and is well known to researchers. While in humans it is generally not the case because we have to deal with other kinds of cancers that do not have this origin.

The Japanese, most consumers of Royal Jelly

If I was shoplifting all the beneficial results that me have been reported concerning the cures of Royal Jelly, should devote a whole book. As early as 1952, an advertising campaign in the press attributed to Royal Jelly of fanciful properties like rejuvenation. This made the doctors and the suspicious men of science and many refused to look at the product. Advertising became rarer over the years, and yet the production as well as sales did that grow around the world. If a product does not give satisfaction, all ads of the world does there will nothing and sales will fall. Gold with royal jelly is the opposite that happened. I was surprised to learn that it is the Japanese people that consumes most of royal jelly in the world. Probably because the Japanese, in their overcrowded Islands and the tip of the technical progress, even more than we suffer the stress of modern life, poor nutrition quickly swallowed, etc., and what they found in Royal Jelly a Dynamising and revitalizing tonic action.
There are still nearly 4% of the components of royal jelly which have not been identified and that exist in any other product on Earth.
The Japanese endeavour at this time by extensive analyses, to isolate these components. That will emerge there?

Royal Jelly, already an old remedy

But, you say, I've never used a royal jelly or propolis, so my body does not know these products. Think again because the prehistoric men already knew these products. They found in harvested honey in an empirical manner by pressing and crushing the rays from which flowed a full honey.
Primitive peoples still use this method. In the equatorial forests when one wants to revitalize sexual viewpoint, asked the "Hunter of bees' brood Combs that will be chewed for a few days. Honey is cut apart and sold in markets. Obviously, it is the "Hunter of bees" serving first which, by the way, it often allows to have several women. Live the Bushmen in the Kalahari desert in southern Africa. There are no bees. To find roughly the same revitalizing virtues, they demolish Pickaxe kicked the nests of termites, hard as concrete, to arrive at the Royal rooms. There Queens of termites, which are more than machines to lay eggs, the size of a sausage, unable to move, are fed on one side, and the other lay without stopping. These Queens are also the result of a biochemical, little-known food to date. The fact remains that this big work done by the Bushmen, destroy the termite mounds, not has other aim to capture these Queens and consume it, sucking every day a small fragment. Primitive peoples are often wiser than we think and familiar natural products and how to use them.

Consume Royal Jelly

Experience has taught us that Royal Jelly is active in two ways: by Sting and there is entered in the medical field, or by perlinguale uptake. If one swallows the Royal Jelly as a regular food, many of its active products will be destroyed by gastric juices. It is taken preferably in the morning on an empty stomach, or far from a meal when the mouth is not tainted toothpaste or food. She takes the dose ranging from one to two peas when pure or one to two teaspoonfuls when mixed with honey. Perlinguale absorption is leaving melt product on the language and passing it under the tongue during one to three minutes. The small vessels of the tongue absorb the precious elements of royal jelly which will be conveyed by the blood circuit where they reach the intestines and will follow the normal route to reach the reserves of the organization. What is important is the repetition of small daily doses during a time of twenty to forty days with doses of about half a gram. It is not useful to take large doses at a time because the mammals we can assimilate the precious elements of food by small amounts at a time. If you take too much, there is rejection of the superfluous as a boiler that would fill it unduly.
The effect of Royal Jelly is progressive, when occurs a characteristic euphoria, consequence of a State where you feel good in her skin.


This is not a technical book on beekeeping. Interested parties will refer to the literature of practical beekeeping. There are quite a few which one of my excellent friend Professor Jean Prost "beekeeping" authoritative and which is a model of its kind, where the smallest details of beekeeping operations is related in a more explicit manner.
Nevertheless, I can give some advice to future amateur beekeepers.
•    It is often said: I would like to hold a hive in my garden. It is all very well, but it is imperative to have at least two hives to deal with any accident that may occur it. Indeed, your hive can change his Queen and it happen to be lost on his flight of fertilization. It is then orphaned, without theoretical out, with more eggs or larvae at its disposal. In noting this fact, it is easy, if there is another colony, to a radius of brood with eggs and transfer to the orphan hive in the middle of the cluster of bees. The Colony found the opportunity to redo a Queen, everything will fit into the order.
•    Models of hives. Ancient beehives were simple boxes made of wood or woven straw, and Cork containers. The bees built their rays at their leisure, in the orientation so that they serve as windbreaks opposite the entrance. The harvest was asphyxiant bees, by cutting the rays which were then pressed to extract the honey. Since a hundred years, the invention of the movable frames by Langstroth hive completely changed labour to the Apiary allowing out rays, to consider or harvest them, crops up to ten times higher than those of fixed hives, and to judge the State of health of the colony.

The different types of hives

Models of frame-hives are so numerous that a beginner get lost and don't know what Saint devote. In this field, do not innovate. The Dadant model to 10 frames with increases of demi-cadres seems to me the most suitable for a beginner or a person unable to take care of his hives as from time to time. Even if it is good handyman, it is always better if addressing a serious equipment dealer who will provide a template where the measures have been met to the millimetre.
Beehive of a standard template that will keep its value. It is good to know that, when the distance between the frames and the wall is less than 6 mm, the bees stick the frames to the walls using propolis; and that if it is greater than 9 mm, they build wax to avoid losing place, resulting in a fixed hive which can no longer remove frames. If distance, bees retain the passage to be able to work around the rays. Here's a little anecdote that confirms how my father attached importance to the accuracy of a beehive. My father was familiar with the work of wood, who worked in the factory of organs of my grandfather. Became blind in his old age following a cataract operation, he nevertheless attended the construction of hives. He made me do templates to the millimetre for each piece of the hive. Before assembling it, he passed the templates. If he felt any difference with his fingers, he was correct, or to restart the piece. Wanted to chance that, when assembled to the beekeeping society of which he was a member, he regained after forty-five years a friend of youth that he also was interested in beekeeping. This friend is name was Paul, and if he enjoyed a roughly correct view, however it had become pretty dull. I witnessed scenes that it is difficult to tell in bringing out the flavor.

Other tips for future beekeepers

•    Harvested wax is embossed with a cylinder machine that reproduces the base of the cell of workers on a sheet of 6 mm thick. It is set in the frames and drowned in serving wire's support. Embossed wax requires bees to build in a mobile setting. Without this primer, bees build their shelves in the sense that they want, without concern for the executives. I draw your attention to the fact to require your seller of pure beeswax, and refuse the mixture with paraffin or microcrystalline wax which, if it is well accepted by bees, does not perfect rays and watch the cells collapsing. There again, must be the most possible natural. What a joy to see, when the honey is in full swing, the aftermath of the introduction of a sheet of embossed wax, the beauty of the rays completed to perfection, ready to receive the Queen egg or new honey.
•    Once it bothers the colony, bees are detrimental to labour stressed as well as the health of it. Do visit your hives only when it is necessary, by referring to the beekeeping operations schedule adapted to your region.
•    Keep bees well suited to your area.
•    In your garden plant the more possible of melliferous plants or pollen that will entertain your bees, but never lose sight that these are large floral expanses that give beautiful crops.
Interested in bees, trying to understand their behaviour is a beautiful adventure never completed. It is a field of unsuspected investigation which constantly updates our awakening curiosity.
In the 18th century, it was the passion of a Switzerland François HUBER, who although blind was assisted by his servant who lent him his eyes might say, which led to the publication by his care, many observations on bees, which many are still accurate today.
For my father, also blind, bees have enormously helped him keep the strength to live and even to bring joys well. That do we have not discussed, him and me on beekeeping techniques prior to the test. When we met after an experience, it was a real pleasure for us to be together, to discuss again and again on the processes that allowed further improvements.
In my farm, I use the Langstroth hive multiple increases, whose all elements are standard and stackable. This hive allows all combinations and techniques of modern beekeeping. It has been proven in climates around the world, with all kinds of races of bees. It can adapt to all situations. The grandeur of its managers (43 cm x 21) can more easily manipulate that framework Dadant (42 x 27) highest therefore heavier. A framework full of brood Dadant, pollen and honey, often more than 4 kg. But the Langstroth hive is not to put all hands, it should already be a beekeeper warned and well-honed for use with all the advantages it entails.The reason why I have advised the Dadant beginners. The capacity of the Dadant hive ten frames allows the development of the couvain with enough supplies of honey to reach sunny days without too much surveillance and untimely visits. It is well suited to those who live far from their Apiary or who cannot take care of their bees only occasionally.
As I said at the beginning of this book, my youth passed in the middle of the bees. Any kid I had to attend my father, porter frames, and especially keep the smoker during visits of hives, place waxes embossed in the frameworks, helping the honey extraction désoperculant with a special knife to hide-away handle, fine rays of Golden honey.
What a pleasure when, after a sometimes tedious work comes when long-awaited a beautiful crop, uncapping, while chewing the opercula soaked fresh honey, beautiful rays inflated to perfection.
After months of work, it is the reward (sometimes) of the beekeeper.


No human work is perfect, but I wish that the petit ouvrage unpretentious contributed to entertain you and make you share my love of bees. It is at the request of many customers and friends that I wrote. Although in general I do not so much like writing, I took a certain pleasure to do so, and all making it to remember me the past in the happy times when I still had my mother and my father. In the happy times where nobody was still talking of pesticides and pollution plaguing our beautiful planet. In this connection, I think more and more of us are becoming aware of this disaster and that there is a certain balance with the nature. He will have to fight for it!
I admire men like Captain Cousteau who constantly educates us on the degradation of oceans and water in general. I converted to the virtues of natural products for a long time, but this isn't why I denigrates the progress of medical science, which constantly increases the panoply of drugs or new molecules to cure previously incurable diseases. Nevertheless, I remain convinced that observing a healthy lifestyle, keeping a good activity physical, intellectual, possible nearest food of nature, that the good general condition and balance resulting therefrom will allow not having to use such drugs which, if they cure hand, destroy also the other. There's not many medications that are not at the same time their contraindications.
For away me from pollution, I chose to live in this beautiful area of Provence where Lavender is Queen.
Some are happy by cultivating their garden, raising animals or in interesting sports, mechanics or intellectual activities, in short they have a hobby that are passionate about and make them forget easements of our civilization and its modernism.
Me, I find happiness with my wife, my children and my grandchildren near this beautiful nature and "my dear bees".


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